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Will My Children Ever Feel Good In School?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Kati.

Kati: Dear Council, please help. Will my children ever feel good at school? My 10-year-old struggles academically due to attention issues, but does great socially, though the environment is lively and distracting, which doesn’t help his attention issues.

Council: First we’ll like to say this child is an Indigo child, and the attention problem the school would see is because he’s very curious and will get bored easily. Subconsciously the Indigo children know they have great things to do and to change when they are here. That’s what’s going on with that child right now.

This is nothing to worry about. Don’t fall into the system’s way of thinking there’s something wrong with him. Indigo children learn at their own pace. They make friends when they’re ready. They’ll search for the right kind of people, they’ll search for the right kind of information, and they don’t want to waste their time. This is part of what an Indigo child goes through.

There’s no need to worry here. You’ll see by watching this child what motivates him, what his interests are, and how he works through his problems.

Kati: My 8-year-old struggles socially, hasn’t made a good friend in school in three years, hates going to school, but does great academically.

Council: Do you see the opposites with these two souls? They’ve agreed to come in and they know each other from one or more previous lives. They’d be examples to each other so that one would learn from the other, and learn how to balance themselves out. It’s a wonderful path they’ve chosen to come on.

There’s a learning process for you, but they’re here to definitely help each other to be examples. As they get older they’ll figure out what they want. There could be a time when one is jealous of the other, but that’s fine. The relationship will evolve. They’re here to be examples and to help each other in their current reality.

Kati: We are considering switching schools to a small private religious school, though we’re not of that faith, or homeschooling, but those are upheavals as well. Is it worth the financial strain to send them to private school?

Council: No, not at all. They’ll still have their issues to face. And why disturb what they’re going through now, where they’d have to start again with the feelings, and being bored, or not having friends. It’s to your children’s benefit that you do not change their schooling habits and where they learn.

Kati: Would my children be happy doing homeschooling?

Council: That wouldn’t help either.

Kati: In addition to feeling like we’re constantly struggling with their individual school issues…

Council: And that’s understood, but just sit back and watch, and encourage them in any way you can.

Most of all it’s important that your children feel accepted no matter how they are, and to feel loved by you. Show your children love. Show your children acceptance. These are tools that will help them grow.

Kati: Mass shootings in the news make me fear that school is no longer a safe place for kids.

Council: And at this point it isn’t safe. But in your current reality, all of this is happening because a great change is wanted. All the souls here have allowed this to come in to learn from it and take their power. And parents, as well as all adults, have a lot of power that they’re looking to find right now, and to change the circumstances into the kind of world that’s wanted.

Every single soul that’s in this reality at this time came in to find out whatever the problem is, and to face these problems in large groups, or individually, and to change these problems and bring love into every situation.

But we do understand your fear. Meditate on things being wonderful. Meditate on how you’d like things to be. See that in your mind. Focus on that.

You’ll find that thoughts are very powerful. Stay in the positive.

Kati: The whole topic of school feels so intense and it’s been a struggle for four years. Do you have any insights as to why we’ve struggled so much, and if there’s a better option for our family? I don’t want to live in fear anymore, and I don’t want to be weary of the subject of school anymore.

Council: As crazy as this may sound, you did choose to experience fear, and so did everyone else in your current reality. Either you fall victim to this fear, or you use your mind and your energy to not accept this fear.

Now focus on what you want. When you focus, the vibration changes, and then everything around you changes. That’s how your current reality works.

Do the work. Go inward. Focus. Visualize, and you’ll see the change begin.

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