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Do I Have Many Lifetimes That Emphasize Romance?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Tom, who says, I find myself getting aroused frequently and somewhat easily, and I’m often thinking about making love. I get the feeling I’ve had an abundance of lifetimes that emphasize romance and other physical pleasures, and that my soul is rather fond of the physical. Is this assessment true?

The Council says we see 3 past lives in particular that are affecting your current life for the reasons you wish to learn about. The first life, in Egyptian times, you were one of the priestesses in the Temple of Bast and you weren’t allowed to have relationships of any kind with men. Your life was devoted to the goddess. In that lifetime you saw many young people in relationships and you always wanted that. But you knew if you were to have a relationship you’d be buried alive. And so you had a life of chastity, always wondering what it would be like to be in a romantic relationship.

In another lifetime in the 1100s, you were a knight in the Knights Templar and had to take a vow of poverty and chastity. Even though you traveled around to many different towns and were around beautiful women, you had to live a vow of chastity.

Then coming forward, because of these two lives, you wished to know what it would be like to be in intimate relationships and to be sexual. The next lifetime we see was in the court of Henry VIII where you were one of the handmaidens and you had many sexual relationships.

In your current life you wish to have relationships, but for it to be more pleasant for you. These past three lives weren’t pleasant, even when you were a sort of courtesan in the time of Henry VIII. In your current life you’re looking for more of a permanent relationship. This is why you often have the feeling of being aroused. It’s you looking on that path to find what it is that’s needed and what you wish to experience in this lifetime.

Tom closes by saying, And if my assessment is true, can you tell me about these lifetimes that are romance-heavy? The Council says what we’re trying to help you understand is why you feel this frequent arousal in your current lifetime. Even though you’re looking to hear about romance-heavy lives, that’s not what’s affecting your current life. What’s affecting your current life are the three lives we’ve told you about.

Meditate on these lives. Study these time periods. Imagining what it would have been like will bring you to a point where you’ll understand that was then, but that’s not what you want now. This will also give you the freedom to visualize and fantasize more about what you want in this lifetime. The kind of person and the kind of life you would like. And that’s the background of what’s going on for you in your current life.

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