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How Can I Improve The Health Of My Teeth?

This post answers questions for The Council from an anonymous reader.

Anon: I’d like to ask The Council about my teeth. I’ve had problems with my teeth for a long time, but it was only during the last couple of years or so that I’ve really been trying to change things to improve my teeth. There have been some improvements, but some things still keep getting worse. I’ve changed my diet, I’ve done a lot of Rife Frequencies, used the Perkl-Light machine a lot, and brushed my teeth with homemade tooth powder, which is supposed to help and be better for you than over-the-counter toothpastes.

It has become really frustrating at times doing all this and trying to keep positive and upbeat in this process. What else can I do, or what else do I need to do to better my teeth’s health?

Council: All of what you’re doing is good, but we want you to go back to working energetically first. You’ll work on the 5th Chakra and the 6th Chakra, and you’ll do the color breathing and the visualization that goes with this.

We see here there’s also a deep (what you’d consider) subconscious belief that what you’re trying isn’t working and that you’ll be frustrated from this. This comes from another time, not so much with your teeth, but you experienced a lot of frustrations where things in your life weren’t going well. In your current life what you wanted to do was to stand in your truth and talk about how you felt. You wanted to be able to talk with kindness about how you’re being spoken to, how you’re being treated, and how not to (we’d say) swallow it or keep it in.

Talk more about what you want, what you agree with, and what you don’t agree with. This is so you can live your truth in your current lifetime. Talk about what you want. Don’t keep the dreams bottled up inside. Talk about them. Talk about people that treat you kindly, and thank them and appreciate them. Talk about the people that don’t treat you kindly and how you feel this is affecting your own self-esteem. It’s affecting things that you believe. It’s good to talk. Keep it going.

Also we move to your ears. Listen to what people tell you. Give them time. And as they talk, don’t think about your answer, or what you think it means, or what you think it doesn’t mean, but listen to them. Give people the attention they want and they are here needing.

When you speak and when you listen, the whole problem you have with your mouth will disappear.

Bob: So you’re suggesting that the problems that Anonymous is having with their teeth is related to communication and listening?

Council: Yes.

Unfortunately there’s a saying that this person is always in their head. Come out of your head, think of how you feel, the way people speak to you, and think of how what you say to another person makes them feel. The connection will be made and you’ll see the difference in your teeth.

Listen to the 5-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Anonymous and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it. You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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Is Fear of Illness Connected to Another Lifetime?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, LilyDaisy, who previously asked about her physical and mental health problems. LilyDaisy says she hasn’t been to the doctor in about 12 years because of a fear of doctor visits I’ve had since I was young. I’m also terrified of getting pregnant and delivering a child and I’ve decided not to have children for this reason. I also have strong tendencies toward anxiety-riddled hypochondriac behavior. I worry about dying from an illness I could have prevented.

The Council says they see a lifetime in India where LilyDaisy was a young child who lost her complete family to disease and plagues. Everything you fear now you saw happening around you in that lifetime. People died with no medicine and there was no way for doctors to help. Babies and women in childbirth died. You took all of this suffering and death in and the fear has stayed with you in your current life. It’s coming to a head at this time so you can finally release it.

The Council says meditation is the best way to release this fear. Every day there needs to be a connection to your body. Notice how your hands open, close, and function properly. Notice how your arms are without pain. Slowly go through each part of your body and know that it’s functioning. As you do this, connect with the idea that everything is okay right now and know your fear comes from another lifetime. You’ve brought the fear into this life so you could learn to experience health. As you do this the fear can slowly diminish.

LilyDaisy (Bob mistakenly calls her Brock on the recording) says I’m a bit scared to ask The Council about my symptoms because I may get a scary diagnosis. The Council says they have no scary diagnosis for LilyDaisy.

The Council suggests everyday LilyDaisy sit quietly and go through every part of her body that’s functioning. There’s no deadly diagnosis for you. When you focus everyday on what’s working, what feels good, and that you’re healthy, you’ll bring more of this into your life and little by little you’ll become less anxious about your health. The fear is only here now so you can release it. There’s nothing to be afraid of in your current life.

The Council recommends doing the color breathing associated with the chakra meditation they gave to us.

Everything is currently peaceful in your body. It’s up to you to create this peacefulness with your mind. Your body will follow your thoughts. Understand these fears are based on experiences from another lifetime and they’re here not to make you afraid, but for you to understand and let these fears go.

Listen to the entire 6-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for LilyDaisy and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it, or ask your own question.

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