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What Can I Do About My Problems With A Work Colleague?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, A Frustrated Worker.

Frustrated: I have a question about a work scenario. I’ve had a special and intricate working relationship with a colleague for nearly a decade. While they have an anxious disposition, they were always supportive and followed through when it counted. But for the last few years they’ve really let me down. There have been delays after delays, they’ve continuously moved deadlines, put other peoples’ work before mine, told little white lies, dismissed my feelings about the work being delayed, and this sort of thing.

Council: Why have you stayed in that situation for a couple of years? It’s a situation that’s presenting itself to you. When you look at it, it makes you turn and look at yourself for the growth to see why you stay in that situation when everything is showing you that it’s not working and there is a problem here.

Frustrated: It’s left me in a very tricky situation. I recently had to confront them. They took offense and it looks as though our working relationship may be over.

Council: Taking this step and confronting them is good. When they take offense you have to realize either it’s something they’re going through or it’s something to do with their thinking. When it goes that far it’s very plain for you to follow your feeling. It can’t be comfortable being in this. Your feelings, which is your higher self’s way of talking to you, is saying, “It was good, but now it’s time for a change. And the change comes because you are ready for growth.

Frustrated: Separating the work we’ve done together and the work I have planned for us will be like undressing a salad. And because the work they do is very excellent and idiosyncratic, I can’t see who I’d replace them with.

Council: It’s time, when you make the salad and you make the same dressing for many years, that you tire of it, or your taste buds want something new. So now it’s time to dress your salad with something new.

Frustrated: Can this relationship be saved, or am I supposed to let this go?

Council: There’s nothing to save. It was wonderful. Hopefully all involved have learned from it and now have different paths to travel, and this includes yourself. There’s nothing to save. You’re supposed to follow your feeling and get excited about something new that you can bring into your life. And you do this by writing it down, thinking over and over about the new people that could come into your life, and the way you want it to be. So you start that inner work and you begin to bring in the new people.

Get yourself in a happy mood and excited mood where you’re thrilled to be going forward. When you do that you must bring in these new people. Make up your mind instead of thinking, should I try and fix it, should I hold on? If you make up your mind to move forward, there’s a new path, there are new things to learn, and there are new people to bring into your life. Once you start imagining that, making that your intention, these people will definitely come along.

Bob: Just to be clear, to answer the question, “Am I supposed to let this person go?” The answer is, yes?

Council: That’s what’s happening around you. It’s pointing to that. Is your higher self showing you this? And you feel the loss of the relationship. You feel it’s not working. You know they’re putting you off and putting others before you. The answer is so simple. You can hang on to this relationship, but it won’t get better. You can try to create it, but why would you want to create this where your feelings are pushing you to move in another direction?

Frustrated: What would I have to do to save this relationship, or how do I find their replacement?

Council: If you want to save this, then you would see these people understanding what you’re saying, you’d see them wanting to work with you and put your work first, and coming through for you. You can see that. You can create this.

And yet we must say here that even if you create this for a while, what you’ve created in spirit is that now it’s time to move on.

Frustrated: Are there other souls who are lined up to take the place of this person if they decide with their free will to leave?

Council: Definitely, but it’s your work to call it in, to imagine it, to see it, to be open and excited about this wonderful new part of your journey.

Frustrated: Why did this happen? Is there a higher purpose for why this has occurred?

Council: Of course there’s a higher purpose. It’s your higher self that wants to go forward, that you’ve planned in spirit other things you want to do. So of course there’s a higher purpose, and guess who created it? You did. You created it in spirit. Remember that you are a spirit, that you create everything that happens, and move towards what you want.

Bob: It sounds like you’re saying that the higher self of A Frustrated Worker has created one direction and the higher self of the colleague maybe created another direction.

Council: Everyone has created their own direction. What’s important here is the direction you want to go in. How does it feel in the situation you are in? Is it satisfactory to you? Does it bring you joy? If not, follow your feelings. There’s something new, there’s something different. These other people have created what they want and they’ll go in their direction. And so it’s just for you to accept and let flow what’s being presented to you.

Frustrated: I’d really appreciate your insight, as I feel I’m in complete limbo at the moment.

Council: Imagine what you wish for. Start creating with your mind. It’s a wonderful time to do this.

Happiness and blessings to everyone. Enjoy yourself. Find your power. Create happiness every day, even if it’s the littlest bit, because when you’re in the vibration of happiness, you’ll be able to bring into your life at any time what will give you happiness on a longer basis. So have fun with this.

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