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What is My Spiritual Purpose?

This post is about a question from a reader named Kristi, who asks The Council about her spiritual journey. She says it’s almost like she has a constant magnetic pull to the spiritual realm and when she tries to distance herself from spirit, she ends up right back at it.

The Council asks why she’d want to distance herself from spirit? Her spirit connection reminds her of who she truly is, which is part of why she came into this lifetime. It’s very much a part of Kristi’s life in this incarnation because in so many other lifetimes she’s walked the spiritual path and believed in love and compassion, which is what she came to bring into her current lifetime.

The Council advises daily meditation and for Kristi to read all the books she can find on spiritual channels because she has the ability to channel spirit if she wants to.

The Councils says it’s wonderful that Kristi feels this spiritual influence in her life and asks her to feel in what direction it’s pulling her. This is exactly what she wanted to experience in this lifetime. Don’t pull away from spirit. This journey can take her to many different places an help her meet many people who will be attracted to her vibration.

Kristi didn’t plan in spirit which way she wanted this spiritual pull to take her. She only knew that she wanted to be deeply connected to the spiritual realm.

The Council advises Kristi to use her imagination to visualize herself in many different situations and see what feels best to her and follow this direction. Begin with small steps. Each step will bring her to another and another and she’ll fulfill what she has planned for this lifetime. She wanted the excitement of being on a spiritual path and to discover her journey as she moves along her path.

Listen to our entire 6-minute session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Kristi and the rest of us, and let us know how you feel about it.

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  1. Blessings to you all…….I feel lost in going forward in my spiritual path…….I would like to know my purpose in this lifetime and what I should be doing at this time…..they say it’s whatever you are passionate about and love doing but I really don’t have anything that excites me to be labelled as a passionate pursuit ! I just wish I knew what direction to go or what to focus on to move forward and to be doing what I am meant to do in this lifetime….I don’t want to be a wasted space ! and I don’t want to miss my destiny……I’m already 64 years old and don’t have a lot of years to fulfill what I am here to accomplish……can you give me a huge hint ? Please.?? Linda


    Comment by Linda | December 3, 2017

  2. Thank you, Cynthia, Bob and the Council. I appreciate the feedback, it is very interesting. I will continue my search and meditations, as I would very much love to be able to have direct contact with spirit one day.


    Comment by Kristi Louise | December 3, 2017

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