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Is Humanity Ready For The Information I Plan To Offer In My Workshop?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Just Me Again.

Just Me Again: I never went to Cambodia.

Bob: Apparently Just Me Again asked The Council about going to Cambodia in a previous question.

Just Me Again: Not only because of not wanting to leave my cat behind, but also because life happened and I had to learn some more. I got retrenched and moved to a small town in the countryside. My brother took his own life in the early stages of Covid, and I brought my mother to stay with me in this small town, as we were both struggling with my brother’s death.

Council: It was pre-arranged that you and your mother would always be there for one another. So whether she was there for you as a child and it’s your turn now to be there for her, it’s an agreement and commitment you made, and it’s still your choice whether you would follow through on it.

Just Me Again: I’m working on a project to create a center where we offer a 10-day residential retreat for women, not only to empower them, but also for them to return home with knowledge to also empower their families and communities. It’s a holistic program to help these women understand how to deal with the baggage they carry, learn about self-love and forgiveness, discover their gifts and abilities, etc., and focus on working with high-vibration tools like flower essences, crystals and gemstones, and consciously consuming high vibration food, etc.

Council: And we’d say at this point, the best teachers are the ones that haven’t learned about crystals and essences from books, but have used it in their life so that you can give an example of what happens. Right now, people are very interested in knowing how it works. How do you know it works? So we’d say look into this program that you wish to develop, and how you’ll develop it.

But we’d say at this point going forward in your reality it’s very important to teach about vibrations, how to get into a higher vibration, how to stay there, and how to use your mind to create with your feelings, and with your images. We’d say this is very important for you to add to your program and to teach this, and then it will be very successful.

And have stories about yourself, and about others you know who have used the tools you’re going to give these women, and how it affected them. How did they make the change? People get hope when they hear success stories. And that is part of your path.

Just Me Again: There will also be workshops following the 10 days to teach creating your own high-vibration medicine.

Council: Wonderful.

Just Me Again: I resonated with your previous advice about having a past life in Atlantis and it feels like memories are coming back, and much of the center is based on guidance downloads that I’m receiving.

Council: So ask your higher self to give you memories of your past life in Atlantis, or any other life where you were in a healing capacity. And keep asking, because at this point in your reality, what we see is many, many people now will start to depend on their higher self, even though some people don’t realize the higher self and your human self are one entity. Even if they separate it, asking your higher self for information, it will always come, and it will come in your feelings.

And so it’s important that you teach people how to feel, how to ask a question and feel. That’s how the answers will come going forward in your reality. And this way you’re pointing others in the right direction. Develop the vibration and learn how to stay in it. Talk to your higher self and sit and wait for the feeling. You will get your answers.

Just Me Again: It is a process of downloading this information I am receiving. I feel there’s still more to come.

Council: There is much more to come.

Just Me Again: I’d like to ask a few questions. Although I’m not giving the long version of the program here, does The Council feel that humanity is ready to receive the straightforward basic knowledge of what I have to offer at this time?

Council: Definitely. We say to go forward with this plan. When you think of it, does it make you excited? Do you feel joy? There’s your feeling. Do it.

Just Me Again: Will the program be as effective as I believe it will be?

Council: Yes, if you gather enough information and experiences, it will be very successful.

Just Me Again: And is there any guidance from The Council?

Council: We feel we’ve given it to you (laughs).

Just Me Again: If funds for this project are approved, I’ll take my mother with me to the center, as I’ve committed to taking care of her.

Council: Yes, you have.

Just Me Again: She’s very open to all this new information, loves reading, going through my books on these topics, and she’s 80 years old. Will it be the right thing to take her with me? The funding will allow me to get special care for her on the premises, and allow me to follow my calling at the same time.

Council: Talk to her about your plans and what you’re going to teach, because she’ll be aware of this stuff and she’ll use it in her own way. So make your mother part of the discoveries.

Just Me Again: Are there perhaps any messages from my father and/or brother who are both on the other side? Or any other messages from anyone that I need to receive right now?

Council: Of course we’d say the only message that they give is feeling proud of supporting you on your path, and of sending love so that you can create what you thought you’d like to do in spirit. And so they are on their path, and they are learning in the spirit. They are planning new lives, and they are helping others. And so when you ask if they have messages, the one big message is they always send you love, because they want you to get through this reality by having accomplished what you planned in spirit.

Just Me Again: Are there perhaps any other lifetimes with knowledge of high-vibration healing and tools that The Council wants to make me aware of that may assist me in establishing this program?

Council: We’d say read everything you can on Atlantis. Read everything you can on Lemuria. In the early parts of Egypt, they used a lot of teachings from Atlantis, and then we’d say they added their spin to it. Study early healings from Egypt. Learn what they did in the temples. And as you begin to remember this, your knowledge will grow. You’ll get new ideas that you don’t have now to put into your programs, and this is a wonderful adventure.

Bob: So are you saying that Just Me Again had past lives in Lemuria, Atlantis, and Egypt, all three.

Council: Yes

And so we send you all blessings. And remember to have fun on this journey that you’ve created for yourself, and to have fun with the spirits around you that you’ve welcomed into your life. And always, always show kindness, and love, and compassion.

Listen to the entire 10-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Just Me Again and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it. You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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Connecting With Conscious Energies, Egyptian Past Lives, And Jesus

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Sarah.

Sarah: I’ve been called back to your wonderful blog because I’m deeply curious, and I’m feeling called to explore some of the more paranormal parts of my life. Over the last few years or so I’ve developed a new relationship with what used to scare me as a child: bumps in the night, disembodied voices, lucid dreams, and lights moving around the room that are barely visible in the daytime.

Council: Lucid dreaming will give you memories of where you’ve traveled at night while you sleep. When you return, what you’ve experienced stays with you and feels very real, because it is.

As far as voices and bumps in the night are concerned, as a child this would of course be very frightening, and you would be wondering what’s going on. Now you’ve called these experiences back to you so you can experience them differently.

You can let go of the fear and know there’s consciousness in things we can’t see around us such as spirits that have lived before, or haven’t had an Earthly life. You’re more open to learning about this now, as are many other people. Its purpose is to enlighten you and give you more understanding of how much more there is to learn, how much more there is that we don’t know about yet, but you’re opening to bringing this in and understand it.

When you hear these bumps you can speak to them in your mind or out loud. If you stay very calm, ask a question, and you’re willing to connect, in the calmness you can allow yourself and your other senses to understand what’s coming in and what the message may be. Eventually you can feel comfortable that there’s so much more than the physical body. This is a lesson you’re ready for and that you’re bringing in.

Sarah: I think that these things I’m developing a new relationship with are conscious energies trying to communicate with me. What are they trying to communicate?

Council: These spirits are trying to communicate that they’re here, and they have a desire to be recognized. They want to finally be recognized in this reality. You’ve allowed this to happen.

Sarah: Who or what are these conscious energies?

Council: They are many different spirits, or as you would say, consciousness. They’re here to help us all develop and know that life in this reality, life in the physical body, isn’t all there is. It’s learning for us. It’s learning for these spirits that they can be recognized, and eventually we’ll work together.

Sarah: How can I connect with these conscious energies and allow clearer communication?

Council: Meditation is always the key. Before you go to bed at night you can also ask to remember what you’ve experienced in your travels. Allow this connection to happen. Consciously know you’re ready to connect and then let it go.

Sarah: I’m also feeling deeply called to past life experiences. Since early childhood, Egypt has had a strong hold on my mind. It always felt emotionally familiar and on some level I always felt like I know so much about it before I was ever taught. Is this an actual past life experience?

Council: Yes. You had several past lives in Egypt, but the one you’ve connected with is the 18th Dynasty, one of the greatest dynasties. The pharaoh at that time was Akhenaten. This is very interesting because Akhenaten believed in only one God and it was the Sun that he worshiped. He had many of the idols and statues of the other gods taken down. He worshiped this one God with morning prayers, evening prayers, and incense. You were part of this and also worshiped the one God.

Enjoying this, later when you’ve come in, you’ve experienced lives with great teachers like the Buddha. But most importantly what you enjoyed was life while the great master, Jesus, walked the Earth. You were a follower of Jesus, you were in his inner circle, and you learned much of what he taught.

There was a great love in that lifetime, which you’ve continuously looked for in other lives. In your current life you identify with those teachings of love, compassion for yourself and others, and kindness. You’ve taken this life with Akhenaten and this life with Jesus, which were very similar in their teachings, and have brought it forward with you into your current life.

You would experience different religions, you wanted to read about them, hear about them, learn about them, and see if you remembered the feelings you had about them in these other lives. There was the happiness of knowing there were rituals you participated in. There were beliefs that brought you a lot of joy. Continue to search and find what brings you joy in your current life. The things you feel or have felt are familiar, indeed they are.

Sarah: I’ve also felt like I knew Jesus since I was about 5 years old.

Council: Yes.

Sarah: Like I understood him, and the adults around me in my current life were so far off base within the Southern Baptist religion I was raised in. Does this all tie together?

Council: Yes, it all ties together. What is it in that Southern Baptist religion that you can identify with, or find something you can learn from? Remember that Jesus taught it’s not the ritual and it’s not following certain examples that were put forth. The most important thing was to show love. Are you doing that in your current lifetime? Can you accept the other religions you wished to learn about?

Read, learn, and see if there’s a thin thread that connects all of these religions that will give you clarity. That’s what you wanted to experience in your current life.

We send you all blessings, and all the wonderful thoughts that would help you, the positive thoughts and the feelings that come with them, and the love that’s within you that you can experience at any time when you focus on your heart and ask for signs of who you truly are. And when you do this you’ll experience more joy and more love in your life.

Listen to the entire 9-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Sarah and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it. You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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Do I Have Many Lifetimes That Emphasize Romance?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Tom, who says, I find myself getting aroused frequently and somewhat easily, and I’m often thinking about making love. I get the feeling I’ve had an abundance of lifetimes that emphasize romance and other physical pleasures, and that my soul is rather fond of the physical. Is this assessment true?

The Council says we see 3 past lives in particular that are affecting your current life for the reasons you wish to learn about. The first life, in Egyptian times, you were one of the priestesses in the Temple of Bast and you weren’t allowed to have relationships of any kind with men. Your life was devoted to the goddess. In that lifetime you saw many young people in relationships and you always wanted that. But you knew if you were to have a relationship you’d be buried alive. And so you had a life of chastity, always wondering what it would be like to be in a romantic relationship.

In another lifetime in the 1100s, you were a knight in the Knights Templar and had to take a vow of poverty and chastity. Even though you traveled around to many different towns and were around beautiful women, you had to live a vow of chastity.

Then coming forward, because of these two lives, you wished to know what it would be like to be in intimate relationships and to be sexual. The next lifetime we see was in the court of Henry VIII where you were one of the handmaidens and you had many sexual relationships.

In your current life you wish to have relationships, but for it to be more pleasant for you. These past three lives weren’t pleasant, even when you were a sort of courtesan in the time of Henry VIII. In your current life you’re looking for more of a permanent relationship. This is why you often have the feeling of being aroused. It’s you looking on that path to find what it is that’s needed and what you wish to experience in this lifetime.

Tom closes by saying, And if my assessment is true, can you tell me about these lifetimes that are romance-heavy? The Council says what we’re trying to help you understand is why you feel this frequent arousal in your current lifetime. Even though you’re looking to hear about romance-heavy lives, that’s not what’s affecting your current life. What’s affecting your current life are the three lives we’ve told you about.

Meditate on these lives. Study these time periods. Imagining what it would have been like will bring you to a point where you’ll understand that was then, but that’s not what you want now. This will also give you the freedom to visualize and fantasize more about what you want in this lifetime. The kind of person and the kind of life you would like. And that’s the background of what’s going on for you in your current life.

Listen to the entire 5-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Tom and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it. You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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Did I Plan in Spirit to Fail My Initiation in a Lifetime in Egypt?

A Past Life Initiation

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Looking For Guidance, who has a follow-up question about guidance she received in one of our previous posts. It’s about her past life in Egypt where she went through an initiation that she feels went wrong and she feels this has created a lot of fear in her soul.

The Council asks Looking For Guidance what she feels went wrong in her Egyptian life. The fear is only here to awaken you to itself so you understand it’s just an experience you went through and all is well for you? Once you realize it’s a past fear and you’re not currently going through the initiation, you can feel it and know that was then and this is now. 

You chose to go through this initiation in your past life. You didn’t choose whether you’d fail or you’d proceed on to the next step. When you failed the initiation and the fear overtook you, that doesn’t mean you have to let fear overtake you in your current life. It was an experience and it’s here again in your life so you can look at it.

Since you were unable to master the fear in your life in Egypt, you’re facing it again in your current life. Do you understand it better? Do you realize no matter what the fear is, your goal is to work your way through it, whether it’s in the life in Egypt, your current life, or a future life? It’s just learning about fear. It’s a memory and it doesn’t have to control your life this time around. There’s nothing that holds you to this fear. There’s only the wish to recognize it and move on.

Was the Initiation Part of My Pre-Life Plan?

Looking For Guidance asks The Council if it was part of her pre-life plan in Egypt to fail this initiation? The Council says you pre-planned to go through the initiation, but you didn’t pre-plan to pass it or to fail it. You chose to see if you could learn enough and know how to use what you learned under the condition of fear. It was your choice to see what you learned and proceed to the next step after the initiation, but not having enough faith in what you learned and in yourself, your initiation wasn’t successful. Coming into your current lifetime you created fear again. You chose to experience fear in a less dangerous situation to see if you could make it through the life you chose this time around. It’s just an experience to see how you handle fear.

Looking For Guidance says she’s learning that nothing happens by accident and whatever happens is always planned by spirit. The Council responds that spirit plans to have an experience, but spirit doesn’t always know how the experience will turn out. You grow by seeing how you handle the challenge. In your past life you chose to learn by going through the initiation and seeing if you could make it through.

You Have the Choice to Face Fear Again

Looking For Guidance asks why I planned the initiation for my life in Egypt? If I wasn’t ready to work with that amount of energy, why did I plan to go through the initiation process knowing it can cause damage to my soul that will be very difficult to repair? The Council says in that lifetime you didn’t know whether you’d make it through the initiation. The choice was yours. You had enough knowledge, you knew what to do with your mind and your energy, and yet during the initiation you weren’t able to hold on to everything you learned. You will never cause damage to your soul. It was an experience to be learned from. If you believe you’ll have difficulty repairing your soul, this belief will create a situation in your life where you have this difficulty.

You need to connect your current life with your life in Egypt and see that you didn’t live through your initiation and yet you’re still okay. You’re here creating another life where you have the choice to face fear again. You have a choice of how you want to go through this fear and heal it. If you choose to focus on failing, and why you went through the initiation and didn’t make it, and you brought it into your current life to frighten you again, you’ll stay stuck.

Don’t Focus on the Fear

Have gratitude for the fear that came into your current life because you chose it and it’s giving you another way to work through it with more understanding. You have a choice to let this fear go.

Looking For Guidance asks if The Council thinks she’ll be able to let go of the fear in her current life and move forward with the energy work she planned to do in her previous life in Egypt? The Council says they see Looking For Guidance is able to do this, but the choice is hers.

Looking For Guidance says she feels stuck at times and even though I understand the fears are from a past life, it seems difficult to get rid of these behavior patterns. The Council says you can get rid of anything. It’s your choice. Change your thinking about the patterns you want to get rid of, be grateful for it, and focus on the way you want your life to be.

Say Good-bye to the Fear

Looking For Guidance says she thinks her energy is rising and I see glimpses, hear audio sensations, and have dreams that are difficult to understand at times. I believe once I get rid of my fear I can move my spiritual progress and my ascension forward. The Council says wanting spiritual progress and ascension is wonderful. Say good-bye to the fear. It’s that simple. It’s only in your human form that you hang on to this fear and you feel stuck in it. When you understand where it’s from and why it’s here again, thank it and let it go. It can’t hold you. You’re the only one that keeps you in the jail cell of fear.

You Chose to Bring Fear into Your Current Life

Looking For Guidance asks The Council for guidance when she’ll be able to let go of the fear, and for help with her ascension. The Council says meditation, thankfulness, understanding, and perhaps reading about lives in ancient Egypt. Most of all you need to realize you’re here again. You chose to bring this fear into your current life at a lesser level than what you went through in Egypt. You planned to bring in the fear and see if you could let it go. We see you can let go of the fear, but it’s the way you think and focus on it that makes this possible. You are a spirit who was brave enough to challenge yourself to learn about fear and get through it.

Understanding Karma and Your Fear

Looking For Guidance asks The Council how she can help her soul ascend and move forward by erasing past karma. The Council says the karma you speak of doesn’t need to be erased. It needs to be understood. Everything you planned in your current life to heighten your energy and become closer to your higher self has to do with you being willing to understand this fear, say it’s okay, and then letting it go. Don’t stay focused on how the fear is coming from another lifetime. Don’t focus on how you brought this fear into your life and it’s going to ruin it. Change the way you think.

No Outside Negative Forces

Looking For Guidance closes by asking if there are any negative forces she needs to protect herself from? The Council says only your own mind and what you choose to think of. The negative thought of being stuck and having something to be afraid of will keep you stuck. Work on letting go of your negative thoughts. There’s no negative outside force around you.

Listen to the entire 13-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Looking For Guidance and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it, or ask your own question.

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How Can I Re-Fix My Teeth and Jaw Problems?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader who goes by the name, LongJourney, who says growing up I had terrible teeth. I was teased about them and would cover my mouth every time I smiled. When I was 20 years old I got braces and when the braces came off I was told by many people I had an awesome smile. I finally felt more confident and had something about myself to love.

I’m now 37 years old and my teeth have misaligned, my jaw is clenching, I look different, I can’t chew or close my mouth properly, and I’m scared my teeth are chipping away. I feel the one thing I loved about myself is being taken away from me.

The Council asks who is taking your beautiful smile away from you? When your jaw tightens it’s because you have a certain idea about how life should be. You’re not flexible in your thinking. Why do things need to be a certain way?

The reversal of your once beautiful smile is something you wished to experience when you were in spirit before you came into this lifetime. You wanted to find a way to love and enjoy yourself, which you did at the time your braces came off. Now that your teeth have shifted your spirit says, can I still love myself. I did for a long time. Why would my teeth shifting make me lose that love for myself?

You can fix this problem by beginning to think of all the times your braces made you look beautiful. Go into the memory of what this felt like. Instead of being in fear and anger that your teeth have shifted and something has taken away your beautiful smile, you – in spirit – are taking your beautiful smile away so you can learn for yourself the love that’s within you.

Appreciate the time you had feeling good with the smile you loved. Remember this thing and think about it, not demanding it has to be that way again, but in a gentler way where you’d like to create that again. The Council says if you feel thankful you were able to have braces, and thankful for being shown the love within you, and if you can stay in that wonderful vibration the right team of people will come into your life to fix your jaw and teeth and you’ll have that feeling of love again. But you have to create this at a vibrational level first.

You wanted to come into this lifetime to learn that love and beauty is within you. Understand it’s not the way you physically look, but in appreciating yourself. The way you planned your life, your higher self allowed you to get that feeling of love so when you came to the part of your experience where your teeth misaligned again, you had those loving memories you could remember and go back to.

LongJourney asks if her mouth problem is related to past lives. The Council says in Egypt as a young child you had rotten teeth yet you were very happy and your teeth never seemed to make you feel bad about yourself. In your current lifetime you wanted to see how you’d handle the same problem. Would you be as happy and free with almost the same physical problem as you were in the lifetime in Egypt?

LongJourney asks if these problems are caused by past life or spiritual issues, how can I manifest them to a lesser degree? The Council reminds LongJourney to go back to the time when the braces fixed her teeth and remember what this felt like. Now you must find the answer of how to love and feel good about yourself again, and you must find this answer before you can make the changes you desire.

Know you are the creator. You created a beautiful mouth once. You can create it again. And The Council reminds LongJourney they can never do this from the vibration of being angry because her teeth have shifted. Rigid thinking will never get you to the place where you realize there’s someone out there who’s able to give you the results you desire. Practice meditation. Go into the memories over and over and feel how happy you were when people complimented you on your smile. Things will change.

Listen to the 13-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for LongJourney and the rest of us, and let know what you feel about it.

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Do I Have a Connection to the Pleiades Star System in Other Lifetimes?

This post answers questions from a reader who goes by the name, SoulPeace191689339, who says she’s read about the Pleiades star system and wonders if she has a connection to this system. She’s been having dreams, has been guided, has a lot of intuition, and sometimes she’s able to feel other people’s thoughts. She also has a thirst for knowledge about Egypt, Atlantis, and the purpose of incarnation. SoulPeace asks The Council if she has a connection to the Pleiades or any other extraterrestrial beings?

The Council starts by saying it’s interesting that so many questions lately on our blog are from the Pleiadians for more information. There are many Pleiadians here on Earth and their role is to guide Earthlings and help us grow. Some of this information comes in dreams. Some information comes with the realization you’re interested in certain historical time periods on Earth. The Council advises you to research these time periods on the internet, read books, see movies, and more information about these time periods will come to you.

The Council says SoulPeace has a connection to the Pleiades right now because the Pleiadians are trying to raise her energy and open her mind to other lifetimes.

The Council says the purpose of reincarnation is to come into physical reality as many times as we like with the choices of what we want to learn and the choices of what souls we want to come in with us. And The Council emphasizes we have the ability, at any time in this incarnation, to change what we experience.

The Council says now many people are here on Earth going through negative experiences because they are brave souls who desire to change their reality to something more positive. In each lifetime you bring spirits around you that agree to help you learn whatever you wish to make your lifetime about. And The Council says you are also helping these spirits learn.

Spirits think it’s such fun to come into the Earth path because other spirits you’ve known for many lifetimes will be with you again, changing roles, but you’ll all grow from what you’re trying to learn. That is also the purpose of incarnation, as well as to bring the love we experience in spirit into our current incarnation.

The Council says they see SoulPeace had a life on Pleiades where she was a young, adventurous spirit who wanted to go beyond the Pleiadian realm and help people. The Council asks SoulPeace if she feels people come to her with their problems? Or do you want to reach out and touch sick people? What SoulPeace learned in her brief time on the Pleiades was to help people in other lifetimes, even in the smallest way.

In addition to her Pleiadian lifetimes SoulPeace lived lives where no physical body was needed and only emotion was experienced. This should translate in her current lifetime into a great understanding of what people go through and the different emotions these people experience. By understanding these emotions and how they effect the way the body and the beliefs develop, there is a lesson for SoulPeace to heal not only the body, but also people’s emotional problems. This is the healing SoulPeace intends to do at this point in her life.

The Council says SoulPeace spent many lifetimes in Atlantis. There she learned to change form, work with elements (air, fire, water), she was a keeper of records, and a traveler to different parts of Atlantis bringing messages and new discoveries from one place to another. She was there when Atlantis sunk, and if there’s a fear of water in her current lifetime, it’s from when Atlantis sunk.

The Council closes by saying SoulPeace doesn’t need to become a doctor or a nurse to fulfill her desire to heal people. Just listening to people and feeling what they’re saying, with a simple touch or some well chosen words you can heal these people. You’ve done this before and can do it again.

Listen to the recording of our entire session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for SoulPeace and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it.

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A Past Life Connection with the Great Pyramid

This post answers questions from a reader named is SoulSeekingKnowledge, who says they’ve been drawn to the subjects of pyramids and Egypt since childhood. For the last few months they’ve been drawn to spiritual and metaphysical books and have a tremendous thirst for knowledge. They ask The Council if there’s any past life connection with pyramids or Atlantis. They feel like there’s a purpose in this lifetime connected to lifetimes in these places, but they’re not understanding the purpose.

The Council says this goes back to being in a school for priests in a lifetime in Egypt. At the age of 5 they were brought to this school for a life in the priesthood. Your main focus in this lifetime was on energy. As you grew you learned about medicine and the stars, and advanced quickly in your education. You began speaking about connecting with the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt, and that you were able to hear them and get information from them.

You trained to work in the Temple of Bast and of Osiris. As you learned more, you wished to become a teacher of younger students and show them how to develop their abilities. At a certain stage of this teaching, before you could formally become a priest, you had to spend 24 hours alone in a sarcophagus with the lid on inside the Great Pyramid. Many students lost their minds while trying to attempt this.

The Council sees you in the sarcophagus trying to work with the energy and staying calm for the 24 hours. Your mind opened more than ever and you connected with energy that gave you more information than you were able to understand and work with. When they came the next day to let you out of the sarcophagus, your mind had become very disturbed by what you experienced. It took you many years to come back to a level of wholeness where you weren’t afraid to be in the dark, be alone, or afraid to use your ability to hear and see beyond the reality most experienced.

While you had many interesting lives in Egypt, The Council sees this particular life with the sarcophagus is the one that’s effecting your current lifetime. You’d like to develop your psychic abilities and learn to meditate in your current lifetime, but you shouldn’t go too quickly. As you accomplish these skills, you’ll achieve what you intended in that Egyptian lifetime.

SoulSeekingKnowledge says in their current lifetime they have a fear of darkness or evil and hear strange things when they’re meditating, and they ask how to overcome these fears and progress in their meditations. The Council says the lifetime in Egypt with the sarcophagus helps explain these fears.

When you meditate now, The Council asks you to go very slowly so you don’t pick up negative energy or things that frighten you. Always remind yourself you are a strong and powerful spirit and you will let into your mind only things that travel in white light. You’ll only allow things to come to you that are acceptable and comfortable to you and all else cannot enter. Meditate on peace, wholeness, and love. If you think these thoughts before you meditate, your meditations should be much improved.

In an extended closing The Council wishes blessings to all who write questions and are able to follow The Council’s guidance. They say this guidance will help many more who have similar questions and they send blessings to all who find this guidance helpful.

The Council advises everyone on this path to share their knowledge, their love, particularly of our planet, the animals, minerals, and plants. Send love to everything and your life has to change.

Listen to our entire 10-minute session with The Council (below) on their guidance for SoulSeekingKnowledge and the rest of us, and let us know how you feel about it.

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Past Lives with Her Friend

This post answers a question from a reader named Merry, who asks The Council about past lives she and her friend Melanie (or Mel) may have shared. About 2 years ago Mel reached out to support Merry when she had a difficult health situation. The Council says it’s wonderful when you pre-plan in spirit to share your life with someone and you create a situation where the other spirit says they’ll jump in at that time.

Merry says ever since then she and Mel have synced in ways she’s never experienced before. They understand each other’s weirdly similar family dynamics, their health issues, histories, their goal of wholeness, and they even look similar. They mentor each other and challenge each other to improve their situations. The Council says it’s wonderful how creative you can be in spirit and in the physical body, where both of you go into such detail creating similar lives to make sure you don’t miss each other.

Merry asks if The Council can confirm the she and Mel have shared one or more lives together. And The The Council humorously asks if that’s a serious question at this point.

Around the early 1900s in Virginia they were twin brother and sister happily working on a farm in a very close family.

There was a lifetime in Ireland. Again you were brother and sister and worked the land. This was a time of famine and life was harder than in Virginia.

You were married to each other in Egypt and you both were doctors who traveled to less populated areas to help people. You knew how to heal both the physical as well as the mind and were very successful.

In the 1800s there was a life with a lot of traveling on ships and working on the docks.

The Council advises Merry to support each other. As the relationship grows, you’ll communicate to each other about what you see other people going through, and discuss how you can come up with ideas that will help these people in their lives.

Listen to our entire 6-minute session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Merry and the rest of us, and let us know your feelings on this post.

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