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Abortion, Loss, Reincarnation, Life, Love, Expansion – Beth’s Story: A Spiritual Perspective

This post describes a session with The Council in response to the comment and questions below from Beth on the subject of abortion. The session is full of thought-provoking ideas on lots of different subjects of interest to many people in addition to Beth. Particularly interesting to us is light that The Council sheds on how our spirit’s intentions often manifest in surprising and unexpected ways in our human experience.

Ordinarily we like to offer a sort of running commentary in these posts if we feel it can add some clarity to something The Council says during a session, but it seemed to make this post too long and wordy. It also seemed to place more emphasis on understanding what The Council is saying rather than on appreciating the feeling of the energy offered by The Council and spirit in response to Beth’s questions. More and more we are learning from The Council that what’s important about spiritual understanding is that it’s a focus of attention that allows you to feel in your physical experience more of the love you are as a spiritual being.

As you read through the post, see if you can feel the energy of this session resonating with your spirit. If a clear understanding doesn’t come right away, be patient with yourself and let your connection to who you are as a spiritual being shed light on the material presented here. Give yourself some time. You are always welcome to use the Comment section following the post to ask a question about this material and we’ll do our best to reply.

Beth’s Comment and Questions

“I have a question about abortions as it relates to the Soul and the Soul’s agreement…the Soul of the child, specifically.

“You see I have unfortunately had to make the decision (twice) in my life to terminate what I perceived as ‘untimely’ pregnancies.

“I have a lot of guilt around these decisions, not because of any religious reasons, but more because I am not sure what I did was the right decision for my life’s path.

“Also, I often feel sad wondering how those two Souls (or maybe it was the same Soul) feel/felt that I chose to terminate their little lives.

“I fully believe that those Souls made some type of agreement with me, but I’m wondering if you could shed light on what those agreements may have been.

“Did those little Souls know that they would play this role?

“Is it the same Soul trying to come back in?

“Would I be able to find out more about them, and who they might have become had I chosen differently?

“If we come back in similar Soul groups, could this Soul have been one that I also lost in a previous life (I believe I was pregnant when drowned)?

“I realize that these are many questions, not one, but I am grateful for your input.”


You Can Not Stop Life

Reading Beth’s comment and questions to The Council at the beginning of the session, they were quick to comment at the end of her first sentence.

“We really want to laugh here… the word abortion… what does it mean?

“Abort… Stop… Stop life?

“You can not stop life.

“It is all in choosing, and agreements, and experiences.

“And so we just wanted to add that in there.

“Beth did not stop a life… did not cut a life short… everything went as planned.”

–The Council
(The formatting above throughout this post represents The Council’s comments during our session. Text [in brackets] in these quotations has been added to improve readability and clarity when this seems useful.)

Spirit’s Creative Power

After reading what Beth had written, I (Bob) asked The Council if they could elaborate on their opening comment.

“Interestingly enough–let us see if we can explain this–it is something that you [Beth] dearly wanted to experience in this life. And there is one part of your letter where you say that these abortions came about because of the untimeliness of it; well we need to make it clear it was very timely. It was exactly what you [as spirit] created at the exact time that you needed this to appear in your life.

“Now part of your question wants to know who these souls are–who they would have become. And this may be very hard for you to grasp, but in these two particular instances the soul that you aborted was another part of you.

[Speaking humorously, as if they are a very surprised Beth when she learns this for the first time] “Wow, what? What did I hear? How could this be, how could this be? I aborted myself? I was living; I was a grown person.

[Answering as The Council] “Well you knew that as soon as the information of being pregnant came into your life, steps would be taken to undo this. And so you decided to send another little part of yourself into the physical to give you this experience. How about that?”

I asked if they were saying Beth, as a spiritual being, desired to have a human experience of a terminated pregnancy, and her own spirit, not another soul, provided the life force for these pregnancies so Beth could have this experience.

“Yes, it was another part of her. Look at how powerful we are and what we can create.”

A Desire for More Love

I asked if Beth’s spirit was the life force in both terminated pregnancies.

“Both times in this lifetime. So now we wonder, does this help with the guilt?

[Humorously] “Are you going to go around and say I aborted myself… I killed myself… I ended my own life?

“So forget this guilt. Get over this.

“What you were trying to do was to learn how to love. You did not have enough [love] in your life and so you brought this [pregnancies] forth consciously in this lifetime. When it came forth, along with the hesitation of having these children (so to speak), there was also a reason you created that, [and it] was to have more love in your life. Is that understood?”

Awakening the Strength to Move Forward

I didn’t understand how terminating a pregnancy helped Beth experience more love in her life and asked The Council if it was the role of these experiences to awaken in Beth an awareness she wanted more love in her life.

“What it tried at the time to awaken was her strength and her ability to move forward with what she wanted.

“And so there was the yearning on one part to have this creation [a child], and another yearning to be strong enough to put an end on it and to let it go.

“In her decision–and it is always the right decision–what she was experiencing in her life made her decide to terminate and abort these lives [and] to go on with her own.”

A Lesson from Another Lifetime

I asked how Beth’s desire for more love in her life was satisfied by these terminated pregnancies.

“More love from the child, more love from the partner at that particular time.”

“But we do want to say the third soul that she speaks about–being pregnant in another life–that was not her [spirit]. That was another soul that was jumping in to give her that experience.”

“There was from her past life–the soul she lost when she drowned–was the soul of her father now.

“And because it was what she experienced at the end of that physical lifetime, she created it twice in this lifetime… to see how she would handle it… to find her strength… to bring love into the situation… and to deal with it.

“And so it was something she brought in–a lesson which she feels that she did not complete in her previous life because at the time when she drowned, she not only lost the child, but herself.

“And so to play it safe coming into this time, instead of losing another soul… making it a little bit easier… she brought a little piece of herself in to cause the situation of being pregnant this time around. Is that understood?

I said it sounds like they’re saying there’s a strong connection between Beth’s experience of another lifetime where she was pregnant and drowned, and her decision to terminate two pregnancies in her current lifetime.


From One Lifetime to Another

I asked The Council if they could explain more clearly how Beth’s drowning while pregnant in another lifetime was experienced as an incomplete lesson and how this inspired her to create the two terminated pregnancies in her current lifetime.

“When you leave the physical lifetime and there is something undone or something you wanted to experience and you feel you haven’t, you will sometimes–when you reincarnate–bring that specific situation back into [your] life so you can create it, and you can experience it, and expand from it.

“So she experienced twice a loss and lived through it instead of drowning. And then also had the experience of giving birth and living through that with her son in this life. Is that understood?”

Look for and Feel the Love

Since Beth didn’t mention in her questions that she has a son, I asked The Council to confirm it was their impression Beth had a full term pregnancy in this lifetime and now has a son.

“Yes. So she created this to experience (shall we say) both sides of the coin: losing a child and then giving birth to a child.

“Is there love in every situation? Is there love in the situation of losing (twice) a child? Can you find love for this soul, whether it be your own or what you believe is another? In every situation, where is the love? Look for it, feel it, find it.

“When you feel it, and you know who you are, and you know that every soul is also eternal, not ending, and you find a way to love those souls – again we say, whether it is another soul that has decided to help, or part of yourself – when you feel the love, you have expanded.”

Helping Another Soul Learn About Loss

I was curious what lesson Beth might have felt incomplete about at the end of the life where she drowned, and I asked The Council what she wanted to experience in that other lifetime.

“Consciously she was very happy and wanted to experience this birth. And then also–because everything that happens you created yourself [as a spiritual being]–she was helping herself and another learn about loss. And so for the great love of this other soul…”

There was a long pause, so I asked if the soul Beth had great love for was the soul of her unborn child in that lifetime, which The Council also says is the soul of her father in her current lifetime.

“Her husband in that lifetime.”

I didn’t see that coming, and I was amused by the thought that you can’t tell the players without a program.

“Her husband in that lifetime needed to learn about loss. And so she agreed to this [as spirit] to help that soul learn, and see how he would deal with loss.

“And so then, reincarnating, she took it a step further and said: okay, let me learn about loss, let me learn about love.

“Did he bring love into his situation? Am I bringing it into mine? How do we expand with this?”

“Many players, many lessons, many experiences.”

The Reason Beth is Asking

I said it sounds like The Counsel is saying that the spirit of Beth and her unborn child agreed to help her husband in that lifetime experience a loss that he desired.

“Yes. And so they both [Beth and her husband], in that lifetime, hoped for what they thought would be a little girl. And in this [current] lifetime she brought a part of herself in [from spirit] to represent that little girl.

“And so even now, we feel there is somewhere that desire to have given birth to that little girl, and so that is why that question has come forward from Beth. In that previous lifetime they had hoped for a girl child. Because many memories come forward from incarnation to incarnation, in this lifetime there was still that hope.

“And so, as we see, she has given birth this lifetime, but it is to a boy. There was still always that desire from that previous lifetime to have a girl.

“And so it is Beth’s questioning: did she bring forth a girl child in that previous lifetime, [and] in this lifetime, and has she continuously (in her words) aborted this [same] child[/soul]?.

“And we want to tell her definitely, no.”

“And so the guilt, and the worrying, and the wondering–there was no specific girl child that she keeps aborting and preventing that soul from having a physical life.”

“And so the father – her father now, who was that soul then–decided to come in again and help her in another role by being supportive and being the kind of father that she needed in this particular life.”

I asked if Beth terminated both pregnancies before her son was born.

“We believe so.”

 Loss and Gain

I asked if The Council was saying the connection between Beth’s two terminated pregnancies in this lifetime and the lifetime where she drowned, is related to helping her husband in the other lifetime experience the loss that he wanted to experience.

“Yes, experience the loss, but not only the loss, but then the gain by having another child.

“And so she–knowing how the soul of her husband in that past life expanded from this–it was her desire to experience it also.”

How Will Beth Expand?

Next I asked if they were saying it was Beth’s awareness of the spiritual expansion her husband experienced (in the other lifetime) from loosing her and their child was the inspiration for Beth’s choice in spirit to experience a related loss in another incarnation.

“Yes. And how did he experience it? What happened to him in that previous life?

“And as a soul, of course she knew. So coming in again, let me [Beth] have this experience. Will I handle it the same way? What will be my experience? How will I expand from it?”

Wanting and Not Wanting

I asked about Beth’s choice to terminate more than one pregnancy in this lifetime.

“There is still the feeling it was something she really did not want to do. And yet we hope with learning that everything you experience is your creation, that will clear it up for her.”

“Consciously it [the decision] was hers, but it was also the wanting to have it [the child] and not wanting to have it.”

Feeling the Loss, Questioning It, and Healing It

I commented that it feels like Beth still questions her decisions to terminate these pregnancies.

“She’s questioning it because she is wondering: has she continuously stopped a soul who wanted to come into physical. Did she create a situation where she constantly stopped the same soul from coming into the physical.

“And we say, no.”

“It was something she needed to create twice. [To] go through it, feel the loss, now question it, and heal it.”

No Should or Shouldn’t

I asked about Beth’s comment that she wasn’t sure terminating these pregnancies was the right decision for her life path.

“We go back to what we constantly say: there is no should or shouldn’t. It is always the right decision; you are always moving forward.

“And whether you decided to make this decision once or twice, it is exactly what you wanted to experience. So it is exactly what Beth needed to happen in her life at that particular time.

“What is important–not so much then, but now–is [to] heal it. Bring the love into it and love yourself for going through this.

“Where did you [Beth] find your strength? Did you love those souls that you felt that you aborted? Just feel that love. Put the love in that situation. And love yourself for creating this situation and for bringing parts of you in, twice, to help yourself through this situation. How wonderful, to help you expand.”

Remember to Bring Love into Every Situation

I asked if The Council could comment about the subject of terminating pregnancies in general terms that might help others who also experience this challenge in there lives.

“All who terminate pregnancies go through many, many emotions. And there is sadness, and there is guilt, and there is relief; and then there is always wondering what the child would have been like at every year that goes by.

“When you go back to (as we always say) the basics, the spiritual 101, when you learn who you really are: that you are spirit that comes into the physical existence to experience different situations–some challenging, some very happy. You want a mix of everything, and in everything you experience you want to bring love. The idea is to remember to bring love into every situation.

“When you know this and you know who you are, you then learn there is no death. There is no ending. You’re not murdering anybody [or] killing anybody. There is no suicide; there is no end. It is an experience that you wish to have in a particular lifetime.

“And so all who experience these terminations of birth, you are learning from it, you are experiencing it. And sometimes the other soul that plays the role of the little child wants the experience: what’s it like to have a physical life and then have it cut off?

“And so that soul also learns from this. So there is always a helping, there is always an agreement; you are not doing something to someone that doesn’t want to experience it.

“Is that understood?”

I asked why they said “sometimes” the soul of the unborn child wants this experience.

“Well it is their choice to experience [this]. They would not experience it if it was not wanted; so then we will say: all the time.”

Helping One Another

“And so there is always the helping one another:
I’ll learn this, you learn that…
You come in now, I’ll get rid of you [chuckles], [or] I’ll make you stay…
You’ll have your life, I’ll have mine, [or] we’ll go through it together…
Maybe we’ll remain on friendly terms, maybe we won’t have friendly terms.

“And it is just where you have set up situations for each other for the experience, for the expansion, and to remember to bring love into the experience.”

It is All Wanted

“So everyone’s life story, with all its experiences, with its challenges, with its funs, with its ups and its downs, it is all wanted. Every part of it is all wanted.

“And so when we hear, ‘Should I? Did I make the right choice?’ we can say without any hesitation: Yay! Yahoo! You did exactly what you wanted.”

I asked if human experiences of physical disease, discomfort, and pain are the result of our spirit’s desire to expand the energy of love into these experiences and transform them.


Beth’s Questions Answered – A Summary

Although we said at the beginning of this post that we are avoiding the inclusion of our usual running commentary, it seems like a good idea to try and sum up this session with concise answers and responses to Beth’s questions and comments. We have numbered Beth’s questions and comments for easy reference. The blue text beneath Beth’s questions is our understanding of The Council’s answers.


“I have a question about abortions as it relates to the Soul and the Soul’s agreement…the Soul of the child, specifically. You see I have unfortunately had to make the decision (twice) in my life to terminate what I perceived as ‘untimely’ pregnancies.”

From Beth’s spirit’s point of view the decisions to terminate the pregnancies were fortunate, not unfortunate.

The two terminated pregnancies were the opposite of untimely; they were deliberately created by Beth as a spiritual being in what The Council describes as a very timely manner.


“I have a lot of guilt around these decisions, not because of any religious reasons, but more because I am not sure what I did was the right decision for my life’s path.”

From the point of view of Beth’s spirit there’s no such thing as a wrong decision. All decisions, whatever they are, represent forward movement and spiritual expansion.


“Also, I often feel sad wondering how those two Souls (or maybe it was the same Soul) feel/felt that I chose to terminate their little lives.”

This question wasn’t specifically asked, but we imagine Beth’s spirit felt the joy of spiritual expansion when human Beth chose to terminate the two pregnancies, because this is exactly what The Council says Beth’s spirit intended for human Beth to experience.

From Beth’s spiritual point of view no lives (little or otherwise) were terminated because spiritual life is eternal.


“I fully believe that those Souls made some type of agreement with me, but I’m wondering if you could shed light on what those agreements may have been.”

Beth’s soul agreed to create these pregnancies to experience the expansion of love that occurs when human Beth experiences the loss of the terminated pregnancies and desires this increased love to heal the feeling of loss.


“Did those little Souls know that they would play this role?”

Beth’s spirit not only knew it would play the role of two unborn children, Beth’s spirit deliberately created these two pregnancies in Beth’s human life to provide an opportunity to expand love into this physical experience to heal the feeling of loss.


“Is it the same Soul trying to come back in?”

It’s Beth’s soul in both pregnancies in this lifetime. The soul of Beth’s father in this lifetime is the soul of Beth’s unborn child in the lifetime when Beth drowned.


“Would I be able to find out more about them, and who they might have become had I chosen differently?”

The more Beth learns about herself as a spiritual being, the more she will know about the soul who made her two pregnancies possible.

In light of the information given by The Council that Beth was the spirit of the two terminated pregnancies, it didn’t occur to Bob during the session to ask what might have happened if human Beth chose not to terminate these pregnancies. Since it was Beth’s spirit’s intention these pregnancies would terminate, we imagine her spirit would have no difficulty arranging this if human Beth chose not to terminate the pregnancies.


“If we come back in similar Soul groups, could this Soul have been one that I also lost in a previous life (I believe I was pregnant when drowned)?”

As mentioned in #6 above, The Council says the soul of Beth’s unborn child in the lifetime where she was pregnant and drowned was different from the soul in her two pregnancies in her current lifetime.

 Let Us Know What You Think

Thank you for taking time to read this post. We hope you feel your time with it has been well spent. We’d love to know what you think of this material. Please consider leaving a comment in the Leave a Reply section below. If you have any questions for The Council about ideas mentioned in this post or other posts, the Leave a Reply section is a good place to submit your questions. For questions not related to a specific post we suggest you write them in the Leave a Reply section at the very bottom of the Welcome page. We will be notified by email and reply as soon as we can.

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  1. Hi, Eva. We’ll be happy to ask The Council if the child you aborted will return to you when we have time and we’ll post an audio recording of their response when it’s ready. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | January 5, 2020

  2. I feel deeply touched by your answers and the way you treat people.

    Four years ago I met the love of my life. We were together only for two months and then he told me he wasn’t sure that he could be in a relationship. I can’t describe my feelings back at the time. I was devastated and deeply disappointed. After five months of waiting for something to change, out of the blue I decided to marry another man. I will be honest about my decision: I was not in love, but I felt a deep connection to my husband and at the same time I felt that we both needed to have a child. One month after our marriage I gave birth to a beautiful little girl, whose light and wisdom has made us better people.

    Now I will have to add that during my pregnancy I started talking again with the man I was still in love with. After two years of plenty of phone calls and emails I saw a dream of a little boy that was calling me Mum. We then met and after two months I realised I was pregnant. In the meantime I saw a picture of him as a child and I found the similarity between him as a child and the boy in my dream pretty striking.

    I told my husband the truth and that I intended to have the child. He was really angry at me at first. On the other hand the father of the child told me that given the fact that I was still married he didn’t want me to have his child. That was the most difficult time in my life ever. I decided to have an abortion for three essential reasons. The first one had to do with the father of the baby; I didn’t want to blackmail in any way his love, or his money. The second reason had to do with my husband. He couldn’t sleep at night, began to have breathing problems due to stress etc… The third reason is that my financial state couldn’t fully support a second child.

    I can’t bring to words the feeling of the loss I still suffer. I realised in a very painful way that I wasn’t loved, at least not the way I expected. Nevertheless I came back stronger.

    I work as a teacher and now for the first time in my life I feel unconditional love not only for my child, but also for every other child in the world. Whenever I have the chance to hug my daughter or a kid in my classroom, I feel that the trauma in my soul for the abortion stops bleeding.

    Do you think that there is any chance that the boy I dreamt of, the baby I didn’t keep, will ever return to me? It’s not that I haven’t found peace within me, but still it would be a blessing.

    Thank you in advance for your help and your devotion in your spiritual work.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Eva | January 4, 2020

  3. Hi, Joni. We’ll be happy to ask The Council about your spirit being aborted before you were born, and also about not bonding with your brother and sister as soon as we have time. We’ll post The Council’s response on our blog as soon as it’s ready. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | November 28, 2019

  4. I was told by my spiritual healer recently that I was aborted from one parent and came into this mother as I know.

    My questions is: Was I not loved when aborted. And coming into my mother is that maybe why I don’t feel a real bonding with my brothers and sister? I feel no connection with them, or is that normal.

    This was all new to me. I’d like to understand any of this.

    Can The Council relate any information on this so I might comprehend?

    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Joni | November 24, 2019

  5. Hi, A. Theresia. Thank you for your question about your regret over your forth abortion. When we have time we’ll ask The Council for clarification on your situation and post the audio recording of their response in a post when it’s ready. Hang in there. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | July 25, 2018

  6. This is embarrassing to write , based on the judgements from this life. I had 4 abortions all the cut-off time (5.5 months), all from the same lover (now my husband), and this last time I wanted it but had no support from our parents, and we were financially unstable as well as mentally. But part of me still wishes I had it anyway. Why am I having this regret? Was I supposed to have it this last time with or without emotional and financial support from family or not? By the way they were all late terminations because I didn’t know I was pregnant. I was always in some sort of medication or drug that can stop mensration. Please help bring clarity to all this.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by A. Theresia | July 25, 2018

  7. Hi, Isobel. Thank you so much for your comment. Your intuition about women not having to pay for their abortions lifetime after lifetime will serve you well.

    We’ll be happy to ask The Council your questions about your termination and future children. We’ll post their response when it’s ready. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | January 21, 2017

  8. Thank you so much for sharing and posting this. I have seen so many articles saying that women pay for their abortion lifetime after lifetime and I just didn’t believe it. It didn’t resonate with me at all.

    I got pregnant with someone claiming to be my twin flame on our first night together and I had my termination recently. The questions answered by the council resonate with me deeply and that’s how I felt about the whole process. I feel like it was the spirit of a girl that I miscarried when I was very young rather than a piece of my spirit. And it was a lesson for the father, myself, and who I really believe my twin soul to be. I would love to know if I’m correct about this.

    The baby’s father is sure we will have another child together at some point. I would really like to know if I am correct and it is a girl’s spirit and if she is likely to be returned.


    Comment by Isobel Starbuck | January 21, 2017

  9. Hi, Tracey. Thanks for your question. We’ll ask The Council if the soul in your terminated pregnancy at 18 is the same as the one you miscarried recently, or if it’s related to your little boy, and we’ll post our response.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | December 5, 2016

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this. Can I please ask council a question too? I had a termination when I was 18. Now at 42 I recently had a missed miscarriage at 14 weeks and had to go through the exact same procedure as my termination. Was my miscarriage the same soul as my termination pregnancy? It certainly felt like it although I often wonder if the terminated soul is that of my little boy now with me? He’s always so insecure and worried when he’s not with me even though there’s no reason for him to be. Thank you so much. Love & light. Tracey xx

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Tracey | December 5, 2016

  11. Hi, Anonymous. We’ll be happy to ask The Council your question about whether your 3 terminated pregnancies were the same spirit, and if it will return to you if you get pregnant again. Please be patient and look for the answer in our upcoming posts. Thanks for your question.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | December 4, 2016

  12. I had 3 abortions, first two at the first trimester and the 3rd in the 2nd trimester. The 3rd one I was ready to keep, but I don’t know what really happened and found myself terminating the pregnancy.

    Now were all the 3 pregnancies from the same spirit? I now want a baby. Will the same spirit incarnate itself back to be my child?

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Anonymous | November 28, 2016

  13. Dear Bob & Cynthia. I’m in extreme distress. Amazingly, I am 8 weeks pregnant (a miracle at almost 42 years old). It was totally unplanned, and me & my partner’s practical circumstances are very, very bad – no place to bring a baby into. Subconsciously I think I must have wanted to get pregnant (i’d like to have a little family). However, the reality is he hasn’t worked for years, has zero money, there’s no stable income, we have no home, no foundations, and no guarantees of security for the future.

    I am far too fearful and distressed to bring a baby into this unstable, unsafe situation, and do not want a life of struggle and poverty with a little child. It all feels very unsafe. I’m on the verge of booking my abortion. I am now trying to emotionally and spiritually prepare myself for it… I must act soon, but am very upset. I would like to ask the spirit baby to return when circumstances are right, stable and comfortable for it, but by then it may be too late… I’d be grateful for any insight please?

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by dianaw | November 23, 2016

  14. Hi, Andrea. We asked The Council about your Comment last night. As soon as the recording is ready we’ll post it on our website. We can tell you The Council says you can become pregnant again with this spirit you aborted. Love, Bob & Cynthia.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | November 10, 2016

  15. Hi Cynthia and Bob,

    Back in July, I aborted my child at 13 weeks gestation. I went to the clinic in distress. I have been shaking ever since. I was very isolated during the pregnancy for a bunch of stupid reasons. I do not feel this abortion was preplanned. I believe I allowed my free-will to interfere with what would be my only child. I’m 39. I beg the spirit to come back in a future pregnancy but I’m guessing that’s unlikely.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Andrea Lemon | November 6, 2016

  16. Hi Bob and Cynthia,

    Thank you so much for this post. I discovered I am pregnant a few days ago, about 4 weeks along, and immediately knew I would terminate. The circumstances of conception were a very small percentage of me getting pregnant, but I did. Funny thing is, my spirit/guides told me if I continued to have an intimate relationship with this person that pregnancy would occur and I would terminate. I didn’t listen to the warning/advice and here I am.

    I am a very spiritual person, and have been overwhelmed with feeling of shame, but also relief in knowing my decision. I feel that this is an initiation of sorts. I feel less and less guilt the more I understand the significance of Beth’s example.

    My question is, why did I choose to have this experience? What am I to learn from it?

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Bundle of emotions | October 16, 2016

  17. Thank you. I appreciate. This is a very difficult time for all involved, with many lessons to learn. Any other guidance from the council, apart from questions asked, would be appreciated.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Grandma Someday | June 6, 2016

  18. Dear Grandma Some-Day, thank you for your kind words about our website. We’ll do what we can to do a session and post it before next weekend. We look forward to The Council’s guidance. Love Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | June 5, 2016

  19. Dear Cynthia/Bob/Council

    My daughter had an abortion 3 years ago at a very difficult time in her life, without discussing it with me. I felt sad that she had to go through this all alone, but she felt she could not talk to me about it at the time and made the decision she felt sure about and also because I was busy assisting my Dad in his last days of his death bed. I am glad that she did not ask me, as I would at that stage probably have advised her not to abort, as I have seen abortion in a much different light at that time.

    She is now again pregnant with an unplanned child and came to discuss it with me as she wants to abort again. After her first abortion, a clairvoyant told me that she will again be pregnant with the same soul and that she will incarnate being a lot like me and that we will get along very well and we will understand each other’s weirdness 🙂 in a way that nobody else understands us. It gave me a lot of peace as I felt the soul accepted the abortion. Is this information from the clairvoyant actually the correct info? You can probably understand that i felt a bit hesitant when my daughter said she wanted to abort again. I also realise that the decision is hers and not mine and that my role is just to support her.

    My daughter texted me today that although she can not give birth to this child, that she can give birth to her own new life. I felt a lot of relief, as I felt this soul came at the right time to assist my daughter to take a turn for the better in her future life choices.

    I am however wondering if it is the same soul this time and if she aborts, if the same soul will incarnate again into our lives?

    I also wonder why it happened that she aborted around the same time of my father’s death. Is there a connection somehow?

    She made an appointment for next weekend and although I know that whatever the Council will answer, that my role is only to support and not influence her in any way. She however asked me to go with her to the abortion clinic, and I would be so glad if it is at all possible to answer me before the visit.

    I am so glad that I have found your site today, as I needed confirmation on the spiritual understanding around abortion and I feel a lot more at peace and filled with new wisdom around this. Thank you for the role you play in the lives of others with the work you do and also for this free service that you offer that means so much to all of us at the right time. I have listened to a lot of recordings on other topics tonite as well and will definitely follow your posts in future, as I have learned a lot from it.

    O boy…How we can complicate our lives so much with unnecessary worries, while all we have to do is to learn and to love 🙂

    Lots of Blessings and with appreciation.
    “Grandma Someday” 🙂


    Comment by "Grandma Someday" :-) | June 4, 2016

  20. Hi. I am currently expecting my fourth child. Although at the beginning I planned for this pregnancy, I am finding it hard to conceive the idea of having another child. I feel that the decision of having the child will end many relationships, close ones at that. The father is very excited to become a father for he has no other children. Some part of me wants to continue the pregnancy, but I am afraid of what others will say, and if I can mentally parent another child. I suffer a lot from anxiety; it took a great toll on me mentally almost a year ago. I am just experiencing a lot of fear. I have only a few weeks to make a decision. I don’t know how this all will affect me and my significant other. Could you please guide me?

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Jackie | April 6, 2016

  21. When I was 16 my mother discovered that while going through menopause she was pregnant and 5-6 months into her pregnancy. I was the first one she told. Indeed throughout much of our lifetime together in this life I felt as if I were her mother.

    I was very excited and happy and I really believe she was also. But under pressure from the baby’s father (this would have been a half sibling, but having multiple experiences with half siblings who are raised as one family, I considered him a brother as much as my older full brother) she terminated her pregnancy. This bothered/haunted me so much that 30 years later I still think of this unborn brother.

    My question is, could this brother have came to me as my child? I have 4 children. Only one was a planned pregnancy. Each of the others, though unplanned, were very welcome and wanted by me. I knew what this soon-to-be son of mine would look like before birth (and I knew what my oldest unplanned daughter would look like, and even some of her and his personality traits would be).

    His father is part native American and has very dark hair, eyes and skin. So does our oldest daughter. I knew my son would not look like that – he would have blue eyes and not look like either one of us. Indeed he doesn’t look like either of us or any of his siblings. It hit me reading this maybe he and my unborn brother might be the same soul? And we connected and he chose to come to me?

    I remember begging my mother not to terminate her pregnancy and telling her I would raise it. I understand that it was irrational at 16 to think I could raise my own brother, but my desire to be a mother has always been very strong. Reading this I understand now why, although I didn’t practice birth control ever, that perhaps I never conceived because it wasn’t “time”. I would like to hear others thoughts on this as this has bothered me my whole life, but would make perfect sense.

    Upon review there are just a couple of things I would like to add. My mother was under pressure to get the abortion. It was a late term abortion and she had to travel to a state that allowed late term abortions. She was at least 6 months or more before she terminated.

    I knew it was a boy and have always had an uncanny ability to “feel” the sex of unborn babies if I was close to their mothers. My oldest daughter and I keep a count and I was accurate 100% of the time for 20+ pregnancies. 🙂 My mother confirmed later it was a boy. I knew what she planned on doing as well, although her and the babies father tried to keep it from me. And told me upon return from their “vacation” she had a miscarriage. I “knew” what happened.

    Thoughts on this would so help me move forward and past it. I held it against my mother and perhaps I was unfair. But at 16 I thought why would a mother choose to have one child yet not another. Maybe I need to look at this in a different way for my own karma.


    Comment by Laurel | April 15, 2015

  22. Thank you for answering my question. I really appreciate it. I have been through a lot of turmoil. I feel forgiven, but can’t forgive myself after the abortion. I keep getting tempted to try again and have another baby. I am scared that there might be complications or problems ( downs or autism or any other genetic problem) what am i to do? If i tried again, would the baby be healthy? would i get pregnant? could I handle it? Thank you for your guidance. I just feel very confused.


    Comment by rita | February 7, 2015

  23. Thank you. I look forward to their answer. I have been wondering if the soul/souls would want to return. As I’ve read more on the site, I also started to wonder whether the father’s soul ever has this contract to send a part of his own soul into an embryo/fetus that is to be miscarried or aborted? Or is that only a female life experience, and the father would only have that sort of contract in one of his female lives (past/present/alternate)? I.e. the opportunity to send a projection of one’s own soul into a pregnancy is reserved for that female only?? Just curious. It seems like the father of my first aborted pregnancy and the father of my daughter and of this deeply regretted terminated pregnancy (my husband) are similar souls, oddly enough.


    Comment by Ali C | February 5, 2015

  24. Hi, L. We’ll ask The Counsel for guidance for you and let you know what they say.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | February 4, 2015

  25. Hi, Ali. We’ll ask The Council your questions and post their reply. It seems to us that a soul can create a twin pregnancy, but maybe two souls are always needed. We’re so glad our blog has been helpful to you.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | February 4, 2015

  26. Hi Bob and Cynthia, thank u so much for your work. I had an abortion a few months ago.
    It was one of the most difficult decisions. My partner felt very clear he didn’t want to become a father and i was too afraid to become a single mom. During and right after the abortion i had surprisingly a warm feeling inside, like i was surrounded by a lot of love and i didn’t feel guilty towards this unborn soul. I felt her very close (i say her because i felt a feminine presence) and in a way it felt like she was even helping me to to through it and to become more loving towards myself. Like she was there to protect me instead of the other way around like it should be. But now we are a few months later and i’m having a lot of sadness and regrets. Sometimes i think it happened to me (or i created this in a way) to open up my mother feelings which i otherwise might have kept on ignoring. The last few weeks i feel a strong desire to become a mother and i talk about it with my partner a lot. He is still afraid of it and i don’t know wether to give it more time or to end the relationship because i’m already 35. There is a lot of love between us and i think he would be a great dad, but maybe it’s indeed not what’s best for him. I’m writing you in the hope the Counsel has some advice or answers for me. During the pregnancy i felt strongly connected but lately less. Guess i would like to know why this happened to me, how to deal with it and if there will be another chance for children for us in the future or for me with another partner. A part of me is also afraid that my wish to want children now is maybe a way of coping with the loss. Yeah…. a lot of confusion lately….
    Thanks a lot!!



    Comment by L | February 3, 2015

  27. I am so grateful to have found your site. Thank you for this information. It has helped me tremendously. I had an abortion in my twenties that has never troubled me. I now have one amazing daughter. I found out I was pregnant last month and felt only fear, misery, depression and a “stuck” feeling. I ended up having an abortion Saturday, because I could not see any way out. It was twins. I did not know until that day. I am full of regret at the moment. Could it have been my soul doing that or was another involved? Can a soul create a twin pregnancy? My father passed away recently. He was a twin but the other was stillborn. I don’t understand why I felt so much dread and misery during the pregnancy, but once it was over I only feel sadness, loss and regret. Thank you for any insight.


    Comment by Ali C | February 2, 2015

  28. I am so grateful to have found your site. Thank you for this information. It has helped me tremendously. I had an abortion in my twenties that has never troubled me. I now have one amazing daughter. I found out I was pregnant last month and felt only fear, misery, depression and a “stuck” feeling. I ended up having an abortion Saturday, because I could not see any way out. It was twins. I did not know until that day. I am full of regret at the moment. Could it have been my soul doing that? Can a soul create a twin pregnancy? My father passed away recently. He was a twin but the other was stillborn. I don’t understand why I felt so much dread and misery during the pregnancy, but once it was over I only feel sadness and regret. Thank you for any insight.


    Comment by 4peasplease | February 2, 2015

  29. Thank you Cynthia & Bob and The Council! I appreciate it! Love, M


    Comment by Anonymous | January 10, 2015

  30. As far as we know, everything that happens to you is part of your soul’s plan, including the termination of this pregnancy. We will try to get more information for you on this pregnancy and its termination, and get back to you. It’s a challenge to know that any decision can be the correct decision. In the meantime we hope you can manage to enjoy the New Year. Love, Bob & Cynthia.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | January 2, 2015

  31. Hi Cynthia and Bob
    I lost my first child in march 2013, just few days before the due date. Everything was going perfectly fine and suddenly that day i couldn’t feel my baby move! Gave birth to the still born 2 days later and I feel broken from inside. It took me a while to feel sane and overcome the grief and painful birthing experience.

    I have had a strong bond with the baby ever since I conceived. I even know the exact same day he was conceived because it was the day we decided, we should plan for a baby. We were of course not expecting it to happen so fast. The day I missed my period I was sure I am pregnant. A week later we did the test and it was confirmed. The journey from then on was the most beautiful one I have ever experienced in my life. I often had dreams of a baby boy after the first month and even though people predicted it to be a girl from my appearance (we do not find out the gender before birth in India) I never believed them and would get angry inside for getting it wrong. Never tried to correct anyone though!

    We had a wonderful connection and I really miss him in my life. Before this pregnancy we were never too keen on having a baby, but now all I want is to have a same soul as my baby again. To be honest I want to try, but I am scared of trying again! The pain of losing a baby after those 9 months of love and attachment has left us very sensitive to the thought of getting pregnant again!

    I keep myself busy with my work and read a lot on spirit babies, souls, after life and have come to understand that souls have a purpose, they pick their parents and if the time is not right they go back. Few months back I had a vivid dream where my baby came to meet me and said he is doing fine. I asked him if he is coming back to me again and he uttered few words randomly that did not make any sense to me. The city’s name we were at when I was pregnant (we have relocated now) , November and another word that I was totally clue less about. Next morning just to see if It had any meaning at all we googled and realised that it is a name of a place and does exist even though I was personally not aware of its existence. I just did not understand the message.

    I would really appreciate if you can help us with anything insightful on this. Why did he leave us? Is he coming back? What does that message mean? Should we try again now? Or we should wait for some more time to be mentally prepared. I know you are not supposed to be answering every question that you receive, but it would mean a lot to me if you can give me some insight and hope!


    Comment by Jyoti | January 2, 2015

  32. I terminated my 8 week pregnancy 3 months ago. It seemed like the right decision but now I feel so guilty. Was the abortion part of my soul’s plan?


    Comment by Anonymous | December 23, 2014

  33. I found this story very helpful. I wanted to become pregnant over the summer. Once I became pregnant I had a very bad feeling about the pregnancy and decided to terminate the pregnancy. I feel so much guilt over my decision. I don’t understand what made me feel so negatively towards that pregnancy. I feel that I want to try to get pregnant again. I wanted to ask Council if that pregnancy was a creation of my soul (like in Beth’s situation) or was it a separate soul? If I tried again would that same soul return to me? Thank you!


    Comment by Kim | November 9, 2014

  34. Very exciting for me to find your blog. We are kindred spirits sharing our unique brands of eternal wisdom.


    Comment by Cheryl Jensen | November 5, 2014

  35. Thank you for posting this story about Beth. It’s honestly just what I needed to read. I had an abortion just after graduating college then I became pregnant again a year later and kept it. And now I have thee most amazing, beautiful son. However, I just recently decided to go back to school and quit my job and then found out I was pregnant again. The baby, who I felt this extreme strong connection with, would’ve been born around my deceased sisters birthday. However after speaking with my other sister and boyfriend, I decided to abort this baby as well. But now looking into my sons eyes and seeing how amazing he is makes me reget my decision, because I feel like I took something away from him …. but I decided to go back to school to provide a better life for my family and I would’ve had to quit school if I kept it. My question is, will the second aborted baby come back in my next pregnancy? Also…both my sister and best friend are departed.


    Comment by A | October 21, 2014

  36. I have 3 children with 3 different men, I also have aborted 2 others also with different men..what is the meaning for this in my lifetime? I find it more difficult to deal with and decipher because not many people have a similar situation. I have lost all meaning and struggle day to day..I also lost my dad right around the time my last daughter was conceived, could this child be his soul? I went to a psychic once and she told me something about my husband forced me to get a hysterectomy in a past life…Is this accurate? I also am adopted myself and seperated from my twin at birth…does this have meaning? did I chose my adoptive parents in this life, and why? I am in desperate need for answers..thanks for your time!


    Comment by untitled | October 13, 2014

  37. We had to terminate a much desired pregnancy due to medical reasons. We thought as parents we can not put our baby in a situation of lifetime pain. I don’t feel bad about the decision. From the start of pregnancy I had a special connection with the soul of this baby. Will the soul be same in future pregnancy. Thanks.


    Comment by Anonymous | October 7, 2014

  38. Hi,
    I recently had my second abortion too, three days ago and I have felt a tremendous shift and found this site. My first abortion was a long time ago, it was for the right reasons and I have peace with it. My two born son’s came to me before I had them and their personalities are exactly as they were when I spoke to them in spirit. I begged for my first son to come, that I was ready now and he was very hesitant, asked me if I was sure, I told him, yes, yes, yes and then my second son jumped in very excited and said, “what about me!” I can never explain how I know they spoke to me, but it turned out exactly as they said.
    My first son was to my ex husband, I nearly died days after his birth. I knew in my soul this could happen as I nearly died with my first mensuration as a young girl and feel it was a memory of my past life dieing in child birth. I some how feel my ex husband was my son that died with me at the time. My first son is wise and is teaching me so much on how to be a good person.
    My second son was conceived naturally and was a very stressful pregnancy due to my fears and anxieties but he is the funniest little guy and life with him was also great as soon as he was born. Again, risks associated with the pregnancy.
    I have always had fear around pregnancy and being a woman.
    A family member died recently and we had a close bond. I asked her to come and see me after she died as I knew there was afterlife. She died a very sad lady. On the day we scattered her ashes, a very significant song came on the radio and then about 10 black crows circled above my head. It was a strange feeling. .
    On the day I conceived this baby I aborted, I kept seeing three crows, which for me means, ‘girl,” I wanted a girl. She came and within less that a week of finding out, I aborted her. It was pure panic, fear and like something took over my body and made the choice for me. My partner was extremely supportive, and there are so many reasons it was right, but as soon as I did it, I felt great regret and know I want a third child now.
    What resonated with me, was the main reason I did it was to provide safe, strong, better love for my two boys and my relationship with my partner and myself. For some reason, I didn’t feel the soul of this baby and I feel judged on a spiritual level. I feel that unless I keep the promise I made for the reasons I did it, that the soul will not come back to me.
    I am hoping that you can feel me and this pain I am suffering at the moment and help give some clarity. Was this just a part of me that has come down from pain from other woman in my family. I want so much to break a terrible cycle in our family and have recently thought a baby girl would help me do that. Why was I so afraid of it and aborted it? Will this baby come back and will I survive the pregnancy again?
    Thank you.


    Comment by MsNZ | September 24, 2014

  39. This resonates with me.


    Comment by EliseJ | September 24, 2014

  40. I think this post is great in helping understand as it can be overwhelming at times. I had an abortion in 2012 and I still think about it everyday and want to ask the council if the spirit will come back to me in the future and was it a part of our soul plans?


    Comment by Emmy | August 18, 2014

  41. thank you so so so much. truly grateful.


    Comment by AskingForHelp | August 4, 2014

  42. Hi, Asking for Help. The good news is we were able to do a session with The Council on your request for guidance about your pregnancy. We wish we could provide you with a recording of this session, but a recording wasn’t made. Here are some highlights from the session.

    1. The feeling you have that you’re getting strength from spirit guides and the Divine Supreme, is the feeling of guidance you’re getting from spirit on what to do about this pregnancy. You can rely more on this guidance than you can on the advice of friends whose point of view is less connected to spirit.
    2. You will not be spending the rest of your life with your current boyfriend.
    3. The reason for your 3 pregnancies is your agreement with various spirits to try and be with you as mother and child in this lifetime (at least until one spirit is successful) for the purpose of personal and spiritual growth for both of you.
    4. If you decide not to have the child this pregnancy, there will be other spirits trying to come in as your child.
    5. Each pregnancy was a different spirit, and The Council seemed to say future pregnancies would also be different spirits.
    6. If you decide to have this child, The Council says this will open up an opportunity for you to move away from people and circumstances currently in your life that aren’t helping you experience what you desire as a spiritual being. This opportunity will be the beginning of a transformation in your life and 5 years from now you will have a new partner and much more enjoyable circumstances. If you don’t have this child, the opportunity will wait until you have another child.
    7. The Council supports you in whatever decision you make. There are no wrong decisions.

    If we think of any additional guidance The Council had for you, we’ll post it in another follow-up comment, but we wanted to get the main points to you as quickly as possible. Good luck with whatever you decide. Love, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | August 3, 2014

  43. Thank you so so much. Im truly grateful for your help. You are doing a great job at helping us all understand ourselves better and get more in touch with our higher selves. sending lots of love your way,, asking for help.


    Comment by AskingForHelp | August 2, 2014

  44. Hi, Asking. We’ll do what we can to ask The Council’s guidance for your situation as quickly as possible. We’re currently traveling on family business, but we may be able to get some guidance for you before we return home late Sunday. It sounds to us like you have lots of intuition about this situation, but it’s an important decision and we understand your desire for The Council’s input. Stay tuned and we’ll see what we can do.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | August 1, 2014

  45. Hi Bob and Cynthia,, I’ve too already been through 2 abortions in my past and am currently about 6 weeks pregnant. My friends advice me against keeping the baby as I’m not married, unemployed and all of 26. My boyfriend is indifferent to the fact that I’m going through this emotional decision making period. I’ve no clue if my current boyfriend is the one I’d be spending the rest of my life with. But it just feels different this time. past 2 times i never gave it any thought. I wasn’t concerned of my decision being right or wrong. I don’t even remember past 2 times affecting me in a major way. but I’ve come a long way since.

    Ive tried to do a lot of soul searching in the past one year or so. I tried to commit suicide but was saved and after that my life has changed. I’m grateful everyday for this wake up call. I’m always trying to figure my purpose of life here in this physical realm. I’m not scared to face life and situations that seem like problems and end of the road. Its like I’m getting this strength from my spirit guides and the Divine Supreme just as i ask for it in my prayers. I’ve come to believe that Love is the eventual reality.

    But at this stage, I feel clueless. That’s why I’ve turned to you for answers and help. This time it feels like its meant to be. My friends took me to a doctor and she said that Ive just 4-5 days to decide if I want to terminate this pregnancy as after that the heartbeat will appear and it is going to take surgical procedure to do the same, which could be far more complicated than just taking some pills. I haven’t been able to make a decision. Is being a mother the purpose of my life because i feel like I’ve come here to spread the power of love this way. This time even my intuition fails me. Pls help me.
    Love your way,,
    Asking for help.


    Comment by AskingForHelp | July 31, 2014

  46. Hi, Alina. Glad to hear you’re feeling better after hearing The Council’s answer to your question. It sounds like your husband is very intuitive :-). Thanks for your feedback.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | July 27, 2014

  47. And i think is a very good idea to make a post about Indigo children, because they are suppose to be the ones who knows within themselves all the information we are discussing here, on this web site, the information which The council channeling through Cynthia. It should be very interesting for the readers to know more on this subject, cause these are the kids who are changing our planet for the better, helping humanity to wake up.

    Thank you very much one more time


    Comment by Alina | July 27, 2014

  48. Hi Bob& Cynthia,
    thank you profoundly for the time and effort taken to answer my question and ask the council for their guidance. My husband did always tell me its the same soul though i had trouble believing him. Now i feel complete again and can hopefully eliminate the sense of loss and be complete with my Son as things should be and give him my complete time and attention without feeling suffering or loss. You also hit the proverbial nail on the head when u said He’s impatient and likes a lot of stimulation …He’s exactly like that. his name is Lionel or Leo like we like to call him. Thank you for everything.
    Love , light and Magic,


    Comment by Alina | July 27, 2014

  49. Alina,
    This morning we asked The Council if the soul connected with your pregnancy that didn’t go full term is the same soul as your new son and The Council says definitely yes. In fact, The Council says the agreement you have with this soul is that no matter what difficulties you might experience having a full term pregnancy, this soul wouldn’t stop trying to be with you as your child.

    The Council says your son is what many people are referring to as an Indigo child and it will be good for you to acquaint yourself with information available on this subject. The Council says your son is very intelligent, but will not have a lot of patience. The Council advises you to always speak the truth to your son and it is important to always answer the questions he asks. He will always want to know the reason why you ask him to do things because he has tremendous curiosity. He can bore easily and will benefit from lots of intellectual stimulation. The Council also says your son has come to teach you many things to help with your growth.

    This is just some of the highlights of The Council’s answer to your question. As soon as the session recording is ready to be downloaded we’ll email you a link to it. There’s lots of additional information in this session about Indigo children that we didn’t know before and we look forward to publishing a post on the session so we can share this information with other readers. Thank you so much for asking this question. We’re confident the information from The Council that your question inspired will be appreciated by many people. Once you’ve had a chance to listen to the recording, please consider leaving feedback here. We believe other readers will be interested in reading about your impressions.

    Love, Cynthia, Bob, & The Council


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | July 26, 2014

  50. Thank you Bob&Cynthia and The Council…and thank you universe you are here to help us.
    appreciate a lot what you are doing


    Comment by Alina | July 26, 2014

  51. Hi, Alina. As soon as we can we’ll ask The Council for guidance that might help you feel better about your terminated pregnancy. We’ll specifically ask if the spirit of your 2-month old son is the same spiritual being in the earlier pregnancy, or if this spirit is still willing to be part of your family. We’ll add another reply here when we have The Council’s guidance for you. Love, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | July 22, 2014

  52. Hi, Bob and Cynthia. I read the Beth’s story and it gave me a lot of understanding on subject. I did an abortion one year back, on the half way of pregnancy. I’ve got really confused with my life circumstances, had a nervous breakdown and took the abortion pills. After i realized that my subconscious already got used to the fact that i’m going to have the child and i actually want this child to be born. But i was very egoistic that time and very confused.
    Three month later after i got pregnant again. Now i have a beautiful two month old boy. me and my husband are very happy. But still i can’t find the peace in inside myself. I’m still thinking about the first child, it’s even prevent me from bonding with my son. I realize, that i’m very lucky to have another child almost straight away after that story, the God was forgiving to me and i’m very grateful for that.
    But if you just could help me to find the peace in my soul. I have only one question. If it the same Soul, which i aborted, came back with my son now? And if it’s not can this Soul come back in the next pregnancy, if i’m already chosen like a mother. I understand, that is the feeling of loss and desire to get back what is lost, the silly human nature, but it’s really important for me to know and i don’t know whom i can address this question to.
    I hope for your help, cause you seems like to really having the understanding about what is happening beyond our physical bodies.
    Looking forward to your reply


    Comment by Alina | July 21, 2014

  53. Hi Rita. We’re emailing you a link to an audio recording of The Council’s answer to your question. For the benefit of other readers, as soon as we have time we’ll update this comment with highlights of The Council’s guidance.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | July 14, 2014

  54. Hi Rita. We’ll try to do a session with The Council and let you know what they have to say before your appointment this coming Friday. In the meantime we suggest you do what you can to connect with who you are as a spiritual being to get as much of a feeling as possible what this larger part of you desires regarding the situation you’re asking about.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | July 13, 2014

  55. I am doing some serious soul searching and came across this very helpful article at this time. The info contained in this article reaffirms what I already thought and felt. I am unemployed for the first time in 24 years. I just found out I am 6 weeks pregnant. I already have 3 children. The first child was unplanned and I raised her alone with the help of my mother. She is now 20 years old and I am so thankful for her presence in my life. The other two children were from a marriage that didn’t last but we are co-parenting the two children together. They are both beautiful souls and I am also very thankful I have them. I am turning 40 years old in 2 months. I have been in a relationship for the last 4 years and he does not have any children of his own nor does he want any. There is a chance we won’t be together much longer because of a huge spiritual gap between us. We do not share the same beliefs. Because of his lack of support to have this child and due to my current financial situation with already having 3 children, I feel it is best from a physical sense to terminate this pregnancy through a medical abortion which is scheduled 5 days from now for 7/18/14 at noon. What I pray and meditate for and trying my best to manifest is for an energetic abortion where I can talk with the soul I am carrying and ask for this soul to agree that it is not a good time to come forth so that I do not have to make that decision myself. This is what prompted me to search the internet for resources today. Please provide any information or insight that could help me if I have to continue with this decision. I am so conflicted because spiritually I now this divine being I am carrying is a powerful soul and much needed in our world today.

    Much love and blessings and please help in any way you can.



    Comment by Rita | July 13, 2014

  56. Hi, Rita. Last night we were able to ask The Council for guidance about your terminated pregnancy. Here are the highlights:

    1. They see and understand your pain, and say this is not an unusual response when you believe you’ve experienced a loss and you believe you have terminated a life. They say it’s good you’re able to recognize this feeling.
    2. It is not the case that you were too quick to end the pregnancy. The soul of the fetus agreed from the beginning it would experience the termination of the pregnancy and would not be born. For other readers who experience similar feelings after a pregnancy that doesn’t go full term, it’s our understanding this is always with the agreement of the soul associated with the fetus.
    3. The soul was not your uncle.
    4. The signs you mention were from family and other loved ones in spirit who desired to comfort you and let you know they are with you and support you.
    5. You can use a meditation-like practice to feel the on-going presence, love, and support of the spirit of your sister who has passed. This can help with painful feelings about this pregnancy, if you continue to experience them.
    6. If you and your uncle desire to experience a more satisfying relationship in another lifetime, this opportunity is available to both of you if you both choose this.

    Thank you very much for your request for guidance, Rita. This blog post on abortion is one of our most popular posts. The subject of terminated pregnancies has been an emotionally charged one and The Council welcomes the opportunity to share their spiritual point of view in the hope that many will feel more relief about these experiences. Love, Cynthia & Bob


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | May 1, 2014

  57. Hi, Rita. Thank you for your comment. We understand your desire for guidance regarding your abortion. As soon as we can get The Council’s input on this we’ll follow up with another comment in this section. Love, Cynthia & Bob


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | April 30, 2014

  58. My uncle passed away just before I found out I was pregnant, I had this feeling it was my uncle. we did not share a good relationship for that matter any. I had an abortion because I was 37 too old, deficient in folic acid and vitamin B. it was a quick decision for me – surprising since I drag my feet. but it hurts still and i don’t know. there were a lot of strange signs – snow on the day, it was a surprising warm day after, next day songs my (passed away) sister used to like. I would like some guidance from the spirits. please.


    Comment by rita | April 29, 2014

  59. Thanks to The Council, Bob and Cynthia for this wonderful message. Even though in my heart I knew these to be true, somehow I am more comforted knowing that they are confirmed by the Council. Many good things have come out of this experience and it is in learning how to focus on the positive aspects and open my heart more that I have gained the most. Thank you for the work you do and I look forward to reading your new posts.



    Comment by Shuyan | November 19, 2013

  60. Hi Shuyan,
    We did a session with The Council this evening to answer your questions about the two pregnancies you mentioned. Until we get a chance to publish a post about this session we thought you’d be interested in our description of what we consider some of the highlights of the session.

    1. The Council would like you to know it is the desire of who you are as a spiritual being to experience every single aspect of what happens in your human experience. From this point of view, your pregnancies and everything else in your human experience is planned by who you are as a spiritual being. From your spiritual perspective these pregnancies were planned, even though they appear to be unplanned from your human perspective.
    2. The Council would like you to know that just because the spiritual part of you planned for you to have these two pregnancies, this does not mean the spiritual part of you planned for these pregnancies to result in a child being born. The Council seems very supportive of your feeling that “it doesn’t feel like the right time to start a family,” and they do not believe your soul created these pregnancies because the spiritual part of you is trying to convince the human part of you to start a family.
    3. The Council suggests that each of your pregnancies has been an agreement with spiritual beings who desire to experience coming into human form as a fetus, but have no desire to experience a full term pregnancy, child birth, and a human life beyond your womb. You are helping these spiritual beings have these experiences they desire.
    4. The Council says the primary reason the spiritual part of you created these two pregnancies is to give the human part of you powerful opportunities to experience letting go of habitual human beliefs and feelings that are not in harmony with who you are as a spiritual being. The Council says that learning from these pregnancies how to let go of unwanted feelings will be very advantageous to you later in this lifetime.
    5. The Council says you may experience pressure from others to begin a family, and The Council encourages you to follow your feelings and intuition from the spiritual part of you about whether on not to ever start a family in this lifetime.

    We get the impression there is no right or wrong decision from your spiritual point of view – only decisions that allow the human part of you to experience more of the love and well-being you are as a spiritual being, or decisions that limit the human part of you from having these experiences. We hope this helps, Shuyan. Thanks again for your questions. In the same way you feel comforted by the information Beth’s questions inspired, we feel confident that other readers will feel similarly comforted by the information your questions have inspired.

    Love, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | November 1, 2013

  61. Hi Shuyan,

    Thank you for your perceptive comments and your questions. You appear to have a good understanding of The Council’s guidance for Beth. We’re particularly gratified that The Council’s guidance in this post is comforting for you. We look forward to asking The Council your questions about your spiritual intention to experience these two pregnancies that you experience as unplanned from your human perspective. The Council says that everything we experience as human beings is the result of our spiritual intention to have those experiences. From that point of view, it seems safe to conclude that you (as spirit) wish to experience the dilemma of making a choice, because that is what you’re experience. But there’s a good chance there’s more to this experience than that and we will see if The Council is able to offer you some additional insight into your spiritual intentions and desire for having these pregnancies. We’ll reply in another comment as soon as we have answers for you from The Council.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | October 29, 2013

  62. Thank you for this timely post as i am going through my second unplanned pregnancy and have been considering whether to abort for the second time.

    I do believe that terminating a pregnancy does not end a soul’s life and that the soul has contracted to be born or not born depending on the mother’s decision. Spirit is eternal. It is comforting to read the answers to Beth’s questions as her situation sounds similar to mine.

    Some questions i have been wondering and hope The Council may give some clarity on them.

    I have been wondering why this has happened to me twice. Is it because i have not learnt the lesson that was intended for me the first time?

    I have also been wondering that although it doesnt feel like the right time to start a family, what is the reason that i have created this experience? does my soul subconsciously want to start a family, or it wishes to experience the dilemma of making a choice or perhaps a different reason ?


    Comment by Shuyan | October 28, 2013

  63. Good question, tBone. We look forward to hearing The Council’s answer. We’ll let you know what they have to say.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | October 11, 2013

  64. uhhhhh okay. what about LATE TERM ABORTIONS in which the fetus is intentionally and brutally mangled and crushed by human hands, even after surviving outside the womb? is that “humorous” to “the Council”? are we suppose to believe that this is all “part of an agreement?” …give me a break


    Comment by tBone | October 11, 2013

  65. Thanks again for your appreciation, Sue. We share your appreciation for The Council’s sense of humor, and the idea that spirit never judges our choices. We appreciate your feedback. -Bob


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | August 18, 2013

  66. I love that the council laughs at the thought of someone thinking they can end life. I, too had an abortion when I was young and not ready to be a parent or to spend years with my partner at the time. I have just about never felt guilty about it. And I love having this perspective on it.

    I also love that our choices are never wrong. They are just choices, moving us this way or that. Thank you for such a complete answer that completely resonates with me.



    Comment by mariner2mother | August 16, 2013

  67. Thank you very kindly for posting this. As someone who experienced very profoundly the loss of a child through abortion and all the emotion that goes with it, this has brought me immense comfort. I was under an incredible pressure to terminate my pregnancy from my boyfriend of the time….almost 20 years ago now. He got to walk away unscathed seemingly (he didn;t care), but I was devastated….there were no words to describe my pain. I think I suffered post traumatic stress for a long while…I went to a counsellor and was medicated to deal with the grief. This afternoon I sit here in tears, barely able to type this…thank you for helping me to see that it is likely I and “the little soul” (my name for baby at the time, I still remember) planned the experience for soul expansion. I am happy to say that I went on to give birth to 3 children since then. Do you think it is possible “the little soul” came back to me in the form of one of my other children? Many blessings xoxo Tanya


    Comment by Tanya | July 8, 2013

  68. “All who terminate pregnancies go through many, many emotions. And there is sadness, and there is guilt, and there is relief; and then there is always wondering what the child would have been like at every year that goes by.”

    Hooray for Beth for having the courage to ask, and hooray for every sentence and sentiment in the answer. A very long time ago I’d read something along the lines of (and I’m absolutely paraphrasing) “No soul is stupid enough to incarnate into a vessel that will not be.” Something like that. It made a great deal of sense and it was nice to hear that logic somewhat reiterated here.

    A woman (and more often, just a girl) who has had an abortion manifests her own internal fire and brimstone – really no need for any outside help. But tons of need for love and understanding.

    Thank you for this.


    Comment by Niki | June 23, 2013

  69. 100% Right on with all three questions. The, why for# 1 can be elaborated to include why would an individual soul choose to incarnate into multiple human bodies and interact with itself as “another”when the same interaction and experience can be presented by another soul? Do we run out of other playmate souls willing to role play with us :)?

    # 3- Specially when both choices seem to be equally strong and seems to “mostly” equally feel good. How to tune into even the slight difference between the vibrations of each choice which will lead to completely different experiences?

    Please word the questions in any way that you seem fit but you are spot on with your understanding of what I am asking.

    Thank you.


    Comment by K | June 20, 2013

  70. Dear K,
    We’re glad you like the recent post on the session about Beth’s question on abortion. We agree that feeling your way through this post is a good way to understand what The Council is saying.

    Regarding your questions, it sounds like you’re asking the following, but we’re not certain:

    1. Do individual souls incarnate into multiple human bodies able to interact with each other in the same physical reality for an extended period of time? And if they do, why?
    2. When faced with two or more dramatically contrasting life choices – like choosing to be with a new companion after the departure of a spouse, or choosing the independence and solitude of being without a companion – how do you tell if you are choosing in harmony with the desires of your larger spiritual self, or if your choice is motivated by human desires that might be very different or even opposite what your spirit desires?
    3. And can The Council suggest some practical exercises to help you choose what you desire as spirit rather than make choices motivated by human desires that do not reflect your spiritual desires?

    These are questions we can ask The Council. If these questions don’t accurately represent what you would like The Council to answer, please restate your question or questions as simply as possible. The simpler you can state your question or questions, the more likely you are to get an answer that addresses what you want to know.

    Love, Cynthia & Bob


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | June 19, 2013

  71. What an intense yet wonderful post….I had to read it several times and really feel my way through it. I like the new style of writing too.

    I was fascinated by the idea that Beth’s own soul came as her two unborn children so that she could experience the loss she wanted to. In this case however, the experience sought was short “lived” in the physical but are there other ways that ones soul comes forth as ones own life to help experience whatever one wishes too. I understand that in a very broad way we are all part of the same but specifically, like in Beth’s story, do we split and exist and actually be part of the same experience at the same physical time for extended periods of time? Why?

    The part about Beth wanting to experience both the loss of her children and then the joy of having her son and growing through it brings me to another question. Whatever, the souls original intention may be, through forgetting our true nature as spirit and through changes because of free will when we shape and create situations where the choice in front of us (in the physical) seems very contrasting as in two paths leading to two very different experiences such as loss, guilt, pain etc. from an abortion and then choosing to stop there and not having a child again or to do so in order to experience all of that AND the joy of having and raising a child, or people who have the option to marry again (or not) after losing their spouses – love, loss and independence, solitude or all of that AND a new companionship, those that give up their children for adoption and never have children again and those that do, and many others such as that. How does a spirit try and find the strongest feeling experience they wish to have and go with it instead of the seemingly strong emotion their physical bodies try to lead them to. I know the council keeps reminding us about reaching for the feeling of love and that there are no wrong choices but will they share some more practical exercises that help us choose and shape our choices more as spirits and less as clueless physical beings masking the true spirits?

    As always, grateful for the wonderful and inspiring posts.
    Much love,


    Comment by K | June 18, 2013

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