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What Can I Do To Attract Funding To My Dream Business?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Wendy.

Wendy: I’ve been guided and reassured by The Council a handful of times and it seems I am in question once again. This time it refers to a subject that’s very new to me, which is the subject of creating my dream business. I’ve held onto this vision for 15+ years and it’s finally moving to fruition. Many times in my life I’ve begun something that excited me and quit before ever really getting started, and I’m afraid of repeating that pattern. And I’d like to know if The Council sees this business becoming a reality?

Council: Yes, it is a pattern. And it’s the pattern to stop you from realizing how powerful you are, which many are learning in this reality, and that you can have what you want. And even if you get close there’s always that doubt, that fear that comes up that makes you think your business would fail or you can’t have that.

And that’s just something you need to turn around with your thoughts, with your focus, and acknowledge, yes, I am afraid, yes, I do sometimes think that it will not work, but I know better. I am a spirit. I am the creator in my life. I can have what I want, and this time I will have it because I know how to do it. I know how to have the image. I know how to feel that it’s already mine. And that’s how I’ll do it.

Wendy: I’m well into the process of building this business, and still every day I catch myself turning to distractions, or doing the minimum of what needs to be done.

Council: It’s that same pattern of fear.

Wendy: I’m at the stage where I’m in need of a large sum of money to really make this happen, and I think the fear of not finding the funds is causing me to drag my feet.

Council: And that’s what stops you from finding the funds. You can go the way of finding backers, you can go to a bank, and you can get little loans from those that believe in you. You can start small. You don’t need a huge sum of money in the beginning, but be grateful for whatever you can have and work with that. When you’re grateful and work with what you have, and love what you have, the universe will go out of its way to give you more.

So don’t let the amount of money you need, or things that can get in the way, don’t let that stop you. But acknowledge these fears and these thoughts and turn your situation around. I will get this off the ground. I will find the right people that will help me get this business off the ground. And by knowing that, and seeing it, and feeling it – and we will underline the word, feeling, many times – feel it, feel it like you already have it. Feel it in your heart how happy you are with this business. And that’s how you create.

Wendy: I deeply believe in this business and this path, and I feel its success. Yet I struggle to accept that I’m capable and worthy of doing something so big. I’ve spoken with many logical brain professionals who tend to caution me against that which I seek, specifically financial, and how much I can handle.

Council: No one can tell you what you can handle. You can jump right in there and decide whatever comes along, I will handle it. So these people are playing the role of feeding you with some fear to help you overcome it.

Wendy: I’ve never done anything like this before, and yet I know this is my highest calling.

Council: Excellent.

Wendy: I’d love to ask The Council: How can I shift my mindset, and what I might be able to do to call this business and the needed financing toward me?

Council: Meditate on it. Constantly see it, constantly feel it, and expect something wonderful to happen every day. The answer is coming. This is wonderful. I’m on my way. I have a brand-new business. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m living the life that I want. And that’s how you change it.

Wendy: I’d also like to know if The Council is able to see if I’m meant to take a conventional route or seek out alternative funding.

Council: We’d say try both. And the one you believe in the most is the one that you will create. Try both. Try everything. Any idea that comes into your head, even if it sounds silly or it doesn’t make sense, if the idea comes to you, it’s coming for a reason. And it’s probably coming because you want to try many ways. And then you want to succeed. And be thrilled that you finally succeed, that you found a way with persistence. And that is important for you – with persistence. Without giving up you can make this happen.

Wendy: Any and all guidance is welcome. I thank you for your time and wish you all so well.

Council: We wish you happiness on your path, and the power to do this, and fun. Get in the spirit of fun and excitement, like a little child. I’m going to have this business. I’m going to make it. I don’t have to know how, but it’s coming. It’s there for me. I am the creator.

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