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Is The Man I Met My Romantic Soulmate?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Adrian.

Adrian: I’ve met a man and there are all these signs he may be someone very special to me. During our first kiss, two dragonflies flew into his house.

Council: Isn’t that magical and lovely?

Adrian: I’ve known him about a week and hate to prematurely jump in before really knowing him, but there are all these strange signs and they are almost bizarre in nature.

Council: And we do want to say here, you do realize you are creating these signs. You’re creating them to give you comfort, to show you what direction to go in, and to make you feel that you have support from another reality. You have the idea that this is the person, but you’ll create the relationship you want whether you had these signs or not. It’s wonderful and very playful and very creative the way you’re bringing this relationship in. Isn’t it fun?

Adrian: For example, I programmed his name into my phone. At first I only had his first name, Bobby. Then once I put in his last name, the phone decided to call him, The Abraham Group all on its own. And my phone also decided to program his email address as your email address for this blog. We had a good laugh about that.

Council: Do you see how wonderful and creative you are to bring joy in such a funny way, and of bringing closeness to the two of you at this stage of the relationship?

Adrian: Today I got curious and looked up your email address on the internet, found your website, and I couldn’t believe you talk about Abraham and Esther Hicks, whose work I’m familiar with, and that your site is connected to a galactic council.

Council: This is another connection that you’ve created.

Adrian: I’m dumbfounded and awestruck all at the same time.

Council: Pat yourself on the back for this.

Adrian: Is this man as special to me as I think he may be based on all these signs?

Council: Well we’d certainly think that you have gone through all this creativity to give you the signs that, yes, you can have a wonderful relationship. It’s still always up to you.

Adrian: Can I really trust this?

Council: Ahh, can you really trust yourself? Can you trust what you focus on and remove the doubts? Then you’ll see what you can create.

Adrian: What does all of this mean?

Council: It means you’re having a wonderful time, that you’re so connected to your higher self, that you’re enjoying this relationship, and that it’s something you wanted to do, and you’ve done it. Look at the immense things that you’ve had happen within that short period of time. That should take away all of your doubt.

And so we say keep creating. Have fun with this relationship. And you’ll both feel closer to your higher self. You’ll both be able to stay in that vibration of joy. And when you’re in that vibration of joy, put on your seatbelts. There’s nothing you can’t create. And we say again, nothing. So have fun.

Adrian: I’m getting divorced and I’ve asked for my romantic soulmate to come in at the right time. I only recently decided to date, thinking that while I’m not really ready (my divorce is still in its early stages), it felt like time to meet someone nice for this moment. But I honestly didn’t expect to meet my soulmate now. Is this man my romantic soulmate that I’ve been calling in?

Council: Well it looks that way to us. We see this beautiful future that you have in mind that you would like with this person, but we can’t make that happen. You have to decide if this person is for you. No one can tell you if this is your soulmate because there are many souls that are around saying, “Well we’ll jump in if you don’t want this one or that one.”

So you decide. Do you want this person? Do you want this relationship? Do you want to go forward with this? And you will create it. Look at the power of what you’ve created already.

So there’s nothing, as we say, written in stone. If this is what you want, and if you stay in the vibration of joy and you create it in your mind, you will have it.

Adrian: Can I trust this?

Council: Can you trust yourself? There’s no one else that’s going to make it happen. There’s no magic from somewhere else that you need to tap into. You are the magic. You are the focus. You are the creator. And when you doubt, just look at what you’ve told us you’ve created already.

Adrian: I will say, after three great dates now, that I feel really good around him. He feels really familiar and comfortable to me – like home. Any guidance would be so greatly appreciated. I guess I’m having a hard time believing the unbelievable at the moment.

Council: And that is where the problem is, having a hard time believing.

So you’ll work on this. You’ll focus on visualizing exactly what you want. And if it doesn’t go in the direction you want, ask yourself, what have I been thinking? What have I been feeling? Because your thoughts will create what you feel. How you feel goes out and creates what you want. So if you start having anxiety that maybe this isn’t the person, that anxiety will go out there and interfere.

So we suggest you go into the thoughts of: This is wonderful. Yes, this is what I want. I feel great. That feeling great will help you create what you desire.

Listen to the entire 8-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Adrian and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it. You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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Will My Children Ever Feel Good In School?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Kati.

Kati: Dear Council, please help. Will my children ever feel good at school? My 10-year-old struggles academically due to attention issues, but does great socially, though the environment is lively and distracting, which doesn’t help his attention issues.

Council: First we’ll like to say this child is an Indigo child, and the attention problem the school would see is because he’s very curious and will get bored easily. Subconsciously the Indigo children know they have great things to do and to change when they are here. That’s what’s going on with that child right now.

This is nothing to worry about. Don’t fall into the system’s way of thinking there’s something wrong with him. Indigo children learn at their own pace. They make friends when they’re ready. They’ll search for the right kind of people, they’ll search for the right kind of information, and they don’t want to waste their time. This is part of what an Indigo child goes through.

There’s no need to worry here. You’ll see by watching this child what motivates him, what his interests are, and how he works through his problems.

Kati: My 8-year-old struggles socially, hasn’t made a good friend in school in three years, hates going to school, but does great academically.

Council: Do you see the opposites with these two souls? They’ve agreed to come in and they know each other from one or more previous lives. They’d be examples to each other so that one would learn from the other, and learn how to balance themselves out. It’s a wonderful path they’ve chosen to come on.

There’s a learning process for you, but they’re here to definitely help each other to be examples. As they get older they’ll figure out what they want. There could be a time when one is jealous of the other, but that’s fine. The relationship will evolve. They’re here to be examples and to help each other in their current reality.

Kati: We are considering switching schools to a small private religious school, though we’re not of that faith, or homeschooling, but those are upheavals as well. Is it worth the financial strain to send them to private school?

Council: No, not at all. They’ll still have their issues to face. And why disturb what they’re going through now, where they’d have to start again with the feelings, and being bored, or not having friends. It’s to your children’s benefit that you do not change their schooling habits and where they learn.

Kati: Would my children be happy doing homeschooling?

Council: That wouldn’t help either.

Kati: In addition to feeling like we’re constantly struggling with their individual school issues…

Council: And that’s understood, but just sit back and watch, and encourage them in any way you can.

Most of all it’s important that your children feel accepted no matter how they are, and to feel loved by you. Show your children love. Show your children acceptance. These are tools that will help them grow.

Kati: Mass shootings in the news make me fear that school is no longer a safe place for kids.

Council: And at this point it isn’t safe. But in your current reality, all of this is happening because a great change is wanted. All the souls here have allowed this to come in to learn from it and take their power. And parents, as well as all adults, have a lot of power that they’re looking to find right now, and to change the circumstances into the kind of world that’s wanted.

Every single soul that’s in this reality at this time came in to find out whatever the problem is, and to face these problems in large groups, or individually, and to change these problems and bring love into every situation.

But we do understand your fear. Meditate on things being wonderful. Meditate on how you’d like things to be. See that in your mind. Focus on that.

You’ll find that thoughts are very powerful. Stay in the positive.

Kati: The whole topic of school feels so intense and it’s been a struggle for four years. Do you have any insights as to why we’ve struggled so much, and if there’s a better option for our family? I don’t want to live in fear anymore, and I don’t want to be weary of the subject of school anymore.

Council: As crazy as this may sound, you did choose to experience fear, and so did everyone else in your current reality. Either you fall victim to this fear, or you use your mind and your energy to not accept this fear.

Now focus on what you want. When you focus, the vibration changes, and then everything around you changes. That’s how your current reality works.

Do the work. Go inward. Focus. Visualize, and you’ll see the change begin.

Listen to the entire 8-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Kati and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it. You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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How Can I Support Myself And Find An Inexpensive Apartment?

This post answers questions for The Council from an anonymous reader who’s looking for their advice.

Anon: The past two decades have been difficult. I found it difficult to get work and somewhere to live. I originally wanted to be a musician, and I’ve been trying to teach and write to create a secure foundation from which I could make music my main source of income. But the foundation and the music career never came.

Council: Your interest in music comes from another lifetime. It was something you enjoyed, but you didn’t plan in this lifetime to make music your source of income. It was supposed to be a hobby and something you did on the side that you enjoyed. But somehow, unconsciously, the memories are there of how much you enjoyed it before, and so liking that feeling you stayed with it. This particular lifetime we think music isn’t the path you’re ready to go on at this moment.

Anon: The way my work is done changed after the 2008 financial crisis and I find myself doing an awful lot of unpaid work, applying for jobs, funding, gigs, practicing, self-promoting, and doing the mandatory unpaid work that comes with self-employment.

Council: That’s fine if you enjoy doing unpaid work. If not, what else have you done to provide for yourself? What sort of work have you come up with to support your style of living, to be comfortable with where you are and who you’re with, and a way to enjoy what you’re doing? Have you looked in these other areas?

Anon: Renting has been unstable and I’ve lived in 13 places over the last 20 years. At one point I got ill, was made homeless, and ended up in subsidized housing. I have no family or partner, This has been the most security and stability I’ve ever had and I’ve been so grateful.

Council: Abandonment is part of your lesson. And again we ask you, what are you doing to provide for yourself now, moving around so much and seeing how the music work isn’t supporting you? What are you looking towards?

Anon: It’s been wonderful living here. Sadly the building is being demolished and I’ll get notice to move out soon.

Council: Do you realize you are the creator. Look how you’re creating your life differently from what you desire. Instead of creating going into music, you’re creating that you’re losing places where you live and you’re doing unpaid work. You’re creating it this way to get you to turn towards anything else because it will feed into your having confidence in yourself no matter what you do. This is also part of what you’re trying to learn.

Try anything. You’ll find you enjoy learning something new. You’re creating a way where the music isn’t working for you right now. You must learn to go in another direction. What is it that you love? What is it that would be easy for you to do to support yourself? We ask you to ask yourself these questions.

Anon: I’ve tried to increase my job search to earn enough money to rent an apartment locally like the one I currently live in, but I had to leave one job because I was physically attacked, and I was bullied out of another job.

Council: Again, look at what you’re creating.

Anon: I should be putting in as many job applications as I can to insure my security, but I’m drained and I can’t face doing anymore unpaid work.

Council: Again, look at what you’re creating. You know you should be increasing your job research, but you’re drained. And you’ll stay getting drained until you look in another direction. All the signs are there for you. You’re on Earth to have fun, to create different parts of your life, but you’re holding so tightly onto the subconscious memories you had from a time before where you were able to live by your music.

You wanted to come in and experience joy with your music, but also to learn so much more about yourself. Trust yourself. Try something different. And when you become confident in yourself, more and more things will change for you. Things will become easier for you. And this may lead you back to your music, but first you must find the confidence and let go of the fear of trying to support yourself another way.

Anon: Rents have skyrocketed and I’m scared I’ll have to move away from my treasured local support network I spent my adult life cultivating, and the musicians, music, and culture of the city I’ve grown up in and love so much. These are my lifeline.

Council: Once again, that’s why you’re creating your life in a way where you have to let go of this lifeline to see what else is in store for you and to see what you can create, like new friends, a new career, a new place to live. These are beautiful things that await you if you do the mental work first. What else would you like to do?

See yourself doing it, feeling good, feeling relaxed, and increasing the way you live. Let go of the fear. Let go of what’s old. We see you’re making things end because you want to have a new beginning. How exciting this is.

Anon: I love my home so much and I’m already grieving its loss. I’m scared I won’t find something this wonderful, secure, and affordable in this location where I can live on my own.

Council: Did it ever occur to you that you may not have to be in your current location, and that you’re creating your life in such a way that you’ll find a new location?

Anon: I’d love to hear your advice.

Council: Meditate. See what you want. Visualize it. Forget creating with the music for now. You’ll have it later on. See what else you’re capable of doing.

Anon: How can I break out of this cycle?

Council: Meditate. Visualize. Pretend. Find joy in doing anything else. Be like a young child that has dreams of becoming a cowboy, or a bull fighter, or anything else. Play with it and you’ll bring something new into your life.

Anon: Can spirit show me what’s next for me in terms of where I’ll be living?

Council: We can’t show you what you’re going to create. It’s all up to you. We’ll see it when you see it.

Anon: How do I find something as wonderful as where I am? How can I stay in my home town without sharing a flat? I’m in my forties now and I don’t think I can do that anymore.

Council: Look for other employment. Start there.

Anon: With the persistent employment and income insecurity taking its toll, I’ve also lost my love of practicing and writing music.

Council: There you go. You’re creating it and you’re seeing it. It’s wonderful that you’re seeing that you lost your love for music. You’re exactly on the path you wish to be on. There’s nothing to be upset about.

What you need to do is flow with your situation. There’s something else. What is it? Call it to yourself. Pretend. Visualize you can do this and you’ll create more joy in your life. You’ll create a career. You’ll create a partner. You’ll create somewhere wonderful to live. See it. See all these things and you’ll find yourself moving closer and closer to that path.

Anon: And I’d love to know how I can get the music back.

Council: Find yourself first. Try something different. Try many different things and your love of music will return. But don’t be afraid to go in different directions.

Listen to the entire 11-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Anonymous and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it. You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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Do I Have Many Lifetimes That Emphasize Romance?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Tom, who says, I find myself getting aroused frequently and somewhat easily, and I’m often thinking about making love. I get the feeling I’ve had an abundance of lifetimes that emphasize romance and other physical pleasures, and that my soul is rather fond of the physical. Is this assessment true?

The Council says we see 3 past lives in particular that are affecting your current life for the reasons you wish to learn about. The first life, in Egyptian times, you were one of the priestesses in the Temple of Bast and you weren’t allowed to have relationships of any kind with men. Your life was devoted to the goddess. In that lifetime you saw many young people in relationships and you always wanted that. But you knew if you were to have a relationship you’d be buried alive. And so you had a life of chastity, always wondering what it would be like to be in a romantic relationship.

In another lifetime in the 1100s, you were a knight in the Knights Templar and had to take a vow of poverty and chastity. Even though you traveled around to many different towns and were around beautiful women, you had to live a vow of chastity.

Then coming forward, because of these two lives, you wished to know what it would be like to be in intimate relationships and to be sexual. The next lifetime we see was in the court of Henry VIII where you were one of the handmaidens and you had many sexual relationships.

In your current life you wish to have relationships, but for it to be more pleasant for you. These past three lives weren’t pleasant, even when you were a sort of courtesan in the time of Henry VIII. In your current life you’re looking for more of a permanent relationship. This is why you often have the feeling of being aroused. It’s you looking on that path to find what it is that’s needed and what you wish to experience in this lifetime.

Tom closes by saying, And if my assessment is true, can you tell me about these lifetimes that are romance-heavy? The Council says what we’re trying to help you understand is why you feel this frequent arousal in your current lifetime. Even though you’re looking to hear about romance-heavy lives, that’s not what’s affecting your current life. What’s affecting your current life are the three lives we’ve told you about.

Meditate on these lives. Study these time periods. Imagining what it would have been like will bring you to a point where you’ll understand that was then, but that’s not what you want now. This will also give you the freedom to visualize and fantasize more about what you want in this lifetime. The kind of person and the kind of life you would like. And that’s the background of what’s going on for you in your current life.

Listen to the entire 5-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Tom and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it. You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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Is It A Good Idea To Buy A Home?

This post answers a follow-up question from a reader named, Starseed_Lightworker, to questions we answered in our post, Should I Stay Married To My Husband? Starseed says, I’m very thankful for The Council’s guidance and I’ve taken the job in a different state that I mentioned in my previous question. I’m also planning to move there next year. I’m thinking of buying a house there before I move. Can The Council please guide me if buying a home is a good idea?

The Council says, Isn’t it wonderful that you have the opportunity to move and to buy a home? Buying a home should be focused on with your thoughts to show yourself that you’ll be successful, and that you can plant seeds and have roots to build a whole new lifestyle for yourself.

Buying a house is a step in the right direction, showing yourself you’re on the path to being successful, whether you stay with this job, or for whatever reason move to another job that’s a better opportunity. Buying a house is saying, “I can do this. I will be successful in my life. I will be able to handle this.” Buying a house is a wonderful idea and when you’re ready to do this, you should follow that thought and feeling, and it will bring you lots of pleasure.

Starseed says, My concern at this point is that I’m on a work visa and it’s a new company I’m starting to work for. My heart is telling me to go ahead and buy, but I’d also like The Council’s opinion on this because it’s a big step for me. And considering my husband might not be living with us eventually, it’s all going to be my responsibility.

The Council says now is the time to visualize this house. Visualize what you’d like it to look like on the outside and on the inside. Decorate it in your mind and feel the happiness of doing these things.

Whether your husband is with you or not, see yourself paying the bills, moving forward in your life, and being successful. It’s all there for you, but start now with your thoughts. Remember, taking that leap of faith and buying that house is putting out into the universe, “I can do this. I deserve this. I will be successful.”

The Council closes by wishing Starseed_Lightworker joy in her new move. And they ask all of us to search for joy and find it in any way you can.

Listen to the 4-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Starseed_Lightworker and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it. You can ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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How Can I Find Out What Star Family I Come From?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Pedro. He says for the last few days I’m finding evidence I might be a Starseed. The Council says the time is right. If this evidence makes things clearer, then you’re ready to explore this. You’ve created doubt because you wanted to find a way to find the connection, not from someone pointing it out to you, but for you to discover this connection on your own.

Pedro says, I’d like The Council to tell me what I have to do to be completely clear about my origins, which constellation I came from, and how I can keep in contact with my star family. The Council says the easiest way to begin this project is to do lots of research. On the internet you can read about different star systems and constellations. You can also read books. Keep reading until you feel a connection to something. You’ll be drawn to the constellation and your star family. Discover how the entities lived in each star system, what they’re doing now, and what they can offer you. Does it feel familiar? Does it make you feel a connection?

Visit museums and planetariums. Do whatever you can to bring this thought of your origins and your star family to your seventh chakra where your purpose in life resides. You’ll see why you’re here and why you want to discover this now. The best way to do this is through meditation. If you don’t meditate, then before you go to bed you can ask for dreams and you can imagine what it would be like to understand where you came from and what it’s like to connect with your star family.

There are sights on the internet that have characteristics of each star system and why they’re here now. See if you fit any of these descriptions. The wonderful thing about this is that you’re doing it in a way that you’ll discover it so there won’t be any doubts. That’s what this life is about for you. You wanted to discover answers. You wanted to go forward. And you wanted to know the way to do this. That’s what’s coming up for you now.

Pedro says, My spiritual journey is only the beginning. I don’t have any spiritual practices. I don’t know how to meditate, and I fear being caught in deceiving traps by evil spirits while meditating or trying to channel, since this almost happened to me before. The Council asks, Why do you feel you can be trapped by evil spirits? This won’t happen unless you create it, unless you focus on it, unless you have such a fear about it that you won’t learn to meditate, you won’t allow yourself to learn about energy, spirits, or guides who will come in and work with you. Anyone who meditates, or wants to go beyond this dimension to find answers, always surround yourself with the beautiful white light and there will be no need to worry about evil spirits.

We enjoyed these questions and we wish everyone joy on their path. All the answers you’re looking for are within you. It’s important to trust and believe in yourself. Know that you are spirits that have had many lifetimes, that have lived in many dimensions, and in many areas that aren’t in your reality. When you begin to ask the questions, you’ll find the answers. You’ll remember past lives here, past lives in other star systems, and past lives that take you in between your realities.

There’s so much out there. It’s important for you to remember first and foremost to start believing you are more than your human body that you’re traveling around in. You are a spirit with great power. You’re the creator of your reality. Nothing is beyond your reach. Focus on who you truly are. Visualize what you’d look like as a spirit, and feel that. Feel your heart when you visualize this and all the connections, all the help you need, and all the growth and expansion you need will come.

Listen to the entire 7-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Pedro and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it. You can always ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blow pages.

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Where Is My Love Companion?

This post answers follow-up questions for The Council from a reader named, Chris, after we posted, Are There Things We Ask For That We Never Get? In that blog, Chris says The Council mentioned that her issues were fear and success, but I really think it’s about love. The Council says if you believe it’s about love, then that’s where you are in your journey, and that’s the path you want to discover right now.

Chris says since I was 29 years old I’ve wanted to find my lifelong love companion. I’ve stayed open, hopeful, and always kept my eyes and heart open. I’m now 59 and I can say the only ones who showed up were two amazing and lovely men who weren’t available because they were either in unhappy marriages, separated, or asked by their spouse for a divorce when I met them, but neither left their spouse despite their “love” for me.

The Council says it was important for you to be with these men to see what you could learn from them. How were their relationships with their partners? How was your relationship with them? And then to create, from what you knew was false and what you were being told was true, the kind of person you wanted in your life, that you could build a life with and go forward. It was very important you had these relationships.

Going forward we advise you to visualize what you want, in every detail possible, and write it down. Writing makes it powerful so that you can create the person that’s for you. The person you can learn from and has similar desires so you can build the life you want. But we repeat that meeting these people was necessary in your life.

Chris says The Council mentioned there’s the person, Ted, near me who’s one of the two men I mentioned, or someone new in South America. I wish with all my heart Ted is the one with him saying, I see us together, but it will take patience and time. The Council replies that when you look at your situation with Ted, again you’re waiting for someone to tell you it will take time but we’ll be together. It’s a similar vibration to the two that you were with before. They were going to leave their wives but never did. You need to look at this. You’ve created this situation again but in a lesser way.

Are you willing to stay and wait yet again for this man, or do you want to go out and start looking for new people to bring into your life, and find a partner that’s what you want and that’s available? This is important to visualize and think about when you create a new partner in your life.

Chris says, I’m beginning to lose hope after decades of hopes and prayers. Or was it just not the time, until now? The Council says it was about learning lessons with these two relationships. And now with Ted, it’s a learning relationship. It’s for you to ask yourself what you truly want. And to figure out why you wait for the other person to come forward and make the move when you can create something where there’s a new person, and the relationship moves quickly and easily. You’ll both have the same goals and want the same things.

These relationships were necessary so you can know this isn’t what you want. Now create what you do want.

Listen to the entire 5-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Chris and the rest of us. And you can ask The Council your own question by typing it into a Comment box that appears at the bottom of most blog pages.

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