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A Better Feeling Thought about a “Failed” Marriage

When any of us isn’t feeling as good as we’d like, the spirit guides known as Abraham frequently recommend looking for a better-feeling thought and they remind us that what we focus our attention on determines to a large extent how we feel.

Sometimes it can be a challenge to find a better-feeling thought. At a recent weekly meeting that we organize on the law of attraction and manifesting the life you desire, someone expressed the belief that their marriage had failed. This person is currently separated from their spouse and in the process of getting a divorce.

Later in the meeting Cynthia agreed to channel The Council, and the person getting a divorce had an opportunity to ask The Council questions. At one point I (Bob) asked The Council if they were aware of any previous lifetimes this couple shared, and how those experiences may have influenced the time they spent together in their current lifetime.

The Council’s answer was thought-provoking. They said these two people were married to each other in 19th Century England, and that the marriage was a physically violent one where the two of them stayed together despite this violence.

According to The Council, after this couple’s physical lives came to an end in19th Century England, when they returned to spirit and were planning their current lifetime, they agreed to get together again as husband and wife to see if they could do it without the violence that was so much a part of their previous marriage.

Living a physical experience makes it easy for us to develop beliefs about ourselves and our life that are based on our physical senses, but The Council (and other spirit guides like Abraham) remind us that who we truly are is much greater than our physical experience.

The same marriage that felt like a failure from a physical perspective seems much more successful from the broader perspective of spirit – same marriage, different points of view. How often do we blame ourselves and/or others for unpleasant circumstances in our life, when what we are experiencing could be just what our spirit intended so that we could experience the spiritual expansion we desire?

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  1. Dear Anonymous,
    Thanks for your comment. It got me thinking that people who believe they’ve lived past lives seem considerably more focused on how their past lives may be holding them back, than the possibility of of a past life containing wonderful resources they can tap into in this life to help manifest a better life. Does anyone agree?


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | July 24, 2011

  2. Very good point. I do believe that many of our fears stem from bringing forward experiences from previous lives. I was told that in my past lives I had at least one very unfaithful and not trustworthy person I was married to. My fears and assumptions made in this life may be as a result of the memory associated with that. I try very hard to think about the positive outcome I desire to happen, ie a happy, committed, loving, loyal husband rather than to focus on the negative past that was.


    Comment by Anonymous | July 21, 2011

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