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Feeling Your Way to Manifesting What You Desire

The following is a message The Council delivered to a small group on July 19, 2011 prior to taking questions from participants. Before the session with The Council the group had been discussing the subject of manifesting desires. Headings have been added for emphasis.

“And so we notice tonight the topic was all of the desires that each of us have. And we would just like to tell you that before you came into this physical reality, you knew you had the ability to create anything you desired. If you have the desire, it’s there for you.

Feel Your Way There

“What we always wish to let you know is that you are so much more than a physical body. You are spirit on this journey in a physical world. You are very powerful, and the way to create, to manifest your desires, is to feel your way there.

“It is wonderful to see it, to imagine it, but what brings it in is that feeling. Every part of your body, every cell in your body understands, and as you have those desires and feel your way there, the universe will line up all the opportunities to help you create whatever it is that you want – and we do say – whatever it is that you want.

You are Always Expanding

“Your life was meant to be fun – it is your playground. And as we see you create and expand, we expand with you. It is great joy when we see how you plunge into this physical world and experience difficulties [and] challenges, and turn it around and create desire after desire.

“And so you are constantly expanding. Even when you think you are not creating what you want to receive, you always expand. There is no going backwards. There is no being stagnant.

Your Raised Vibration Attracts to You What You Desire

“And so as you picture in your mind – and some people are not visual and they believe they cannot see what it is they want – just feel it. Pretend you have it and just feel it. And we will promise you, if you can feel it, you will create it.

“As you feel these desires. your vibration changes. And it is this vibration that will bring back to you what it is you are trying to manifest. And many people do not know how to line up with that feeling – the feeling of happiness, the feeling of joy – that’s what will help you create.

Find Good-feeling Thoughts

“To raise your vibration we ask you to have a thought – something that makes you happy. See it in your future. And if you can’t do that, we ask you to go back to a memory from your past – something that made you laugh, something that brought you joy.

“As you stay in that memory, your vibration increases. The frequency of this vibration becomes faster. And as you are in this state of joy, we then ask you to go into the thought – into the imagination of picturing what you want – but then feel it. After you have gotten to a state of happiness, then begin to feel what your desire is like. What would it feel like to have it? And that is what will help you manifest.”

–The Council

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  1. Hi, Kris. We’re glad your father recovered. Thank you for your advice. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | February 16, 2018

  2. I have manifested many things, i’ve manifested things when i imagined combined with feelings before a mirror only a second and it manifested imediatelly, i have manifested under extreme emotions combined with visualisation and positive thinking(father had a braincloth) and this also manifested instantly so i now how to manifest and it is the combination of extreme intense emotion/ belief/ and thougth that manifest instantly. But mostly its about belief, the times i manifested instantly ( 20seconds) it was all about visualising/feeling very briefly, 2sec and then letting go. If you want to manifest really big things/people cure from diseases let your emotions take the upper hand, engulf in your emotions/cry, etc but instead of focus/visualize on the negative picture the positive, and watch the miracles unfold. My father had a serious braincloth twice and he recovered miraculous twice. I just kept visualising, while crying thank you thank you thank you for his recovery(while visualising) and the 2 things i visualised happened EXACLTLY TO THE SMALLEST DETAIL HOW I PICTURED IT) it was amazing!!! And i will forever be gratefull.. Emotions(the more extreme the faster) will manifest

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by kris | February 15, 2018

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