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Is There a Difference Between Our Spirit and Our Soul?

This post is inspired by a question from Oksana, who observes that in our sessions with The Council there are many references to spirit, but not many references to soul. Oksana asks if The Council can provide information specific to the soul. She’s particularly interested in The Council’s point of view on whether it’s possible to do things that can be detrimental to our soul.

Our Soul is an Aspect or Part of Our Spirit

“The spirit, who we truly are, is the larger part of us. The soul – which some people understand is interchangeable with the word spirit – the soul is the smaller part [of spirit] that chooses to experience this life, and it is what we would consider your personality in each different life. It has the knowledge of what you are looking to experience. And so the soul is part of the spirit and part of the human. Is that understood?”
–The Council

Before Oksana asked her question, Cynthia and I were among those who thought the words ‘soul’ and ‘spirit’ were more or less interchangeable. Prior to our session on this question, Cynthia was already getting information from The Council on this subject that started us thinking there might be more of a difference than we suspected. Their opening statement above makes it pretty clear they perceive the soul as a distinct aspect of spirit, not the same as spirit, but some of the other things they mentioned weren’t as obvious.

When The Council’s said, “soul is part of the spirit and part of the human,” that got me wondering if they were suggesting that soul is part of the human and spirit is not. It’s been our understanding from The Council and other spirit guides like Abraham that spirit is an intimate aspect of our human experience. When I asked whether spirit is also part of the human, they replied:

“Yes it is, but we define it where the spirit – when it shoots off the little part of itself that comes here into the human physical existence – was given the name ‘soul’.”
–The Council

In our sessions with The Council they’ve frequently mentioned that spirit extends a small part of itself to be born into a physical body, but this is the first time we can recall that this smaller part of spirit is known by The Council as our soul.

When The Council said, “…it [the soul] is what we would consider your personality in each different life,” I incorrectly assumed they were suggesting there is a single soul for all of our lifetimes. This seemed to contradict their recent guidance that our many lifetimes are individual realities created by spirit and they are all exist simultaneously, not one after the other.

When I asked The Council for clarification on this, they cleared up the apparent contradiction by explaining that spirit creates a separate soul for each lifetime/reality that our spirit chooses to create. This concept of multiple realities is relatively new to Cynthia and me and we recently had a session with The Council to try and understand it better. We expect to publish posts on this fascinating topic as soon as we can.

Is it Possible to Do Things That Might Be Detrimental to Our Soul?

As I started to write this post, I reread Oksana’s question and realized I completely forgot to ask The Council the part of her question about whether we can do things detrimental to our soul. Perhaps I wasn’t prepared to address this question, but once I realized the oversight, Cynthia and I did another session with The Council specifically to try and answer this part of Oksana’s question.

“The soul is always connected to spirit and always knows the purpose that you’ve chosen for this life, and what one wishes to experience. Perhaps another way of understanding what the soul is, is what you term the higher self. And it is always trying to give you clues and keep you on your path. So it is always connected.

“The choices you make and what you experience through free will, will have you experiencing what you chose for yourself, or going in another direction. There is nothing you can do to hurt the soul, but the soul will experience and feel what you experience and feel in this lifetime. So perhaps it would feel feelings of joy or sadness with the choices you make, but you can never harm the soul.”
–The Council

“Soul is closer to the experience of being physical. There is spirit in the non-physical, and soul, which comes forth, is also in the non-physical, but perhaps a level closer to the physical.”
–The Council

The Council seems confident our actions as human beings cannot harm our soul. They also provide some additional distinctions between soul and spirit that weren’t presented in our first session on Oksana’s question. They say that our soul is like our spirit in that both are non-physical aspects of our higher self, but our soul exists at a closer level to physical existence than the larger non-physical part of us that they refer to as spirit.

The Soul is Like a Spiritual GPS

If you’re familiar with the teachings of Abraham, you may be familiar with their use of the GPS (global positioning system) found in many new cars, as a metaphor for spiritual guidance. This metaphor seems to fit nicely into The Council’s explanation of the function of our soul. Our soul is always connected to our spirit and knows our spirit’s purpose for us as a human being. Our soul is also intimately aware of our human experience, including the entire range of human emotion.

Our soul knows exactly where we are mentally, emotionally, perceptually, and physically in every moment. And our soul also has intimate knowledge of our larger spirit. Like a GPS, our soul continually offers us guidance in the form of feelings, intuitions, thoughts, etc. on how to get from wherever we are to where spirit is. And like the GPS, if we exercise our free will and take a turn in life that appears to lead us away from the love of our spirit, our soul effortlessly recalculates a new course to love/spirit based on our new location, and offers immediate and continuous feedback in the form of feelings, etc. on how to find our way. Whether we’re paying attention to this guidance or not, The Council assures us it’s always with us, ready for us to use. And no matter how far from spirit we may get as a human being, The Council assures us our GPS (soul) will be recycled back into the unconditional love of spirit when we’re ready to let our body go.

Additional Information from The Council

During our two sessions with The Council on Oksana’s question we received quite a bit of additional interesting information. The highlights of this information is included in the following bullet points. It’s our intention to elaborate on these ideas in upcoming posts.

  • Spirit, not soul, is the part of our higher self that chooses and plans what we experience in each lifetime.
  • When our spirit chooses to have a physical experience, it slows part of its energetic vibration, and spirit’s thoughts begin to take on a non-physical form that resembles physical existence. This is how spirit imagines/creates a physical reality into existence.
  • Guidance from our higher self comes in thoughts and feelings.
  • Spirit can choose to create and experience many different realities, each with their own individual soul that understands spirit’s purpose in creating its reality, and each soul’s experience of its reality contributes to spirit’s continual expansion.
  • Lynn Grabhorn, the controversial author of the inspiring law of attraction book, Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings, was spiritually inspired to pursue her controversial path, which helped many people.
  • Spirit is a unitary consciousness, a oneness, that is made up of unique individual spirit consciousnesses that we experience as our spirit and the spirit of others.
  • There’s a common human perception that we are primarily how we experience ourselves physically and that a tiny part of our self is spirit, but from a broader spiritual perspective our human experience is really the tiny part of who we really are.

Let Us Know What You Think

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  1. Hi K,
    Thanks for your uplifting feedback about the blog. We’re glad you feel inspired by it.

    We’re putting the finishing touches on a post in response to a question asked by Chris, and then it looks like we can take on your question for The Council. While you’re waiting for us to post their response to your question, you may want to have a look at a few of the posts we’ve written in response to other readers’ questions. There are a few posts that come to mind in relation to your question. If you haven’t read them yet, you may find them helpful.

    The first post is titled, What is Karma and How Does it Work? Your question seems to contain several karma-like references, and some understanding of The Council’s previous guidance on this subject can help prepare you for more specific and fine-tuned guidance for your question.

    Meditation comes to mind as an answer to your question about how to tune into your real self, your soul, and remember the purpose of your marriage. Of the two meditations The Council has described for us, the one titled Meditation for Spiritual and Emotional Inspiration seems appropriate, if you can manage it.

    There are two posts on Relationships that might help you. One of them, A Broken Sacred Contract and How to Move On, describes what may appear on the surface to be a very different relationship than your marriage, but this post deals with the idea of karma in relationships, and you might be surprised at the insights you can get for your marriage from this ‘different’ type of relationship.

    Thank you for your questions, K. We like them a lot. They feel very powerful. It seems to us there are many people in relationships who can relate to your situation and your questions, and we expect The Council’s answer will help many people in addition to you and your family. It may take a couple weeks to post your response. Please try to be patient, and thanks for your interest in our blog.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | May 6, 2011

  2. Dear Bob and Cynthia,
    What an inspiring blog and an amazing way to help people. I need some guidance…lets see if I can express it a way that makes sense.

    I am in the first stages of getting divorced from a 22 year old friend (10 years married and the father of my son)who I quiet firmly believe came to my life (and I in his) because we had lessons to learn/debts to pay other, unfinished business…something like that. Somehow as I try desperately to move on, I often get the feeling that the lessons had to be learned and the challenges were/are there for growth and divorce need not be the solution at least not after a lot has been cleared out recently. Is there a way I can tune in more to my real self, my soul and remember what the purpose of this marriage was and what is my path ahead beyond the pain. We both care for each other but somehow…something that seemed flawless for 11 years before, never worked from the minute we got married. It almost got jinxed and we took turns in not being able to get out of negative thinking to face problems head on. Any thoughts on the mystery our life has been and some hints of where it needs to go for the two individual souls? Tall order…huh? Thanks a lot.


    Comment by K | May 3, 2011

  3. Dawn,
    Thanks for your clarification of your previous comment and question. Until we get answers from The Council, here’s what we think.

    1. We think The Council might remind you that “taking in all of the information provided by people” and spiritual teachers is great, but it’s not a substitute for taking in information from your own spirit.
    2. We think The Council would remind you that you (and everyone else) has a gift like ours: the gift of spirit. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I (Bob) didn’t have a clue about what we’ve published in this blog. A willingness to merely consider the possibility from time to time that this gift of spirit is something you’ve given to yourself because of your spirit’s unconditional love for you, will probably help you feel this on a more regular basis.
    3. It’s our understanding from The Council everyone has other aspects of themselves in other dimensions.
    4. We suspect The Council would remind you that struggle is a choice, not a requirement, and alignment with spirit feels like relief from struggle. Perhaps you can take some comfort in the idea that when we experience struggle, The Council says our spirit is joyously expanding into what we prefer to our struggle. The question is whether we choose to keep paying attention to the struggle or we allow ourselves to begin noticing the joyous expansion that the struggle inspired.
    5. We believe that imagining the other you’s in other dimensions as “creating amazing experiences for themselves” makes it easier for them to do just that. In the same way, imagining yourself in this dimension as creating amazing experiences for yourself makes it much easier for you to experience these amazing experiences in this dimension. It might be fun to imagine other you’s in other dimensions imagining you in this dimension creating amazing experiences for yourself in this dimension. The Council does tell us that our many selves in all dimensions are always happy to help and love each other in whatever way they can.

    Thanks again for your appreciation and your willingness to take the time to ask these interesting questions. We like to think that many readers are benefiting from your contributions.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | October 30, 2010

  4. Hi Bob and Cynthia, thank you for your email.

    I believe the line that you wanted clarification from me is

    “The other dimensions that are currently living what I’ve manifested, are they aware of this information or are they trying to grasp the concept as well.”

    We could use some clarification on this. We’re not clear what you’re referring to by “this information” and “the concept”. Perhaps you can elaborate in another comment.

    What I mean is that if I am here in this dimension, taking in all of the information provided by people who have a gift like yours and trying to sort through it all and put it into practice, are there other “me’s” in other dimensions struggling with this vibration and alignment theory or have they already mastered it and onto just creating amazing experiences for themselves.

    Now, hopefully that makes sense to you since I am having trouble articulating exactly what I mean.

    I love your work and look forward to receiving your emails!


    Comment by Dawn | October 27, 2010

  5. Hi Dawn. Thank you for your interesting questions. We look forward to The Council’s response and writing a post about it. Until then, here are some of our thoughts based on our understanding of what The Council’s been telling us.

    “…what we desire or feel, is already happening in another dimension. If this is true, how can I tap into that dimension and start enjoying all of the things that I’ve mentally created for myself?”

    You’re probably already doing this without realizing it. Whenever you feel good about the idea of something that hasn’t manifested yet in your physical experience, we’d say you’re tapping into the non-physical dimension where you’re creating with your thoughts and desires, and the good feeling you’re experiencing is you already enjoying these creations. If you haven’t already read our post, What About This Idea That We Create Whatever We Desire?, you may find some information in there that helps answer this question.

    “The other dimensions that are currently living what I’ve manifested, are they aware of this information or are they trying to grasp the concept as well.”

    We could use some clarification on this. We’re not clear what you’re referring to by “this information” and “the concept”. Perhaps you can elaborate in another comment.

    “Is it really possible to Quantum Leap into another life that is apparently happening at the same time as this one?

    We are fascinated by this question also. Not long ago we had a session with The Council devoted to the subject of multiple realities, but we haven’t published a post on this session yet. We’re in the process of understanding the complex information we received and finding a way to explain it that makes sense. We think the following quote from that session speaks to your question.

    “It is important right now to begin to understand that there are these other realities. And perhaps at one point there would be the ability to jump from one reality to another. But now is the beginning of the understanding that these other realities exist.”
    —The Council

    The Council seems to suggest it will be possible at some point in our development to experience the quantum leap you ask about. But as the saying goes, we need to learn how to crawl before we can walk, or as The Council seems to suggest, we need to learn how to jump before we can quantum leap.

    “Are we able to communicate with ourselves to get answers we are seeking? ”

    Here’s another quote from the same session. It seems to directly answer your question.

    “When you know that you are pure love and you are spirit, there is always the wanting from spirit to love itself, love others. So in your many realities there is the ability for connecting with another reality that can help you at any time in your day-to-day physical reality here on Earth. And so sometimes when you have a dream that seems so real or familiar, it is another part of you in another reality showing up, shall we say, the way it can in this reality that you are experiencing.

    “From spirit’s vantage point, every part of you knows what you are experiencing in every other reality – perhaps not consciously, but we are all connected. And so there may be times where you have a problem or you need an answer in something you are experiencing now. If you have experienced something in another reality that can help you, you will draw from that reality and your answer will come. This is as simple as we can try and make it for you so you begin to open to this. Is that understood?”
    —The Council

    Thanks again, Dawn, for your comment and thought-provoking questions. You’ve inspired us to renew our efforts to work on the post for our multiple realities session with The Council. If you’re not already subscribed to our blog, a subscription will provide you with an automatic email notification when new posts are published. Otherwise, keep checking back. We hope you and other readers find this information helpful, and it’s understood how important reader questions are to the expansion of the information we receive from The Council.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | October 11, 2010

  6. Hi Bob and Cynthia, I have a question for the Council if you have time.

    I am understanding the whole “higher self” and guidance system theory and it makes sense to me. I do know that when I feel good, things keep getting better and when I focus my attention on something unwanted, I tend to get more in my life. Through constant (feels like) mental work, I am seeing this on a consistent basis.

    What I’d like to know is, many theories are coming out about many life experiences happening all at the same time and that what we desire or feel, is already happening in another dimension. If this is true, how can I tap into that dimension and start enjoying all of the things that I’ve mentally created for myself? The other dimensions that are currently living what I’ve manifested, are they aware of this information or are they trying to grasp the concept as well. Is it really possible to Quantum Leap into another life that is apparently happening at the same time as this one? Are we able to communicate with ourselves to get answers we are seeking?

    Does any of this make sense?


    Comment by Dawn | October 11, 2010

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