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Is Mom’s Dog, Waylon, Our Deceased Dog, Papi?

This post answers questions for a reader named, Virgo Rising.

Virgo Rising: A few months ago I asked The Council about my deceased dog, Papi, and whether or not he’d reincarnate again to either me or my Mom. You confirmed that he’s come back to my Mom before, and that my Mom’s childhood dog, Tippy, was Papi’s spirit. But you didn’t know what his current plans were, and if he was going to come back to either of us again.

Council: At this time he won’t return to you. There’s a new dog in this environment. These little souls are trying to teach you what you wanted, which was to see love everywhere.

It’s wonderful to think or hope that when a dog comes it’s a reincarnation of another dog we’ve had. But what you’re not seeing here is that it doesn’t have to be a reincarnation for a dog to be loving and to have similar personalities. The lesson for these dogs is to bring love in. They want to be accepted for the way they are.

There are new animal spirits that want to come to you and your mother and be part of your lives. And they want to teach you to open up and to love other animals that you haven’t had before. Love is a great thing. These animals are here to teach you to love who they are and to know they’re different. Isn’t it wonderful to have more spirits come to you? Animals that want to be loved, want to teach you to love, and there doesn’t have to be any ties to them being with you before.

Virgo: Since I asked that question about Papi, my Mom got a new puppy named, Waylon. She swears that Waylon is either Papi or another dog she had in her current lifetime because of the strong connection she has with him. I’m not as convinced this puppy is Papi reincarnated because Waylon’s personality is nothing like Papi’s personality.

Council: Sometimes when a dog comes back they have completely different personalities, but we would say this is not Papi reincarnated. Waylon is brand new to you and your mother.

Virgo: My Mom says she thinks it could be Papi though because Tippy and Papi’s personalities were different, yet they ended up being the same spirit.

Council: Can you love animals with different personalities? They don’t have to be the same. Can you give love to new spirit animals that come to you? That’s the choice. That’s the lesson here.

Virgo: My question is: Is Waylon, Papi reincarnated.

Bob: And you said he’s not.

Council: Correct.

Virgo: And if he’s Papi, does he remember the life he had before with me and my Mom when he was Papi? Or do dogs lose their memories of their previous lives when they incarnate the same way humans do?

Council: When some animals come back to families, they remember. The bond is so strong that the human spirit and the animal spirit will choose to experience each other again. But like humans, many animals just come in, and they come in with love, to show love, and to receive love.

Virgo: If Wayon isn’t Papi, is he another dog or pet that either of us knows from this lifetime?

Council: (laughing) No, he’s not Papi. Waylon is new. Show him love.

Virgo: If Waylon’s not Papi, is there a way to manifest Papi reincarnating again because both of us miss him very much?

Council: Focus on the new spirit. With your mind you can put it out there that past dogs would come back, but that’s not what you wished to do in this lifetime. There are so many animals that need homes and that need love. Can you appreciate what you had in these past animals that you’ve had and allow them to move on? Perhaps they can become more than an animal if that’s where they are.

Can you open your heart to the new ones? This is all about growth. This is all about expanding the love. It’s always good to give a home to an animal that needs it. It’s good for you. The animal will bring out many positive things in you. And it’s certainly good for the dog. The lesson here is expansion.

You don’t need to go backward. You need to move forward. Expand the love to other souls. The animals you’ve had in the past will be around you. They never go far. The lesson here is to expand.

Virgo: It’s weird, but I almost feel like Papi is more than an animal. I feel like he’s part of me and my Mom’s soul group. I even had a dream once where a guide told me Papi was part of my oversoul. I don’t know if that’s true or not. Maybe I interpreted the dream the wrong way, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he was because he never felt like just an animal. He feels more like a human, as crazy and ridiculous as that sounds.

Council: At this point focus on the future. Focus on moving forward. Focus on expanding. The love you’ve received from these animals before is still with you, and they are still with you.

What you need to understand is these little souls want you to move forward and want you to help other little souls that come to you. That is your purpose. Your purpose was to experience strong connections and strong feelings of love. Now pass it on.

There was a movie named, Pay It Forward. Take what you’ve received and now look for others that need your love. Pay it forward.

And so we send you blessings in every area that you need them. And we remind you that you all are a blessing in your current reality.

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