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Many Earth Changes

The new energy that is being sent to your planet
Will create many Earth changes.

It will affect its geology,
Weather conditions,
And the consciousness of all spirit,
Whether in a physical body or not.

—The Council

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March 27, 2011 Daily Thought

What you call ‘the planetary shift’
Is an increase in energy
Received by your planet at this time
Because you have asked for it.

It is to help you increase and expand your awareness,
And help you see and do things differently.

Meditation will help you to absorb this energy.

—The Council

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You have heard of a major shift happening on your planet.
It is a shift in consciousness and it is happening right now.

The beginning of this shift is you becoming aware of who you really are,
And that you are the creator of your reality.

When you truly accept this,
Your reality changes.

—The Council

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