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Comment Boxes for Feedback, Public Questions for The Council, and Free Answers

We encourage readers to use the Comment boxes (located at the end of most post pages) to publicly ask The Council questions and provide feedback. Your comments will be viewable by other readers and provide an opportunity for an online discussion of the ideas in our posts. We will continue to do our best to answer questions for The Council, free of charge, that are posted publicly in Comment boxes on this blog.

If you’re reading a post on our Home page, you won’t see a Comment box. To comment on a post featured on our Home page, click on the title of the post to go to the post page with a Comment box. This also applies to the Welcome post, which can also be accessed using the Welcome link on the navigation bar that appears toward the top of each blog page just below the Ask The Council masthead.

Contact Form to Schedule a Paid Private Phone Session with The Council

The Contact Form below is specifically for readers who wish to contact us privately for a paid telephone session with The Council, Cynthia, and Bob. A message submitted using this form will be sent to us by email and will not appear on the blog for others to read.

We are offering introductory rates for half hour and one hour sessions. A typical phone session offers an opportunity to communicate directly with The Council and ask them questions. If you’d like a digital recording of your session we will do our best to make this available. Until we figure out a way to make these recordings securely downloadable we can provide them by US mail on a CD.

Introductory Rates
30 minute session = $  60.00
60 minute session = $100.00

At this time we’re accepting prepayment for sessions by PayPal, personal check, or money order only. Payment by credit and debit card is anticipated in the future. Let us know whether you want a 30 minute or 60 minute session and we’ll send you an email request for payment. When payment is received we’ll make an appointment for your session. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to help you manifest your desires.

Use this form to send us an email request for a private phone session. We’ll contact you using the email address you provide and provide you with details.

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