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What’s The Point In Upgrading My Energy If I Can’t Figure Out How To Use It For Good?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Tâm.

Tâm: Thank you for what you’ve been doing. I really appreciate it. The content you’ve been posting has been very helpful for me. I’ve been reading your blog for a month now. Today I have a question for The Council.

So I’ve been trying the Seven Chakras Breathing meditation on your blog and I’ve seen a development in my energy. I used to feel tired and drained all the time, especially after my spiritual awakening two years ago in 2021. The awakening has affected my education dramatically. I’m in my second year of college. When my Crown Chakra and Third Eye suddenly started opening in 2022 I became frightened of people. I hated crowds. Even coming into a classroom of 30 people was too much for me.

Council: This is because at this particular time you are picking up vibrations and energies of other people. So when you’re in large groups it is very confusing to know what is you and what is coming from somewhere else. At this point it’s good for you to spend more time by yourself and do a lot of meditating, and a lot of connecting, and we see you need more grounding in your current reality.

And so every day when you wake up we’d ask you to picture roots coming out of your feet going down into the center of the Earth. And you can picture the center of the Earth any way you like. And when your roots are deeply embedded, they begin to pull up energy from the Earth, up through the roots, up into your feet and all through your body, and up through the top of your head. At this time in your life you need more of this meditation to focus and be grounded in this reality, and to have things become clearer to you, and for you to see how to handle things better. You need that connection to the Earth in this reality.

Tâm: I have symptoms of anxiety whenever I go out (heavy breathing and sweating), but I know it wasn’t a normal mental illness. My grades suffered because of my lack of participation at school. I didn’t even have enough energy to do my homework and assignments.

Council: The anxiety and the school work is all in chaos right now, and so you must do this grounding to help yourself. And when you feel uncomfortable, know you’re picking up vibrations of things around you, and know that you are fine and you are safe, but you can use your mind to see things calming down, to imagine yourself feeling better.

And so it’s the discipline of learning how to work with this new energy that you’re allowing to come forward, and that will change in this reality, in this lifetime. And you’ll improve your meditations, you’ll improve the reality, and you’ll improve your schoolwork, but this takes time, it takes the grounding, and of course it takes knowing of who you are. You are spirit and you are opening up to more of what’s going on around you. And this is all a good thing.

Tâm: Luckily I was able to pull myself together recently and was able to enjoy my classes and come to them more often. However, my grades still suffered and I don’t know why. I tried thinking more positively, I had more joy doing school work, and I enjoyed my classes. I don’t run on deadlines anymore and I always plan out my work carefully. The process was looking great, but the result was still horrible.

Council: So you need to focus on being safe. That’s a big issue in your current reality, so that you are safe, you are grounded, and you see your grades becoming what you want them to be. You see yourself just pretending in your mind and feel what it would be like to have no stress around your grades, and you’re now connecting to the energy of the direction you want to go in. Instead of the chaos and instead of thinking: Why isn’t this working? Why am I doing this? Why am I doing that? Just think that you are safe. Think about how you want your grades to be. This is what you’re creating at this time. And you’ll see when you do this in a calm manner, it will begin to change. There will be ups and downs until you learn how to use this energy, but you’re capable of doing this.

Tâm: I’m majoring in Design. I know when it comes to things like Art, there’s no definite right way to do something to guarantee you get a good grade.

Council: And so connect with your higher self and say, “Let’s see what I can create. How will I use this to design, to imagine, to create things that I love.” And the big thing here is that you love it. Do not create things the way you feel other people would want it, or try to meet some idea of what you’re supposed to do. But just go easily and playfully into, let’s see what I can create. And in that calmness, and in that connecting with your higher self, it will become easier. And you’ll be surprised at the beautiful things you can create.

Tâm: It’s not like the normal testing with right and wrong answers.

Council: Exactly.

Tâm: My grades have been fluctuating from the highest to the lowest. It feels so random and I found no correlation. I don’t understand it. Sometimes I feel bad and I still get good grades. Other times I thought I was doing well and I got the worst kind of grades.

Council: So wouldn’t it be wonderful, when you feel bad and get good grades, to take a look at that and begin to question: Why do I feel bad? Look at this. I really can create good grades. I can create good feelings. And then when you feel good, you get grades that don’t make you happy, you can laugh at this and say, “Oh, I’m not focusing on what I really want to create. This is just a reminder and I can create it the way I want it.” This is your learning. This is the purpose that you’re going through this right now. Accept. Be playful. Nothing is so serious. You can change it with your focus, your thoughts, your feelings, and you’ll create what you want in this reality.

Tâm: What’s the point of upgrading my energy if I can’t figure out how to use it for good?

Council: But you will figure it out because you will focus on what you want. And you will understand when you get anxiety, it’s picking up the energy of things around you. It’s not you. And you can easily say, “Okay, I understand why this is happening, but I don’t need it at this point.” And you will be in control and it will change.

Tâm: What’s the point if I can’t apply this energy in my practical life? My mental well-being has been upgraded, but my physical environment efforts yield the same horrible ending.

Council: When your mental, emotional, and spiritual energy (which are all one and are all connected), when that changes to connecting with who you really are with understanding, the disappointment you go through is just a way to show yourself you’re not doing this right. This is not what I want. I must find another way. When you can accept that and learn from that (and that will happen over and over until you learn from that), you can change anything.

Tâm: I really need answers from The Council. What am I missing here? Are there still blockages in my energy or my mental thoughts?

Council: The blockages are in your mental thoughts, not in your energy. Your energy is fine. It’s now time for the discipline of working with your thoughts, thinking of things that bring you joy, and thinking of things the way you want them to be. But when you think of this, also remember to feel it as if you already have it. What does that feel like? And that’s how you create.

Tâm: Or am I not taking enough action in the physical world?

Council: Action in the physical world is not needed. It’s needed in your thoughts.

Tâm: I really want to get better grades. I want to show myself how capable I am and be surprised by my own abilities. I just want my life to be more stable.

The last two years have been so rough because my mood and energy just kept getting in my way of doing physical things. Now I finally have my energy back. Please tell me why I’m not seeing changes in my physical world yet.

Council: Because you haven’t changed your thoughts yet. But now you have information on sitting, meditating, being quiet, and just feeling the good energy of who you are. You’ve now learned how to ground every day. You can bring in energy from above your head and down through your body to bring you calmness and help to focus the way you want to focus. You are on the right track.

It makes us very happy to help your readers. It’s so much fun for us to give answers that help people move forward. That is our purpose right now.

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