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Is Humanity Ready For The Information I Plan To Offer In My Workshop?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Just Me Again.

Just Me Again: I never went to Cambodia.

Bob: Apparently Just Me Again asked The Council about going to Cambodia in a previous question.

Just Me Again: Not only because of not wanting to leave my cat behind, but also because life happened and I had to learn some more. I got retrenched and moved to a small town in the countryside. My brother took his own life in the early stages of Covid, and I brought my mother to stay with me in this small town, as we were both struggling with my brother’s death.

Council: It was pre-arranged that you and your mother would always be there for one another. So whether she was there for you as a child and it’s your turn now to be there for her, it’s an agreement and commitment you made, and it’s still your choice whether you would follow through on it.

Just Me Again: I’m working on a project to create a center where we offer a 10-day residential retreat for women, not only to empower them, but also for them to return home with knowledge to also empower their families and communities. It’s a holistic program to help these women understand how to deal with the baggage they carry, learn about self-love and forgiveness, discover their gifts and abilities, etc., and focus on working with high-vibration tools like flower essences, crystals and gemstones, and consciously consuming high vibration food, etc.

Council: And we’d say at this point, the best teachers are the ones that haven’t learned about crystals and essences from books, but have used it in their life so that you can give an example of what happens. Right now, people are very interested in knowing how it works. How do you know it works? So we’d say look into this program that you wish to develop, and how you’ll develop it.

But we’d say at this point going forward in your reality it’s very important to teach about vibrations, how to get into a higher vibration, how to stay there, and how to use your mind to create with your feelings, and with your images. We’d say this is very important for you to add to your program and to teach this, and then it will be very successful.

And have stories about yourself, and about others you know who have used the tools you’re going to give these women, and how it affected them. How did they make the change? People get hope when they hear success stories. And that is part of your path.

Just Me Again: There will also be workshops following the 10 days to teach creating your own high-vibration medicine.

Council: Wonderful.

Just Me Again: I resonated with your previous advice about having a past life in Atlantis and it feels like memories are coming back, and much of the center is based on guidance downloads that I’m receiving.

Council: So ask your higher self to give you memories of your past life in Atlantis, or any other life where you were in a healing capacity. And keep asking, because at this point in your reality, what we see is many, many people now will start to depend on their higher self, even though some people don’t realize the higher self and your human self are one entity. Even if they separate it, asking your higher self for information, it will always come, and it will come in your feelings.

And so it’s important that you teach people how to feel, how to ask a question and feel. That’s how the answers will come going forward in your reality. And this way you’re pointing others in the right direction. Develop the vibration and learn how to stay in it. Talk to your higher self and sit and wait for the feeling. You will get your answers.

Just Me Again: It is a process of downloading this information I am receiving. I feel there’s still more to come.

Council: There is much more to come.

Just Me Again: I’d like to ask a few questions. Although I’m not giving the long version of the program here, does The Council feel that humanity is ready to receive the straightforward basic knowledge of what I have to offer at this time?

Council: Definitely. We say to go forward with this plan. When you think of it, does it make you excited? Do you feel joy? There’s your feeling. Do it.

Just Me Again: Will the program be as effective as I believe it will be?

Council: Yes, if you gather enough information and experiences, it will be very successful.

Just Me Again: And is there any guidance from The Council?

Council: We feel we’ve given it to you (laughs).

Just Me Again: If funds for this project are approved, I’ll take my mother with me to the center, as I’ve committed to taking care of her.

Council: Yes, you have.

Just Me Again: She’s very open to all this new information, loves reading, going through my books on these topics, and she’s 80 years old. Will it be the right thing to take her with me? The funding will allow me to get special care for her on the premises, and allow me to follow my calling at the same time.

Council: Talk to her about your plans and what you’re going to teach, because she’ll be aware of this stuff and she’ll use it in her own way. So make your mother part of the discoveries.

Just Me Again: Are there perhaps any messages from my father and/or brother who are both on the other side? Or any other messages from anyone that I need to receive right now?

Council: Of course we’d say the only message that they give is feeling proud of supporting you on your path, and of sending love so that you can create what you thought you’d like to do in spirit. And so they are on their path, and they are learning in the spirit. They are planning new lives, and they are helping others. And so when you ask if they have messages, the one big message is they always send you love, because they want you to get through this reality by having accomplished what you planned in spirit.

Just Me Again: Are there perhaps any other lifetimes with knowledge of high-vibration healing and tools that The Council wants to make me aware of that may assist me in establishing this program?

Council: We’d say read everything you can on Atlantis. Read everything you can on Lemuria. In the early parts of Egypt, they used a lot of teachings from Atlantis, and then we’d say they added their spin to it. Study early healings from Egypt. Learn what they did in the temples. And as you begin to remember this, your knowledge will grow. You’ll get new ideas that you don’t have now to put into your programs, and this is a wonderful adventure.

Bob: So are you saying that Just Me Again had past lives in Lemuria, Atlantis, and Egypt, all three.

Council: Yes

And so we send you all blessings. And remember to have fun on this journey that you’ve created for yourself, and to have fun with the spirits around you that you’ve welcomed into your life. And always, always show kindness, and love, and compassion.

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  1. Thank you so much for your guidance and confirmation. It is so very much appreciated.
    May you be blessed abundantly for all you do for others xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Just Me Again | February 5, 2023

  2. Thank you Cynthia and Bob. I appreciate it very much.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Anonymous also | February 5, 2023

  3. Hi, Anonymous Also. We’ll be happy to ask The Council your very interesting questions about the limits to positive thinking when we have time and we’ll post an audio recording of their response as soon as it’s ready. Thank you so much for your thoughtful question. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | February 4, 2023

  4. I was hoping to follow up on Anonymous’ wonderful questions in their private session (thank you again, Anonymous, for sharing your invaluable recording). I’ve been wondering these questions for a while, and I would be very grateful for the Council’s feedback. (I apologize in advance for the dark nature of the topic.)

    I would like to know what the Council has to say about what is perceived by some to be “the limits of positive thinking,” and how we can go about understanding the following situations in a new way. I ask not to make others feel invalidated or disrespected for their beliefs, but to try to expand my own understanding:

    For example, there are stories of people who have believed in vibrations, crystal healing, etc., refused medical treatment, and then have gone on to die of cancer. I’m assuming it’s not that they “didn’t try hard enough” to be positive. Although each person has their own story, why might that happen, and what message is their deaths supposed to send to us?

    Alternatively, there are a number of pastors and other notable individuals in the US who have said that God will protect them from COVID, only to promptly die of COVID weeks later. Another example that comes to mind is of a very religious man whose infant child son had brain tumors that kept coming back, and despite lots of prayer and true faith in the ability for the child to get better, the child died anyway. In these examples, people had faith in their beliefs, although I’m sure they were also afraid and angry—like we humans all can be in adverse circumstances. How are we supposed to understand their stories not going the way they wanted them to go, despite significant spiritual effort?

    The most haunting example for me is the “toxic optimism” that kept Jews in Nazi Germany, thinking it would get better, and then being trapped and then killed as things got worse. I am sure there are families in Ukraine who are experiencing this same situation now. The message for me there seems to be, “If things seem to start getting bad, flee,” but I’m assuming that’s not the message that was meant to be taken away. Yet, how are we supposed to understand actions that can be perceived as “irrational optimism” when the results of those actions are catastrophic for the individuals involved?

    From my human perspective as a part of a powerful, divine spirit, I certainly don’t consciously to die a violent death, and I don’t want that for my loved ones. Yet sudden deaths and horrific tragedies happen anyway, including to my family. Yes, we made plans in advance that we agreed to experience, but if we are also very much one with from our higher selves, how can we understand how and why very bad things happening to us that we (now as humans and supposedly now also on a higher level) don’t want? In other words, I’m confused about agency and power, and who really has what. It often seems like what the higher self wants (challenges, bringing love into a hard situation) and what the human extension wants (safety, not suffering) are opposite, but we are also supposed to be intimately one and the same. How does this all work out?

    To give another example, I learned previously from the Council that I was tortured and witnessed torture as a child in a past life, which to some extent has colored fear in my life now. When I think about it, I keep coming back to the thought, “Who the heck would want that? ‘To see how I handle it?’ The answer is, ‘badly!’ I would handle torture badly. I’m sure I did handle torture badly. Did I and others really need to be tortured just to have an opportunity to extend comfort to others who are suffering, or understand that children shouldn’t be tortured? Why go so extreme?”

    Finally, when I shared your website with a family member because I found it so helpful, she said to me, “It feels like this philosophy is blaming the victim—like, ‘if they had only been more positive, they would have been okay.’” This seemed like a fair criticism to me, from her perspective, and I wanted to know how you would respond to it. I believe I understand the idea that there are no victims and perpetrators, and that we switch roles out of love for one another, but in this situation where the person wants something desperately, and want to change their plan, and visualizing it changing, and it still doesn’t happen—how can we explain that? (This also reminds me of the post, Are There Things We Ask For That We’ll Never Get?, which asks similar questions, but for me did not have a graspable enough conclusion about these issues.)

    I’m sorry for the long, downer topic, but I would very much appreciate your insight, as always, to make grappling with these big questions a little easier. Gaining some clarity will allow me to finally lay aside some fears and hopefully get to a place of higher vibration, and perhaps there are other readers who struggle with the same questions who may also be helped? I hope so. Thank you very much for your time and your wisdom.


    Comment by Anonymous also | February 3, 2023

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