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What Can You Tell Me About Loki Energy?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, LadyInLife, who says, Everything in my life is changing. I have a new relationship, I have a new job, my car suddenly died for good, and I’m moving into a new home. It feels a little chaotic and exciting, though there’s a lot of pressure for me to succeed.

The Council asks where this pressure is coming from? You will succeed, and you’ll go at your own speed with your own ability to take what you learn and put it to use. Any pressure to succeed should be totally ignored. You should look at your own doubt about yourself, or if you’ll succeed. Just think lightly of having fun along the way. You’re exactly where you need to be at this point.

LadyInLife says, A palm reader recently told me I’ve got a lot of Loki energy around me. Can you tell me more about Loki, his energy, and how I can best work with this energy and honor it? The Council says in mythology the Norse god, Loki, was known to be a great manipulator of energy and people. He was able to change shapes into whatever he wanted.

Learning about Loki is about learning to increase your energy. But when you learn about this, always have in your mind the correct and fair way to use this energy. Take this powerful energy that’s there for all of us and don’t use it for manipulation. Use it in ways that increase what you can do. Use this energy in ways that increases what can happen for other people and the support you show for these people. It’s a powerful energy, but in your reality’s comic books we see Loki is made out to be the bad or evil guy.

You don’t need to learn too much about Loki, but learn the correct use of energy. Loki grabs your attention, but then take your attention and look beneath it. Remove the person, Loki, from what you’re learning and see what’s there and how you’d use this energy. This will increase your ability to manifest and do things.

LadyInLife says, Interestingly the man I’m seeing is really into Loki and even has two tattoos dedicated to him. The Council says you both had a past life together as children. It was a fun life where you were very close and you played many games. You both came from wealthy families. You had the freedom to not work and had lots of time for play. You both used your imaginations and pretend stories to become other people. You could live on other planets. The imagination you both had together was very helpful and gave you a happy childhood.

In your current lifetime you both created a common interest in Loki to bring you together. But we say again, go beyond the person of Loki and learn about astral travel, changing shapes, and using energy to help people rather than manipulate them. Go forward and learn more about this.

LadyInLife says, I’m also wondering if you can tell me about any past life connections I have with this man I’ve been seeing, and tell me about how Loki is involved with us. The Council says this is coming from your imaginations in the past life we mentioned. Before you came into this lifetime you created this life where you’d learn of something beyond this time and could experience it and learn about it together. You wanted to live with the principles you find in the subject of Loki that the two of you created.

LadyInLife says, This relationship is fairly new, but it feels like it has long-lasting potential and hopefully it will remain a harmonious and beautiful thing. The Council says your relationship was created to be a long-lasting one. You created it to take you both on an interesting journey in this lifetime. Going forward, enjoy every step of the way, see what you learn, and how you can both grow from this.

The Council wishes everyone fun on your path, happiness along the way, challenges you can overcome, and to create the manifestations you want. You can begin to learn it’s easier and easier to direct your life. Stay in joy, stay in love, and follow your path.

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  1. Hi, PE. Thanks for your appreciation. We’ll ask The Council about your brother’s situation as soon as we have time and we’ll post an audio recording of it as soon as it’s ready. Thanks for your question. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | January 8, 2022

  2. Dear Cynthia, Bob and the Council. Thank you for your continued guidance over the years. I have a question about a heartbreaking situation. I recently found out that my younger brother has been abusing drugs. What can we do as a family help him overcome this addiction? Is there a purpose to it at all?

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by PE | January 8, 2022

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