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Is Mom’s Dog, Waylon, Our Deceased Dog, Papi?

This post answers questions for a reader named, Virgo Rising.

Virgo Rising: A few months ago I asked The Council about my deceased dog, Papi, and whether or not he’d reincarnate again to either me or my Mom. You confirmed that he’s come back to my Mom before, and that my Mom’s childhood dog, Tippy, was Papi’s spirit. But you didn’t know what his current plans were, and if he was going to come back to either of us again.

Council: At this time he won’t return to you. There’s a new dog in this environment. These little souls are trying to teach you what you wanted, which was to see love everywhere.

It’s wonderful to think or hope that when a dog comes it’s a reincarnation of another dog we’ve had. But what you’re not seeing here is that it doesn’t have to be a reincarnation for a dog to be loving and to have similar personalities. The lesson for these dogs is to bring love in. They want to be accepted for the way they are.

There are new animal spirits that want to come to you and your mother and be part of your lives. And they want to teach you to open up and to love other animals that you haven’t had before. Love is a great thing. These animals are here to teach you to love who they are and to know they’re different. Isn’t it wonderful to have more spirits come to you? Animals that want to be loved, want to teach you to love, and there doesn’t have to be any ties to them being with you before.

Virgo: Since I asked that question about Papi, my Mom got a new puppy named, Waylon. She swears that Waylon is either Papi or another dog she had in her current lifetime because of the strong connection she has with him. I’m not as convinced this puppy is Papi reincarnated because Waylon’s personality is nothing like Papi’s personality.

Council: Sometimes when a dog comes back they have completely different personalities, but we would say this is not Papi reincarnated. Waylon is brand new to you and your mother.

Virgo: My Mom says she thinks it could be Papi though because Tippy and Papi’s personalities were different, yet they ended up being the same spirit.

Council: Can you love animals with different personalities? They don’t have to be the same. Can you give love to new spirit animals that come to you? That’s the choice. That’s the lesson here.

Virgo: My question is: Is Waylon, Papi reincarnated.

Bob: And you said he’s not.

Council: Correct.

Virgo: And if he’s Papi, does he remember the life he had before with me and my Mom when he was Papi? Or do dogs lose their memories of their previous lives when they incarnate the same way humans do?

Council: When some animals come back to families, they remember. The bond is so strong that the human spirit and the animal spirit will choose to experience each other again. But like humans, many animals just come in, and they come in with love, to show love, and to receive love.

Virgo: If Wayon isn’t Papi, is he another dog or pet that either of us knows from this lifetime?

Council: (laughing) No, he’s not Papi. Waylon is new. Show him love.

Virgo: If Waylon’s not Papi, is there a way to manifest Papi reincarnating again because both of us miss him very much?

Council: Focus on the new spirit. With your mind you can put it out there that past dogs would come back, but that’s not what you wished to do in this lifetime. There are so many animals that need homes and that need love. Can you appreciate what you had in these past animals that you’ve had and allow them to move on? Perhaps they can become more than an animal if that’s where they are.

Can you open your heart to the new ones? This is all about growth. This is all about expanding the love. It’s always good to give a home to an animal that needs it. It’s good for you. The animal will bring out many positive things in you. And it’s certainly good for the dog. The lesson here is expansion.

You don’t need to go backward. You need to move forward. Expand the love to other souls. The animals you’ve had in the past will be around you. They never go far. The lesson here is to expand.

Virgo: It’s weird, but I almost feel like Papi is more than an animal. I feel like he’s part of me and my Mom’s soul group. I even had a dream once where a guide told me Papi was part of my oversoul. I don’t know if that’s true or not. Maybe I interpreted the dream the wrong way, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he was because he never felt like just an animal. He feels more like a human, as crazy and ridiculous as that sounds.

Council: At this point focus on the future. Focus on moving forward. Focus on expanding. The love you’ve received from these animals before is still with you, and they are still with you.

What you need to understand is these little souls want you to move forward and want you to help other little souls that come to you. That is your purpose. Your purpose was to experience strong connections and strong feelings of love. Now pass it on.

There was a movie named, Pay It Forward. Take what you’ve received and now look for others that need your love. Pay it forward.

And so we send you blessings in every area that you need them. And we remind you that you all are a blessing in your current reality.

Listen to the entire 8-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Virgo Rising and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it. You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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I’m Looking for Help with Spirit Guides

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, PeaceLoveSirius, who says, I’ve been seeing things outside our conscious realm. I can hear vibrations at this point. When someone’s angry I can hear not only the words, but I can sense the vibration change. As far as seeing is concerned I used to see shadows, but I’m beginning to sense presences, especially at night.

The Council says all of your senses are expanding. You’re becoming more open and enlightened. When you can hear things that others can’t, when you can see things that others can’t, when you can feel things that others can’t, you’re on the right track. You are expanding yourself to learn more from this.

PeaceLoveSirius says, Also I sometimes see light figurines. For the first time in my life I saw a light shape that looked like an animal. The Council says this is part of the expansion. You’re beginning to see into the spirit world. Many times you’d see shadows, you’d see bright lights, you’d see lights in the shape of a human or animal form, and this is your third eye opening more. It’s a wonderful journey that you’re on.

PeaceLoveSirius says, Just so it’s clear, I don’t consume any alcohol and I don’t do any kind of drugs that are making me hallucinate. These are all genuine experiences I’m having. At this point I think I’m starting to open up and would like a guide that can help me on this journey. There are lots of unknowns here and I’d sincerely welcome a guide that can help me develop further in this area and help me progress and serve humanity better.

The Council says before you came into your current reality you spoke with guides that you’ve worked with before. There’s always one guide that will always be with you in your current life. There are other guides that will come in and out of your life to help you according to the help you need. You always have guides around you. It’s up to you to ask for help. It’s up to you to sit and meditate and connect with these guides so you can see them, hear them, and know what they’re trying to teach you. This is where you are right now. You’re never alone.

In a meditation you can tell your guides you’d like to see them and know they’re around. Ask a question. Show me an answer. Give me signs. Talk to these guides, these angels, these teachers, these masters that are there to help you. It’s up to you to ask. Find the time to meditate so you can connect with them. Once you’re connected you’ll know for sure you’re never alone.

The Council says besides PeaceLoveSirius’s primary guide there have been many other guides who’ve been in and out of their life. All you have to do is ask your guides to help you. Sometimes you feel you need the name of your guides and you can ask them for it. In time you may hear a word, you may get a feeling your guide’s name is Peter or Mary. Your guide will give you a name if that’s what you need to connect with them. Talk to your guides every day and night as if they were right in front of you, because they are. They’re right there next to you.

PeaceLoveSirius asks if their guide will be from the spirit world or will they be in my physical world as a friend or mentor? The Council says this is where you create. There will always be spirits from the spirit world around you and helping you. If you need a guide in your physical reality, then it’s up to you to create that with your thoughts. You can meet someone and they’re interested in what you’re interested in and they can teach you what they know. You can go back and forth where you teach each other. If you need a teacher or a guide in the physical world, then start imagining that person appears in your life. Imagine you meet someone and you learn a lot from them. If this is what you want, see it, believe it, feel it, and you’ll bring this person into your life. You are the creator.

The Council advises PeaceLoveSirius to meditate and speak to your guides before you go to sleep and in the morning as if they were in front of you and you can see them.

PeaceLoveSirius says, Because of past life situations I have fear that I’m trying to overcome which makes it more difficult to make progress. This is why I’d like to know if there’s a spiritual guide for me in this lifetime.

The Council closes by telling PeaceLoveSirius to have fun on this journey. You’re progressing very nicely.

Listen to the entire 8-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for PeaceLoveSirius and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it. Or you can ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear toward the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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When You Serve

“It is automatic when you serve,
when you extend yourself to help others,
it is an automatic reward to the one extending this help,
but not where you would question,
‘What is in this for me?’

“It is a true feeling of love from the heart,
to be of service with no prize, with no return.
And yet there always is the prize,
[there is] the return.”

“It is the helping with no thought of your reward.
It is just the helping.”

“Your vibration grows,
your heart expands.”

“There is more and more understanding
[that] comes into the consciousness.”

“It is law.”

–The Council (Excerpt from 2-14-2010 session)

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When a Loved One Unexpectedly Departs Physical Reality

This post is inspired by a request from Kali, who writes that her partner (father of her two young sons) didn’t physically survive a car crash a couple months ago. She adds that she can’t accept he’s gone, her pain is unbearable, she’s desperately trying to develop herself spiritually so she can connect with the love of her life, and she’d appreciate any guidance The Council can offer.

Do You Believe You are Spirit in a Physical Body?

On November 11, 2013 we did a session with The Council to see if we could get the guidance Kali requested. The Council began this session with the following comments:

“Well first we want to say he [Kali’s partner] hasn’t gone anywhere, he is just out of his physical body.

“You are stating you are desperate and trying to develop spiritually, so first we ask you to meditate on this question: Do you believe you are a spirit here, operating in this physical body? Because that is who you truly are.

“And spirit – which is light and energy – never dies; we transition. We choose to create physical bodies to come into this environment and when we are done, we leave the physical body. But there is no dying; there is no end to spirit. Is that understood?”

—The Council Continue reading

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The Human-Spirit Relationship and Free Will


This post is inspired by a question from a reader named Jose, who has read in some of our blog posts (links at the end of this post) that humans are spiritual beings in a physical body, and that spirit sometimes chooses to have human experiences that we (as humans) find undesirable. Jose wants to know how it’s possible for humans to have free will to choose our human desires, if who we are as spirit is choosing human experiences that feel unwanted from our human point of view.

Lots of people have become interested in the spiritual teaching that you are the creator of what you experience, which has been around a while and has become more popular through the teachings of Abraham and other spiritual teachers. Jose’s question suggests he’s aware of lots of things in his human experience he doesn’t want, and after reading in our posts that who you are as spirit sometimes creates human experiences that feel unwanted from your human point of view, he came to the troubling conclusion that spirit is preventing him from having more of the human experiences he desires.

Topics Covered in this Post

Even if you don’t believe spirit is keeping you from manifesting more of what you desire in your life, and you’re not particularly interested in the subject of free will, if you’re interested in ideas to help you feel an increased level of well-being in your human experience, we’re finding the information and guidance from The Council in response to Jose’s question has been a big step for us in that direction. Topics covered in our sessions on Jose’s question and in this post include:

  1. The relationship between who you are as a spiritual being and who you are as a human being.
  2. Why the spiritual part of you might desire to have human experiences in a physical reality.
  3. Why the spiritual part of you might desire to have human experiences that feel undesirable to you as a human being.
  4. The validity of your human free will to choose your human desires, even if who you are as spirit is choosing to have different human experiences.
  5. Why you may be having difficulty manifesting your human desires in your physical experience.

Nothing Going On That Spirit Hasn’t Planned For

The Council began our first session on Jose’s questions by emphasizing there isn’t any separation between spirit and human.

“The spirit works through the body it [spirit] has created.

“So there is nothing that is going on that the body wants, that the spirit hasn’t planned for.

“Is that understood? It is all one – the mind, the body, and the spirit – it is all one.”

–The Council
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Feeling Your Way to Manifesting What You Desire

The following is a message The Council delivered to a small group on July 19, 2011 prior to taking questions from participants. Before the session with The Council the group had been discussing the subject of manifesting desires. Headings have been added for emphasis.

“And so we notice tonight the topic was all of the desires that each of us have. And we would just like to tell you that before you came into this physical reality, you knew you had the ability to create anything you desired. If you have the desire, it’s there for you.

Feel Your Way There

“What we always wish to let you know is that you are so much more than a physical body. You are spirit on this journey in a physical world. You are very powerful, and the way to create, to manifest your desires, is to feel your way there.

“It is wonderful to see it, to imagine it, but what brings it in is that feeling. Every part of your body, every cell in your body understands, and as you have those desires and feel your way there, the universe will line up all the opportunities to help you create whatever it is that you want – and we do say – whatever it is that you want.

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Abortion, Loss, Reincarnation, Life, Love, Expansion – Beth’s Story: A Spiritual Perspective

This post describes a session with The Council in response to the comment and questions below from Beth on the subject of abortion. The session is full of thought-provoking ideas on lots of different subjects of interest to many people in addition to Beth. Particularly interesting to us is light that The Council sheds on how our spirit’s intentions often manifest in surprising and unexpected ways in our human experience.

Ordinarily we like to offer a sort of running commentary in these posts if we feel it can add some clarity to something The Council says during a session, but it seemed to make this post too long and wordy. It also seemed to place more emphasis on understanding what The Council is saying rather than on appreciating the feeling of the energy offered by The Council and spirit in response to Beth’s questions. More and more we are learning from The Council that what’s important about spiritual understanding is that it’s a focus of attention that allows you to feel in your physical experience more of the love you are as a spiritual being.

As you read through the post, see if you can feel the energy of this session resonating with your spirit. If a clear understanding doesn’t come right away, be patient with yourself and let your connection to who you are as a spiritual being shed light on the material presented here. Give yourself some time. You are always welcome to use the Comment section following the post to ask a question about this material and we’ll do our best to reply.

Beth’s Comment and Questions

“I have a question about abortions as it relates to the Soul and the Soul’s agreement…the Soul of the child, specifically.

“You see I have unfortunately had to make the decision (twice) in my life to terminate what I perceived as ‘untimely’ pregnancies.

“I have a lot of guilt around these decisions, not because of any religious reasons, but more because I am not sure what I did was the right decision for my life’s path.

“Also, I often feel sad wondering how those two Souls (or maybe it was the same Soul) feel/felt that I chose to terminate their little lives.

“I fully believe that those Souls made some type of agreement with me, but I’m wondering if you could shed light on what those agreements may have been.

“Did those little Souls know that they would play this role?

“Is it the same Soul trying to come back in?

“Would I be able to find out more about them, and who they might have become had I chosen differently?

“If we come back in similar Soul groups, could this Soul have been one that I also lost in a previous life (I believe I was pregnant when drowned)?

“I realize that these are many questions, not one, but I am grateful for your input.”


You Can Not Stop Life

Reading Beth’s comment and questions to The Council at the beginning of the session, they were quick to comment at the end of her first sentence.

“We really want to laugh here… the word abortion… what does it mean?

“Abort… Stop… Stop life?

“You can not stop life.

“It is all in choosing, and agreements, and experiences.

“And so we just wanted to add that in there.

“Beth did not stop a life… did not cut a life short… everything went as planned.”

–The Council
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Choose Uplifting and Loving Words

As you converse with one another,
remember we are all spirits.

Do you choose words
that are uplifting and loving?

As you do this
there is expansion for all involved,
the speaker and the listener.

—The Council

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What Is Spirit Up To?

This post is the last in a series of 4 posts published to answer 4 interesting questions for The Council from a reader named Jose, who wants to know:

“Why would I, as the one consciousness, seek expansion in incarnating as millions of people living in shanty towns in Brazil, and all countries around the world, through multiple decades?”

At this point, The Council interjected, seemingly rhetorically:

“Yes, why would you?”

Jose’s question continues:

“Isn’t one generation good enough? Isn’t it time to move on, as all the lessons in that kind of environment have been learned?”

And The Council replied:

“Apparently if you create this over and over, all the lessons you want to learn are not done. No one is making you go through this again and again.

“Perhaps you went through it to experience the poverty. Perhaps you go in at another time as someone who can help the ones that are experiencing poverty. Perhaps you bring aid to these people, you build houses for these people, you educate these people.

“So each time you go in there, even if you experience the poverty yourself, maybe you are helping the people around you by the way you handle it.

“But if you are creating this over and over – and no one else but you [is] creating this – then there is something more that you feel you need to experience, to change, to help, and bring that love in.”

—The Council
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Future Lives, Connecting with Famous ‘Dead’ People, & the Importance of the Present

This post describes part of a session with The Council inspired by a question from Jose about how the past, present, and future all happen at the same time. Topics addressed include:

  1. Jose’s question: Why does The Council sometimes refer to ‘past’ lives when they say at other times the past, the present, and the future are all happening at the same time?
  2. Future lives
  3. The connection all human beings have to the creative genius of any human being who has ever lived, and your ability to access this creativity.
  4. The importance of your ability to choose
  5. The importance of the present moment
  6. Karma

Continue reading

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You Are Never Finished

Expansion is never finished.

Expansion of body, mind, and spirit
is never completed.

are never finished.

—The Council

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Every Question is Important

This is the first of several posts describing a 1-hour session with The Council on Saturday, March 30, 2013 to answer recent questions from Jose, Michelle, and D.

Jose’s Question #4

We began the session with Michelle’s question about whether to move to Barnstaple, Devon or Glastonbury (both in England), and when I (Bob) was about to ask The Council D’s question about what she describes as a broken soul contract, The Council interrupted:

“There is a number 4 that we keep seeing; what is that, Bob?”

—The Council
(This formatting throughout the post represents The Council’s comments during our session. Text [in brackets] in these quotations has been added to improve readability and clarity when this seems useful.)

I explained that we have four very interesting questions from Jose and that we answered his first 3 questions based on our understanding of The Council’s teachings because they seemed related to guidance we’ve written about in other posts. It was our intention to ask The Council about Jose’s fourth question in this session and when they asked about a number 4, I assumed they were referring to the Jose’s fourth question. I asked if they’d like me to read Jose’s fourth question to them and they said, “Yes.”

Jose’s Question #4: “If we come to this incarnation to have fun and remember who we really are, why do most people, if not all, fail at this attempt?”

Click here to read the rest of this post→

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Jan & Will’s Telepathic Communication

This post is inspired by a question from Jan about an important friendship with a former student named Will who became like a son to her when his mother passed away. Jan describes feeling a spiritual connection with Will and believes that as spirits before they were born into this lifetime they planned to be in each other’s human lives.

But as Will developed from a child with autism into a young adult he proceeded to withdraw from friends, family, and finally Jan, to the point where she hasn’t heard from him in over a year and hasn’t seen him in three years. After reading one of our blog posts describing The Council’s advice to a reader experiencing a similar separation from her biological twin brother of 70+ years, Jan asked The Council for their view of her friendship with Will.

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Why You Are Here

You are constantly given the opportunity to expand.

When you extend yourself
to help or comfort another,
you grow.

It is why you came.

You came
to extend the vibration of love
from spirit to physical.

When someone is in pain
and you can help them find relief,
you grow.

When someone has tears
And you help them find joy,
You grow.

When someone is depressed
and you help them find hope,
you grow.

When someone is lost
and you help them find their way,
you grow.

It is in extending your hands and hearts
that you grow.

There is no question
that whatever you offer
will always be returned.

—The Council

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The Influence Our Thoughts & Feelings Have on Other People’s Experience

This post is a response to a question from a reader named Bari who wants to believe her better-feeling thoughts about her boyfriend will create better-feeling experiences of the two of them together, as taught by the spirit guides Abraham. But when her boyfriend repeats behaviors that contrast her better-feeling thoughts, Bari wonders how much of an impact her thoughts and feelings are really able to have on the experience of her boyfriend, or anyone else, and she asks The Council’s opinion on this.

This post is the third in a series based on comments from The Council during a single session on Sunday, April 15, 2012 to answer three thought-provoking questions from Bari and Rachael. Reincarnation and past lives were the subjects of the first post, and the second post, in this series.

Helping Others with Our Thoughts

Part way through reading Bari’s second question, The Council offered the following initial comments:

“In the non-physical it is sometimes planned: ‘At some point in my life I will meet you on Earth in the physical. And if I am going through something difficult and I can’t remember who I really am, will you remind me by your thoughts? By your thoughts I will feel that energetic change. I will feel the positive vibration that you are thinking.’ And then, of course, it is up to the [other] person to tune into it and expand with it.

“And so your thoughts go out, whether positive or negative. And the soul you are working with or you are in partnership with feels that vibration.

“And so if they are depressed or they are not accomplishing what they want to accomplish, your positive thought vibration is there and it sort of kick-starts them, but you can not control what they do.

“It’s [as if] you hold the light; you hold the remembrance of who they really are for them. And then, if they allow it, they will feel that and they will move forward.

“But when you have positive thoughts or negative [thoughts] about someone, in your experience that’s how you will experience them. Is that clear?”

–The Council (similarly formatted text throughout this post indicates quotations from The Council

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July 29, 2011 Thought for the Day

There is No Going Backwards

And so you are constantly expanding,
Even when you think
You are not creating
What you want to receive.

You always expand.
There is no going backwards,
There is no being stagnant.

—The Council

Excerpted from The Council’s opening comments to participants of a Manifesting Your Desires meeting on Tuesday, July 19, 2011 in New York City.

(The Council’s opening comments lasted about five minutes and with the exception of a brief greeting, each statement seems to stand on its own as a thought for the day. Beginning July 25, 2011 we are publishing The Council’s opening comments during this session as eight individual thoughts for the day. This post is the fifth of the series.)

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July 28, 2011 Thought for the Day

We Expand With You

Your life was meant to be fun.
It is your playground.

And as we see you create and expand,
We expand with you.

It is [a] great joy
When we see how you plunge into this physical world
And experience difficulties, challenges,
And turn it around,
And create desire after desire.

—The Council

Excerpted from The Council’s opening comments to participants of a Manifesting Your Desires meeting on Tuesday, July 19, 2011 in New York City.

(The Council’s opening comments lasted about five minutes and with the exception of a brief greeting, each statement seems to stand on its own as a thought for the day. Beginning July 25, 2011 we are publishing The Council’s opening comments during this session as eight individual thoughts for the day. This post is the fourth of the series.)

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July 11, 2011 Thought for the Day

We here in spirit
Love the lives you create.

We get to expand with you
On your journey.

—The Council

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July 7, 2011 Thought for the Day

Fear is only something you have created,
Knowing it would bring your full attention
To your beliefs about your limitations.

Fear is only a tool
For your expansion.

—The Council

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July 3, 2011 Thought for the Day

We never return to lower forms of life.
That would go against the law of expansion.

—The Council

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July 2, 2011 Thought for the Day

Notice the world
You have created
Around you.

It is your classroom,
Your playground,
Your amusement park,
And more.

You are creating
This diverse and multifaceted environment
To experience the expansion
You came here for.

—The Council

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June 21, 2011 Thought for the Day

We are asked, “Do animals become human?”
The answer is yes, if they choose to.
It is part of their expansion.

—The Council

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June 14, 2011 Thought for the Day

All forms of life:
Human, animal, vegetable, and mineral,
Have their own unique vibration
And their own unique way of understanding.

All life experiences physical and spiritual expansion.

—The Council

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March 17, 2011 Daily Thought

The vibration of  love
Is the vibration of spirit.

The vibration of love
Is the creative force.

It is what created you.

Bringing the vibration of love
Into your physical reality
Is the greatest form of expansion.

—The Council

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March 12, 2011 Daily Thought

You’ve heard the saying
“Getting there is half the fun”?

You knew that would be the case
When you chose physical reality.

Getting back home to spirit
Is half of the fun.

And being back home in spirit,
Appreciating your expansion
From your journey
Is the other half.

That is exactly what you planned
When you chose physical reality.

—The Council

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After each incarnation
You add to the expansion of Oneness.

Everything is in the process of expansion,
Even Oneness.

—The Council

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Before and Now

Before (back in the day…of old beliefs)

  1. God chose to reward or punish you.
  2. Lady Luck chose to smile on you or ignore you.
  3. Good or bad things happened to you by some outside force.

Now (up to the minute current beliefs)

  1. You are in complete control of your own life.
  2. You are the power that creates everything that happens to you.
  3. You are expanding and remembering who you are,
    Just as you planned when you entered physical form.

—The Council

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Earth is the university of emotions.
That is why you have chosen to come here.

Your desire was to experience
A variety of emotions
That inspire the expansion
Of the love you truly are.

—The Council

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You are always improving and expanding — non-stop.

That is the miracle of you.

—The Council

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From spirit to physical and back again,

Experiencing expansion and answers,

That is your circle of life.

It’s unending.
—The Council

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With every happy thought or memory,

With every feeling of joy,

Your vibration lifts and expansion occurs.
—The Council

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