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What’s So Important About Multiple Realities?

This is our second post on the subject of multiple realities. Our last post, What About This Idea There’s More Than One Reality? was the first in what may become a series on this subject. In that post we wrote about a session with The Council almost three months ago that got us interested in this subject. Since then we’ve done two sessions with The Council focused on multiple realities and how an appreciation of this fascinating topic might help us and others improve the day-to-day quality of our lives. Here’s how the second session began (after the customary greetings):

Council: And so you have questions?

Bob: I’m under the impression that you would like us to concentrate on a post on multiple realities.

Council: Yes. We feel at this time it is good to get some of this information.

Bob: When you say ‘some,’ do you have any particular aspect of the information…

Council: The understanding that there are multiple realities that you experience.

Some Background

A few days before this session The Council made a rare and unexpected appearance in the middle of the night while Cynthia was asleep. (Cynthia was literally speaking for The Council in her sleep. This has happened one other time in recent memory, and possibly a few other times we vaguely remember. Due to the unexpected nature of this session it wasn’t recorded. Unlike our regular sessions where Cynthia has a pretty good idea what The Council is saying, she reported this experience to be more like a dream and it wasn’t remembered as clearly.) During this session The Council suggested we renew our efforts to write a post on multiple realities. The impression Bob is referring to in the dialog above comes from this impromptu session.

This second session with The Council on multiple realities took place about eight weeks after our first session devoted to this subject and about ten weeks after the session when we were first introduced to the idea of multiple realities. During these ten weeks we had two sessions with The Council that weren’t devoted to multiple realities and we published a post on each: Law of Attraction for Skeptics, and Is There a Difference between Our Spirit and Our Soul? Most of the rest of our free time was spent trying to make sense of what The Council was telling us about multiple realities and what we’ve been experiencing in relationship to this information.

A Journey Back to the Clarity of Each Session

Most sessions with The Council are an exciting experience for us, but the clarity we typically experience has a tendency to fade by the next day. By listening to session recordings almost daily, and equally frequent writing sessions to document new understandings, we eventually come up with a post we feel good enough about to publish. The time between the session and publishing a post on the session is like a daily journey back to the clarity we experienced during the session. Then the process typically begins again with the next session.

Post Multiple Reality Info in Bits and Pieces

“And we would like you to write this post in different sections, giving this information in little bits and pieces so that all can integrate it in their lives. And the beginning of the understanding of other realities will be understood. Sometimes too much knowledge can not be accepted.”
–The Council

Ordinarily we like to write a post that more or less sums up for readers the information we receive during a single session with The Council. A big part of the reason for this is that it can be difficult to keep focused on a specific subject for more than one post if we’ve already done another session on another subject.

That strategy wasn’t working so well with the multiple reality information. It seemed like there was too much of it and we were having difficulty presenting it in a way we felt good about. The Council’s advice during our second multiple reality session to spread the information out over several posts made a lot of sense and helped us feel comfortable about changing our pattern.

What’s So Important About Multiple Realities?

One day while listening to the beginning of the second session (dialog excerpted at the beginning of this post), when The Council said they’d like people to “understand that there are multiple realities that you experience,” the thought popped into my (Bob’s) head: what’s so important about understanding that we experience multiple realities?

At first this question was highly unexpected and I (Bob) felt a little embarrassed to think I was questioning the importance of what The Council was saying about multiple realities. For over two months we were practically in awe of just about everything The Council said about this subject. Looking back it sort of feels like we were seduced by an intellectual curiosity and fascination with multiple realities that didn’t quite get to the emotional heart of this subject. When I tried to dismiss this question from my mind I had an aha moment – an idea there was an important aspect of multiple realities we were overlooking that was right in front of us. I’m not sure how long it took, but we finally heard something The Council said toward the end of our second session that we weren’t able to hear in all the times we previously listened to the recording of this session.

You Are This Great, Limitless Spirit

“It is back to the basics to realize who you are. You are this great, limitless spirit that creates all in your lives. And so there is nothing you cannot experience. It is all there and just in knowing, there is a potential to experience many different lives as you go through this physical one that you are experiencing. But the basic [thing] is to know, remember, believe, doubt, ask questions; but be open to who you really are. That is number one.”
–The Council

Almost from the very first time Cynthia spoke for The Council, one of the most consistent pieces of guidance they’ve offered is the importance of knowing who you really are. Intellectually we understand they’re reminding people that everyone is really a great non-physical spirit that has extended a small part of our self into our human body to experience a physical reality, but it’s a little embarrassing to admit I (Bob) haven’t been a big fan of this frequent guidance. I think I experienced it more as a reminder I wasn’t remembering who I am than the helpful suggestion it’s meant to be.

That might explain how I overlooked what now seems like an important piece of the multiple realities puzzle. The possibility that every human being is able to create and experience more than one reality gives new meaning to the suggestion to know who you really are: a great limitless spirit with the potential to experience and benefit from many different lives/realities as we go through this physical one we are experiencing.

No matter how fascinating multiple realities may seem, for us the real beauty of understanding they exist is the idea each of us is the creator of whatever realities we desire. For more information on this idea you can read the post we wrote on the session that originally got us interested in multiple realities: What About This Idea That We Create Whatever We Desire?

Imagination as a Way to Experience Multiple Realities

This section introducing the idea of our imagination as a way to experience and explore multiple realities wasn’t part of this post when it was first published. Based on statements from The Council that the subject of dreams is a good way to begin understanding the subject of multiple realities, we expected our next session and our next post would be about dreams and multiple realities. In the original version of this post, the next heading and content is what followed the section above.

As it turned out, in our next session with The Council (held the day after this post was originally published) they preferred to discuss understanding multiple realities through our imagination.

“The imagination may be easier to understand because it is consciously experienced.”
–The Council

When I (Bob) reminded The Council they seemed so interested in beginning our focus on multiple realities with a discussion of dreams, they replied:

“Yes, we understand that, but let us go into the imagination.”
–The Council

Rather than deleting the following section, which was originally intended to introduce dreams and multiple realities as the subject of our next post, we thought readers might appreciate if we left it. In that same spirit of describing what you can look forward to in our next post, here are some quotes from a session with The Council on imagination and multiple realities. That session was held the day after the original version of this post was published.

“We have come among you to teach all the laws of the universe and how to create your life so that there is no longer struggle – that you can make things easier for yourself. And if you are not experiencing it now in the physical, you can experience it in imagination.

“And we know people will say, ‘Oh, that is only your imagination.’ What is not understood is the power of your imagination. You are creating in your imagination and as you create there, you are creating also in the physical.”
–The Council

“This is – we would like you to understand – another reality: Imagination.”
–The Council

It feels good to hear The Council say they’re here to teach people how to create a life without struggle and how we can make things easier for ourselves. It also feels good to know they appreciate that people tend to minimize the importance if imagination. In our next post we’ll focus more on the idea that our imagination is an aspect of the multiple realities we are able to create and experience, and how our imagination can help us reduce struggle in our lives and increase ease.

The following section appeared in the original version of this post. Perhaps we will have a session with The Council in the future that goes into detail about the relationship between dreams and multiple realities. If that happens, we expect we’ll be putting that information into a future post.

Dreams are a Taste of Another Reality

Bob: So do you have any advice or suggestions on how we can think about the existence of multiple realities…?

Council: …sometimes when you have a dream that seems so real or familiar, it is another part of you in another reality showing up, shall we say, the way it can in this reality that you are experiencing.

In both our sessions on multiple realities when The Council was asked what they thought was a good way to help readers begin to understand this concept, they mentioned the subject of dreams. So it seems like a good idea to begin our next post in this series on multiple realities by discussing what our dreams can teach us about creating and benefiting from experiences of additional realities.

Let Us Know What You Think

As always, we hope you’ve benefited from the information in this post and we’d love to know what you think of this material. Look for a Comment box or a Comment link below this post and feel free to let us know if you have questions about ideas mentioned in this post, ideas in other posts, or topics we haven’t written about yet. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Hi, P. We recently did a session with The Council to answer your interesting question about the difference your human choices make. Our apologies for not answering sooner. Here are some highlights from the session.

    1. As a spiritual being you experience all the realities you choose to experience, but not necessarily all possible realities.
    2. The human reality you are experiencing is one that your spiritual self has chosen to experience.
    3. As a spiritual being you may be choosing to experience numerous other realities in addition to the human reality you are experiencing.
    4. Who you are as a spiritual being is choosing to experience the human life you are living so spirit can experience the expansion of love into your specific human reality. This is also true of all other realities you create as a spiritual being.
    5. Your human choices are important to spirit because they determine how much love from spirit you allow into your particular human reality. The same is true for all incarnations and realities you create as a spiritual being.
    6. No matter how many realities your higher self creates, the one you experience as your human reality is unique, and therefore a unique opportunity to expand spirit’s love into physical reality. The other incarnations of your higher self are experiencing their own unique opportunities to expand spirit’s love into those realities.

    The subject of multiple realities can be a challenging on to grasp. The more people like you who ask The Council about it, the more clarity we all can experience on these ideas. Thanks again for this important question. We’ll email you a link to a recording of the session so you can hear it for yourself if you like. Love, Bob & Cynthia.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | May 13, 2014

  2. We love hearing that you love these messages. It adds to the joy of publishing them.

    I can’t tell you how often The Council is reminding us of the importance of knowing who we really are, and that we are so much more than a personality in a physical body. I had a feeling from your initial efforts on your new blog that resonate powerfully to this also.

    For me, even more important than the content (words) of a message is the feeling I get when I hear it or read it. Sometimes the words don’t seem remarkable, but there’s a loving quality that manages to come through.

    I appreciate your comment about the clarity and the love you perceive in our posts. The Council is teaching us a lot about love. Thank you for the love that you’re sharing through your new blog.



    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | March 25, 2011

  3. I love your messages and it’s so true, especially what the Council said “the importance of knowing who you really are”..that has been my experience in all of my guidance for my clients. that message seems to always be paramount as well as to let them know that they “are not alone” , and “all is well”. I feel that you can always tell how connected a channeler or one who receives guidance is to source by the content of the message. Yours has great clarity and love! Thanks


    Comment by nancychristine2012 | March 25, 2011

  4. Good question, Pat. As usual, until we have time to ask The Council and publish an answer, we offer an opinion based on our understanding of what we’ve learned from The Council.

    We agree your greater self (spirit) gets the benefit of all of the choices of all of the selves you (as spirit) have created. And it seems to us the quality of this benefit is directly related to the vibration of what you (from your human perspective) choose, along with the vibration of the choices made by all the rest of the selves created by you, as spirit.

    In simpler terms, if you care about how good you feel as a human being, the better-feeling your choices are, the better you’ll feel; and the better your spirit seems likely to feel. And if someone doesn’t seem to care how good they feel as a human being, it’s nice to think that their spirit loves them unconditionally anyway; and as a result of that self’s choices, spirit has created one or more other selves inspired by those choices, and spirit still benefits from the collective choices of all collective selves.

    Hope this helps. Thanks again for this interesting question. Stay tuned for a future answer from The Council. We also hope this is providing other readers with helpful things to think about. Let us know if there are other questions.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | November 16, 2010

  5. question
    All my choices exist in some probable reality and experienced by some probable me. So what difference does it make what I choose now or ever since my other options are experienced by some other me anyway? My greater self is getting the benefit


    Comment by pat | November 16, 2010

  6. Pat,
    We understand the curiosity why The Council suggested posting information on multiple realities in parts rather than more of a whole. As we said in the post, the reason probably has a lot to do with our (Cynthia’s and Bob’s) feeling comfortable enough with the information to present it with clarity. Focusing on easier to understand aspects of multiple realities is helping us understand the aspects that have been more more difficult for us to understand.

    We like to think people are receptive to the concept of multiple realities, and although we wrote in the post we’d be focusing next on dreams as examples of multiple realities, we just finished a session with The Council and now they’re suggesting we focus next on using our imagination to experience and explore the subject of multiple realities. This comes as something of a relief because working with imagination and the conscious mind seems simpler than working with dreams. We expect to rewrite the end of the post to reflect this change in plans.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | November 13, 2010

  7. I agree that this idea of multiple realities is important
    Not sure why the Council wants to give us information in little
    bits. I guess to let the whole idea sink in.

    I think we are a t a point now where we are receptive to other
    parts of ourselves and the easiest access is via dream state

    Thanks Bob and Cynthia and the Council


    Comment by pat | November 13, 2010

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