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Law of Attraction for Skeptics – Consider the Possibility

During a recent session with The Council they seemed concerned many people question the validity of the law of attraction and don’t understand how to use it to their advantage. The information in this post is intended to help you experience the validity of the law of attraction even of you’re skeptical that it exists. It’s also intended to show you how the law of attraction can improve your life even if you don’t think it can.

Law of Attraction Makes it to Primetime

After the widely popular release of The Secret, a 2006 film and a 2007 book about the law of attraction that received a lot of attention in the media, and some bestselling books on this subject by Esther and Jerry Hicks, the law of attraction seems to have found a place in popular culture. recently listed over 1,000 books on the subject, including The Complete Idiot’s Guide to The Law of Attraction. But The Council says there’s a lot of misunderstanding about the law of attraction (LOA).

Questioning The Law of Attraction

“What we would like to say today is: We find there are many who still question the law of attraction, and we would like to assure you that the law of attraction is as dependable as your law of gravity. Many still do not understand how to use this.

“And so, is there a way that we can make it clearer, because we have already explained how the thoughts, and desires, and your visualizations, and your fantasies, plus the feelings – everything that you focus upon you bring into your world?”

“We ask you if there is something that you do not understand about this?”
–The Council

The law of attraction has been a popular subject in our sessions with The Council, particularly the recent ones, and I’d been feeling rather confident in my understanding of the subject lately. (If you’re interested in more information on what The Council has been saying about LOA you may want to check out the following posts: What About This Idea That We Create Whatever We Desire? and What Is Karma and How Does It Work?) I was a little embarrassed by my difficulty coming up with something I didn’t understand about LOA. Instead I speculated to The Council what I thought might be some reasons why people, in general, have difficulty with the law of attraction, and how this might be helped.

Do Exercises Work if We Don’t See Our Manifestation?

After some back and forth discussion about possible difficulties in understanding the LOA, I suggested that maybe The Council could come up with an easy-to-follow exercise or thought experiment that people might feel comfortable doing even if they’re skeptical about the LOA. I mentioned as an example the exercises and processes in the teachings of Abraham, which have been written about in books by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

“All of these exercises that have been given by Abraham are excellent, but there is the thought in many that they [the exercises] do not work because it doesn’t manifest quick enough.”
–The Council

Finding a Feeling of Love is Key

This comment got me thinking about what has been helping me lately with the LOA, and it occurred to me it was The Council’s recent guidance that finding a feeling of love is a key ingredient to creating and manifesting our desires. This is a little bit of a contrast to what many LOA teachers emphasize, which is that our thoughts are primarily what the LOA is responding to.

The following quotes from our last three posts are included here to give you sense of what The Council has been saying about finding a feeling of love. If you find yourself skeptical these ideas, it’s not necessary to believe them in order to experience the validity of the LOA.

“And so we continuously come back to the guidance to focus on love, and begin to understand who you are [and] where you have come from. You have come from spirit. A small part of you is in the human body, but the power [and] the energy of creation came with you into the physical. And so you come up with things you desire, things that you want. And we ask you to go back and remember who you are. Align with that and the belief, the remembering. The feeling of who you really are will begin, through the vibration of love, to create all you desire.”
–The Council

“And we tell you the way to creation is through the power of love. As you connect more to this vibration, this happiness, by going perhaps into memories that make you smile, that make you laugh… If you do this on a regular basis to get into that state of the emotional feeling of joy, as you do this, all vibration will rise.”
–The Council

“And while you are in this good state of reaching for the feeling of love, whether it is in your heart, or your head, or as some would think, the imagination, again, go to your desires and what you wish to manifest, and you will see creation that you have not experienced before.”
–The Council

“And so when you focus on the object of what you desire, that vibration of love continuously goes out and the object of what you desire becomes [created] by this energy of love.”
—The Council

“And that is why we suggest to always reach for the feeling of love that is always with you. Align with it and that way you will experience how love creates everything.”
—The Council

“All that is needed is the reaching for this [feeling of love]. And perhaps rather than a reaching, an allowing. It is there all around you.”
—The Council

The Council reminds us that we come from spirit; we are a small part of that spirit in a human body; and we bring with us spirit’s power and energy of creation. As we remember this, the love that radiates from who we really are creates what we desire. Remembering things on a regular basis that give us a smile or a laugh, help us feel the love that creates our desires. When we allow ourselves to feel the unconditional love that spirit always has for itself (our self), the vibration, energy, and power of this love is the power of creation, the power to create what we desire.

Skepticism About the Law of Attraction

Promises by LOA enthusiasts that anyone can have whatever they desire just by thinking about it have been met with a lot of skepticism. Even people who consider themselves students of the law of attraction and are eager to believe in it can find themselves feeling frustrated and skeptical when what they desire is taking longer than hoped to materialize.

AN EXERCISE: Think of Anything That Helps You Feel Some Love

“The simplest exercise or thought for anyone to experience a [pleasurable] change in how they feel is to, as often as possible, think of [anything that helps you feel] the feeling of love.”
–The Council

Given what The Council had been telling us about the power of love in our last few sessions, this advice didn’t come as a big surprise, but it’s not easy to imagine it will win over a lot of skeptics. I was a little skeptical myself. This advice sounded a little too simplistic and it seemed to contradict what I understood to be a teaching of Abraham that says we’re only able to experience emotions that are relatively close to what we’re currently feeling. When I mentioned this to The Council, here’s what they said.

Can It Be That Easy?

“It works if there’s a memory attached to this feeling. If there is something somewhere in your experience you can remember.”
–The Council

“Even when they are feeling the down-est, most horrible part of their day, which others will teach it’s impossible to make that jump – yes it might be impossible, but the thought that I don’t believe this, but [if] I will try this for two seconds of time it might be possible; many will be surprised on how they feel.”
–The Council

“Oh, we know there are many that cannot believe it can be that easy, and we say to you, yes it is.”
–The Council

The Council says if we can remember a time we felt a feeling of love, then thinking of this time will help us feel the feeling. They seem to acknowledge it may not be possible to leave behind unpleasant or painful feelings and jump to a consistent and prolonged feeling of love by just remembering a time we felt love. But no matter how impossible it may seem to feel a feeling of love, The Council says if we can find a way to merely consider the possibility we can feel love, even if it’s just for a moment, we will be surprised by how this can help change what we feel. They also reassure us that finding a feeling of love and experiencing the benefit is easier than we believe.

Love is So Strong It Will Come Through by Merely Considering the Possibility

“We can promise you the power of love is so strong that if anyone – no matter how hard it is to concentrate on a loving thought or a loving memory – if they were to consider the possibility of feeling love…for as little as ten seconds, their life would begin to change”
–The Council

“If there was a split second of love, your whole body would accept it and feel it, and it would be gone before you realized it, but it would begin to change the pattern…”

“We ask that you focus for as short [or long] a period as you can on the possibility of feeling love, because the doubt will come to many as soon as they feel the love, [and the feeling of love] will be gone. It does not matter. That is how powerful love is. It will change everything.”
–The Council

“Just having the thought that there is a possibility that you can feel love for ten seconds, five seconds – many will try this even though it is not believed; even though it is doubted. And yet because it is tried, the power of love will come through. And every day if this exercise is tried for [even] the shortest period of time, we say again, you will see your life change. You will begin to manifest.”
–The Council

Let Everyone Know It’s Okay to Doubt, It’s Okay to Think it Won’t Work

“And the words that are needed is to let everyone know it is okay to doubt it [love] is there, because it will find you. So if you doubt, and say: ‘I don’t believe I can do this, but it might be possible,’ you have now opened the door for love to find you. It’s all around you. You are love.”

“All must know it is okay to think it won’t work. It is okay to think I can’t do this. It is okay [to think] I’ll try it, but I sort of doubt this. Because many are under the belief that, if they do not believe strongly this will happen, that it won’t happen to them. And we say have your doubts, but [consider] perhaps, maybe once in a while it might happen; I might feel something. And that will take much pressure off of many.”
–The Council

Won’t This Attract More Doubts into Our Life?

The Council’s advice to give ourselves permission to doubt love and permission to doubt ourselves came as something of a surprise to Cynthia and me. We were two of the many people The Council was referring to who thought a strong belief is necessary to create and manifest desires.

Our understanding of the LOA has been that what we give our attention to is what we attract more of into our life. We’ve interpreted this to mean if we give our attention to doubts we can manifest our desires, then the law of attraction will bring us more of these doubts and less of what we desire. The Council’s advice to give ourselves permission to doubt ourselves seems to contradict a very basic and fairly widely held belief about the law of attraction.

How Is This Possible?

So how is it possible for the law of attraction to bring me what I desire if I doubt it can? How can I create and manifest what I desire if I doubt I’m able to? How can I experience the feeling of love that The Council says is so important if I doubt I deserve to?

The Feeling of Relief Makes It Possible

The Council says allowing our doubts will relieve a lot of pressure many of us feel. This seems to suggest that the idea we must have a strong belief in what we desire in order to create it, may be putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves, and this pressure may actually be interfering with, not helping, our ability to manifest our desires. The Council observed during our session that many people give up on the idea they can create what they desire because they begin to believe their doubts are making it an impossibility.

How We Focus Our Attention

The Council seems to be saying that in addition to what we focus our attention on, how we focus our attention on it is critical to our experience of the law of attraction and our ability to attract our desires into our lives. Maybe it’s not enough to turn our attention from what we don’t want to what we do want in order to manifest what we desire.

Appreciating Our Doubts

“Love creates everything.”
—The Council

If The Council is right about love creating everything, and the importance of connecting with a feeling of love to create and manifest what we desire, then how we feel about our doubts could make a big difference in our ability to attract our desires into our life. If we’re not feeling some appreciation for our doubts and the way they help us know what we prefer in place of our doubts, maybe we think our doubts are interfering with the LOA bringing us our desires. If this is the case, maybe we think it’s a good idea to ignore our doubts and act as if they don’t exist. In some religions this practice is known as shunning, except it usually refers to a way of treating people who have been judged as a bad spiritual influence.

Love Allows Everything

“Love allows everything.”
–The Council

If ignoring your doubts seems to be working for you and you find it difficult to believe you could possibly get any better at attracting your desires into your life, maybe it doesn’t make sense to try The Council’s advice. But if the idea of allowing your doubts feels a little like relief, you may want to experiment with this.

If The Council is right about love allowing everything, then an attitude of not allowing our doubts (or any unwanted thought or feeling, for that matter) could be in opposition to allowing a feeling of love, which The Council says is what creates and manifests what we desire. In other words, a vibration of not allowing is in contrast to a vibration of allowing, and this could interfere with our ability to allow our desires into our life. From this point of view, it’s possible that ignoring our doubts (or other unwanted thoughts and feelings) could actually hinder, not help, our ability to have what we desire.

Consider the Possibility

“It [love] will find you. … It’s all around you. You are love.”
–The Council

The Council’s advice to give ourselves permission to doubt the law of attraction, and permission to think we can’t have what we desire, depends on our willingness to consider the possibility, even if it’s just for a moment, that maybe the LOA is real, and maybe it can help us have what we desire. If you’re skeptical, keep in mind you’re not being asked to believe the law of attraction is real and that it will manifest your desires. Considering a possibility doesn’t require believing, but a relaxation of disbelief can go a long way toward helping you have an experience of the LOA and how it can enhance your life.


If you’re a skeptic who’s read this far, there’s a pretty good chance you’re able to relax your disbelief enough to have some sort of experience of the law of attraction. The Council says the power of love that spirit has for itself in human form is so strong that our doubts and even our fears can’t prevent us from experiencing what we desire, as long as we’re open to the possibility we can feel the love that creates our desires and brings them into our life.

Skeptics are Half Way There

If you’re skeptical about the law of attraction, you’re probably already giving yourself permission to doubt its validity, which means you’re already doing the first part of The Council’s suggestion. All that’s left is to honestly open yourself to the possibility, no matter how briefly, that experiencing a feeling of love can create and attract your desires into your life.

The idea isn’t that doing this once for a millisecond will provide the promised experience of the LOA. The idea is to try the exercise The Council suggests as often as possible because finding a feeling of love can improve the quality of your day, whether or not there’s any such thing as the law of attraction. How much more of a reason do you need?

Let Us Know What You Think

As always, we hope you’ve benefited from the information in this post and we’d love to know what you think of this material. Look for a Comment box, or a Leave a Comment link, below this post and feel free to let us know if you have questions about ideas mentioned in this post, ideas in other posts, or topics we haven’t written about yet. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Thanks for your input, Simon. I agree people can find receiving a challenge. I agree we often have resistance to the things we want to manifest in our life. And I agree that resistance to what we desire is frequently experienced as unpleasant or undesirable emotions. It’s not as clear to me what you mean by building up resistance.



    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | December 13, 2010

  2. Yes, emotions are the main key to making the Law of Attraction works for you. Basically the Law of Attraction can be broken down into 3 steps:

    1) Ask
    2) Allow
    3) Receive

    It is at step 3 which many people fail, because of the resistance they have built up towards the things they want to manifest into their lives… and this resistance often come in the form of negative emotions.

    Love, Simon Shaw from
    manifesting abundance


    Comment by Simon Shaw at manifesting abundance | December 13, 2010

  3. Hi K,
    We’re also reading Lynn Grabhorn’s Law of Attraction book, Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting. We like the way it emphasizes the importance of practicing the feeling of what it’s like to experience what we desire in our lives as if it’s already here. If you haven’t read our post, What About This Idea That We Create Whatever We Desire? you might find it interesting for what it says about feelings and attracting what’s desired into physical experience.

    Thanks for your enthusiasm for this material and your comment.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | November 25, 2010

  4. This is quite amazing! I have just read the book “Excuse me your life is Waiting”. It is all about the Laws of Attraction and “feeeelings”. She says that to feel good increases our vibrational energy level. High vibrations are associated with that feeling we call love. When we feel love, we open up our hearts, minds and souls to all good things that will be attracted to us. It’s not enough to think about our desires. We must feeeel them. If you focus on something that makes you feel great, whether it is the thoughts about when you first fell in love, how you felt all jittery, excited, your heart go pitter pat and nervous, or if what you think of to get you that warm buzzing feeling of love is the thought of looking into a brand new baby’s face, so innocent and pure and perfect…whatever it is…. do it. Hold that buzzing feeling as long as you can. Make yourself feeeeel good. When you open your valve to high energy flow, the possibilites for you to be open to communication from your Angels or Spirit Guides is abundant. Ideas will flow, creations will happen. It is then that the seeds of change can be planted. You can create your own destiny simply by feeeeling love and focusing on what you want and not focusing on what you don’t want. Take your attention away from those things you don’t want. Feel good. Imagine yourself already feeling and doing whatever it is you desire and then expect, wait, and watch it all happen. It works for me!


    Comment by Anonymous | November 24, 2010

  5. Thanks, Pat. It sounds like you appreciate what The Council is saying about how accepting/allowing unwanted thoughts and feelings like our doubts can be a path of less resistance that makes manifestation of our desires easier than when feel a need to ignore these unwanted thoughts and feelings. I look forward to when it’s dependably easy to find things to love. I believe what The Council says about it being all around and that we are love, and I look forward to the easy recognition of this on a regular basis.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | September 30, 2010

  6. thank you Bob and Cynthia and the Council for this clarification.
    I think by accepting everything including our doubts we can smooth
    the way for manifestation.
    it makes sense that our doubting can offer resistance to the natural flow of receiving what we want as a constriction. When we doubt I guess we are judging ourselves and failing to accept the greater beings that we are.

    As for Love — that is wonderful too. It is easy to find things to love.
    Elias says that the definition of love is knowing and appreciating.
    I like that for when we love someone or some animal we can notice what we appreciate about them and that makes us feel good which then enables manifesting
    We need to turn out doubt into trusting and ‘knowing’


    Comment by pat | September 30, 2010

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