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Reincarnation, Part 1 – All Past Lives are Present Lives

This post is the first part of a response to two thought-provoking questions on reincarnation and past lives, one from Bari and one from Rachael, and an inspired second question from Bari about the impact our thoughts and feelings can have on other people’s lives.

Bari’s Question

Bari has heard the popular spirit guide, Abraham, say that past lives don’t impact our current life. Bari finds this unexpected and asks The Council’s views on this subject.

“We like that she believes in reincarnation because that at least let’s us know that you [Bari] know that you are not just here one time and your life is over, as many people do believe.”

“When you understand that you are truly spirit in a physical body that continues to take many different forms and there is no end to what you call life, then you are open to learning many new thoughts [and] many new beliefs about these many, many lives, and that you truly do never die.”

–The Council (similarly formatted text below indicates quotations from The Council)

I asked The Council if they think that people who believe in reincarnation and past lives will automatically also believe they are spirit in a physical body.

“We believe that they know that they are more than this body because: what is coming back in each additional life? And so when you know that this shell, this body, this vehicle that you travel around in – when that expires there is still you – and that is the part of you that we urge you to get in touch with.”

All of Your Lives are Present Lives

“All of your lives are present lives. They are all going on at the same time. And you may wonder: how is this possible?

“If you have been following the teachings, you know that there is the greater part of you that is always in spirit. And little sparks of yourself break off and come into different lives to have many different experiences.

“You put yourself in many different bodies, you have many different personalities, and [you have] many different time periods in your world – and there is only time in your world, not in what we call the non-physical.

“These different realities and these different times only exist in the physical. You are One [consciousness] when you are in the non-physical.

“And so all of these different parts of you are alive and functioning and living at this moment.

“From time to time you may experience a ‘past’ life. It is because you choose to link your consciousness up with that particular life. It is the choice of your consciousness where to look.

“You are very conscious. This part of you that we are speaking to in this particular life has the ability to link up with any other life that you are experiencing, whether it be in dreams, or in a meditation, or even in imagination.

“Is there any further question when we say they are all going on, all parts of you are alive in many different lives?”

I asked: Are the differences in time that we experience (as human beings) perceived by us (as spiritual beings) as differences in vibration? And can we (as spiritual beings) tune in to these differences in vibration similar to the way we (as human beings) can tune in to different television programs that are being broadcast at the same time?

The Council replied that this is exactly the way it is.

The idea of living separate simultaneous physical lifetimes got me wondering if it might be analogous to characters in a TV drama on one channel that are unaware of the characters on other shows at the same time on other channels. I mentioned this to The Council and they said:

“Yes, but as we expand and our knowledge grows, we begin to realize there are other channels. And sometimes we begin to wonder what is on this other channel.”

Using Resources from Your Other Lives in Your ‘Current’ Lifetime

When I asked The Council to comment on what seems to Bari like Abraham’s de-emphasis of “past” lifetimes, The Council expressed some views on the advantages of tapping in to what is experienced in other lifetimes.

“Because we are all One, and many parts of you that are experiencing other lives are still part of the One you are in this present life, many times you will be aware of a problem or something that you are experiencing now, and of course the larger part of you knows that you’ve experienced it before.

“And so with this knowledge you can tap into this other lifetime. The non-physical will allow you to tap into this other lifetime to perhaps get the answer you are looking for or to get the help you are looking for because you are experiencing something similar now.

“Also if there is a talent that you’ve had in another lifetime and you are somehow on that same path here and you need to remember doing it before (or as we should say, now) you can have the ability to connect with that other part of you.

“And so the larger part of you that’s in spirit knows you are here in 2012 and also [for example] experiencing another life in 1402 and another life in 30 BC. And as you are experiencing something similar, and perhaps being stuck or needing guidance from it, your higher self will connect with the other part of you that has experienced [it] and you will get the information you need in a meditation, in a regression, in a dream, to help you in this part of your life.

“So a past life does not control what you are going through now. It is always a new experience you are having in the now. But you do have the ability to remember and to learn from something you consider you have gone through in the past.”

Cynthia and I like that The Council emphasizes the ability to tap into personal resources that are available in other lifetimes. It often seems people’s interest in ‘past’ lives involves looking for experiences that explain what’s holding them back in this life. It’s reassuring to hear the suggestion to look for ‘past’ life experiences that help us with our expansion in this lifetime.

Focus Primarily on Your ‘Present’ Lifetime and Moving Forward

I asked if The Council thinks Abraham may minimize the influence of “past” life experiences in order to emphasize the importance of what we consider our current life.

“It is very important to be in the present life where your consciousness – that part of spirit – is right now. But yet every part of you [in all lifetimes] can say, ‘I am in the right now, in the moment.’ Your life in the 1600s, to that part of you, is the now. So you are always in the now. It is [a question of] what part of your consciousness you are tuned into.

“So in another lifetime in another year, say 1600s, that is your point of power, what you are experiencing there. And as you focus on this lifetime in 2012, this is your point of power. Each life you live is your point of power. But as you expand and you realize who you truly are and the many things you can do all at one time, you will become more powerful and more knowledgeable of your power of manifestation.

I tried one more time to get The Council to directly comment on Abraham’s teaching: “So do you have an opinion on whether Abraham is minimizing or suggesting we not pay so much attention to other lives so that we can focus more on the choices we can make in this lifetime?”

“Yes. We suggest it is more important to concentrate or to focus more on this present lifetime – in the lifetime you are experiencing in this particular body. You put your focus on this lifetime, and that is your point of power, your free will of what you choose, and what you don’t choose.

“And when it is needed, your higher self will allow little pieces of other lives to come in to assist you in this particular life. But the focus should be on this life and moving forward and expanding.”

As I began to move on to asking The Council about Rachel’s question, they re-emphasized with the following comments: 1) the importance of making our current physical life our primary focus, and 2) our ability to access resources in other lifetimes.

“Do you understand the physical life you are living, the physical life you are having in the experience of Bob, the decisions you make, the situations you are in – your power, your growth comes from focusing on the now? Occasionally it is very helpful to look into these other lifetimes to perhaps get an answer, but because you are consciously in the body of Bob in this present (so to speak) lifetime, this is where your focus should be.

“There are other times: if someone wants to be a singer and it is a dream and they don’t think they can do it, and they dabble around and they do some regression or they have dream memories because it is their desire to be a singer. And all of a sudden they see it and they feel that they have been a singer in another life. That memory sometimes helps them say, “Well I’ve done this before so I can experience this again. I can sing. I do have this talent within me. And so it helps them to move on. And that is how what you consider past lives helps in the present.”

This concludes the part of our session specifically focused on Bari’s question about the influence of ‘past’ lifetimes on what we think of as our current lifetime. Cynthia and I are excited about the information we received in this session and in the interest of getting it to readers as quickly as possible we decided to divide our session with The Council into multiple posts.

In Part 2 of this series we will begin with Rachael’s powerful reincarnation question about the purpose of incarnating in a physical body and having a physical experience. In this part of our session The Council picks up where they left off with Bari’s reincarnation question and goes further into this subject.

As excited as we are about the information in this first post in the series, we are at least as excited about The Council’s response to Rachel’s question and we deeply appreciate how Bari’s and Rachael’s desire for this information brought it through. We will  do our best to post the information from the rest of this as quickly as possible.

Let Us Know What You Think

As always, we hope you’ve benefited from the information in this post and we’d love to know what you think of this material. Look for a Comment box or a Comment link below this post and feel free to let us know if you have questions about ideas mentioned in this post, ideas in other posts, or topics we haven’t written about yet. We look forward to hearing from you.

“Do you understand the physical life you are living, the physical life you are having in the experience of Bob, the decisions you make, the situations you are in – your power, your growth comes from focusing on the now? Occasionally it is very helpful to look into these other lifetimes to perhaps get an answer, but because you are consciously in the body of Bob in this present (so to speak) lifetime, this is where your focus should be.

“There are other times: if someone wants to be a singer and it is a dream and they don’t think they can do it, and they dabble around and they do some regression or they have dream memories because it is their desire to be a singer. And all of a sudden they see it and they feel that they have been a singer in another life. That memory sometimes helps them say, “Well I’ve done this before so I can experience this again. I can sing. I do have this talent within me. And so it helps them to move on. And that is how what you consider past lives helps in the present.

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  1. Interesting question, Jan. We’ll ask The Council about the inconsistencies you experience between autistic spectrum people and non-autistic spectrum people, and about the guidance you received that your friend elected to incarnate in three similar but distinct realities at the same time as soon as we have time and we’ll post an audio recording of their response as soon as it’s ready. We’re looking forward to hearing what The Council has to say. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | October 25, 2019

  2. Hi Bob, Cynthia and The Council,

    I would like to ask a question. In my many years observing friends and pupils on the autistic spectrum, or otherwise ‘differently ordered’ (I hate the term ‘disordered’) I have noticed features such as:
    – sudden disorientation and panic for no observable reason,
    – sudden personality changes – moving from outgoing and friendly to very insular for periods ranging from a few days to many months,
    – memory lapses in some areas but highly detailed memory of other events,
    – extreme desire for anything predictable and unchanging, which seems to comfort them,
    – levels of psychic ability beyond that of most other people.

    Many years ago, The Council suggested that when a close friend of mine on the autistic spectrum becomes insular and uncommunicative for a spell, I would be able to reach him telepathically. I have been doing this, but as we communicate there are often inconsistencies between his experience and memory of events and mine, and between his behaviour and that of his physical persona. (E.g. he will tell me he has posted a letter, but it doesn’t materialise.)

    I asked my Spirit Guides for guidance on this and was told that when he was planning his current incarnation, my friend (like many differently ordered people) elected to incarnate in three very similar but distinct realities at the same time. In these, the major life events and timeline would be the same but certain aspects of his personality and that of certain other key people in his life would vary. I am told that he moves between these three realities in an involuntary fashion, which is what he had planned to do in spirit, as it would expand his experience greatly, although be very challenging to himself and those around him.

    I’m having real difficulty understanding this, or even believing it, although it does offer an explanation for much of the behaviour I outlined above. I’d really value The Council’s comments on this.

    With very best wishes and kind regards to you all,

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by janonlife | October 25, 2019

  3. Hi Michael,
    We agree with you that the connection human beings have with spirit guides like Seth, Elias, Abraham, The Council, etc. are a blessing, and that the similarities in their guidance are encouraging and validating. Even more encouraging for us is the idea that every human being is also an eternal spiritual being and each of us is blessed with an always present connection to spirit. We look forward to your additional impressions as you become more familiar with the blog.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | February 16, 2013

  4. I’ve just discovered this site and I will be investigating it further. We are truly blessed, that such connections exist. There have been and are others similar of course. (Seth, Elias, Abraham etc) All these sources, tell us – in their own unique way – a broadly similar range of truths about our lives and the meaning of existence. I’ve read a lot of such communications, and The Council seem to be expressing the same truths. For me its validating that they all do express a similar picture of reality!



    Comment by Michael | February 15, 2013

  5. Hi Bobby,
    It sounds to us like your question has plenty of relevance to what this blog is about. Since it can take a week or longer before there’s time to have a session with The Council and publish a post about their answers to your question, we thought it might be helpful to reply to your comment with some ideas based on our understanding of what The Council has been telling us.

    It’s our understanding that spirit (spiritual beings, non-physical beings/consciousness, etc.) is available at all times to all human beings for whatever reason we desire. It seems to us your ability to experience this is a function of your energy, availability, and allowing; we are being taught each of us is the creator of our experience.

    It doesn’t seem to us it takes much “effort” for non-physical beings to communicate with human beings. Our ability to receive these communications seems to depend on our willingness to be what Abraham calls a ‘vibrational match’ to the energy frequencies these communications are transmitted on. It also seems to us a reputable medium/psychic’s ability to provide clear, relevant information/guidance doesn’t necessarily mean they are open to receiving the communication you desire from specific non-physical beings.

    It seems likely to us there are plenty of non-physical beings you are acquainted with who are not only willing to offer you a ‘shout out’, but they are continually communicating with you in many different ways and they are waiting for you to step forward in vibration in order to experience this.

    It’s our guess The Council would say Osama Bin Ladin was spirit when he was in a physical body, he’s now spirit no longer in that body, and like all non-physical beings, this spirit is available for all human beings to communicate with when they are a vibrational match. The Council might also add we’re more likely to experience our connection with spirit when we look inside ourselves rather than ‘out there’.

    Thank you for the suggestion to make it easier to post a question on our blog. We’ll do what we can as time permits, but it’ll probably have to wait until after we post The Council’s answer to your question.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | May 4, 2012

  6. Hey there, Bob, Cynthia and Council. I’m new to this site, but not necessarily new to the ideas that are imparted here by the Council. I am very happy to see these types of dicussions taking place as I believe it’s important for all of us to reach beyond what we know (or we believe we know) towards the larger picture and towards our ultimate connection with each other and with Spirit. I’m not sure if my question(s) have relevance to your forum, but I’ll put it out there and see what you think. It is my understanding that Spirit (or portions of each soul) are at times available to us here on Earth when we want signs, information, a “visit”, if you will. I find it curious though, that in the past when i’ve had sessions with Mediums/psychics/sensitives, my wish/want to have a visit or get information from specific relatives does not seem to manifest. I’m aware that it likely takes a certain amount of energy for Spirit to “show up” in a session, but I have questions as to why some seem able/available while others make no ‘effort’ to so much as send information to us? I have visited with more than a few reputable mediums/pscyhics who have given me very clear, relevant information/guidance so I am fairly certain it is not the person(s) “translating” the information in my situation. And, I have most definitely had my fair share of crisis in my life well worthy of someone stepping in and sending me a shout out. But, if Spirit is sort of out there willing and waiting to communicate in one form or another, why is it only some want to step forward? This notion also begs the question of at what time (if ever) is Spirit that has left this realm available to us here for information? For example, Osama Bin Ladin recently left our planet…is he going to be a Spirit out there that someone, anyone, can speak with? As you can see, I’m trying to sort some of this out and therefore am very interested in what the Council has to say. Thank you for considering my question(s).
    P.S. Though I like your site, you may want to make it a bit easier for folks like me to easily find the area where you can enter questions. It took me quite some time to figure out a place to write my question (actually, I’m still not sure if this is the place for questions or just comments on past posts).Just a thought…


    Comment by Anonymous | May 3, 2012

  7. Bari,
    Thank you for your comment and your thought-provoking questions. Your powerful desire to broaden your perspective in the area of other lives/realities, and your desire to expand your abilities as a deliberate creator in a relationship, have given The Council a wonderful opportunity to share their point of view on these important subjects. I like to imagine many readers will benefit from The Council’s guidance inspired by your questions. I know we already have.

    We’re working on The Council’s response to Rachael’s question on reincarnation and we hope to post it quickly. After that we plan to publish a post with The Council’s response to your question about the influence our thoughts and feelings can have on other people’s experience. We look forward to any comments you feel inspired to write about these upcoming posts, and to new questions for The Council you feel inspired to ask.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | April 24, 2012

  8. Thank you, Council (Bob and Cynthia)!
    Thank you, so very much for the enlightening information in response to my questions about past live/reincarnation. I love hearing what the Council has to say and teach me/us about the value of, and the possibility to, utilize other lives and other experiences as clues/tools/gems for our current existence. I feel grateful that we have “access” to Council and their ever valuable lessons and guidance. I actually feel lucky that I “believe” in past lives and that I can “hear” Council’s teachings as it seems so helpful to know that we are Spirit that never expires and that we always have the ability to tap into other parts of ourselves (past, and I suppose, future) if we so choose. It makes me smile knowing that there is so much more than just the here and now…and…that we can take the here and now and make it what we want by using the power (imagination, meditation, regression, memory) within us. I”m excited to hear more!!!
    Much love and light,


    Comment by Anonymous | April 24, 2012

  9. Hi, KD.
    We’re glad you got a lot from this post. One of the things we got from this recent session with The Council is that even if we have other lifetimes where we experience a lot of fear and mistrust in people, it’s probable we also have other lifetimes where the opposite is the case, and it’s our choice whether to focus on the lifetime that has what we don’t want or the lifetime that has what we do want.

    Leaning to be grateful and to view people in a positive way and to appreciate them is a wonderful achievement. The Council says we contribute to everyone’s expansion and the expansion of all that is when we do things like this.

    Thank you for sharing.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | April 22, 2012

  10. I got a lot from this. Thank you for sharing it very much! I very much believe in reincarnation and I also believe that I have learned lessons from my past lives in this life. I believe I have had a lot of fear and misturst in people in past lives and that came forward in this life. I learned how to cope and recognize when I feel that feeling again. I learned to understand that some of or most of the fear is “perceived fear “and it has no merit in this life. I also learned to be grateful for and to view people in a positive way. When I feel good about people, I raise my vibrational level. So instead of getting upset by something someone says or does, I now try to think of reasons that that person is good or ways that I appreciate them.


    Comment by Anonymous | April 22, 2012

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