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Did I Plan To Get Married And Have Children In This Lifetime?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Anonymous N.

Anon N: My primary question is: What is my purpose or goal in this lifetime?

Council: Just to be, to jump in here and create a life and create one with love, create one that’s fun, to create things where you can help others and help yourself. It’s all to learn now, in this time of your life, to work with your mind and find a happy, loving space.

Anon N: In recent years I’ve struggled with understanding if marriage and children are planned or supported for me in this life.

Council: How does it make you feel? Question yourself. When you have the imagery in your mind of being married and having children, how does it feel? Your feelings will not lie. You’re here to learn how to work with your feelings, which is your higher self giving you the direction of which way to go.

If you love the feeling of being married, having children, and you can see a happy home, then yes. If the idea of getting married brings you doubt and not wanting to be married, not that you have to be married, but you always have a choice. Does it feel uncomfortable? If it doesn’t bring you joy, then we would say for now, marriage isn’t something you wish to create.

Anon N: But I”ve also felt that I’m not sure how much of an interest I’ve had in marriage and children and what I should focus on otherwise. At the same time, I feel I’ve cultivated a solitary life out of convenience and comfort.

Council: And if you’ve created this life, which of course you have, are you happy? Does this feeling of what you do on a daily basis bring you joy? Do you need to add something to it? Your feelings will answer you, but ask the questions.

Anon N: But I’m not sure if it makes sense for me to remain in this solitary life.

Council: You may want a solitary life for a while and then be married. Or you may love the solitary life with the freedom it will give you and you don’t want to be married. There’s no right or wrong answer. There’s no: I’m supposed to do this. You’re supposed to do what you create, what makes you feel good?

Anon N: What do I need to know or hear right now for any kind of direction?

Council: Sit and imagine each scenario. Imagine them over and over again and then always see how you feel. It will lead you in the right direction.

Look at the people around you. Are they happily married? Are they not happily married? Do you look at the people around you and say, Oh, I’d like that. I’d like to have a life like that. Or do you look at the people around you and say, No way. I don’t want to be in a steady relationship, in a marriage to one person forever. That’s not what I want. I feel I want the freedom. And follow these feelings.

See what goes on around you. There will be clues. Your higher self will bring the right people to you to show you, to give you examples, and then you’ll know what to do. It’s your job to pay attention.

Happiness and blessings to everyone. Enjoy yourself. Find your power. Every day create happiness, even if it’s for the littlest thing. Because when you’re in the vibration of happiness you’ll be able to bring into your life at any time what will give you happiness on a longer-term basis. So have fun with it.

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