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Is This Man At Work Interested In Getting To Know Me Better?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Clueless. after she read our previous post on a similar subject, Is This Man Interested In Knowing Me Better?

Clueless: Wow, I’m experiencing the same thing. I haven’t asked the guy at work for coffee, but everyone says I should.

Council: So everyone knows what’s best for you, and what you should or should not do.

Clueless: So many people at work think he’s interested, but I see no signs at all.

Council: There’s your answer. That is what you have to learn. It doesn’t matter if one, two, fifty, or one hundred people tell you what to do. Do you see it? Do you feel it? Do you feel it’s right to go and do this? Does it make you comfortable? Does it make you uncomfortable? Forget what everyone else says. Learn to follow your intuition.

Clueless: I’d love to get to know him as a friend, as we have so much in common, but I fear the rejection.

Council: Everyone in your reality doesn’t like rejection. But you must remember that if you are rejected in this lifetime, that doesn’t mean you won’t create with this person in another lifetime.

But is this experience teaching you to ask for what you want? It might be good for you to become friends with this person, but how does it make you feel? That’s where your answer is. Forgetting what everyone else says, forgetting about the rejection, is the Earth going to explode if you are rejected? Are you going to walk down the street and get hit by a car, or better yet get hit by lightning because you’re rejected? No.

Can you take the chance of asking this man to have coffee with you, and if you get a, “No”, can you say, “Alright, so I was right and those other people were wrong.” And so I’ve had that experience, and let it go. It’s just an experience. But if there’s a part of you that wants to ask him to have coffee, that wants to be friends, take the chance. Nothing horrible will happen.

So what do you learn from rejection? It doesn’t feel good, but at least I took a chance. And the next time it will be easier to take a chance. Or someone will take a chance and ask you to have coffee.

So it’s all about following your intuition. And if everybody is thinking, “This guy is interested,” then you can always tell these people that he should ask you. And if they say, “Well, he’s shy,” you can just laugh and say, “Well he’ll get over his shyness if he wants to know me better. But be playful about it. Don’t take things so seriously.

You know we’ve all come here to learn and have fun. And jumping into this reality we knew whatever happens, I can handle it, but let’s see what I learn from this lifetime. Let’s see what I learn from this creating. Will it make me strong? Will it make me proud of myself? And that’s what this is all about. It’s not that if you are rejected the world comes to an end and you can never go forward. It’s taking a chance. Pat yourself on the back. It worked, I took a chance, it worked, or it didn’t work. Okay, that person is not ready. I was ready, but that person wasn’t, so this isn’t the time. That is all that it is.

Clueless: Whatever others are seeing, I’m not seeing it from him. He’s an awesome guy, but I don’t know if he’s shy, or purely just not interested.

Council: So you have a choice here to wait until you see some sign from him, or to just jump in and ask, or to just wait. Just follow your feeling if it tells you to wait. And that’s the answer. Do you take a chance? Can you stop relying on what everyone else is saying and wait it out, or take the chance? In your imagination, in your thoughts, you can always see him asking you out. Having the feeling: Oh, I’m so surprised, this feels so great, he’s asking me. Create it that way, from joy, from happiness, and you’ll get what you want.

It makes us very happy to help. It’s so much fun for us to give answers to help people move forward. That’s our purpose right now.

Listen to the entire 6-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Clueless and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it. You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages and we’ll post their answer as soon as we can.

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How Can I Overcome Stage Fright With My Dancing Hobby?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Bluestar Child.

Bluestar Child: I want to know why I’m in a toxic circle for so many years with my dancing hobby. I don’t know why I have so many emotional problems with it. All my life dancing has been my biggest hobby. It’s made me feel happy, free, and alive when I dance just for myself or with other students, and I’m not bad at all.

Council: And that’s a wonderful thing. You’re doing something, whether it’s for work or a hobby, if it brings you pleasure, if it makes you feel good, that is a wonderful thing. And you’re on the right path

Bluestar Child: But I stopped going to classes many times because I have a stage phobia and I hate dancing in front of an audience. It makes me anxious, I get mentally and emotionally blocked, my mind goes blank, and I forget the choreography.

Council: And so at this point in your reality you’re aware enough of these feelings, and so we’d ask you to ask yourself, if you feel this way then why do you do it? Is there a person with a gun to your head? Are they going to throw you into a cell if you don’t perform in front of an audience?

It’s important to know how you feel and to follow your feelings because your feelings come from your higher self, which is you. And so your feelings are trying to tell you that you love dancing. It’s giving you that answer, but you don’t like doing it in front of an audience. And so your higher self, again which is you, is telling you that you don’t need to do it this way. So ask yourself, why do you force yourself to do it?

You’re in a place in this reality where you’ll create your future. You have choices. You are free to make decisions that make you happy. Always go for the happy feeling. That is your guidance.

Bluestar Child: Do I have past lives that are affecting me in developing my hobby?

Council: There was one particular life in India with dancing that you would do with other women and you’d also perform on your own. At the age of no more than 25 years old the people that owned you or took care of you would take the girls that reached that age and no longer have them dance. And either they would make them be concubines or they would kill them. And so there’s a subconscious memory you have of when you don’t dance, when that time is up and you don’t do what they ask, you’ll then lose your life. And that’s where your fear comes from.

Bluestar Child: Does my problem come from the lack of self-esteem as a woman from my childhood in this current lifetime?

Council: Not at all. You are working through that.

Bluestar Child: Although my teachers know about my problem dancing in public, they ask me or pressure me to dance at galas and events, even if they have nothing to do with my classes, and always for free.

Council: Do you see the connection, how in this past life you’d be told to dance, whether you wanted to or not? You weren’t paid for it. This was just something you had to do. And so this time you’re trying to find another way to handle your situation and enjoy the dancing, but have the choice of whether you want to perform in front of an audience or not, and have a good ending for you, have a good ending to this problem, to this fear, and to move on.

Bluestar Child: They never want to pay me for this job and it seems to me that they abuse me.

Council: Ahh, bingo, another connection with your past life. Do you see it now?

Bluestar Child: And when I tell them, no, that causes problems for me, and my teachers, and with the other students. Is what I’m doing correct, or should I perform in front of an audience?

Council: We feel you know this answer, but we tell you if it’s not bringing you happiness, then dancing for an audience isn’t correct, and that you have the ability to change how you handle this. You have a choice.

Bluestar Child: I’m stressed and I don’t know how to handle this situation that causes me suffering. And since I don’t know how to solve it in another way, in the end I always end up leaving classes to avoid having to dance in public.

I feel very attached, in particular, to Arabic belly dancing…

Council: Ahh, yes.

Bluestar Child: …and Egypt, and I feel that I’ve already danced this dance in another life. I’d like to know if this is the case, or why I have this deep feeling since I learned about this dance.

Council: This is because you have done it before and you did have pleasure from it. And you have pleasure, you’ve created it again in this reality where this dance would bring you joy. And so we say, do it, but do it only for yourself if that’s what gives you joy.

Bluestar Child: I’d like to know how I can approach ancestral belly dance for spiritual development because I feel that I have a spiritual mission to fulfill with it, but I don’t know what it is or how to achieve it.

Council: So what you’d do here would be to dance, to sit and meditate after you dance, or even meditate before you dance, and ask for the feeling, ask for the visions of how you had it before and what you loved about it. And you’ll link into this other life and then when you decide in your current reality to handle the situation your way, the joy you get from this dancing will increase a hundredfold and you will find other ways to use this dancing.

So you don’t have to know how this will happen now, but with the meditation and using your imagination, what would that have been like in India, what would that have been like in Rome, what would that have been like in Egypt, When you dance and you ask for this, the answers will come. And why the answers will come is because this dancing brings you joy. When it brings you joy, the answers will come.

Remember to have fun on this journey that you’ve created for yourself, to have fun with the spirits around you that you’ve welcomed into your life, and always show kindness, and love, and compassion.

Listen to the entire 9-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Bluestar Child and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it. You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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Did I Plan To Get Married And Have Children In This Lifetime?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Anonymous N.

Anon N: My primary question is: What is my purpose or goal in this lifetime?

Council: Just to be, to jump in here and create a life and create one with love, create one that’s fun, to create things where you can help others and help yourself. It’s all to learn now, in this time of your life, to work with your mind and find a happy, loving space.

Anon N: In recent years I’ve struggled with understanding if marriage and children are planned or supported for me in this life.

Council: How does it make you feel? Question yourself. When you have the imagery in your mind of being married and having children, how does it feel? Your feelings will not lie. You’re here to learn how to work with your feelings, which is your higher self giving you the direction of which way to go.

If you love the feeling of being married, having children, and you can see a happy home, then yes. If the idea of getting married brings you doubt and not wanting to be married, not that you have to be married, but you always have a choice. Does it feel uncomfortable? If it doesn’t bring you joy, then we would say for now, marriage isn’t something you wish to create.

Anon N: But I”ve also felt that I’m not sure how much of an interest I’ve had in marriage and children and what I should focus on otherwise. At the same time, I feel I’ve cultivated a solitary life out of convenience and comfort.

Council: And if you’ve created this life, which of course you have, are you happy? Does this feeling of what you do on a daily basis bring you joy? Do you need to add something to it? Your feelings will answer you, but ask the questions.

Anon N: But I’m not sure if it makes sense for me to remain in this solitary life.

Council: You may want a solitary life for a while and then be married. Or you may love the solitary life with the freedom it will give you and you don’t want to be married. There’s no right or wrong answer. There’s no: I’m supposed to do this. You’re supposed to do what you create, what makes you feel good?

Anon N: What do I need to know or hear right now for any kind of direction?

Council: Sit and imagine each scenario. Imagine them over and over again and then always see how you feel. It will lead you in the right direction.

Look at the people around you. Are they happily married? Are they not happily married? Do you look at the people around you and say, Oh, I’d like that. I’d like to have a life like that. Or do you look at the people around you and say, No way. I don’t want to be in a steady relationship, in a marriage to one person forever. That’s not what I want. I feel I want the freedom. And follow these feelings.

See what goes on around you. There will be clues. Your higher self will bring the right people to you to show you, to give you examples, and then you’ll know what to do. It’s your job to pay attention.

Happiness and blessings to everyone. Enjoy yourself. Find your power. Every day create happiness, even if it’s for the littlest thing. Because when you’re in the vibration of happiness you’ll be able to bring into your life at any time what will give you happiness on a longer-term basis. So have fun with it.

Listen to the entire 5-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Anonymous N and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it. You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appears at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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What Can I Do About My Problems With A Work Colleague?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, A Frustrated Worker.

Frustrated: I have a question about a work scenario. I’ve had a special and intricate working relationship with a colleague for nearly a decade. While they have an anxious disposition, they were always supportive and followed through when it counted. But for the last few years they’ve really let me down. There have been delays after delays, they’ve continuously moved deadlines, put other peoples’ work before mine, told little white lies, dismissed my feelings about the work being delayed, and this sort of thing.

Council: Why have you stayed in that situation for a couple of years? It’s a situation that’s presenting itself to you. When you look at it, it makes you turn and look at yourself for the growth to see why you stay in that situation when everything is showing you that it’s not working and there is a problem here.

Frustrated: It’s left me in a very tricky situation. I recently had to confront them. They took offense and it looks as though our working relationship may be over.

Council: Taking this step and confronting them is good. When they take offense you have to realize either it’s something they’re going through or it’s something to do with their thinking. When it goes that far it’s very plain for you to follow your feeling. It can’t be comfortable being in this. Your feelings, which is your higher self’s way of talking to you, is saying, “It was good, but now it’s time for a change. And the change comes because you are ready for growth.

Frustrated: Separating the work we’ve done together and the work I have planned for us will be like undressing a salad. And because the work they do is very excellent and idiosyncratic, I can’t see who I’d replace them with.

Council: It’s time, when you make the salad and you make the same dressing for many years, that you tire of it, or your taste buds want something new. So now it’s time to dress your salad with something new.

Frustrated: Can this relationship be saved, or am I supposed to let this go?

Council: There’s nothing to save. It was wonderful. Hopefully all involved have learned from it and now have different paths to travel, and this includes yourself. There’s nothing to save. You’re supposed to follow your feeling and get excited about something new that you can bring into your life. And you do this by writing it down, thinking over and over about the new people that could come into your life, and the way you want it to be. So you start that inner work and you begin to bring in the new people.

Get yourself in a happy mood and excited mood where you’re thrilled to be going forward. When you do that you must bring in these new people. Make up your mind instead of thinking, should I try and fix it, should I hold on? If you make up your mind to move forward, there’s a new path, there are new things to learn, and there are new people to bring into your life. Once you start imagining that, making that your intention, these people will definitely come along.

Bob: Just to be clear, to answer the question, “Am I supposed to let this person go?” The answer is, yes?

Council: That’s what’s happening around you. It’s pointing to that. Is your higher self showing you this? And you feel the loss of the relationship. You feel it’s not working. You know they’re putting you off and putting others before you. The answer is so simple. You can hang on to this relationship, but it won’t get better. You can try to create it, but why would you want to create this where your feelings are pushing you to move in another direction?

Frustrated: What would I have to do to save this relationship, or how do I find their replacement?

Council: If you want to save this, then you would see these people understanding what you’re saying, you’d see them wanting to work with you and put your work first, and coming through for you. You can see that. You can create this.

And yet we must say here that even if you create this for a while, what you’ve created in spirit is that now it’s time to move on.

Frustrated: Are there other souls who are lined up to take the place of this person if they decide with their free will to leave?

Council: Definitely, but it’s your work to call it in, to imagine it, to see it, to be open and excited about this wonderful new part of your journey.

Frustrated: Why did this happen? Is there a higher purpose for why this has occurred?

Council: Of course there’s a higher purpose. It’s your higher self that wants to go forward, that you’ve planned in spirit other things you want to do. So of course there’s a higher purpose, and guess who created it? You did. You created it in spirit. Remember that you are a spirit, that you create everything that happens, and move towards what you want.

Bob: It sounds like you’re saying that the higher self of A Frustrated Worker has created one direction and the higher self of the colleague maybe created another direction.

Council: Everyone has created their own direction. What’s important here is the direction you want to go in. How does it feel in the situation you are in? Is it satisfactory to you? Does it bring you joy? If not, follow your feelings. There’s something new, there’s something different. These other people have created what they want and they’ll go in their direction. And so it’s just for you to accept and let flow what’s being presented to you.

Frustrated: I’d really appreciate your insight, as I feel I’m in complete limbo at the moment.

Council: Imagine what you wish for. Start creating with your mind. It’s a wonderful time to do this.

Happiness and blessings to everyone. Enjoy yourself. Find your power. Create happiness every day, even if it’s the littlest bit, because when you’re in the vibration of happiness, you’ll be able to bring into your life at any time what will give you happiness on a longer basis. So have fun with this.

Listen to the entire 10-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for A Frustrated Worker and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it. You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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Questions About How We Manifest Our Own Realities

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Firefly.

Firefly: I have some questions regarding manifesting our own realities. Are things like cigarettes and alcohol only bad for my health if I believe they are?

Council: Yes.

Firefly: I hear people warned that these things will lower one’s vibration.

Council: If you believe it will lower your vibration, it will. If you believe it will hurt your body, it will. You must be very sure of your thoughts around this because you’ll create it. And sometimes wondering if it’s bad for you, because you have that thought, it will be bad for you. So we’d suggest if you want to do this, you create yourself having a wonderful life, having a healthy life, and feeling great.

Firefly: Is there a good reason to be thinking about whether one’s vibration is lower or higher?

Council: You will know immediately by how you feel. When you’re depressed or when you’re angry, you know your vibration is low. And so you question: Why are you depressed? Why are you angry? Why are you sad? What’s going on? When you’re laughing, when you’re thinking of memories that have made you happy, when you’re planning the future things that will make you happy, your vibration automatically lifts. So you’re very much in control, and you’ll feel it.

Bob: So you’re saying there is a good reason to think about whether your vibration is lower or higher?

Council: We’d say you don’t have to focus on whether your vibration is high or low. Just focus on how you feel in the moment. What’s going on? And then the way you feel, or what thoughts made you feel that way? And you’ll know exactly how to lower or raise your vibration. It’s that simple.

Firefly: Does it really matter if we think about whether our vibration is lower or higher?

Council: What matters is that you have thoughts that make you feel good. And the more you can do that, you’re automatically in a raised vibration. You are automatically living a good life. And so stay in joy. We say this all the time. The answer to everything is: find the joy and you’ll feel the happiness. Find the love and you’ll feel the happiness. You’ll feel that lift in your vibration and that is the answer. Everything you look at, love it. Show compassion and happiness, and think thoughts that bring you joy, even if it’s something from when you were five years old, if it makes you laugh or if it makes you smile.

We can even say when you meditate or just sit in a chair for five minutes, smile. Sit there and smile. Don’t think of a thing, just smile. You’ll find that you feel better.

Firefly: Do people like me ever decide to indulge in alcohol and cigarettes before coming into this life just for the purpose of having fun?

Council: Yes, of course. And then you can perhaps experience having fun and not needing these things. Or having a life with drugs and alcohol and loving every part of it. It’s how you think about it. You are in control.

Firefly: If I feel like I’d like a better income and more money very quickly, what’s the best way to align with these resources?

Council: Play games, walk into stores, look at expensive stuff, see yourself buying it, see yourself winning the lottery, see yourself with a large bank account, look at your checkbook and write numbers in it that give you much more money than you have. Play the game and experience it. You can buy whatever it is. If you want a house, picture the house. What does it look like? Picture every detail of it and that it’s yours. And the more you practice having the things you want that are expensive, the universe will bring that to you. Actually it’s you that’s putting out into the universe, “This is what I want.” And when you realize this is what you want, and you have fun with it, it must come to you.

Firefly: I’m in a loving relationship with a man who’s a good friend. By imagining how I’d like the relationship to expand and go in beautiful directions, am I creating this relationship?

Council: Of course. You create with your thoughts

Firefly: Is he creating a completely different reality or relationship, or are we creating one together?

Council: What he’s creating can be different, but if you do come together, then that part of you that’s creating it, you’ll both create it and come together. And there are so many different parts of you that part can go off and create something very different, but you won’t experience it because the part of you that’s in your current reality wanting this, because you want it, and you focus, and you create it, you will have it.

Firefly: Does this creation stretch over many of our lifetimes?

Council: Anything you can create, you can create in any lifetime, over and over again if that’s what you wish.

Bob: Do you see Firefly and the man she’s in a relationship with have shared previous lifetimes?

Council: Most of the lifetimes were as siblings, and so that has no bearing on what’s created in your current lifetime. Focus on what you want now.

Firefly: I sometimes want another child with this man who I love. I have three children from a previous relationship. Is it outlandish to want to manifest a baby that’s ours, but have the pregnancy be delightful and non-damaging to my body at age 43?

Council: Why is that outlandish? Just that thought will keep you from creating it. You can create anything you want. If this is what you want at this time of your life, of course you can create it, but the doubts will get in the way. And so it doesn’t matter. There are women that are older that have created pregnancies. Think of what you want and why you want it. Does it bring you happiness? Then go off and create it. See it and feel it like it’s already yours.

Firefly: By doing my best to visualize getting pregnant, can we really create an outcome that defies what we believe we’ve learned from scientific observation?

Council: You can create a future that has nothing to do with scientific information. You can create something that’s way off the charts. There’s no limit. If 100 people say you can not create this because of reasons A, B, C, etc., it doesn’t matter. What matters is what you believe. And so take the limits off and create whatever it is.

Firefly: My child is worrying me and I want this child to be safe and well. How can I help them best?

Council: See it. Connect with the spirit that has agreed to come into your life. If it’s something you both want, if you agreed upon it in spirit and the spirit said, Well, let’s look at your life at the time I want to come in. Is it something I want to experience? Is it something I want to share with you? Everything is possible. Connect to the spirit, offer it a home, offer it safety, offer it help, offer it happiness, and most of all offer it love.

Firefly: How much power do I have to create change for others?

Council: You can not create change for others. Everyone is their own creator. You can help them. You can create what you know they want and see it for them to give them more support, more energy, and strength to stay with the thought of what they want, but you can not create it.

Firefly: Is it possible, in imagining all that one wishes to manifest, to be asking too much or employing greed?

Council: There’s no greed. There’s no limitation on what you can ask for. Everybody can have everything they want. There’s no limit to anything. And so if you want 100 different things, you are not taking them away from another person. There’s enough for everyone. Use your power of manifestation.

And so we send you blessings, and joy, and love, and the ability to have wonderful memories, to laugh, and to hope, and to stretch out your hand and help each other, and enjoy this life that you’ve created. Remember, no one creates for you. It’s all up to you. The people around you that you’ve chosen to be in your life have agreed to come and help you. They’ve agreed to learn from you. There are things that they need from this.

And so you’re all there, everything is planned with love, and when you go back into spirit you’ll go, “Wow, what a trip.” So enjoy and have fun.

Listen to the entire 13-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Firefly and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it. You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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What Can I Do About My Temper Towards My Child?

This post answers questions for The Council from an anonymous reader who’s having difficulty with her temper towards one of her children.

Anon: I’ve been loosing my temper terribly lately with one of my children and it’s stressful for the whole family. Many of their behaviors trigger me and I can’t seem to regain my composure once I’ve lost it. I’m generally not a volatile person, just with this child.

Council: In one life we see this child was your father and he was very strict with you growing up. And so it was an intention of both of you to switch roles this time, but instead of you being the strict parent, you would be the understanding parent. You would be the parent who watches the child , sees what it does, and then teaches it along the way.

In another life you were living in an orphanage and there was no way for you to do anything you wanted to do. You were living the Cinderella story, the part where she works and works, and is always told what to do.

So things that go on in your life now when people don’t behave the way you want, or people do things that upset you, it will trigger these memories. And so now is the time to realize these feelings are brought forth from another life and they wish to be healed.

When your children get on your nerves, think of how you would have been in an orphanage, constantly working, being told what to do, no freedom, and no understanding. Imagine what it would be like to have a father that’s so strict and allows you to do nothing.

And so you, with these other souls, have come together to have a better life, to face some of the similar lessons, but to turn this situation around.

Anon: What can I do and where does this come from?

Council: You can ask before you go to bed at night to have memories of these lives, or to have dreams, or just imagine. Use your imagination. What would that have been like? And as you do this you’ll get more understanding.

Anon: Things feel busy right now and I’m stretched thin. I’m often parenting alone. There are activities, school, work, visitors, and neighborhood dramas, but it feels like an excuse to link my behavior to any of that.

Council: But can you imagine when you’re an older child in this orphanage having to take care of many of the little ones that were there? It’s the same scenario.

Anon: I guess I’m wondering how to be more resilient, more present, and less triggered. I’m very interested in The Council’s thoughts.

Council: It’s so important for you to try and tune into these other lives, as we say with a meditation, or asking for dreams, or even just using your imagination.

When your children annoy you, or something happens and you’re stressed, and you’re tired, and there’s so much to do, if you can stop at that point and remember: I can handle this now. It’s not the same scenario. It’s not as bad as it was in this other life.

And as you realize that, you will become calmer, you’ll find a better way to handle each situation instead of going into those feelings that are brought forth from these other lifetimes. Just remember, this is information to guide you. And with this information you can change how you feel, and that’s what’s important.

Listen to the entire 6-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for this anonymous reader and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it. You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our post pages and we’ll answer it as soon as we have time.

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Is It A Good Idea To Buy A Home?

This post answers a follow-up question from a reader named, Starseed_Lightworker, to questions we answered in our post, Should I Stay Married To My Husband? Starseed says, I’m very thankful for The Council’s guidance and I’ve taken the job in a different state that I mentioned in my previous question. I’m also planning to move there next year. I’m thinking of buying a house there before I move. Can The Council please guide me if buying a home is a good idea?

The Council says, Isn’t it wonderful that you have the opportunity to move and to buy a home? Buying a home should be focused on with your thoughts to show yourself that you’ll be successful, and that you can plant seeds and have roots to build a whole new lifestyle for yourself.

Buying a house is a step in the right direction, showing yourself you’re on the path to being successful, whether you stay with this job, or for whatever reason move to another job that’s a better opportunity. Buying a house is saying, “I can do this. I will be successful in my life. I will be able to handle this.” Buying a house is a wonderful idea and when you’re ready to do this, you should follow that thought and feeling, and it will bring you lots of pleasure.

Starseed says, My concern at this point is that I’m on a work visa and it’s a new company I’m starting to work for. My heart is telling me to go ahead and buy, but I’d also like The Council’s opinion on this because it’s a big step for me. And considering my husband might not be living with us eventually, it’s all going to be my responsibility.

The Council says now is the time to visualize this house. Visualize what you’d like it to look like on the outside and on the inside. Decorate it in your mind and feel the happiness of doing these things.

Whether your husband is with you or not, see yourself paying the bills, moving forward in your life, and being successful. It’s all there for you, but start now with your thoughts. Remember, taking that leap of faith and buying that house is putting out into the universe, “I can do this. I deserve this. I will be successful.”

The Council closes by wishing Starseed_Lightworker joy in her new move. And they ask all of us to search for joy and find it in any way you can.

Listen to the 4-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Starseed_Lightworker and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it. You can ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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What Can You Tell Me About Loki Energy?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, LadyInLife, who says, Everything in my life is changing. I have a new relationship, I have a new job, my car suddenly died for good, and I’m moving into a new home. It feels a little chaotic and exciting, though there’s a lot of pressure for me to succeed.

The Council asks where this pressure is coming from? You will succeed, and you’ll go at your own speed with your own ability to take what you learn and put it to use. Any pressure to succeed should be totally ignored. You should look at your own doubt about yourself, or if you’ll succeed. Just think lightly of having fun along the way. You’re exactly where you need to be at this point.

LadyInLife says, A palm reader recently told me I’ve got a lot of Loki energy around me. Can you tell me more about Loki, his energy, and how I can best work with this energy and honor it? The Council says in mythology the Norse god, Loki, was known to be a great manipulator of energy and people. He was able to change shapes into whatever he wanted.

Learning about Loki is about learning to increase your energy. But when you learn about this, always have in your mind the correct and fair way to use this energy. Take this powerful energy that’s there for all of us and don’t use it for manipulation. Use it in ways that increase what you can do. Use this energy in ways that increases what can happen for other people and the support you show for these people. It’s a powerful energy, but in your reality’s comic books we see Loki is made out to be the bad or evil guy.

You don’t need to learn too much about Loki, but learn the correct use of energy. Loki grabs your attention, but then take your attention and look beneath it. Remove the person, Loki, from what you’re learning and see what’s there and how you’d use this energy. This will increase your ability to manifest and do things.

LadyInLife says, Interestingly the man I’m seeing is really into Loki and even has two tattoos dedicated to him. The Council says you both had a past life together as children. It was a fun life where you were very close and you played many games. You both came from wealthy families. You had the freedom to not work and had lots of time for play. You both used your imaginations and pretend stories to become other people. You could live on other planets. The imagination you both had together was very helpful and gave you a happy childhood.

In your current lifetime you both created a common interest in Loki to bring you together. But we say again, go beyond the person of Loki and learn about astral travel, changing shapes, and using energy to help people rather than manipulate them. Go forward and learn more about this.

LadyInLife says, I’m also wondering if you can tell me about any past life connections I have with this man I’ve been seeing, and tell me about how Loki is involved with us. The Council says this is coming from your imaginations in the past life we mentioned. Before you came into this lifetime you created this life where you’d learn of something beyond this time and could experience it and learn about it together. You wanted to live with the principles you find in the subject of Loki that the two of you created.

LadyInLife says, This relationship is fairly new, but it feels like it has long-lasting potential and hopefully it will remain a harmonious and beautiful thing. The Council says your relationship was created to be a long-lasting one. You created it to take you both on an interesting journey in this lifetime. Going forward, enjoy every step of the way, see what you learn, and how you can both grow from this.

The Council wishes everyone fun on your path, happiness along the way, challenges you can overcome, and to create the manifestations you want. You can begin to learn it’s easier and easier to direct your life. Stay in joy, stay in love, and follow your path.

Listen to the entire 7-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for LadyInLife and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it. You can also ask The Council a question by typing it into the Comment box that appears at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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Should I Stay Married to My Husband?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Starseed_Lightworker, who says, I’m at a crossroads in my life and I’d appreciate your guidance in the decision I want to make. My husband and I have had various issues since the beginning of our marriage and it’s been ten years now. I was in an abusive relationship for a long time, and then I decided to love myself and be self-dependent. I was in such a miserable situation earlier in my life that I felt like committing suicide a couple of times during that phase, but my love for my young child kept me alive. By hard work and the grace of God I’m now in a position to take care of myself and my child. The thing is that my husband seems to have changed during the last three years, but I can’t forget what he and his family did to me earlier.

The Council asks you to remember that your husband is on his own journey, and there are challenges and issues that he wishes to learn about, even though you don’t know what this is. We think it’s wonderful that you’ve begun to see the change in your husband. And it’s wonderful that you’ve gone ahead and become what you planned in spirit to become in this life, which was to be powerful, independent, and to do it all yourself and not need another person to do things for you. You don’t have to suffer through abuse or the fear of abandonment. You’ve changed your path and in your lifetime you’ve created the path you wanted to find.

Starseed says, Going forward my plan is to keep doing better work in the office and study part-time in a university while doing work to support myself and my child. Eventually when my child grows up I plan to retire, travel, and do more spiritual and teaching work. I don’t want to be dependent on anyone for money, happiness, and taking care of me. I want to do it all myself. The Council says they see you’re already on this path.

Starseed says, I’ve begun to find solace in loneliness now. The Council says you’re beginning to find solace with yourself, not with loneliness. There’s quite a difference.

Starseed says, I have a very good job opportunity in a different state. It’s remote work right now, but I can move there if I want, which would be a fresh start for me and my child and a different way of living life. The Council says this was also something you wanted to create. You wanted to create travel, have the ability to move around, and be successful wherever you are. Look at what you’ve done. You’ve already brought this opportunity into your life.

Starseed says, The difficult decision I need to make is, should I continue staying with my husband for the sake of my child having a father. Or should I move on and build a new life for myself and my child? At the current moment I like my husband as a friend since he’s changed from his abusive patterns, but I’ve lost the love.

The Council says, Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to remain friends, but not be together as partners? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a friend that lives nowhere near you, but you can communicate in whatever way you wish and whatever time you want? We see what you’ve planned and you’ve planned to move on. We see there’s great success in your future if you stay on the path you wanted to create for yourself, and we see you’re doing a wonderful job of this. You’ll have another love in your life if you wish to not stay with your husband.

You’ve done so much and taken yourself so far. Would you hold yourself back now when you have the opportunity to move on? And as you move on, the work you do will change and your career will change. You have the opportunity if you really want this. If you’re afraid to leave right now, you can leave in the future. We see this is there for you. It’s what you’ve created. But we’d ask you, why would you come so far and hold yourself back? There’s no wrong answer. You will move forward. You’ll decide when. You have the power to make this move happen when you’re ready, and this is a beautiful thing.

Starseed says, I don’t know whether I can love my husband again considering the history. At the same time, I’m also not sure if there will be love for me outside of this marriage. Can The Council please guide me and provide some input. The Council says they are so happy for you. It’s hard for some people after they leave the spirit world. They have all these plans and one thing or another gets in the way. Or their plans change, which is fine. But you have created so much of what you wanted, of what you planned when you were in spirit. You’re a powerful soul. You’ll go forward in this life, whether it’s right now or five years from now.

You are right on track. You’re doing exactly what you wanted to do, and that’s a wonderful thing. We here are so happy for you. We’re proud that you’ve stayed on the path. We know it wasn’t easy, but you took your situation and changed it. Love yourself. Hug yourself. Kiss the mirror as you look at yourself. You’ve come a long way and we wish you much happiness and speed on your journey.

Stay friends with your husband, if that’s possible. Know that when you’re ready and when you want it, you’ll bring in another person to love. If you stay on your path, whether you go now or later, there’s another love and a successful future waiting for you. As much as you can, create in your mind how you think your life would be when you move on. Imagine where you want to live, how you want to work, and how you’d like to spend your free time. The more you focus on these things, the more you’ll know when it’s time to do what you want to do. The choice is always yours.

If you’re afraid at this moment, or you choose to stay and six months, a year, two years, three years later, you don’t like that you stayed, there’s no problem. Then you make another decision and change what you do. Go in the direction you want. Whether you go now or later it doesn’t matter. You are the creator. And while you’re trying to decide, imagine in every detail you can, the way you wish your life to be and all your answers will come.

We wish you all happiness, success, and most of all love and joy. Find the fun and joy on your path. If you feel you don’t have it, head towards it, imagine it, and know you are the creator. What you think of, what you say, what you write, what you visualize over and over is how you’re planning your future.

Listen to the entire 10-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Starseed_Lightworker and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it. And you can ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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Doubts About My Future Career

This post answers questions from an anonymous reader who asks The Council to address some doubts they’re having about their future career. I’m working on imagining a career in the arts, which is what I want, but all I’ve realized for sure is that I want to be able to work every day with my partner, probably from home.

The Council asks if you’ve done anything to start imagining this? Have you made any plans for what you want to work on, because the decision is all yours? What do you want to work on with your partner? Have you taken little steps to begin this? Have you made plans about this? This is the beginning of how you create what you want in your life.

The anonymous reader adds they want to work at different kinds of things that will add variety and excitement to their life. The Council asks what this is and suggests writing it down. How many different things would you like to do? Don’t limit yourself. See it and have a plan on how you’d start each thing, and how one thing would be incorporated into another. It’s the planning that starts the energy for you to manifest your desires.

Anonymous says, I’d love to do creative work, but I can’t seem to settle on just one medium. I’d love to write children’s books, but I also want to teach at a private level and the university level, and perhaps enlarge my own little online craft store.

The Council says you don’t need to settle for only one medium. Imagine it all. Imagine what you create first. Do you write a book first? Do you teach first? You can create anything. It takes focus. Just put it out there you’d love to do all these things. Right now you don’t know how this will happen, but you want to do all of it. Be positive and feel your desire to have these things happen. See how each thing you want to manifest looks. How do you feel when you’re doing each thing? Create what you desire in energy first.

Anonymous says, I’d also like to have the financial stability to both dabble and live a slower life. How attainable is this kind of life for me? The Council says this kind of life is attainable for you. Your financial situation is very good now. Be grateful for this and then take it further. Imagine it. Pretend to see a bank statement with the kind of money you want in it. Don’t think of what you have now as not being enough. Be grateful for what you have and see it grow. This is how abundance will come to you.

Anonymous says it feels exciting to think about the different possibilities and The Council says this excitement is what will make the possibilities happen. Anonymous says, Especially since I found an old house in Japan that’s my ideal place to live. I keep imagining living there and making a school out of an old storehouse. But I’m feeling like I did when I was younger where I know the end goal, but I’m not sure how to get there.

The Council says you don’t have to know right now how to get where you want to go. Just keep thinking of what it will be like. Imagine how you’d decorate this house. Think about whether you’d buy the house or rent it. How would you start bringing people in to teach different subjects that would be of interest? Imagine how would you bring this into your life. Imagine yourself living in this house. What kind of neighbors do you have and are you friends with them? What’s around the house? Where do you shop? Where do you go for fun? Make your creation bigger and bigger and it will come.

Anonymous says, I’m trying to daydream a lot and stay positive, but sometimes I feel anxious about not really knowing where I’m going. Are there any other kinds of activities I should be doing besides positive thinking, daydreaming, and doing things I enjoy to help me connect with my new path, and maybe that gorgeous old house?

The Council says to write it down. Write the address of the house down. Write how you’d go about buying this house. Write about how you’d travel there. Write down what kind of career you’d want to have. Make a business plan of how you’d start this new creation once you move to Japan. When you write down words it’s very strong. It helps the energy that comes from your visualization. With your visualization you’re creating on another level. You’re creating with energy. Writing it down, whether drawing or writing the words, creates in your physical reality. By doing both you help create your desire.

Anonymous says, I think I’ve been pretty successful manifesting financial abundance and opportunities. But part of me worries that will become more difficult if I step off my current path since it’s one that offers so many privileges. The Council says instead of being grateful for what you’ve already created, by worrying about your situation you’re already bringing in fear it won’t last. You’re worried if you do something different it won’t be as good. These thoughts must change.

Anonymous closes by saying, Ideally I’d like to have enough money to live slowly and easily. Do you have any advice for me regarding manifesting this, or ways to continue experiencing financial abundance? The Council says all the direction you need is what we’ve already told you. Go into it slowly. Have fun with it. The lighter you can feel about what you’re creating, the faster it will come to you. Create in energy and create in the physical. Use both ways to create.

Listen to the entire 8-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for this anonymous reader and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it. Or you can ask The Council your own question by typing it into a Comment box that appears at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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What Can I Do About My 20-Year-Old Son’s Behavior

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Christine, who’s concerned about her 20-year-old son. He’s finished high school and has done very little with his life since then. He spends most of his days smoking marijuana from early in the morning until late at night. He also believes he has an alcohol addiction. When he was younger he was very outgoing and appeared happy and enthusiastic about life. Now he’s often very aggressive and his reaction to a situation often appears way out of proportion, and he can be very nasty and domineering.

The Council says your son’s behavior appears pre-planned so he can experience not moving forward in his life right now. His escaping with alcohol and marijuana was also pre-planned. His violence and frustration come from being in this place and pre-planning to change it.

Because your son isn’t moving forward to change his behavior, his higher self is trying to drag him in the direction of changing it, whether in the direction of seeking professional help, or going into a group for help, and reading about how he feels – anything taking him in the direction of wanting to change his behavior. He appears to be stuck in his situation and he’s not able yet to take those steps forward to change it. Your son has no understanding of how you’re trying to help or how you might try to speak about these things to him.

The only job you have right now is to let your son be who he is. We realize this could be frustrating and painful for you, but these are experiences and lessons he wanted to have and then to change. When he’s ready he’ll take these steps. You’re there to give your son love and support.

If he complains to you about being an alcoholic or being lazy and not being able to move forward, all you have to do is say, “Okay, what are you going to do about it?” He needs to realize it won’t magically happen. He has to do something about his situation, even if he was to start imagining he felt better or imagining he’s out there traveling the world. Have him imagine whatever it takes to make him behave differently. You can suggest that and then leave his situation alone.

Your job was to bring this soul forward into this life so it could go through whatever it picks to go through and to accept him and love him the way he is.

Christine says when he’s nasty and domineering it’s impossible to speak rationally with him and we’re left feeling totally depleted. He can also be very lazy. Because he’s my son, I feel like I’m responsible in some way. The Council says you’re playing the part that’s needed and he wished for you to play to get him to this point in his current situation.

When you feel frustrated it will help you if you think he’s really into living what he pre-planned. This is wonderful. Let’s let him do what he has to do and we’ll watch as he finds his way out of this situation and how he learns to change it. You aren’t responsible for his behavior. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. You did whatever you were supposed to do to get your son to this point and it’s all up to him now to change it.

Christine says, I felt we were very loving and attentive parents, but I know we weren’t perfect. My other son is very different. I’d appreciate some insight into my son’s behavior and our relationship. The Council says you have two sons. Make sure you offer them both love and support. Be there for both of them, not fine with one and disappointed with the other.

Listen to the entire 6-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Christine and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it. Or you can ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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Why Can’t I Manifest My Dream Job?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Starfish, who says since childhood they’ve been hard-working in their studies and in their profession, but I think I’m not receiving enough for my skillset and hard work.

The Council says working very hard has come from experiences you had as a child. This has set up a deep belief that you must do everything you can to work hard to make things happen. There’s also the thought that what you have is never enough. You must work harder or have more training in whatever field you decide to go into. You’re always focusing on what you should do, how you should do it, and you believe you must be very well prepared. This gets you asking why things aren’t easier and why your dream job isn’t being manifested. You believe there’s more that has to be done.

Starfish says, I come from a humble background, I’ve struggled a lot, I’ve fought to do well professionally, and I’m giving it my full effort. Is there a reason I’m not able to manifest my dream job or career? The Council says it’s because you have a deep belief you don’t have enough training. You’re always thinking about what else you have to do. You have everything you need to be successful in whatever field you want to go into.

Work on your belief system. Believe you are well-trained. Believe you’re prepared. Believe you can do what you want. Thinking there’s more to do stops the manifesting of what you want. Focus on the belief that you’re ready. There’s nothing else you have to do. Visualization will help, but you’re truly ready. When you truly believe that what you’ve gone through to get to this point is enough, you will manifest your dream job.

Starfish asks The Council if they should be doing something different that will bring them closer to where they want to be professionally and financially. The Council repeats that it’s changing the focus,  the thought, and the belief you’re already there. You’re ready to bring into your life anything you wish.

Starfish asks, Should I continue doing my current job, or does The Council see entrepreneurship for me down the line? The Council says down the line you can go in the direction of entrepreneurship, but right now your focus needs to be more on doing the energy work. Anything you want to manifest you need to visualize. The imagination of having what you desire and how it feels must come first.

Starfish wonders if setting up their own business or further education is required to take them to the next level. The Council says you’re at the level you need to be. Further education is not needed, even though you’re always thinking you don’t have enough or you’re not prepared enough.

Visualize what you desire and change your beliefs to the fact that you are ready. You’ve done everything you need to do and now you can make your dreams happen.

Listen to the entire 5-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Starfish and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it. Or you can ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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Why Would I Create a Life that Contains So Much Agony?

This post contains questions for The Council from an anonymous reader after they read our post, Have My Past Lives Influenced My Suffering in My Current Life? This reader says, I’ve recently begun my spiritual path and I’ve always had questions and spiritual doubts. I’ve mostly been around Christianity, so I don’t have much guidance outside of that religion. I’ve begun to believe in reincarnation, spirit guides, and the idea that we have control over our lives instead of an outside being like a Christian god. These new beliefs were triggered by the loss of my stepmother, who was the first person to tell me about astral travel. At this point The Council interjects that they like to think it’s not that you’re starting to believe in these things, but that you’re beginning to remember them.

Since learning about this spiritual path I’ve experienced significant losses. I’ve asked The Council a question before about soul mates and twin flames and I found their answer very helpful. I often listen to your audios at work to receive their good energy, but I’m recently struggling with the will to go on. My life seems in shambles. I keep losing people close to me and I wonder if I really have this much control over my life, why would I choose a life that contains so much agony?

The Council says your lesson in your current lifetime is to learn about loss, and that there’s no such thing as loss. When so many people who’ve agreed to leave your life depart from this reality, they’re emphasizing what you wanted to learn.

If you’re on this path and you’re beginning to believe you’re spirit, if you believe in astral travel, and if you believe in reincarnation, we advise you to read about these things and sit quietly and think about them. If there’s reincarnation, then there’s no ending and there’s no loss. You’ll meet these people again in another adventure that you plan.

You say you’re learning about these ideas, but your belief isn’t there yet. When you have this belief there could be sorrow that you miss these people in your life, but along with that comes the knowledge you’ll be together again, that your life was planned, that you’re in complete control, that everyone in your life has played their part the way you set it up, and they’re all there in spirit watching to see if you’re learning from this experience.

These people have left this reality after learning what they needed to learn. It’s your turn to learn the part they played in your life and learn the part you played in their lives. Perhaps through dreams, meditation, and imagination, you can think of other lives you’ve had with these people. You can easily do this by sitting in a chair and imagining. Some people may say it’s just your imagination, but your imagination helps you remember (even though it may not feel like remembering), your imagination helps you create, and it’ll teach you to feel what these other lives are like.

In your quiet time can you see and talk to these people you feel you’ve lost? There will be a response from them. At first it may be just a feeling of getting close to them again, or your energy feels much lighter. When you speak to spirits that have been in your life and have passed on, they will respond to you. Are you quiet enough to hear this response? Don’t expect it to come in a certain way. These spirits will reach out to you, and when you can distance yourself from feelings of loss, sadness, and depression, you’ll begin to feel their answers. Being depressed and feeling lonely will block the energy these spirits are trying to send you. And believe us when we say they’re all around you.

Going forward, read about astral travel and give this a try. Read about reincarnation and imagine what it would be like. If you’re drawn to a certain time period, or certain types of food you enjoy, or certain places you want to go to, imagine you were there. As you ask yourself to remember more and more, the memories will come, and that’s how you’ll learn.

The anonymous reader asks, Can the Council provide me with some clarification on what I’m supposed to be learning, or how to make it through these difficult times? The Council repeats that Anonymous is learning about loss and that there isn’t any loss. Being sad, wanting to go home, and wanting to leave this life are all part of the human condition, but when you feel connected to your spirit and to these other people who’ve left this life, you know there are things you want to learn. You know there are experiences you want to have. The wanting to go home is to be with them again and feel the love that’s in spirit, but you want to finish what you’ve come here to learn. You’ll find the connections and move forward with that. Focus on being with these people again. Imagine where they are now and what they’re doing. Play with these thoughts and you’ll learn many different things.

Your time here isn’t finished, and so we ask you to enjoy it. And the way you enjoy it is by thinking of happy memories, creating happy thoughts of your future, and trying to imagine what it feels like that all these souls who have left you are sending you energy to help you go forward with what you want to learn.

Anonymous asks, Have I had past lives where I didn’t learn my lessons, so I forced myself to go through it again? The Council says all of us in physical reality have gone through things, not learned, and repeated it. Yet when we repeat these lessons there isn’t any struggle. There’s the thought that I didn’t quite get the lesson, or I’d like to have done this differently. We all have many lives where we don’t learn what we intended and we repeat it over and over until we’re satisfied we’ve learned everything about the subject, whatever it is.

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t learn your lessons in a past life. There’s no ending. You’ll go on and on. You’ll choose if you want to repeat a lesson. Nothing is forced on you. The way you perceive your situation you’ll set up your next life, or the life after, or the one after that to learn what you need to learn.

Anonymous asks, Can I spiritually connect with the people I’ve recently lost – my mother, my step-mother, my grandmother, and my baby sister – to try and get some closure? Or can The Council show me how to get this closure in other ways?

The Council says this closure you ask for isn’t something permanent. It’s believing, knowing, and acknowledging that in this particular life the relationships you had with these people are only finished in this particular lifetime. You’ll never be without these souls. If you need closure, you can sit and talk to these departed souls before you go to bed at night. You can talk to them in your meditations. The easiest closure we can give you is to thank these souls for the parts they played in your life, and hoping the part you played for them helped them move on and learn. That’s the only closure you need.

And then speak to these souls about how you’d like to create with them in another lifetime. They will respond to you. At first you’ll feel it in your emotions. All of a sudden you may feel happy for no reason because your higher self is still in touch with these souls.

Don’t think so much about closure, but think of these people with gratitude that whatever was planned, everyone pulled it off in your current lifetime. You can think that you’ll all be together again. You’ll plan other things in other lifetimes. That’s the only thing that can come close to closure because there isn’t any closure. There’s only being grateful, thanking these people, and sending them your love so that you all move forward.

The Council says they send Anonymous their love and tells them we’ll always be there to support you on your journey through all your lifetimes. As you grow, we grow. As you experience things, we experience those things and we all move forward together.

Listen to the entire 12-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for this anonymous reader and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it. Or you can ask The Council your own question by typing it into a Comment box that appears at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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How Can I Get Into Alignment with My Purpose?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Angela, in response to a post we wrote called, Feeling Like I Want to Go Home, Even When I Am Home. Angela says, I’ve also always felt like I want to go home even when I am home. It’s nice I’m not the only one who feels this way. I feel like my soul is hurt and that’s part of the reason I feel this way. Can you ask The Council what I’m supposed to be doing? I’m so lost. How can I get into alignment with my purpose so I can find some peace?

The Council recommends creating with your imagination, the way a child does, in order to get into alignment with your purpose. Your answer is within you. There are many things you choose to do in spirit when you create a new reality. Eventually you may pick one of those things and you go in that direction. Or you want to have fun and you check off many different things that you want to do in your current reality. The way to get there is to really not be so serious about it and not worry that you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

The main thing you’re here for is to show compassion and love to yourself and others. Be supportive and help others around you that maybe aren’t having an easy time of it. Every day when you show kindness, when you can make a person smile or feel better even for a few moments, that’s your purpose. When you can do this, everything else will come to you.

For you right now we don’t advise much prayer. Just sit quietly and think about what you want. Think of yourself as a spirit and you’re the creator of what happens in your life. Think great thoughts and have dramatic imaginations. When you do this and have some fun with it, you’ll align with your purpose.

You must be in the vibration of happiness to create what you want. You’ve already created with your thoughts many things that are there for you that you want. What you have to do is line up with these creations. See them as if you already have these things and are living with them. But before you can do that you need to find a way to be happy.

Some people might say that sounds simple, but maybe it’s difficult for you to be happy. You’re depressed. You’re lost. You don’t know what to do. That feeling of depression, that feeling of being lost, is because you’re not lining up with the many, many things you’ve already created and are waiting for you in an accessible dimension. Your higher self is trying to tell you to change the way you’re thinking. Change the way you see things.

Try to have fun. Find a way to laugh. And always use your imagination. Whether you believe something can happen or not, if you play like a child with your imagination, you’ll create it. It’s as simple as that.

On the subject of going home, many people want to feel this way because on an intuitive level they remember what it’s like to truly be home in spirit. Each of us at one time or another wants to go home. Maybe it’s because you feel lost and you’ve forgotten how to create. Maybe it’s because you want your life to be easier. It’s a feeling that you need the love and peace that’s here in spirit. You can bring this love and peace to you in your reality and then you’ll feel happy with where you are. And you can truly know you will come home when you finish creating what you want to do.

Listen to the entire 5-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Angela and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it. Or you can ask The Council your own question by typing it into a Comment box that appears at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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How Far Have I Come Toward Accomplishing My Goals?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Maureen, who’s been shown many things by her higher self and others in this lifetime, including relevant past lives. Maureen says, I feel as if many large and small loose ends have been bundled into this life. I also feel and greatly appreciate the many pieces moving around to help me succeed. I’m scared I’m not getting what I need to get in this life and I’m overanalyzing everything until I’m exhausted.

The Council asks Maureen what it is you’re not getting. Analyzing too much is always a problem. Try to relax and just be in your life. It’s good to question things, but only for a short time. Meditate on your question. Talk to people about what’s on your mind. But going over and over things, trying to analyze and find answers to your questions when you’re not ready for the answers, will serve no purpose.

If you’ve found out about past lives, that’s wonderful, but try being in the moment and focusing more on your current lifetime and what’s going on around you.

Maureen says on the other hand I feel I’ve come so very far. The Council says they can see you’ve come far, but you’ll never get it all done. You’ll never get all the answers to your questions. In each lifetime there are more questions. There are more things you want to know. There are more ways you want to achieve things. You’re always learning from each experience. Be happy that an answer comes. No matter how much you analyze or know about your past, you’re here because you want to focus on what’s going on in your present.

Maureen asks, How far have I come in this life regarding my goals and what advice can you give me moving forward? The Council says you have many, many more goals that you wish to reach. And you’ll get there when you meditate or sit quietly and imagine what you’d like to create next in your life. Appreciate some of the things you’ve learned. Whether it’s a challenge or something that brings you lots of joy, what have you learned from it?

Taking what you’ve learned when you appreciate yourself and how your higher self is guiding you through each step of the way, you’ll have more understanding of how you can create moving forward. When you begin to see what you’re creating on a daily basis and you enjoy that, then you’ll know there’s nothing you can’t do. You can achieve anything. You have to focus on it. You need to appreciate what you have. You have to think about the directions you need to go in. You’ll find that you reach your goals that you focus on. You may zig-zag around, but you’ll reach them. In your next lifetime there will be more goals. There will be more lessons. There will be more fun to have, and it will go on, and on, and on.

When you ask if you’ll reach your goals, you’ll reach whatever you want to in this lifetime if you take the time to see it and feel the way you want it. Imagine every detail of whatever it is you want. If you want more money, picture it in your checkbook, picture going to your bank, picture going into a shop and you can buy anything you want. You don’t have to know how the money is coming to you. It’s just there. Picture traveling. Picture whatever it is you want to do. Just by picturing it and feeling it as if you were doing it, and the joy you experience doing this, you’ll create what you want.

Stop overanalyzing and start appreciating more. There’s no way you’re not getting what you need in this lifetime. You’re getting it at your own pace. You won’t slide back down the rungs of a ladder because you’re not climbing as fast as you want. You’ll get there. Enjoy the getting there. The joy comes from creating what you want, not when you get it. It’s the creation along the way and the fun of how you’re doing this that matters. Imagine you’ve been dreaming of something and it showes up in your life. Get excited about that and then create some more. There’s no fear you’re not getting what you want.

Listen to the entire 6-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Maureen and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it, or ask The Council your own question by typing it in a Comment box that appears at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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How Can I Deal with these High-pitched Tones in My Ears?

This post answers a question for The Council from a reader named, Jay, who says he’s struggling with bouts of debilitating tinnitus (ringing in the ears) that he’s been unable to solve himself. I’m a person who can appreciate silence, but there’s no silence in my experience now – just high-pitched feedback-like tones. When I have these episodes it’s so distracting that I feel unable to use my brain. How can I address this problem? It’s wearing me out emotionally and leaving me feeling hopeless.

The Council sees that Jay has created this tinnitus, not as a distraction, but as something to tune you in to your inner voice, to guidance, and to connecting to spirit. You haven’t spent enough time meditating or sitting silently and patiently asking questions and listening for answers. This tinnitus was created by you to bring your attention to sound and hearing.

When you do have these tinnitus attacks, sit for a short period of time and listen to the tone. Imagine walking into it and through it. What do you see? What do you hear?

When you’re able to experience silence The Council asks you to meditate, to picture any sort of colors in your mind’s eye, then go back to listening. Begin by listening to tones, and then it will turn into words, and you can think of questions, and just listen. This tinnitus is your way of stopping yourself from everyday life so you can give time and attention to this problem of not tuning into your inner voice.

When you can go into this silence we see this will last longer and longer because you’re fulfilling what you’ve created to help you get to a higher vibration, which also causes this sound in your ears. This is the way your higher self has stopped you so you can begin to listen and not run away from these sounds. Listen and work with these sounds while it leads you on a path that connects you to your higher self.

We realize it’s difficult to listen to these sounds and you feel like you want to escape them, but they can’t hurt you. For a short period, even if it’s only a minute, listen to these sounds and imagine they have a color. Imagine walking into a room that’s filled with this color and the sound you hear until you no longer feel you need to escape. The more you can do this the sounds will change. It will change your vibration and you’ll connect to your higher self and your spirit guides.

When you don’t hear these sounds and there’s quiet, take five minutes if you can to sit and appreciate the silence. Go into the silence. Create another room. What color is in the room with silence in it? Go into it and listen. When you’re comfortable, ask questions. Don’t be afraid to listen. The more you listen, the answers to your questions will come to you.

This will take time. Persevere.

Listen to the entire 5-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Jay and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it, or ask your own question.

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Do I Have Negative Energy Around Me?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, SoulSeekingNirvana, who asks about psychic protection. I’ve begun taking a lot of interest in spirituality and feel I’m going through a spiritual enlightenment process. I’ve begun to hear and feel a presence that’s mostly positive, but sometimes I get worried when this happens at night. Do I have any negative energy around me?

The Council asks if you ground yourself before you go to bed at night, or when you wake up, or when you read about spirituality, or when you meditate or pray to raise your energy. There are many energies that some would call evil, but really they’re just lower than where you are right now that come around from time to time.

If you feel anything negative, instead of going into a panic because things don’t feel right, calmly speak to this energy. Tell this energy it’s not welcome in your experience. Tell it you’re in the white light and this energy must leave. And according to the laws of the universe, this negative energy must leave. There’s no reason to fear or panic. And always ground yourself.

You do this by imagining roots coming out your feet and going down and attaching to the middle of the Earth. Then imagine mother Earth energy coming back up these roots, into your feet, up through your body, and out the top of your head. When you feel this Earth energy begin to call in the white light of God, of the universe, of the great protector into the top of your head, down through your body, out through your feet, and into the energies of the Earth. When you’ve done this you can surround yourself in a cocoon of white light. You are safe. There’s nothing that will hurt you.

If you wish to work with your crown chakra, pull in a purple light, which is the highest energy. In this grounding, in this white light, in this purple light you are protected. Nothing will hurt you. You can continue on your spiritual quest and meditations. Just make sure you include this grounding process when you meditate.

Keep crystals around you. In ancient times crystals were always used to protect one’s self and bring in good energy. Use the crystals and you’ll feel better moving forward. Clear quartz is the best crystal, hematite is good for grounding, and amethyst will protect you.

The Council doesn’t see negative energy around SoulSeekingNirvana. It’s curious spirits that are learning about our reality and are attracted to this life and how we live it. If you experience any discomfort or are not feeling safe, make sure you’re in the white light and tell the uncomfortable energy it must leave.

Listen to the entire 6-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for SoulSeekingNirvana and the rest of us and tell us what you feel about it, or ask your own question.

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Connecting with Yourself in Another Lifetime

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, LilyDaisy, about what she’s come to call her dissociation, but she doesn’t think that’s an accurate description of what she’s experiencing.

When I was young I’d sometimes look into a mirror and my consciousness would somehow be different for a few seconds. As I got older I could look in a mirror and induce this change in consciousness. In early adulthood I no longer needed a mirror to induce this change. At this point I craved this experience and tried to bring it about more, often by looking into a mirror.

Now this has grown to be my waking state most or all of the time. I suppose this could be scary, but I just go with it. No matter how I try to describe these experiences I feel it’s not accurate. Can The Council help me understand what’s going on here or give me some terms I can research?

What The Council sees is a linking between you in your current lifetime and you in a previous life in Tuscany, Italy. As a young boy in that life you spent most of your time playing in the fields. In that life you always wondered who you were. Where do I come from? What happens to you after you die? In that life you always wanted to see what happens to you after that lifetime ended.

When you finished that life you brought that wish with you into spirit and when you set up your current life you wanted to somehow connect with the person you were in that life in Tuscany. What is happening is the part of you that lived in that past life is reaching out and connecting with the part of you living in your current life. These are both parts of the larger part of who you are.

In your current life you’re allowing that child from your past life to connect with you. That means that child can peak into your current life and see what’s going on and he’d experience it as a dream, or day dreams, or his imagination. That is what’s happening to you in what you describe as your dissociation. What you’re experiencing is who you were in that past life as well as who you still are, because that lifetime still exists in another reality along side your current reality.

The Council says to more effectively connect with this other part of yourself in that other lifetime you can read up on past lives to gain more understanding and you can meditate. What LilyDaisy is experiencing is not a dissociation – it’s a linking. It’s you connecting to another part of you in another lifetime.

The Council recommends LilyDaisy look into Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment, the readings he’s done, and his books he’s written. As you become more familiar with this material it’ll become easier to connect and to even talk to the person you were in that lifetime.

This connection is a wonderful thing that you’ve allowed. It was such a strong wish from that past lifetime that a connection was made – the connection between you and you. You allowed it to come into your current life because you wanted to learn from it. The more you find out about past lives, the more you can call in information from that past life in your dreams and meditations. Begin to have a conversation with this other part of yourself.

Listen to the entire 6-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for LilyDaisy and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it, or ask your own question.

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How Do Vibrational Realities Work?

This post answers questions from a reader who goes by the name, AustinMat, who’d like to better understand what The Council means when they use the term ‘vibrational reality’ during a session. He asks, “When I desire something and create a vibrational reality as a result, I would like to know what the part of me in that vibrational reality actually experiences.”

The Council explains you’re asking this question from your current reality because your awareness is focused on this reality, but the larger part of who you truly are is a spiritual being and remains focused in spirit. Every time you desire to create another experience, the part of you in spirit sends off a part of itself to experience what you desire in a vibrational reality that is as real and physical to this extension of your spirit as your current reality is real to you. You in your current reality will experience this other reality you’ve created as your imagination.

The moment you start thinking about a reality you desire, you start creating it vibrationally. If you really love this reality you’re creating, the more you focus on it in your current reality, the more you’ll bring similar desires into your current reality. Similarly, what you’re already enjoying in your current reality may have been created first in another reality that you enjoyed as you focused your attention on it. The more you focus on something in a vibrational reality, the more you can bring this experience into your current reality, but the two realities will still be separate.

The Council says because there isn’t any time in spirit, when you want to set up lessons you want to learn or you want to experience something, the spirits that are with you agree in a matter of seconds if they’ll come in and be part of what you desire. The ones that agree and come into this other reality are also real and experiencing everything that’s going on in that reality. There are always spirits that are helping us out by living through whatever we desire to experience.

When you create a vibrational reality you’re creating another life with your thoughts and feelings. But because of how the human brain works, you can’t experience all these realities at once. In your current reality your spirit knows you’re focusing on this reality. The other part of you that you sent into another reality will focus in that reality and learn from it. But each reality is very real.

As you focus on each vibrational reality from your current reality it’s just another desire that you’re bringing into your current reality, but it still exists in the other vibrational reality. It’s not that if you want to experience something in your current reality you have to remove it from another vibrational reality. You will create what you desire in your current reality as well as your vibrational reality.

The subject of vibrational realities may be a little confusing to you if you’re not used to thinking about them. Listen to the entire 8-minute audio recording of our session with The Council to hear all their guidance for AustinMat and the rest of us and let us know what you feel, or ask your own question.

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Will Having a Child Help or Hinder My Life Purpose?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Bea Jay, who wonders if she’ll be able to become a mother. She feels like she’s meant to accomplish much in this lifetime and wonders if having a child will help or hinder her life purpose.

Bea Jay isn’t in a relationship at this time, but has begun to consider the idea of sperm donation to get pregnant at some point in the distant future if she still wants a child. Bea Jay wonders if the idea of having a child in the future is preventing her from living in the present moment.

The Council says for any desire you have that comes from your heart, this desire is something you thought you’d like when you were in spirit before you were born into this reality. For this reason The Council says it’s still possible for Bea Jay to become a mother if she has this desire.

The Council asks Bea Jay why she feels she’ll be unable to accomplish great things if she becomes a mother. Maybe having a child, how you raise it, and who this child becomes can be a great thing. It’s according to how you look at your situation.

The Council says if Bea Jay wants a child in the future, she should begin working on this now. Imagine how having this child will be. What will it feel like? And how would you go about accomplishing other things in your life? There is always a way to follow your heart’s desire, but The Council encourages Bea Jay to begin the inner work of imagining her desires right now.

The Council says Bea Jay can have many things and much success because of the way she’s setting this up in spirit. Do not doubt. Use your feelings and your imagination to see your life the way you want it to be.

Listen to a recording of our entire 4-minute session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Bea Jay and the rest of us, and let us know how you feel about it.

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What is My Spiritual Purpose?

This post is about a question from a reader named Kristi, who asks The Council about her spiritual journey. She says it’s almost like she has a constant magnetic pull to the spiritual realm and when she tries to distance herself from spirit, she ends up right back at it.

The Council asks why she’d want to distance herself from spirit? Her spirit connection reminds her of who she truly is, which is part of why she came into this lifetime. It’s very much a part of Kristi’s life in this incarnation because in so many other lifetimes she’s walked the spiritual path and believed in love and compassion, which is what she came to bring into her current lifetime.

The Council advises daily meditation and for Kristi to read all the books she can find on spiritual channels because she has the ability to channel spirit if she wants to.

The Councils says it’s wonderful that Kristi feels this spiritual influence in her life and asks her to feel in what direction it’s pulling her. This is exactly what she wanted to experience in this lifetime. Don’t pull away from spirit. This journey can take her to many different places an help her meet many people who will be attracted to her vibration.

Kristi didn’t plan in spirit which way she wanted this spiritual pull to take her. She only knew that she wanted to be deeply connected to the spiritual realm.

The Council advises Kristi to use her imagination to visualize herself in many different situations and see what feels best to her and follow this direction. Begin with small steps. Each step will bring her to another and another and she’ll fulfill what she has planned for this lifetime. She wanted the excitement of being on a spiritual path and to discover her journey as she moves along her path.

Listen to our entire 6-minute session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Kristi and the rest of us, and let us know how you feel about it.

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Looking for a Meaningful Relationship

This post is about questions for The Council from a reader named, Sarah, who says she’d really like a long-term, profoundly deep relationship. She also asks about a former male best friend who currently refuses to communicate with her, and she wants to know if they’re working through any past life experiences.

Sarah says she’s been trying to deny her desire for a relationship because she feels the best way to develop a healthy love is to go into a situation with someone without the expectation of falling in love.

The Council suggests that Sarah first think of the love she’s felt from other people and appreciate that. Then they suggest she write in great detail about the relationship she desires. The more detailed she can be will make it more likely she’ll attract this relationship to her. Focus on being ready for a relationship and that it’s okay to want it. Think about what she’s willing to bring to this relationship and what is her partner bringing? The Council says if Sarah is denying the relationship she desires, she’ll have difficulty manifesting it.

Sarah wonders if her desire to be an independent person is going against her desire to have a partner.  The Council feels Sarah has achieved independence and they don’t see her loosing herself in a relationship.

Sarah also asks about a male best friend who’s been in her life on and off for a long time. He’s been in love with her and multiple times she’s tried to be with him, but ended up running away. He currently refuses to have anything to do with her and this makes her very sad. This sadness and the longing seems out of proportion for the relationship they’ve had, even though she says she hasn’t been in love with him. Sarah’s curious if there’s something in their past lives that they’re working through.

The Council says we are all here to show love and compassion, and you learn about compassion by allowing yourself to feel what another person is feeling. Can Sarah understand how this man can feel abandoned, not good enough, taken advantage of, and foolish? Think about how this might feel for him. As Sarah understands these feelings, she can try to build a friendship with this man by speaking about her new understanding. The Council doesn’t feel it’s necessary to go into any past lives they’ve shared together.

Sarah asks if she should release this man permanently so he can have a life without the pain of her being in it (but not as his partner). The Council says when Sarah can speak with kindness about her new understanding of this man and how that makes her feel, she can try to speak with him about it. The heavy energy of not feeling wanted can lift and she can start a new kind of relationship with him. She doesn’t have to release this person from her life. They can be in each other’s lives, but differently than before.

Sarah asks what The Council sees for this relationship in the future. And The Council says that’s up to the two of them and what they wish to create. She should do the inner work of imagining how he feels when he realizes she doesn’t love him the way he loves her. As she understands this and continues to send love to herself and to him, things can begin to change.

Listen to our entire session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Sarah and the rest of us regarding relationships, and let us know what you’re feeling.

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Will I Find Love?

This post is inspired by a question from a reader named, Kimberly, who is 34 years old and says she’s never been in love. She says she’d like a partner to share her life with, but she suffers from heart failure and worries God has forgotten her.

The Council says if and when Kimberly finds love is totally up to her and it’s her thoughts that will determine what this person will be like.

The Council says when Kimberly feels her life is running out (and they add that they don’t see this happening any time soon), there’s an urgency to create the love she desires, but it’s desired from a place of fear and for this reason it can’t be created.

The Council says Kimberly needs to begin to imagine her life with a loving partner. As she stays in this vibration of love she’ll be able to attract a loving partner into her life.

The Council asks how Kimberly can expect to attract the partner of her dreams when her focus is on her life ending abruptly, not ever being loved, and worrying she may never find love. This isn’t the vibration that will bring her what she desires. She must get past the feeling of never being loved. Find somewhere in her life where she’s experienced love and hold onto that vibration.

The Council says it was Kimberly’s purpose coming into this lifetime to create love in every situation. By experiencing being unloved she then has a desire for the knowledge how to turn this situation around so she can be loved. In asking the question, will I find love? she is given the information on how to turn this situation around. Expect it, have hope for it, and feel happiness as she thinks of it. That’s how she will attract the partner of her dreams.

Listen to our 6-minute session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Kimberly and the rest of us on how to start creating love in our life.

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Creating What You Desire

This post is inspired by an anonymous reader who explains to The Council they’re convinced they can create the reality they desire, but they get depressed when things  seem like they’re working out and then don’t turn out the way they’d like.

Creating what you desire

The Council says when you give up because things aren’t happening exactly when and how you want them to, this makes it harder to create what you desire. They recommend staying in the energy of faith, love, and your desires; stay with your imagination and the feeling of what it would be like to already have what you want. The Council says by staying with the energy of what you truly desire this indicates your faith in your ability to create what you want.

Anonymous asks The Council for advice on their difficulty dealing with people, and they say the expectation they will be disappointed is hanging around and they carry this with them in their relationships. The Council says it’s part of Anonymous’s purpose in this lifetime to face this challenge and to learn how to create the kind of vibration they need to be in and the kind of thoughts and feelings they need to have.

The Council says in their current lifetime they wanted to experience going from having nothing to having everything they desire. And they say Anonymous has already created what they desire in non-physical vibration. Now they need to learn how to bring their desires into their physical reality.

The Council asks if Anonymous is giving them self  enough love. Unless they love them self  how can they receive this love from others. The Council recommends sitting daily and asking what they truly desire at this moment and imagine you have this. As you create with your thoughts and imagine it’s already in your life and you’ll see these things begin to come to you.

Other lifetimes

The Council says the other lifetime that affects Anonymous the most with relationships took place in a village that was under attack and everyone in the village planned to leave the village for safety. You decided to go your own way rather than go with everyone else and you died. You realize now that cutting yourself off from the others wasn’t the answer and you need to learn to feel safe connecting with people. Companionship in your current lifetime will help you heal what you lost in this other lifetime in this village.


Anonymous ask what career they will be most successful, and The Council advises any career that gets them to focus on other people is the direction to go right now. The Council feels there’s a lot of work for Anonymous to do, but they also feel this can be accomplished.

The Council mentions starting a hobby that gets Anonymous involved with other people and as they help these people Anonymous will change how they feel about them self, they will grow, and they’ll be led down the path they’ve planned in spirit before they came into this lifetime.

Listen to our entire 13-minute session with The Council (below) and hear all their guidance for Anonymous and the rest of us.

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Can The Council See Any Blocks To My Getting Married?

This post is inspired by a question from a reader who calls herself Dealer99 who says her life has been blessed with a few amazing love relationships, but she’s been patiently waiting a long time for a marriage relationship. And she asks The Council if they see any blocks to her getting married.

The Council asks Dealer99 if a marriage is what she really wants because they see another lifetime in the 1600s where she was forced into an arranged marriage and she was very unhappy. And they say in this lifetime she wanted to be free and to experience love everywhere she went.

Now The Council sees there is a desire for a long-term relationship in Dealer99’s life and they say she is able to change her life by feeling grateful for each of the relationships she’s had and imagining all the reasons she’d like to be married. They say there is nothing in her way and there are no blocks to stop her from getting married.

The Council encourages Dealer99 to focus on the benefits of being with one person rather than being excited by new relationships. They say the only thing that would stop her from experiencing a marriage is a belief that there’s a block that’s in the way, and that she doesn’t have the spiritual ability to create what she now desires.

The Council says even though Dealer99 planned to experience this lifetime without getting married, it is always within her power to change this. And they see a marriage has a great possibility of happening if she uses her imagination to change her beliefs and sees what she wishes to create.

The Council recommends several things Dealer99 can do in her physical reality to help her create this marriage. They say she can put empty hangers in a closet with the intention of them belonging to her partner. She can make an empty drawer available for her partner when he comes into her life. She can set her table for two and have an extra bathrobe available for her future partner. The Council encourages Dealer99 to have fun with her imagination to create this new relationship. And they say as the creation comes from within her, it will appear in her life.

Listen to the entire 7-minute session with The Council below to receive their full guidance for Dealer99 and the rest of us on how to create what we desire.

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Relationship Lessons and Passing Them On

This post is inspired by questions from Christine, who says she’s having a difficult time after ending a relationship she was in last year.

The Council says what Christine considers love and what her ex-boyfriend considers love is not the same. He felt love for Christine involved controlling her and keeping her where she was. He thought this was for Christine’s own good and for her protection, but it was more that he could feel in control and safe.

This was overwhelming for Christine and wasn’t allowing either of them to be the spiritual beings they truly are. The Council feels the ex-boyfriend’s challenges of anger and his need for control fed his insecurity and prevented him from bringing in the love his spiritual being desired to experience. Under these circumstances Christine’s higher self gave her the strength to put an end to the relationship.

The Council says it’s understandable Christine will feel depressed over ending this relationship, but they suggest she look at her knowledge it needed to end, how she removed herself from the situation, and what she has learned so she doesn’t fall into the same situation again.

The Council advises Christine to begin creating the kind of relationship she wants by imagining how this relationship feels and what it looks like. By changing her focus from the past to the present and future, Christine will be able to move forward in her desired direction. She can let go of the fear her next relationship will duplicate what she’s just come through and begin to think about what she’s learned from this relationship. She now knows the danger signs of being manipulated.

The Council says Christine should honor herself for learning the lessons this relationship offered and how she freed herself from it rather than stay until it became even more challenging. She’s many steps ahead of where she could have been. Christine’s ex-partner will go on to learn his lessons another way; perhaps with another partner, or being very lonely, but these are his challenges, not Christine’s.

The Council says this relationship was pre-planned in spirit by Christine and her ex-boyfriend and if she must think about it rather than focusing on the new relationship she wants to create, she should think about it with joy rather than depression. Her ex-boyfriend agreed in spirit to push Christine to develop and learn from this experience that she deserved better and needed to protect herself. And Christine had a desire to learn how to take care of herself in a severe situation.

The Council sees in Christine’s future she will have the opportunity to help another woman in a similar situation and they advise her to learn all she can from the relationship with her ex-boyfriend so she can help this woman. The Council says this is a more productive focus and it will allow her to create a more loving experience for herself.

The Council makes the interesting point toward the end of the session that when souls return to the world of spirit, they will meet the souls who put them through these horrible experiences in their physical reality and they will love them and say thank you for presenting them with these opportunities to grow.

Listen to the entire 21-minute session (below) to experience all of The Council’s guidance for Christine and the rest of us.

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How Do You Create What You Desire?

This post is inspired by a reader named Emmy who asks how she can create a family after having a recent missed miscarriage – a miscarried pregnancy that goes undetected by the mother, usually until diagnosed by a physician.

First The Council says this miscarriage was not pre-planned before Emmy came into this life. Instead she would decide after she got here whether she wanted to experience this.

Now that Emmy has a desire to create a family, The Council suggests she investigate the reasons why she wants one, then they explain the details of creating it. They suggest she see herself receiving the news she’s pregnant and feeling her emotions about it. Then they ask her to see and feel various milestones in the child’s life, from birth, to school, dating, marriage, having it’s own children, and the milestones in between. The Council says seeing and feeling these details and how she wants them to be is the way she’ll create them.

The Council says if she now feels ready, she can speak with the soul of her child-to-be and give it permission to come into her life, and it will come.

The Council suggests visualizing each event in the child’s life, going into great detail, and feeling like it’s already happening. This is the inner work. This is how you create in the spiritual world and then manifest it in the physical.

The Council says to have fun with this. Creating is always fun. Take the pressure off and see exactly what you want.

Listen to the entire 9-minute session (below) to get all the details of The Council’s guidance for Emmy.

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Abortion and Creation

This post is about The Council’s answer to an anonymous reader’s question about how many children she’ll have in this lifetime. She says she was told by someone she’d have one boy and one girl, but she recently had an abortion and is sad at the thought she aborted one of these children that she badly wants.

The Council begins by introducing the idea of pre-birth planning. This is the idea that as a spiritual being you plan various aspects of your physical life before you are born. They say the most important thing to understand is that as spirit you are creating your physical life. And after you come into this physical reality there continues to be a spiritual part of you that is still creating your life. And yet so many of us give away our creative power to others.

The Council asks A., who told her she’d have a boy and a girl and why does she assume they were correct when she, as a spiritual being, is the creator of her reality. Suppose she got pregnant again under circumstances that tell her she’s not ready for that child. Does that mean her chances for these two children she wants is over?

The Council says you are a powerful creative spirit in your physical body and you create what you want from your beliefs. And they say this abortion has come into her life at this time to let her learn about creation. And so if she has more abortions, is her desire for children strong enough that it doesn’t matter what anyone says if she wants to create these children in this lifetime?

The Council says everything you want is already created in vibration. And how you bring this vibration into your physical reality is by putting yourself in the highest vibration you can (love, happiness, joy). And without knowing how it will happen, imagine these children she wants in her life. Feel as if she already has it (because she already has it in spirit) and that will bring it into her physical reality.

The Council sees children in A.’s life. The question is will she create this? The Council says no one can do this for her, but she has the tools to make this happen. A.’s grief over loosing a child has brought her to the point where she can change her perception of her life and what she can create moving forward. The Council encourages A. to match the vibration of her desire for these children, to know she is the creator of her reality, and then this must come into her physical reality.

The Council asks A. to see the pattern in her life where someone came along and changed her mind about creating whatever it was that she desired. The issue of her abortion is part of a larger issue of creation and what she is capable of creating when she sticks with what she desires rather than give up her creative ability by believing what other people say.

Listen to the entire 20-minute session below to hear all of The Council’s guidance, and let us know what you think.

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What is the Name of My Spirit Guides?

This post is inspired by a question from Wendy who asks what are the names of her spirit guides and how many does she have?

Many people desire the name of their spirit guides, but The Counsel says spirit guides and angels don’t assign themselves names. They only come up with them when it’s something needed by you, but that isn’t what this is all about. They say what’s important is the feeling of connection you have with angels and guides and the information that comes through to you.

Can you accept that spirit is with you to help you? Go with the feeling. Stay in the vibration of connection and the information will become more important as time goes by. But if it’s really needed, ask for the name of your guide or guides. You can even specify how it will come to you.

The Counsel reminds Wendy and the rest of us that in the end we are all one and asks if it’s really necessary to name your guides. When Wendy says she believes she’s gone through the appropriate steps to communicate with her guides she gets nothing, but The Council says they feel she has gotten much information.

The Counsel suggests Wendy meditate on her spirit guides names if this is important to her and they give her a brief meditation for this.

Listen to the 7-minute session to hear The Counsel’s full answer to Wendy.

Copyright ℗ 2015 Bob & Cynthia Dukes

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Feeling Your Way to Manifesting What You Desire

The following is a message The Council delivered to a small group on July 19, 2011 prior to taking questions from participants. Before the session with The Council the group had been discussing the subject of manifesting desires. Headings have been added for emphasis.

“And so we notice tonight the topic was all of the desires that each of us have. And we would just like to tell you that before you came into this physical reality, you knew you had the ability to create anything you desired. If you have the desire, it’s there for you.

Feel Your Way There

“What we always wish to let you know is that you are so much more than a physical body. You are spirit on this journey in a physical world. You are very powerful, and the way to create, to manifest your desires, is to feel your way there.

“It is wonderful to see it, to imagine it, but what brings it in is that feeling. Every part of your body, every cell in your body understands, and as you have those desires and feel your way there, the universe will line up all the opportunities to help you create whatever it is that you want – and we do say – whatever it is that you want.

Continue reading

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