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Learning Empathy Through Relationships

This post answers questions from a reader named Sarah, who contacted us recently about a friend who’s in love with her, but now refuses to speak with her. (We published Looking for a Meaningful Relationship in answer to that question.) Sarah recently had a relationship experience with a different man and asks The Council if she created this new experience to develop empathy for her friend she asked about earlier.

The Council says, yes, Sarah’s spirit called in a situation that is similar so she could see things from the opposite point of view.

Sarah says she’s developed deep feelings for someone who says he’s got a rare condition that causes him to be detached from a relationship. As she expressed her emerging feelings for him, he said he’s unable to feel anything.

The Council says this man is unable to have the same feelings Sarah has for him. They say this situation is similar to the other relationship where Sarah’s friend expressed love for her, but she didn’t feel love for him. And The Council says the man that she wants to have a relationship with now has made a personal choice to remain unattached, similar to Sarah and her original friend.

Sarah asks the purpose of the (so called) condition of the new man in her life. The Council says this is a condition of choice. He is able to decide to try and make this relationship work with Sarah. The Council advises Sarah to look carefully at what this man is saying about having a condition he’s unable to control. The Council says it’s a pattern in this man’s life when he doesn’t want to do something, to say it’s out of his control when it’s really his choice.

Sarah asks The Council if her current situation is providing the opportunity she wanted to create empathy with her original friend or is it more multi-faceted?

The Council replies that it’s multi-faceted, but it definitely also Sarah calling this new relationship in to understand how the man in her first relationship feels with her not returning his feelings. Now she’s created a situation where she’s involved with a man who’s not ready to return her feelings and this will give her some understanding and empathy for the man in the earlier relationship.

The Council asks Sarah if what’s going on in her current relationship is something she wishes to change into something more with her focus and desire. Or is this relationship something she understands and wants to go into further and learn additional lessons.

The Council suggests Sarah focus on what she perceives now and how she’d like things to be in the future. Send both men love on their journeys and accept these men the way they are. They are in Sarah’s life to teach her lessons and to bring out more empathy and more love for her to learn from. When Sarah is able to send this empathy and love out to others, it will change everyone.

Listen to our entire 6-minute session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Sarah and the rest of us, and let us know how you feel about it.

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  1. Hi, Lone Creator. We’ll ask The Council your questions about spirit when we have time and publish a recording of their reply on our blog when it’s ready. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | April 2, 2018

  2. What occurs when a spirit stagnates (ceases to learn), pre-maturely exits its incarnation via suicide or whatever else, and is generally unenthusiastic/not passionate about the lessons it has participated in from the now and former lives? Perhaps the spirit desired to assist others or felt obligated to learn?

    What of the freedom of choice to die(transfer out)/cease learning?

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Lone Creator Fragmenting itself into subjective perception | March 25, 2018

  3. Hi, Mary. When we have time we’ll ask The Council if you’re on the right financial path and post a recording of their response on our blog. Good luck. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | March 12, 2018

  4. Hi Bob & Cynthia. I recently sold my home and will be using the proceeds to pay off my debt, loaning my fiancé money to pay off his student loans, and re-investing the rest to build a guest house at our home. I’m anxious about whether or not these choices are the right choices. I’m not sure I’ll have this kind of opportunity again and I’m worried that I’ll spend the money irresponsibly. Am I on the right financial path?

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Mary | March 12, 2018

  5. Thank you! I’ve always wondered about the use of medication for depression etc. it seems as if there are lessons to be learned from these issues they would be negated by medication.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Jhendi | February 26, 2018

  6. Hi, Jhendi. I think if you listen to and read our other posts you’ll find there is a spiritual purpose for depression, anxiety, and PTSD as well as other difficulties and that we choose to experience this so we can learn from it. Interesting question about taking medication for these issues. We’ll ask The Council these questions when we have time and post a recording of their response on our blog. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | February 25, 2018

  7. Hello Bob, Cynthia, and The Council. Thank you for your blog! What you do is inspiring.

    I have a question about depression, anxiety, and ptsd. These issues can be very debilitating for many people. Is there a spiritual purpose behind these issues? Do we choose to experience this or is it something that just happens? If we are supposed to learn from these issues, does taking medications effect our learning since we get through the issue with pills rather than working through the problems in our own?

    Thanking you for your advice and the wonderful work you do!

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Jhendi | February 24, 2018

  8. Yes indeed true love is a Choice and not a feeling that comes and goes just as quickly.

    When a person allows themselves to fall in love based on feelings they surrounder control and the power to chose to circumstances.

    On the other hand when a person choses to love they retain control and power over the right to chose. Leaving them the ability to chose not to love if the need should arise.

    True love always begins with a Choice and waits patiently until their feeling align with their choice.

    A woman’s greatest mistake is to think with her heart.

    A wise woman thinks with her head and feels with her heart but does not allow her to be controlled by her emotions.


    Comment by Dabir Dalton | February 10, 2018

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