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What’s The Point In Upgrading My Energy If I Can’t Figure Out How To Use It For Good?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Tâm.

Tâm: Thank you for what you’ve been doing. I really appreciate it. The content you’ve been posting has been very helpful for me. I’ve been reading your blog for a month now. Today I have a question for The Council.

So I’ve been trying the Seven Chakras Breathing meditation on your blog and I’ve seen a development in my energy. I used to feel tired and drained all the time, especially after my spiritual awakening two years ago in 2021. The awakening has affected my education dramatically. I’m in my second year of college. When my Crown Chakra and Third Eye suddenly started opening in 2022 I became frightened of people. I hated crowds. Even coming into a classroom of 30 people was too much for me.

Council: This is because at this particular time you are picking up vibrations and energies of other people. So when you’re in large groups it is very confusing to know what is you and what is coming from somewhere else. At this point it’s good for you to spend more time by yourself and do a lot of meditating, and a lot of connecting, and we see you need more grounding in your current reality.

And so every day when you wake up we’d ask you to picture roots coming out of your feet going down into the center of the Earth. And you can picture the center of the Earth any way you like. And when your roots are deeply embedded, they begin to pull up energy from the Earth, up through the roots, up into your feet and all through your body, and up through the top of your head. At this time in your life you need more of this meditation to focus and be grounded in this reality, and to have things become clearer to you, and for you to see how to handle things better. You need that connection to the Earth in this reality.

Tâm: I have symptoms of anxiety whenever I go out (heavy breathing and sweating), but I know it wasn’t a normal mental illness. My grades suffered because of my lack of participation at school. I didn’t even have enough energy to do my homework and assignments.

Council: The anxiety and the school work is all in chaos right now, and so you must do this grounding to help yourself. And when you feel uncomfortable, know you’re picking up vibrations of things around you, and know that you are fine and you are safe, but you can use your mind to see things calming down, to imagine yourself feeling better.

And so it’s the discipline of learning how to work with this new energy that you’re allowing to come forward, and that will change in this reality, in this lifetime. And you’ll improve your meditations, you’ll improve the reality, and you’ll improve your schoolwork, but this takes time, it takes the grounding, and of course it takes knowing of who you are. You are spirit and you are opening up to more of what’s going on around you. And this is all a good thing.

Tâm: Luckily I was able to pull myself together recently and was able to enjoy my classes and come to them more often. However, my grades still suffered and I don’t know why. I tried thinking more positively, I had more joy doing school work, and I enjoyed my classes. I don’t run on deadlines anymore and I always plan out my work carefully. The process was looking great, but the result was still horrible.

Council: So you need to focus on being safe. That’s a big issue in your current reality, so that you are safe, you are grounded, and you see your grades becoming what you want them to be. You see yourself just pretending in your mind and feel what it would be like to have no stress around your grades, and you’re now connecting to the energy of the direction you want to go in. Instead of the chaos and instead of thinking: Why isn’t this working? Why am I doing this? Why am I doing that? Just think that you are safe. Think about how you want your grades to be. This is what you’re creating at this time. And you’ll see when you do this in a calm manner, it will begin to change. There will be ups and downs until you learn how to use this energy, but you’re capable of doing this.

Tâm: I’m majoring in Design. I know when it comes to things like Art, there’s no definite right way to do something to guarantee you get a good grade.

Council: And so connect with your higher self and say, “Let’s see what I can create. How will I use this to design, to imagine, to create things that I love.” And the big thing here is that you love it. Do not create things the way you feel other people would want it, or try to meet some idea of what you’re supposed to do. But just go easily and playfully into, let’s see what I can create. And in that calmness, and in that connecting with your higher self, it will become easier. And you’ll be surprised at the beautiful things you can create.

Tâm: It’s not like the normal testing with right and wrong answers.

Council: Exactly.

Tâm: My grades have been fluctuating from the highest to the lowest. It feels so random and I found no correlation. I don’t understand it. Sometimes I feel bad and I still get good grades. Other times I thought I was doing well and I got the worst kind of grades.

Council: So wouldn’t it be wonderful, when you feel bad and get good grades, to take a look at that and begin to question: Why do I feel bad? Look at this. I really can create good grades. I can create good feelings. And then when you feel good, you get grades that don’t make you happy, you can laugh at this and say, “Oh, I’m not focusing on what I really want to create. This is just a reminder and I can create it the way I want it.” This is your learning. This is the purpose that you’re going through this right now. Accept. Be playful. Nothing is so serious. You can change it with your focus, your thoughts, your feelings, and you’ll create what you want in this reality.

Tâm: What’s the point of upgrading my energy if I can’t figure out how to use it for good?

Council: But you will figure it out because you will focus on what you want. And you will understand when you get anxiety, it’s picking up the energy of things around you. It’s not you. And you can easily say, “Okay, I understand why this is happening, but I don’t need it at this point.” And you will be in control and it will change.

Tâm: What’s the point if I can’t apply this energy in my practical life? My mental well-being has been upgraded, but my physical environment efforts yield the same horrible ending.

Council: When your mental, emotional, and spiritual energy (which are all one and are all connected), when that changes to connecting with who you really are with understanding, the disappointment you go through is just a way to show yourself you’re not doing this right. This is not what I want. I must find another way. When you can accept that and learn from that (and that will happen over and over until you learn from that), you can change anything.

Tâm: I really need answers from The Council. What am I missing here? Are there still blockages in my energy or my mental thoughts?

Council: The blockages are in your mental thoughts, not in your energy. Your energy is fine. It’s now time for the discipline of working with your thoughts, thinking of things that bring you joy, and thinking of things the way you want them to be. But when you think of this, also remember to feel it as if you already have it. What does that feel like? And that’s how you create.

Tâm: Or am I not taking enough action in the physical world?

Council: Action in the physical world is not needed. It’s needed in your thoughts.

Tâm: I really want to get better grades. I want to show myself how capable I am and be surprised by my own abilities. I just want my life to be more stable.

The last two years have been so rough because my mood and energy just kept getting in my way of doing physical things. Now I finally have my energy back. Please tell me why I’m not seeing changes in my physical world yet.

Council: Because you haven’t changed your thoughts yet. But now you have information on sitting, meditating, being quiet, and just feeling the good energy of who you are. You’ve now learned how to ground every day. You can bring in energy from above your head and down through your body to bring you calmness and help to focus the way you want to focus. You are on the right track.

It makes us very happy to help your readers. It’s so much fun for us to give answers that help people move forward. That is our purpose right now.

Listen to the entire 13-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Tâm and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it. You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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What Can I Do To Attract Funding To My Dream Business?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Wendy.

Wendy: I’ve been guided and reassured by The Council a handful of times and it seems I am in question once again. This time it refers to a subject that’s very new to me, which is the subject of creating my dream business. I’ve held onto this vision for 15+ years and it’s finally moving to fruition. Many times in my life I’ve begun something that excited me and quit before ever really getting started, and I’m afraid of repeating that pattern. And I’d like to know if The Council sees this business becoming a reality?

Council: Yes, it is a pattern. And it’s the pattern to stop you from realizing how powerful you are, which many are learning in this reality, and that you can have what you want. And even if you get close there’s always that doubt, that fear that comes up that makes you think your business would fail or you can’t have that.

And that’s just something you need to turn around with your thoughts, with your focus, and acknowledge, yes, I am afraid, yes, I do sometimes think that it will not work, but I know better. I am a spirit. I am the creator in my life. I can have what I want, and this time I will have it because I know how to do it. I know how to have the image. I know how to feel that it’s already mine. And that’s how I’ll do it.

Wendy: I’m well into the process of building this business, and still every day I catch myself turning to distractions, or doing the minimum of what needs to be done.

Council: It’s that same pattern of fear.

Wendy: I’m at the stage where I’m in need of a large sum of money to really make this happen, and I think the fear of not finding the funds is causing me to drag my feet.

Council: And that’s what stops you from finding the funds. You can go the way of finding backers, you can go to a bank, and you can get little loans from those that believe in you. You can start small. You don’t need a huge sum of money in the beginning, but be grateful for whatever you can have and work with that. When you’re grateful and work with what you have, and love what you have, the universe will go out of its way to give you more.

So don’t let the amount of money you need, or things that can get in the way, don’t let that stop you. But acknowledge these fears and these thoughts and turn your situation around. I will get this off the ground. I will find the right people that will help me get this business off the ground. And by knowing that, and seeing it, and feeling it – and we will underline the word, feeling, many times – feel it, feel it like you already have it. Feel it in your heart how happy you are with this business. And that’s how you create.

Wendy: I deeply believe in this business and this path, and I feel its success. Yet I struggle to accept that I’m capable and worthy of doing something so big. I’ve spoken with many logical brain professionals who tend to caution me against that which I seek, specifically financial, and how much I can handle.

Council: No one can tell you what you can handle. You can jump right in there and decide whatever comes along, I will handle it. So these people are playing the role of feeding you with some fear to help you overcome it.

Wendy: I’ve never done anything like this before, and yet I know this is my highest calling.

Council: Excellent.

Wendy: I’d love to ask The Council: How can I shift my mindset, and what I might be able to do to call this business and the needed financing toward me?

Council: Meditate on it. Constantly see it, constantly feel it, and expect something wonderful to happen every day. The answer is coming. This is wonderful. I’m on my way. I have a brand-new business. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m living the life that I want. And that’s how you change it.

Wendy: I’d also like to know if The Council is able to see if I’m meant to take a conventional route or seek out alternative funding.

Council: We’d say try both. And the one you believe in the most is the one that you will create. Try both. Try everything. Any idea that comes into your head, even if it sounds silly or it doesn’t make sense, if the idea comes to you, it’s coming for a reason. And it’s probably coming because you want to try many ways. And then you want to succeed. And be thrilled that you finally succeed, that you found a way with persistence. And that is important for you – with persistence. Without giving up you can make this happen.

Wendy: Any and all guidance is welcome. I thank you for your time and wish you all so well.

Council: We wish you happiness on your path, and the power to do this, and fun. Get in the spirit of fun and excitement, like a little child. I’m going to have this business. I’m going to make it. I don’t have to know how, but it’s coming. It’s there for me. I am the creator.

Listen to the entire 7-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Wendy and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it. You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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Will I Have The Baby I Desire With My Partner?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Momof 3. in response to a post we wrote called: Will I Have A Child With My Current Partner?

Momof 3: We want to say here that we don’t have a turban on our head. We don’t look in a crystal ball and say, yes you will have a child, or no you won’t. It’s all your choice. If you want this child with your partner, if your partner wants a child with you, then see it, feel it, and do the inner work. And when the doubts come up just say, no, and see it the way you want it to be. If this will bring you happiness, if you can see you both having a child and experience the feeling of joy, and seeing what your life would be like living this, you will create it. No one else will create in your life.

So if you want this and your partner wants the same thing, how wonderful. You don’t need anyone else to tell you it will happen. Your thoughts and where you focus will or will not make it happen. So go into the feeling of joy and see it, and we promise you it will happen. It must happen if you see it as real as you can. Go into every detail you want. It will happen.

So we send you all blessings, and thoughts of happiness, and thoughts of love and joy, and seeing the energy around you growing and becoming more beautiful, and you feel lighter than you ever felt before because you are light. Let it shine.

Listen to the entire 3-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Momof 3 and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it. You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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Do Friends Or Family Have Bad Intentions Affecting Our Health?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, LovePeace.

LovePeace: My family is struggling with bad health ever since we moved to Atlanta. We’re continuously getting sick, which is highly unusual for us.

Council: Was this move to Atlanta wanted? Were your thoughts positive and excited about this part of your life that was coming up?

We’d say to everyone that your health is controlled by your thoughts and by your vibration. It’s wise to remember, everything must, must, must start in vibration. There are negative thoughts that lower your vibration. There are positive thoughts that bring your vibration up into a place where you feel good. When you’re in that higher vibration you cannot stay sick. Sickness is in a lower vibration and it feeds the body differently. When you’re in a positive vibration, stay in that vibration as much as you can. How do you stay in it? You find things to be grateful for. You think of all the things that you have accomplished in your life, of things that you’ve gone through and it’s made you feel good.

Concentrate on what you want your life to be like. Imagine it in detail. Do you want to be married? Do you want to move again? Do you want a big family? Do you want a career? What is it? See it. And the more you can see it, you will feel it. When you feel it, it must happen. This is daily work that needs to be done. Change the vibration. When it changes your health must, must, must change.

According to what you’re saying here, everyone isn’t in a great feeling vibration. One person gets sick and another person will be afraid they’ll catch it or they’ll get sick. So now everyone is in this vibration of fear of what’s going on here. Maybe this move wasn’t a good move because we’re all sick. The move is fine. It’s your thoughts that must change. Atlanta will be a wonderful place to live. This is what we want when we’re here. Stay in the positive thoughts. That’s how you change your health. It must start in vibration. How do you get a higher vibration? You do it with your thoughts. You’re in control of this.

There’s no need to fear what’s happening. According to the way everyone’s been thinking, everyone has been getting sick. So now change it. It’s that simple. We say here, it’s not always easy for you in your reality to do it, but it’s a simple answer. Change your thoughts.

LovePeace:  These sicknesses also take a long time to get better.

Council: Ah, and what does that tell you? The thoughts are taking up much of this time. And so, again, change it.

You can feel really sick, and while you’re sitting at home laying in bed, you can control your thoughts. See yourself as feeling better. Oh, I’m walking around. Oh, I don’t need medicine. Oh, I feel relaxed. You can do that while you’re sick. When you see it, when you imagine it and begin to feel it, with this imagery you’ll change what’s going on in your physical reality.

LovePeace: It can affect our work schedule and our kid’s school schedule.

Council: Of course, that’s how it works. Vibration and energy don’t stay in one area of your life. It hits other areas. So if you aren’t feeling well, it can affect how you take care of your children or how you take care of your house. Can you go to work? It’s like a domino effect. It’s important what you think.

LovePeace: I’ve been having some issues with friends and family, as well. I want to check if any of them has the evil eye or bad intentions that are contributing to our bad health.

Council: There’s no evil eye unless you believe in this. There’s only energy, and the energy that you surround yourself with is what’s important. And so there’s only a curse of an evil eye if you believe it. Even if you have the thought: Is it possible? Of course, if you think that, it will be possible, but nothing happens, nothing will touch you when you work with positive thoughts. Surround yourself in beautiful pink light and know that it’s healing and love. That’s what you need.

LovePeace: Please provide guidance on how we can keep healthy and happy.

Council: We believe we’ve done that.

This we can tell you: You can accomplish this. We see, if you choose to do the work, you’ll all be better. And so, now it’s your choice. Do you choose love and positivity, or do you choose fear? It’s only you that will create what happens in your life.

Listen to the entire 8-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for LovePeace and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it. You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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How Can My Positivity Outweigh Other People’s Negativity?

This post answers questions for The Council from an anonymous reader, and it’s a little different from our usual posts because the day after we did the session to answer Anonymous’s questions, The Council told Cynthia they had a few things they wanted to add. So we did a follow-up session the next day and added its transcription after the transcription of Anonymous’s session, which starts immediately below.

Anonymous: There’s a lot of chaos in our world right now which I understand from you is a series of challenges that we chose in order to turn it around.

Council: And we’ve all decided to be here on Earth in this chaos. In spirit we knew this chaos had a great possibility of happening according to how people think and what they created. As a group, this is what we’ve created.

Anonymous: But a lot of people are convinced that humans are fundamentally flawed, greedy, prejudiced, etc., and basically that we and our Earth are doomed.

Council: You, the people here, and the Earth aren’t doomed. The Earth has a long, long life ahead of it. Not everybody is greedy. Not everybody is negative. This negativity is here for us to see it, and then to look at what you’re learning from this. Do I want to be like this? Watch how other people react and how they talk, but then go back into yourself. How do you want to act? Are you being judgemental? Or are you allowing these people to be who they are? And are you allowing the part of yourself that you want to come forward to come forward?

Anonymous: The scorching temperatures around the world are only making people feel more negative. I understand everyone has their own path and timeline for understanding we are powerful spirits who can manifest what we desire.

Council: You can manifest absolutely anything you want. There’s no question of that.

Anonymous: Sometimes I wonder if my positivity is enough, though, when so many others are feeling so negatively.

Council: Do you know that one little candle can erase so much darkness? One positive thought can undo hundreds of negative thoughts.

The people that are here and seeing this negativity but are being positive, there’s a reason you’re here. You’ve come here to try and change this. If you see the negativity and you judge it, or you hate people for being like that, then you’re becoming part of that negativity. It’s your place to see the negativity and continue to have positive thoughts.

There are always people that are negative, and there are always people that are positive. But at this time the positive people in your reality have a lot of work to do. Unfortunately there are many, many more positive people than we hear about. And those thoughts and those desires of how you wish it could be, and how you saw how it was before, and can we go back to being happy and simple? The answer is yes. And you are here to keep thinking about this, to keep feeling it, and to keep being positive, no matter what is going on around you. That is your purpose. Together all of us will change that.

And we here in spirit help you every day to find that positive thought, to find that positive feeling. If you allow it in, you’ll begin to see a change in yourself. And then you’ll see a change in the people around you because as you change, your energy will touch the people around you. And then you’ll see it reach out into the world. You’ll start hearing more positive things on the news. It’s so important at this time to stay with that positivity. It’s more powerful than you can even imagine.

Anonymous: Can the positivity of one person override or outweigh the negativity of many in one’s own reality?

Council: Yes, it can.

Anonymous: It feels a bit scary to ask this question because it feels like asking, Is the weight of all the world’s problems really on me to solve?

Council: The weight of everyone’s problems, or the world’s problems, are not for you to solve. Your job is to shine. Shine that light, those positive thoughts, because the people that are around you, you will not change them. They will see how you are, they will be in your energy, and all of a sudden, on their own, they’ll start looking at things differently. They will have a little bit better outlook, and then that will grow.

And so as you’re around people, it’s good to remember you can’t control or change anyone. You can only be yourself, as bright and shining a light as you can be, and as positive as you can be. And as these other people get ready, they’ll see it. They’ll want to be part of what you represent. They’ll start thinking to themselves: How come you’re feeling good and you’re so positive? I want some of that. And they’ll watch you. And all of a sudden little changes will become real inside of them.

That’s why we say it’s so important to be yourself. Don’t fall into that negativity. It’s your job to be loving, to be the spirit that you are that’s shining and holding the light for this reality, to stay in that. That’s your job. That’s the only job you have, to bring more happiness, more calmness, more stability, into this world. Be that light.

Anonymous: But I’d like to clarify how effective being positive, meditating, and manifesting is when we live in a world with other people with different beliefs and desires.

Council: It’s your job to let these people have their beliefs and their desires until they get to a place where they realize they want something different.

Anonymous: Sometimes oppositional beliefs and desires all clamoring for attention.

Council: This is where you stay positive. Let people talk the negative talk, or worry, or complain, or be angry. You stay in the light. You show compassion, show some understanding, and you don’t try to change anyone. Know that it’s your place to allow everyone to be. And as you stay positive, guess what? You’re helping these people grow. You’re putting your positivity out there, and then it’s up to them to take that change and to let it in. Your job is to send it out, and let it be their job to accept it.

Anonymous: This also relates to politics, which shapes our world in big ways. If I want a law passed that I think is just, humane, and will bring happiness to more people, but there are other people who are against it, how does my positive thinking counter their negative thinking? Can it overcome their repression?

Council: Yes, it can, but stay in that positivity.

Anonymous: It’s hard to not get stuck in the place of anger and even hatred when it comes to politics.

Council: Yes, exactly, but when you do get stuck, when you realize you hate this person or that person, you hate what they believe, you now have come down to their level. Their negativity has reached you instead of your positivity reaching them. And so when you feel negative, all you have to do is say, “Oh, I recognize what I’m doing. I’m falling into negativity.” And change your thoughts. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t get mad. You say, “Aah, I recognize this. This negativity is so strong that it’s getting through to me. Well I’ll just shine my light. I will come from my heart. I know I have a job to do, and it’s to be positive. And you’ll see things change.

Anonymous: When it comes to politics, and I don’t just mean the United States, I mean globally. Having a new way to think about my own power and agency would be very helpful and would allow me to escape that trap.

Council: So sit and meditate, and go into your heart, and let a green light shine from your heart, and watch it get bigger and bigger and fill up the room. Then see it fill up your street, your neighborhood, your state, your country. Put it around the whole globe, and fill that green with love. That’s your job.

Additional Council material recorded the following day

Council: And so we wanted to add this little bit of information because there are many questions about being positive, staying in the light, and showing compassion. And we’d like to say here that in many of the questions, when we answer, we give the same answer. We give it differently, we say it differently, but it all means the same thing. Different people understand our answers in different ways because we’re not all the same and our thinking isn’t the same.

And so we’d like to say here that all of the answers to why we’re here and what we need to do are simple. The answers are simple and they will always be the same. This doesn’t mean that it’s easy to do, but if you’ll reflect on past readings and information, you will say it is simple. There’s no message that has many difficult things you have to do. It is simple.

And it’s simple because you are the one, and the only one, that’s in charge of your life. You create your own world. You create it with your thoughts. We all volunteered to be here, or we wouldn’t be here. And we know there will be times of peace and there will be times of chaos, but we are here for one reason only. And that is to take the love that we experience in spirit and bring it forward into the reality that we are creating.

How do you do this? You don’t need a lot of money. You don’t need to travel. You do it with your thoughts. And why is that? Because at this time in the history of what you’re creating, we want to take a step forward. We want to know that we are in charge of our lives, and what you say in your thoughts is the most important thing. Your thoughts are such wonderful tools – your choice, whether to be negative or whether to be positive. And so the whole world that you create wants to step forward. You’ve all chosen to do this with your mind and with your thoughts.

And so we say, be positive. At all times try to think positive. The negative will come in, that is true. And there’s no reason to beat yourself up, but to recognize it and say, “No. Alright, there it is again. I’m being negative. I’m falling into the negative energy. But now I’ll change my thoughts. I’ll replace it with something better.”

When you’re angry with someone you think a better thought. You find a way to accept who they are and go on being positive, sending love. And if all you can do is stand in the middle of a circle of light and send it out, then that’s good. That’s a beginning. Stay in the light. Stay positive.

Remember, we’ve all agreed to this life. We all agreed to take this humankind and let it advance, not with hard work, not with struggle, but with thoughts. How simple that is. Is it easy? It’s up to you, but it is simple. Stay in the light. Stay positive. Send good thoughts out everywhere in your reality. You will see the change. This is the reason you’ve come to the Earth path and we thought it would be helpful to just add this on and clarify it a little bit.

Listen to the entire 16-minute audio recording of our two sessions with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Anonymous and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about them. You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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Who Is This Older Man I Experienced A Strong Connection With?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Cretu.

Cretu: Long ago I experienced a very strong connection with a man 29 years older than me. Nothing happened between us. It was a silent knowing, just by looking into each other’s eyes and smiling at each other – a very pure form of bonding.

Council: It was a recognition with someone you’ve been with in other lifetimes.

Cretu: People around us became immediately aware of this energy and my life started to slowly get intoxicated by cruelty and jealousy to the point that years later I became a recluse. One girl went to a fortune teller and asked them to do something bad to me. I never believed in these things, but my life truly went downhill a few years later.

Council: Apparently you do believe that other people can create something bad in your life because no one can do anything bad to you. Many people say they don’t believe in curses or bad things being sent to them, but on a deeper level they do believe it. And so because of this belief, they start seeing things going downhill in their life.

It’s very important for you to know that you’re in charge of your life. If anything is going downhill, if you’re experiencing many challenges and much unhappiness, you are creating this from your thoughts.

The number one thing would be to meditate that you’re in spirit. You come here to the Earth path and you know that you’re in complete control of your life. Anything you’re experiencing, you’re creating it. When your life is uncomfortable, you’re creating it to see, know, and believe you can change it.

Bob: So when Cretu says that she became intoxicated by cruelty and jealousy, she chose to experience the cruelty and jealousy?

Council: Exactly. It was there and it was Cretu’s choice to let it in, but it was your choice on how you’d let this cruelty and jealousy affect you. Could you laugh at it? Can you let it go? Or will it overwhelm you, bring you sadness, and make you nervous? This cruelty and jealousy were experienced by you so you could see how you chose to experience it.

Bob: Any comments on what Cretu says about years later becoming a recluse?

Council: This was all her choice. This was out of fear and out of believing everything is going wrong.

Cretu: When I was in this man’s presence, I used to vibrate with such joy and love that I never felt anywhere else in the world. Just the thought of him would connect me with the source and my higher self. It was magical, and I could tell that it was reciprocated, even though we never told each other it was magical.

Council: This man came into your life to help you to connect with the source. And when you were connected and you knew that feeling was so wonderful, when this person is no longer in your life, it was your experience that would make you try to connect with source and your higher self without this person, and of course you can do that.

Cretu: I’d like to know who and what this person is to me, and who and what I am to him.

Council: You are spirits that have come together before, you have experienced lifetimes together, you learned well together, and you decided to take another crack at this process this time around.

Cretu: I’ve always wondered if there was a past life connection between us.

Council: You’ve come together in past lives as siblings, mothers, and fathers. You’ve switched roles. You’ve been partners before. For many lifetimes you wished to learn the same things, and so you jump in together in different lifetimes to create what you wanted to experience. It’s a wonderful partnership that comes together every now and then, and you’ve chosen this partnership in your current life.

Bob: Any comments on the 29-year age difference between Cretu and this man?

Council: Not at all. This connection was wanted and it was pre-planned that there would be such an age difference. It would just be when their meeting occurred, a recognition, a comfortable feeling, and being elated in the feeling of love because that’s who we truly are. And working together in past lives it was easy to connect to that emotion of who we really are as love and light when we’d be with that person, or even think of that person. It’s still possible.

Cretu: In two different periods of my life I experienced flashbacks from past lives and there’s one scene that’s haunted me forever – the silhouette of a man with a hat and cloak walking at night, and the same man lying with me on the ground in the street as one of us was dying, and promising to each other that our love would have been stronger than death.

It’s not easy to describe what happens to me when I connect with different times. It literally takes me away from the present, and all my soul and mind. I hope I can find answers through The Council.

Council: It’s very important when you had these images to see them and feel them. You can try and find out more about it, like what happened right before that scene in the street, or what happened after it. That’s an experience to connect with the past.

But we tell you that you are here now to focus on the now. It’s important not to keep going back to that past, or to any past. Take a look here and there, but live your life in your present. That’s what you intended to do – create in this lifetime.

Listen to the entire 8-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Cretu and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it.

You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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Asking The Universe For A Sign About Yes Or No Questions

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Virgo Rising, who wants to know about asking the universe Yes or No questions. They say, I don’t really trust tarot cards or pendulums to answer Yes or No questions, so the other day I decided to ask the universe for a sign instead. I told myself if I saw a hot pink car (which is rare in the area where I live) within a specific time frame, the answer to my question is, No.

The Council asks, Do you know that you’re the one who created this pink car so you can see it, because your higher self already has all the answers. Because you want some sort of proof, the universe will conspire to help you out in whatever way you need it to. When you’re thinking of putting a pink car in front of you to give you an answer, the universe replies: Of course we’ll make this happen. You’re creating this pink car. This is what you want, and this will give you your answer.

Virgo Rising says, My question is one that is set in stone because I was asking about something that already happened that I didn’t know the truth about. I won’t put the question I asked here, but it was similar to: Did so-and-so lie to me about this thing they said?

No more than a few minutes later as I’m driving on the highway, a hot pink car merges onto the road and pops itself right in front of me. I was in total shock and felt like it couldn’t possibly be a coincidence because, not only did it show up so quickly, but it merges onto the highway and plops itself right in front of me. The Council says, Look how wonderfully your higher self is helping you work out the answer to your question. You needed this answer, which you intuitively knew, but doubted. And so, once again the universe says: We’ll help you. This is what you need. This is what you are creating.

Virgo Rising says, I’ve done this a few more times with other Yes or No questions and I’ve had similar experiences. I want to know if the answers I’m getting when I play this little game with the universe are actually true, or if this is all just a coincidence. The Council says there are no coincidences. What you’re getting are true answers, but we see here you don’t accept it. You don’t accept what you yourself have created. And so you need more and more signs, and there are more and more questions.

The Council asks: How about releasing the doubt at this point? How about going with whatever signs you get, believing it, and then letting your question go? You can ask the same question ten different ways. You may want to see a purple car. You may want to see a tree laying on the ground. And you’ll get the same answer because you (your higher self) know the answer. When you create these questions and answers in a way that comes to you, we see here you still doubt. There are still questions. Learn to trust.

The Council sends everyone blessings, love, happiness, and peace. They wish us the courage to look at who you really are, the desire to know who you really are, and to experience who you really are. The way you do this is through the thoughts in your mind. Everything in your life is coming to you from your thoughts.

Listen to the entire 4-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Virgo Rising and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it. You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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How Do I Move On From A Difficult Relationship?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Davis1Amanda, who asks, Can you let me know about a person in my past, how I can thank them for their role in my life, and understand how I can move on from that difficult relationship?

The Council says when you’re no longer physically in touch with a person, if you don’t talk to them, have them in front of you, and there’s no communication, there’s always communication energetically. To thank them, think of the role they played in your life. They’re always in your life to give you information about what you’re trying to heal.

When you think of this person, what do you think of? If you find yourself having lots of questions about the challenges this relationship brought you, start by being thankful for what you remember that was helpful. When you can’t figure out what was missing from this relationship, what made it difficult, or what the lesson was, change the focus of your attention and think about what you got of value in the relationship.

When you can find whatever it is you can be thankful for, then simply sit and talk to this person in your mind, thanking them. Perhaps you can tell them you don’t understand the full lesson yet, but thanking them for being there, whether it was for a short time or a long time. Send them love and pink light. They’ll receive it. Your higher self will know what you’re doing and their higher self will receive it. By doing this, the feelings you have about this relationship will change. Sometimes this will bring a person back into your life. Sometimes it gives the relationship lots of love so you can move on.

Your purpose now is to concentrate on what it was that you liked in this relationship. What drew you into it? What kept you there? You can always find good things when you think about any relationship. When you do this you’ll begin to release it, to get some understanding of it, and then move on. It’s your purpose right now to have gone through this relationship and now to move on, to learn it’s okay to move on, and what you wanted was to get some understanding. That’s where you are right now.

Meditate on this relationship. Think about it with joy. The more you can find yourself smiling, the more you can find things to appreciate about this relationship, the more you’ll move on from it, and more clarity will come to you.

The Council sends everyone blessings, love, happiness, peace, the courage to look at who you really are, the desire to know who you really are, and to experience who you really are. The way you do this is through the thoughts in your mind. Everything you live is coming to you from your thoughts.

Listen to the entire 4-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Davis1Amanda and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it. You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages,

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Please Elaborate On Water, Sun, And Electricity Curing COVID

This post answers a question for The Council from a reader named, LilyDaisy, who says: I was listening to your post, The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) From a Spiritual Perspective, because I’ve been feeling sad about the divide between people who are vaccinated and people who are unvaccinated, and I was looking for some peace. I realized I heard something in that session I didn’t catch the first time I listened to it, and it was incredibly interesting. In that post The Council mentioned water, sun, and electricity as the source of the cure.

Cynthia and Bob went back and listened to that post and found that The Council doesn’t actually say water, sun, and electricity will be the source of the cure for COVID. During that earlier COVID session when Bob asks The Council how we’ll know when the virus has passed, The Council says: The scientists and doctors will say the virus is under control – that electricity, or the sun, or water, or something is putting an end to the virus. This is immediately followed by The Council saying this (meaning electricity, sun, water, or something else) doesn’t matter. What matters is your thoughts. Stay in the vibration of love. Stay in the vibration of happiness and the feeling we’re all safe and working on this, and the virus will pass.

Coming back to our session on LilyDaisy’s follow-up question, The Council is quick to re-emphasize that thoughts will be the cause of the cure for COVID. Then they say, In Atlantis they had great temples of healing. They knew how to heal with vibration, with the sun, and with water. We feel that will not be done in this lifetime.

The Council continues: There were dome-shaped temples in Atlantis that were made out of crystals, and a crystal would be placed in the area of the temple where the sun would hit for the longest period of time during the day. The sun going through the crystals, and the sound that was played while the people were in this healing dome, created cures for all these peoples’ diseases.

They took crystal domes and put them over the water, and the vibration of the sun would purify the water and give these domes healing powers. They used color, vibration, and sound in ways that were very advanced compared to today, but we feel right now this form of healing isn’t available in your current reality.

COVID was created so people could have time to be at home, appreciate their lives, appreciate their families and friends and realize how much they want to be together, and to be kind to each other. And when the vibration of these kind and loving thoughts takes over, there will no longer be the COVID virus. COVID was created out of fear, out of violence, and out of upset feelings. It was created with wrong thinking.

The thinking that’s needed now is thoughts of love. Grow plants, love the trees, honor the oceans, and believe everything has a vibration. Everything overcomes a bad vibration with the vibration of love. Love your home. Love every part of it. Love everyone in it. Love everyone you know. Be kind. Think happy thoughts. Find ways to have fun and laugh. With these thoughts you’ll see COVID disappear.

The Council repeats that water, sun, and electricity were sources of healing in the past, but they won’t be the source in this lifetime. But they add that this can be changed with the right thinking. In Lemuria and Mu, as well as Atlantis, they were very advanced. And yet with the feelings of love and appreciation for the scientists and the doctors, someone can come up with some sort of cure in that way. But we say don’t worry about that. Concentrate on the vibration of love.

In closing, The Council asks everyone to search for joy and to find it in any way you can.

Listen to the entire 6-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for LilyDaisy and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it. You can ask The Council your own question by typing it into the Comment box that appears at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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What Can You Tell Me About This Man In My Life?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Momof3, who’s curious about a man that has recently come into her life. She says, I feel very comfortable and safe with him, as if I’ve known him for years, but we just recently met. This Council says this was something that was needed at this time.

Momof says, I find myself wanting more in this relationship, but I’m not sure he feels the same way and this is unnerving for me. I’m surprised by my feelings because my husband passed away last year and I didn’t think I could feel anything for anyone else. The Council says it’s wonderful that you do feel for this man. You’re at a point in your life where you can create a relationship again. You’re not supposed to stay morning forever someone who’s passed away. If you meditate and talk to the spirit of your husband, you’ll feel him around you in another dimension or in energy. Going forward in your current life you want comfort and companionship. You’d like that feeling of love again and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Momof asks if this relationship was pre-planned or did I have previous lives with this person? The Council says this relationship was pre-planned. In one of your wonderfully happy lives you were a married couple in Hawaii. You had a life close to nature and believed in several gods and goddesses. You brought joy into this life and had many celebrations together. There’s a comfort in this person coming into your life right now, and you needed some comfort.

Momof asks if this relationship is just a passing thing because I’m grieving my husband’s passing and I’m vulnerable? The Council says at this point you can make this relationship what you wish it to be. There was a plan to make it something more than just passing by each other. With your thoughts and how you think about what you want you will create this relationship or not create it. If you want more, but you’re constantly afraid it’s your imagination and the relationship won’t happen, then that is what you’re creating. If you can meditate and picture the relationship the way you’d like it to be, picture it growing, but don’t rush it, then you’ll have that manifest in your life. It’s up to you. You both planned to come into this reality and create your relationship as you came together, and you’d decide at that point what direction you want to go in.

Momof asks if the relationship can actually be based on true feelings that we build on and find love again? The Council says this is a wonderful way to do this, so do the inner work. There are feelings on this man’s part, but how it moves forward is up to what you create and what you want. You’ll experience this relationship the way you create it.

Listen to the entire 4-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Momof3 and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it. Or you can ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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Is This Life a Punishment for Failure in a Previous Lifetime?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Weston, who says, every since I can remember I’ve always been drawn to the constellation Pleiades. If the stars are visible at night I feel I have to see them before I go indoors. Why is that?

The Council says because of what’s being created in your reality, more and more people are drawn to learning about other lives from different dimensions, different planets, and stars. There will be more and more proof of these things that comes to light very soon. Our vibrations are now in a place where we can bring this information in by being more curious about it and feeling a connection to it. This is how your reality is expanding. You being pulled to the stars is a memory and an awakening of bringing more knowledge into your reality.

We’ll be finding more proof of other life. We’ll be able to go further in our journey of expansion of space. We’ll hear more talk of people believing there are what are called aliens in this reality. This topic will become more and more prevalent as everyone’s vibration expands to take this in.

Weston says, I feel in my soul this life is a punishment, possibly self-imposed, for a previous failure. And he closes by asking, Who am I?

The Council says you’re a spirit that jumped into this reality to have many different experiences. Your life is not a failure. You’re experiencing only what you’re creating. If you don’t like what you’re creating, then you must do the work of meditating, or at least visualizing in every detail how you want your life to be.

As we’ve said before, there isn’t any karma. There’s no punishment that you have to make up for something from other lives. It’s just what you’ve come in to experience and to change. Every lifetime you grow, either from joy or from challenges. There’s no failure. There may be something you wish you could have done differently. And you may come back and pick that to experience again differently, but there’s no failure. You never get it wrong. You have as many lifetimes as you want to experience something the way you want it to be. But to say your life is a failure, we don’t agree with that.

If you think your life is a self-imposed failure, it’s because you’re not are creating it the way you want it to be. As you create your life in some way other than the way you want it with your thoughts and visualizations, by changing the focus of what you’re thinking about this life, you can change it.

Listen to the entire 4-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Weston and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it, or ask The Council your own question by typing it in a Comment box at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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Can Musicians Who’ve Crossed Over Jam in Heaven?

This post answers a question for The Council from a reader named, Keith, who asks if one spirit can meet another spirit in heaven. He goes on to say, for example in heaven can the musician, Tom Petty, locate the musician, Jimi Hendrix, and start jamming?

The Council says if this is what these souls wish to do, then the answer is yes they can. In heaven we can meet whoever we’d love to be with, speak with, and have experiences with.

The Council goes on to say your heaven (like your physical reality) is also created by your thoughts, your intentions, and what you’d like to experience.

Listen to the entire 1-minute audio recording of our session with The Council to hear all their guidance for Keith and the rest of us and let us know what you think about it, or ask your own question.

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How Do I Increase Trust in My Inherent Abundance?

This post answers questions from a reader who goes by the name, Wanu Spirit Library, about increasing their trust in the inherent abundance in their life, and about the feeling of being trapped by their family.

The Council says abundance is there for all of us to experience. Practice thinking of this abundance and feel the feeling of it, and you’ll begin to draw it to yourself. As we come into a new lifetime, we know we are the creator of this experience. And as the creator we create the good and the bad. Some people don’t realize abundance is here for them and they create whatever their attention happens to be drawn toward.

The Council advises moving forward and begin seeing everything you want. Wrap it in a package, put it on a shelf in a storeroom, and know it’s all there for you. And with your thoughts you can send a robot to the storeroom, take a package you’re thinking about, and put it in a mail truck for delivery to your door. But the inner work of thinking these thoughts and feeling these feelings is needed to bring what you desire.

And The Council says when Wanu Spirit Library feels trapped by their family, ask yourself why you feel this way, and know you can change this. You don’t have to listen to family members who tell you how you should live and what you should be doing every day. It’s there for you to hear it and then go within and and find your own dream and create the freedom, the abundance, and anything else you desire.

The Council advises not creating by whatever your attention happens to be drawn to, and not creating by negative thoughts of being trapped or there not being enough. You can create the greatest riches and the most wonderful relationships. Your life can be filled with joy. It’s up to you to stop and think about what you want to experience in this lifetime. And it begins by doing the inner work of focusing your thoughts and your feelings on what you desire.

The Council says the first step is to be aware of what you’re thinking. If you’re thinking fearful thoughts, begin to change these thoughts to less fearful and more joyous ones. And when you’re thinking about how you’d like your life to be, do your best to feel the feeling of what your thinking about as if you’re experiencing it already. When you feel something you desire, it’s already happening in a related reality. The vibration is there. The more you think it and feel it, the more you’ll pull it in.

Know that you’re the creator and this entire reality is in front of you for you to shape one way or another. Start small. Create little thoughts where you see money coming to you. If you want to travel, take a day trip. If you need more relationships in your life, be aware of the friends you have and the gratitude you have for having them in your life. Be aware and thankful for these little steps. Once you begin to feel gratitude for your creations, the universe will send you more of what you’re grateful for.

Listen to the entire 7-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Wanu Spirit Library and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it.

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How Can I Describe Kundalini Energy to Family & Friends

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named Mariner2Mother, who’s experiencing a Kundalini awakening and would like help explaining the process to family and friends who don’t understand it.

The Council says Kundalini is a raising of energy in each chakra (or energy center in the body). It sits in the first chakra (or root chakra in the groin area) and through meditation, prayer, reading, and sometimes through no conscious effort on the part of the practitioner, slowly rises through each of the seven chakras along the spine.

Inside each chakra there are seven more chakras that correspond to the seven chakras in the body. The Council describes it as an awakening. It can take years for this energy to rise to the upper most chakra. This energy can heal fears, illness, and anything that keeps you from experiencing who you truly are. It helps you think differently and see things differently.

The Council says many people experience this rise of Kundalini energy and never know it. They just begin to feel better and have better thoughts because they are opening to energies that aren’t available when you’re worried, depressed, or your energy is heavy.

Many people say it’s a horrible experience to have your Kundalini open, and The Council says if you believe this, that is what you’ll experience.

The Council advises controlling Kundalini energy with your thoughts, know that it’s there, and if you’re interested in raising this energy you can do this slowly so that your body and your mind can handle it.

It’s a raising and expanding of energy so you can have deeper experiences while still in your human body.

Mariner2Mother says her Kundalini energy opened up in her somewhat spontaneously, but The Council says this isn’t the case. It’s happening because her higher self (spirit) is choosing to have this experience.

The Council says the simplest way to explain Kundalini is to describe the seven chakras and what each one does, and how you are learning there are seven more chakras inside each chakra. From deep inside you this energy slowly works it’s way up from one chakra to the next. The chakras gradually open and send out a much higher vibration and energy that you’re able to tap into.

The Council says raising your Kundalini is a normal process that can be very beautiful, and there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Mariner2Mother can pray on each chakra, learn the colors of each chakra, and meditate on the seven different chakra colors within each chakra; these seven chakras are the size of a pin head.

In response to Mariner2Mother describing her Kundalini process as challenging for her, The Council suggests asking her spirit (or higher self) to slow down this process so it’s not so exhausting. When she describes much of her experience as “Hell on Earth”, The Council says this experience of Hell on Earth isn’t necessary.

The Council finishes with guidance to send love to every chakra.

Listen to our entire 9-minute session with The Council to hear all their guidance for Mariner2Mother and the rest of us, and let us know how you feel about it.

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Whether to Contact a Guy She Had a Crush On Years Ago

This post answers questions from a reader named Jayden, who recently had three vivid dreams about a guy she had a significant crush on several years ago. She recently discovered he lives practically down the street from her even though they originally knew each other in high school in a town thousands of miles away. Jayden wonders if her spirit wants her to contact this man and see what happens or if this is a coincidence. She’s concerned he may not remember her. Thinking about this makes her feel like a teenager again.

The Council suggests Jayden see her current situation as a wonderful opportunity to help her connect with this man again. And they suggest that before she tries to make contact, she should imagine how she’d like this contact to take place, and imagine the response she receives.

The Council reminds us that there are no coincidences, and that Jayden’s higher self is bringing her to this point because this is something she desired when she was in high school. The Council interestingly says this desire doesn’t just disappear, and now it’s coming to her.

Jayden asks if this person symbolizes something in her life she needs to develop awareness of. The Council says it symbolizes her trying to create happiness, whether with this person on whatever level it can grow into; it is a happiness that was missing when she had a crush on him.

The Council says this is an opportunity for Jayden to have a “re-do”. She knows where this person lives and she can reach out an make contact with him and see what develops. It can blossom, or just be a friendship, but she’ll be able to experience a continuation of what she left behind.

Jayden wants to bring in either a new experience or have some closure with this man. And The Council says again, the way she creates this experience with her thoughts, her feelings, and her beliefs is the way it will happen. With the visualization The Council recommends, they say Jayden can approach this man.

The Council closes by saying that when they come to answer these questions, some people need specific answers that The Council sees are very important, some people need guidance, and some people need to be pushed to open another path within themselves so they’re able to find their own answers and grow.

The Council reminds us that we are powerful spirits and we have all the answers inside ourselves. They are here to help us shake up our reality and find those answers.

Listen to our entire 5-minute session with The Council to hear all their guidance for Jayden and the rest of us, and let us know how you feel about it.

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What are Our Lessons in This Lifetime?

This post is inspired by a reader named, Arvinda, who asks about the lessons she and her husband intend to learn in this lifetime.

The Council says we all have the lesson to show love to everyone, including ourselves. Sometimes there’s an idea of what you want to experience in this lifetime, and the rest of the time you’re learning how you create your life with your thoughts and your feelings. What are your thoughts attracting into this life? What experience are you bringing to yourself and how are you handling this?

The Council says your lesson learning in this lifetime is coming from another lifetime where you and your husband met in your early teens and your husband was mute (he couldn’t speak). There were many who were unkind to your husband in this previous lifetime and you tried to help him.

In your current lifetime one of your lessons is communication. You both planned to learn to communicate your feelings honestly with each other and to communicate your thoughts about what you go through daily. You are both here to learn how to listen to each other.

The Council asks if the two of you communicate well with each other? Do you stop to understand when your partner speaks? Do you try to understand the feelings behind the words? The Council says this may seem like something very simple, but they say it’s not simple. It’s a major leap in your soul’s growth when you can communicate and understand.

The Council says you then planned to take this lesson and expand it to listening to your children. Are you there for them? Have you helped them learn to communicate their truth and feelings? Do you show understanding? They say this is a major lesson.

And The Council says you wanted to expand this lesson further. How are you with the rest of your family? your neighbors? with people you work with? Do you listen to them? Do you try to understand what they are saying? Do you show patience and concern with these people? And most of all, do you show love with your words and your actions?

In this lifetime you and your husband wished to open your home to others and have them feel welcome. Do you do that with your family? with your neighbors? It was a great wish to have people come and feel safe.

You say you’ve done much, but haven’t received back what you’ve given out. The Council says when you do for others, you do from your heart, not with the thought of getting something back for what you’ve done. When you feel annoyed, that’s your higher self saying that you’re not going along with what you planned.

The Council says listen to your children and your neighbors and be there for them. Show love and show everyone it’s good to communicate. That’s how we connect in our physical reality.

The Council says it’s particularly important to get your husband to communicate because that’s what he’s carried over from the other lifetime where he wasn’t able to speak. You will coax each other to communicate.

Listen to the audio recording of our entire 11-minute session with The Council to hear their guidance for Arvinda and the rest of us, and let us know how you feel.

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Help with Her Daughter’s Marriage

This post is inspired by a woman named, Marie, who asks The Council for help with her daughter’s unhappy marriage. The Council says how Marie looks at her daughter’s marriage will create what she sees. If Marie thinks her daughter is in a horrible marriage, this is what she’s creating. The Council asks Marie if she’s able to find some moments where her daughter and daughter’s husband are getting along and to focus on that instead of focusing on them not getting along.

Marie asks if it’s wise to encourage her daughter to leave her husband. And The Council says, not at all. Marie doesn’t consciously know what her daughter’s spirit and her daughter’s husband’s spirit agreed on and what they’re trying to heal in this lifetime. The Council recommends letting the marriage unfold. They point out that love allows everything and by allowing them to work on their marriage without interfering, Marie is loving her daughter.

The Council recommends that with Marie’s thoughts and prayers she picture her daughter and her husband doing what they need to do, whether it was to come together and have the courage to leave each other, or to come together and see things differently and get along better moving forward.

The Council says Marie’s daughter is trying to come together with her husband and find a path where they can understand each other. They’re trying to turn toward the experience of love. They’ve had several other lives together and they enjoy having these lives and helping each other grow and learn.

The Council says it’s possible her daughter and her daughter’s husband get along better than Marie perceives, and The Council asks Marie to change how she looks at the marriage. They say to almost strain herself to find something good in this marriage and as she does this more of this goodness will be created.

The Council recommends that Marie talk to her daughter about nice times her daughter and daughter’s husband shared together. This will help her daughter remember these nicer times. Marie should try to bring some light into the marriage as she talks about it with her daughter. Look for the good in this marriage and talk about it with her daughter, and it will help her daughter on her path.

Listen to our entire 6-minute session with The Council to hear all their guidance for Marie and the rest of us, and let us know what you think.

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Can Amber Make a Career Out of Doing Spiritual Readings?

This post is inspired by questions from a reader named Amber, who asks The Council if she’s on the right track with her spiritual readings.

The Council says they love getting questions about being on the right track because they say you are always on the right track. You always get to where you want to go. You may take a shortcut or a longer journey, but you are always on the right track. You are just changing with your thoughts how you get to where you want to go. And The Council adds that we change our thoughts by what we believe.

Amber asks The Council if she can eventually make a full-time career out of doing spiritual readings. And The Council recommends with practice they see a full-time career is possible. They see she’s done this in many lifetimes, along with healing, and it should come easily to her.

The Council says how Amber does the reading isn’t that important, and they recommend touching the person’s hand or shoulder to see what kind of images she gets and how she feels. As she does this the images will increase, and she’ll also find she has a lot of healing energy in her hands. The energy and the intention of what she intends to provide for each person, in addition to her  guidance for these people, will help her develop. The Council says many people will come to her. This is a great talent Amber has, and she enjoys using it.

When we answer more than one person’s question in a reading (like we do in this session), we generally include The Council’s closing statements in the recordings of both sessions. As we mentioned in our last session, The Council chose to offer a more extended closing than usual. They say everyone in spirit wants us to know they are sending us their support. They think many of us are very courageous for what we choose to experience. And they increasingly hear us say we are finally turning our life experience into something more positive.

And as spirit sends us more energy, more of us are open to receiving this and we’re paying attention to our feelings and our thoughts. And we become more enlightened and take another step home to spirit with more knowledge and love. And each time we return to spirit, we can bring that love with us.

Listen to our entire session with The Council to answer Amber’s question (below) for the full benefit of their guidance for her and for the rest of us. Let us know what you think.

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Confused By Becoming Pregnant with a Friend

This post is inspired by questions from a reader who calls herself ‘S’, who’s sure she’s pregnant again after terminating a pregnancy a year ago. The father is a friend who isn’t interested in dating S, but she feels drawn to him for reasons she’s unable to explain. She doesn’t feel right about ending this friendship and it’s intimate physical benefits, but has felt that she should. Now she’s confused about why she’s created this pregnancy and where things are headed with the father.

The Council says the purpose of S getting pregnant was to give birth to a soul she’s shared other lifetimes with, so they could move forward and create together in this lifetime. If S feels the child isn’t wanted at this particular time, The Council says this reality will change  (the child won’t come full term) and this spirit will return to S in a future pregnancy.

S asks how much power she has in creating an outcome, and how does she know whether to focus on being with the father and child as a family – or not? The Council says if S truly wants to stay with her friend as a family, she can create this with her vibration, her thoughts, and her feelings. Whether S chooses to end her relationship with her friend or not, it’s purpose was to help get her pregnant with this spirit.

S says she thinks the soul she’s pregnant with now is the same soul she was pregnant with a year ago and The Council agrees. And they repeat that if this child isn’t wanted at this particular time, this spirit will return in a future pregnancy.

The Council advises S that she has many options with this pregnancy. She can abort and wait until she meets someone else. She can abort and bring in this spirit at a later date with her friend if she chooses to stay in this relationship. She can have the child now and leave this relationship with her friend if it’s not the right relationship for her. The Council suggests S search her feelings, determine what she wants, and create from there.

Listen to this short but powerful 6-minute session on S’s questions to receive all The Council’s guidance for S and the rest of us.

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Can I Have A Long-term Romantic Relationship?

This post is inspired by questions from a reader named Gabriela, who is nearly 30 years old and has never experienced a long-term romantic relationship, but wants to badly.

Gabriela says she made a spiritual agreement with someone to be her partner in this lifetime, but they didn’t come through. And The Council responds it’s not definite that this person would show up or stay in Gabriela’s life. They say what Gabriela and this person create with their thoughts will turn their relationship one way or another during this lifetime.

The Council says it’s important to understand that you create every situation that happens in your life and that no one can push you in a direction that you, as a spiritual being, don’t want to go in. The purpose of this life is to learn who you are, that you have choices, and that you are a powerful creator.

Gabriela says she’s alone, bitter, and not interested in living anymore. And The Council asks why she’d want to throw away what she’s created because of what she’s experienced at this time. They remind her she’s able to change her circumstances because she’s the creator of her experience, and they advise her to create what she wants.

The Council says if you aren’t in the vibration of love and appreciation for yourself, you aren’t in the vibration of attracting the type of person you’d like to be with. Gabriela set up in spirit that she’d go through many relationships that are not what she desires so she’d have to learn to love herself.

The Council says she has a strong spirit to choose this challenging path. If Gabriela begins to think about her good qualities, begins to love herself, and knows what a loving partner she’s capable of being, they say she will raise her vibration and bring this in.

The Council says we usually have a desire to create things in our lives where we feel we could have done better in our past lives. That’s the purpose of each reality we create. And they add that there’s nothing we create that is wrong. We create it in order to have the experience of it and then improve it.

Ask yourself what loving feelings you can bring to your current experience. When you shift your thoughts to love, your vibration changes and it’s felt by everyone around you. And this is how to get what you want.

Listen to our entire 16-minute session with The Council on Gabriela’s questions (below) to receive their full guidance for her and the rest of us.

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Healing Begins

All healing begins
with a change in vibration,
which is caused by a change in thoughts
and a change in beliefs.

All healing starts from within.

—The Council

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The Secret to Manifesting What You Desire


Recently The Council suggested to Cynthia that we write a post to help people who are feeling frustrated in their attempts to use the teachings of the law of attraction and deliberate creation to manifest what they desire in their lives. As two people who have experienced these frustrations, we liked The Council’s idea and during a session on Saturday, May 5, 2012 we asked for their suggestions for this post.


In this section we’ve gathered The Council’s comments from throughout the session that represent for us the essence of their guidance for manifesting what you desire. In the sections that follow, these comments are presented in the context of the entire discussion, to give you a better idea how these ideas developed during the session.

“We see that many [who] are incarnated in your physical world have many questions about manifestation.”

“We see that many are trying to create specific things – whether it is relationships, whether it is material abundance, whether it is health – [and] that there is trouble in creating it.”

“Many do not know what it means when they hear the phrase, ‘line up with what it is you are trying to create.’ And many are out there teaching ‘to match the vibration of what you are trying to create’. Many do not know how to do this because if you’re trying to create something you’ve never had, or never lived, there is a doubt [about] what it would feel like [and] what it would be like to have this thing or situation.

“So how do you create with your thoughts when you do not have the experience of having whatever it is that you are calling forth? And we believe what many are missing… the secret is: you do not have to line up with that particular thought; you do not have to imagine – even though it is wonderful to imagine – what it is that you want, [and] that you already have it.”

“So if you cannot line up with the vibration of what it is that you want because you have no idea what it would look like in your imagination, or what it would feel like, the answer to this – and this is the answer to manifesting – [is] raise your vibration with happy thoughts, that is the answer.

“When you raise your vibration, everything that you have desired – whether you know how to create it or not –will come to you.”

“It is so simple that many will have a hard time believing this, but we can tell you it’s what you might call the shortcut or the easier way to manifesting. It doesn’t have to be so difficult as seeing that you have it, feeling that you have it, [and] what would it be like? Some cannot do this.

“And so just be happy about anything; stay in the feeling of happiness and spirit will bring in everything that it wants.”

–The Council
(The formatting above throughout this post represents The Council’s comments during our session. Text [in brackets] in these quotations has been added to improve readability and clarity when this seems useful.)

The Rest of the Story

If you agree with The Council that their advice may seem overly simplistic and difficult to believe, I [Bob] had the same feelings during the session (as the following details of our discussion indicate) and for at least the next 10 days. But after listening to the recording of the session every day, meditating on it, and giving The Council’s advice a try, I’m beginning to see evidence there’s something to what they’re saying, and we’re both looking forward to seeing what manifests as we practice reaching for happier thoughts and feelings.

Most of our discussion with The Council during this session is presented in the following sections. Headings have been added to organize the material in logical and manageable blocks of thought.

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The Influence Our Thoughts & Feelings Have on Other People’s Experience

This post is a response to a question from a reader named Bari who wants to believe her better-feeling thoughts about her boyfriend will create better-feeling experiences of the two of them together, as taught by the spirit guides Abraham. But when her boyfriend repeats behaviors that contrast her better-feeling thoughts, Bari wonders how much of an impact her thoughts and feelings are really able to have on the experience of her boyfriend, or anyone else, and she asks The Council’s opinion on this.

This post is the third in a series based on comments from The Council during a single session on Sunday, April 15, 2012 to answer three thought-provoking questions from Bari and Rachael. Reincarnation and past lives were the subjects of the first post, and the second post, in this series.

Helping Others with Our Thoughts

Part way through reading Bari’s second question, The Council offered the following initial comments:

“In the non-physical it is sometimes planned: ‘At some point in my life I will meet you on Earth in the physical. And if I am going through something difficult and I can’t remember who I really am, will you remind me by your thoughts? By your thoughts I will feel that energetic change. I will feel the positive vibration that you are thinking.’ And then, of course, it is up to the [other] person to tune into it and expand with it.

“And so your thoughts go out, whether positive or negative. And the soul you are working with or you are in partnership with feels that vibration.

“And so if they are depressed or they are not accomplishing what they want to accomplish, your positive thought vibration is there and it sort of kick-starts them, but you can not control what they do.

“It’s [as if] you hold the light; you hold the remembrance of who they really are for them. And then, if they allow it, they will feel that and they will move forward.

“But when you have positive thoughts or negative [thoughts] about someone, in your experience that’s how you will experience them. Is that clear?”

–The Council (similarly formatted text throughout this post indicates quotations from The Council

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June 22, 2011 Thought for the Day

When you worry about people you care about,
Others will tell you this is understandable.

We say: Think of the people you care about
As you would like them to be,
And then feel the joy and relief
These thoughts bring.

—The Council

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March 11, 2011 Daily Thought

Practice uplifting thoughts.

They will affect every area of your life.

—The Council

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February 28, 2011 Daily Thought

All healing begins
With a vibrational change in your body.

You change your vibration
With your thoughts.

Every cell in your body is listening.

—The Council

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Your life is a mirror of your thoughts.

—The Council

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Your thoughts and imagination
Are like watching a wonderful black and white movie.

Now if you add your feelings,
Ta da! You’ve got Technicolor.

And as you continue to practice your thoughts, imagination, and feelings,
Very soon you’ll have 3-D
And you’ll be living the movie you’re creating.

—The Council

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