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What About This Idea That We Create Whatever We Desire?

This post is in response to a question from Diana about the idea that everyone creates whatever they desire. She’s read a lot on this subject and asks about the practical application of this idea for creating a relationship she desires. Diana particularly wants to know how this idea works if she focuses all her attention on being with a specific person, but this person is focusing all their attention in opposition to that and doesn’t want to be with her. She asks the logical question: How is it possible for both people to get what they desire if their desires are exact opposites?

What We Desire, We Create First in a Non-Physical Reality

The Council’s answer to Diana’s question provided Cynthia and me with some new insight and understanding into the process of getting what we desire. This understanding begins with the idea that when we have a desire for something, whatever we desire is immediately created in a non-physical, vibrational reality. In Diana’s example, The Council says her desire to be with this person (since a name or gender aren’t specified we’ll refer to this person with the letter A) instantly creates in a non-physical reality the experience that she is with A in every way she desires.

Given a choice, most of us probably prefer to experience our desired creations in our physical reality, not just a vibrational one. So the question is: how do we get our desired creation from a non-physical reality into our physical reality.

Law of Attraction Brings Our Desires into Physical Reality

“We see attraction as a delivery service bringing it to you.”
—The Council

The Council describes the law of attraction as the attraction that exists between things (physical and non-physical) that are vibrationally similar to each other. When Diana focuses her attention on her desire to be with A in a way that feels good to her, the vibration of her good feeling is like a radio signal that carries pickup and delivery information to a law of attraction delivery truck. Diana’s vibration lets the law of attraction know what to pick up and how to find her in physical reality to complete the delivery.

“Let us say that there is a warehouse with many desires that are sitting on the shelf that have been created and are now waiting to be allowed to come into your reality with your feeling and your thoughts.”

“And then focusing the thought and the feeling will take that desire off the shelf, so to speak, [and] will bring it to you. The thoughts and the feeling will bring it to you.”

“By just having the thoughts it is created, but experiencing it as if it is already done makes it already done in a reality, in a dimension that is closer to your human existence. And so each time this memory, this desire is experienced, the vibration of those thoughts and feelings gives the universe, so to speak, the power of creating this in your reality, to bring it in.

“By making it as real as possible you will find the feeling within you. The joy, the happiness that you feel experiencing it as if it is already done, that feeling makes it real in another reality. It is happening. That happening in another reality brings it closer to coming into your existence.”
—The Council

The Council says there are loads of desires like Diana’s that have been created in a vibrational reality just waiting to be brought into physical reality with the appropriate focus of our feelings and thoughts. They emphasize the importance of experiencing our vibrational creations as just as real as our physical reality experience and this will bring them into our physical reality. This can be a challenge in a cultural environment that’s so focused on physical reality that the suggestion of a non-physical reality is considered highly suspect. Cynthia and I find this becomes easier with practice.

Law of Attraction Brings Wanted and Unwanted

But when Diana focuses her attention on the idea that A doesn’t want to be with her and she will never be with A the way she desires, and she feels bad about this, the vibration of her feeling bad is also like a radio signal to the law of attraction delivery truck. Only this time the signal is giving the law of attraction instructions to pick up and deliver more of A resisting being with her and her being without A.

“What we have [seen] many times is people believing it [their desire] and when it is not coming fast enough they go backwards in their beliefs, in their focus, that this is not happening. And that is why it is important to focus. When you focus on what you want – to stay with that feeling, with that belief, with that desire – and that person or thing, if you align with that vibration, will come into your reality.
—The Council

Law of Attraction and Opposite Desires

Now we come to Diana’s question: How is it possible for both people to get what they desire if their desires are exact opposites? This is an excellent question, but before we try to answer it we’d like to make some observations about the scenario Diana’s describing.

Diana seems concerned that A is focusing all attention on not wanting to be with her, but she doesn’t seem to realize how much this is to her advantage in ultimately getting what she desires. Her belief that A’s desire to not be with her is the opposite of her desire is not necessarily accurate based on the law of attraction. From law of attraction’s point of view what’s important is that A is focusing attention on Diana. The fact that the focus of A’s attention is currently on resisting being with Diana is less important as long as A remains focused on her.

“Now, of course, there is also the understanding that the universe will give you everything that you desire. Love allows everything, so if the person you desire is not wanting to be with you, as we have learned, the universe does not understand no or not. And so what is really happening here is this person is focusing on you. And this focus on you will help create what you want.”
—The Council

The idea that love allows everything and that the universe doesn’t understand the concept of no or not is fascinating and worthy of several posts. A simple explanation, as we understand it, is that the universe and love are infinite and therefore allow everything without limitations. No and not are interpreted as an attempt to limit All That Is and so they are overlooked.

As long as A is sending a radio signal to the law of attraction delivery truck that includes Diana, even if it’s a vibration of resisting being with her, law of attraction will continue to deliver to A an experience that includes Diana. A’s resisting being with her is a very powerful way of keeping her in A’s reality, even if in this reality she isn’t with A in the way she desires yet. As long as Diana is in A’s experience it will be much easier for her to attract the creation she desires concerning A.

Focusing on the Desire Changes the Energy

“In her particular case there is a misunderstanding between them, which we believe will be resolved.

“With her focus on this desire there is so much that begins to happen. And because they are both quite aware of what they desire, the energy begins to change. And for him the misunderstanding and negative feelings he believes he has will begin to dissipate. And this happens with the feeling of love when Diana focuses on this attention.

“And so when you focus on the object of what you desire, that vibration of love continuously goes out and the object of what you desire becomes [created] by this energy of love. And in this particular case feelings will change.”
—The Council

The Council observes that A’s focus of attention on not being with Diana is based on a misunderstanding between Diana and A that looks like it will be resolved. The Council’s advice comes back to emphasizing the importance of focus mentioned previously in this post. In this situation, Diana’s focus on her desire and the love she feels for A can change the energy between her and A so that the misunderstanding and opposing feelings dissipate.

Law of Attraction Does Not Judge

Remember that what we’re focusing our attention on in any given moment is like a radio dispatch to the law of attraction delivery truck. And a good thing to know about the law of attraction is that it has absolutely no judgment about what we focus our attention on. All is allowed, and law of attraction doesn’t care how many times we change the focus of our attention. It will happily change direction and pick up a new desired creation and bring it to our physical reality as long as our vibration remains consistent with the desired creation.

Reach for the Feeling of Love

“And so we continuously come back to the guidance to focus on love and begin to understand who you are, where you have come from. You have come from spirit. A small part of you is in the human body, but the power, the energy, of creation came with you into the physical.

“And so you come up with things you desire, things that you want. And we ask you to go back and remember who you are. Align with that and the belief, the remembering. The feeling of who you really are will begin, through the vibration of love, to create all you desire.”

“And that is why we suggest to always reach for the feeling of love that is always with you. Align with it and that way you will experience how love creates everything.”
—The Council

The focus of this post so far has been on getting what we desire, but here The Council reminds us that it’s our focus on love, on who we really are as spirit, and spirit’s power and energy of creation that makes it possible for us to get what we desire. The Council’s message that everything is created from love is one that they are increasingly emphasizing in our sessions lately. It’s Cynthia’s and my impression that: the energy/vibration of love is the raw material that all of existence is assembled from, our desires mold this energy into vibrational creations, and the alignment of our thoughts, emotions, and sensations is what attracts these vibrational creations into physical existence.

True Happiness Comes from Within

In case you’re getting the impression from our answer to Diana’s question that The Council is suggesting that true fulfillment comes from getting things we desire, their first point during the session was that true happiness comes from within each person, and if we look to someone or something else for this happiness it will not last.

“…placing your want of happiness on an object or a person will not fulfill that longing, that missing feeling of joy, and completeness, and contentment. Is that understood?”
—The Council

It’s good to remember that what’s important about getting our desires (including being with the person we think is the love of our life) is how this process inspires us to connect with and expand ourselves as spirit. The Council says this is our ultimate desire.

Multiple Realities

During our session the subject of multiple simultaneous realities came up briefly in the context of The Council’s recommendation to experience vibrational reality as real as we experience physical reality.

“But if you go deeper into what many people are not understanding yet, is that in all of our realities that simultaneously exist, when you ask for this person to be in your life, and you line up with that vibration, it is experienced.”
—The Council

This subject isn’t well understood by Cynthia and me so we took an opportunity to have a separate session with The Council to understand it better and it will be the subject of a future post. A quick overview is that The Council says there are other dimensions and realities that exist simultaneously with the reality we perceive; our spirit is experiencing different versions of ourselves in these other realities; and that we have the potential to access the experience and resourcefulness of ourselves in these other realities and make use of them in the reality we think of as our primary reality.

Let Us Know What You Think

We hope you’ve benefited from the information in this post. We certainly have. We’d love to know what you think of this material. Look for a Comment box or a Leave a Comment link below this post and feel  free to let us know if you have questions about subjects mentioned in this post, other posts, or subjects we haven’t written about yet. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. After having a missed miscarriage recently I am wondering how you can put it out there to create what you desire…. if what you desire is a family now that I ready for one? Is this all a part of my soul plan? Emmy M


    Comment by Emmy | February 9, 2016

  2. Hi Jan,
    We’re glad you find this post worthy of repeated reads and that it continues add understanding about the process of creating your reality with the focus of your attention on what you think about and what you are feeling. We think we know what you mean when you say it’s dizzying to think about. Sometimes when we think about these ideas our vibration naturally expands and if we try to compare this expanded point of view to a familiar less expanded point of view, there can literally be a feeling like vertigo from the vibrational difference.

    The information about multiple realities at the end of the session on Diana’s question made a big impression on us. We did several sessions with The Council to try and get a better understanding of this idea and we managed to publish two posts on this subject: What About This Idea There’s More Than One Reality? and What’s So Important About Multiple Realities? There is more information from The Council on multiple realities than we’ve published so far, but the subject seemed a little dizzying to us at the time and we moved on to posts on subjects that seemed less abstract. Its always been our intention to come back to these sessions when the time feels right, and publish more posts on this interesting and expansive information.

    Thanks for your attention to this, Jan. It’s a good reminder there’s more to do on this subject.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | May 4, 2013

  3. I’ve read this post over so many times, and each time I come back to it, I understand a little bit more of how it works. I get quite dizzy imagining all these different realities, but I love that dizziness!


    Comment by janonlife | May 3, 2013

  4. It seems confusing when two people are interacting and want opposite things, It is very important to focus on self and no one else–let them worry about creating their reality
    We each create everything in our reality
    So in the case of Diana, she is creating a partner that rejects her. She needs to look at that and notice that she is giving her attention some how to being rejected. These ignored messages that she may be giving to herself contribute to the reality she creates or as the Council says keeps her desires ‘in the warehouse’
    I do not know if this is any help to you or if I even addressed an aspect of the message that confused you. Perhaps you could give a specific.


    Comment by pat | August 31, 2010

  5. Hi Oksana. It’s unlikely you’re the only one to be confused by this post. Perhaps some other readers will respond to your question and share their response to the post.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | August 30, 2010

  6. HI Guys. After reading this last post I got really really confused. 😦 am I the only one?


    Comment by oksana | August 30, 2010

  7. Hi Pat,
    Glad you like this post. We also are particularly fond of the images of a vast warehouse full of what we desire and a vibration-dispatched law of attraction delivery truck that will bring to us what we desire as long as our vibration is aligned with what we desire. The trick seems to be noticing when our vibration is out of alignment and then finding a way to focus our attention so that our vibration comes back into alignment.

    I agree it’s very assuring that spirit chooses to communicate with many people about the nature of vibrational reality. I’m not familiar enough with other sources to be certain the messages are essentially the same, but I also appreciate how various points of view are helping us have a better appreciation of All That Is.



    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | August 24, 2010

  8. I very much appreciated this post from the Council
    I especially like the symbol of the warehouse where everything I desire is right there I just have to vibrate with the delivery truck.
    It is also assuring for me that those that communicate to us from their broader viewpoint all have essenatially the same message about the nature of vibrational reality and they attempt to convey the ideas
    in various ways so the we eventually ‘get’ it or ‘grok’ it.
    Thank you both and the Council for this sharing


    Comment by pat | August 24, 2010

  9. It doesn’t seem to get much better than love, Diana. So glad to hear you feel that way about the post and that you feel you have more clarity on your situation. While we were writing the post if felt good to imagine you focusing your attention on your desire and attracting it into your physical reality. The idea of plenty of room for research reminds me of what The Council says about how we’re here for growth and expansion into increasingly greater experiences of love. The Council also reminds us that helping offers much potential for experiencing joy, which I’m happy to say I experienced a lot in the process of answering your question. Thank you so much for your question and your willingness to share part of your experience with others. I’m confident that others will also benefit from the answer to your question, which means you are also helping others like you. We’re glad you also liked the post on Karma. Lately the sessions and the posts seem to feel better and better. Hope you have fun focusing on your desire.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | August 23, 2010

  10. I loved, loved, loved your post about my question. After reading it, things sure make a lot more sense now and I have a much better understanding of the law of attraction. I also liked the fact you touched upon other aspects and ideas on how we create our desires, which leaves me plenty of room for further research. Thank so much for taking time from your personal lives to help others like me. I also enjoyed the post on Karma very much. I’m looking forward to future ones.
    Love, Diana


    Comment by Diana | August 23, 2010

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