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What Can My Family Do To Help My Brother Overcome Drug Addiction?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, PE, who says, I recently found out my younger brother has been abusing drugs. What can my family do to help him overcome this addiction?

The Council says #1, don’t blame him or be angry with him for this addiction. This is something he chose to go through. Be supportive in every way you can. Make suggestions on what he can do, and then leave it up to him to follow them. When your brother gets tired of being in this situation, he’ll change. We see he’s planned in this life to have this drug experience, but also to overcome it.

There are lessons for all concerned. There are lessons for you, your family, and your brother on going through this, how to handle it, and how to have patience, love, and understanding. Stay away from blame and anger. Be supportive and suggest any kind of help you can find. Part of the lesson is finding help and letting go. Your brother must find his way out of this addiction.

While this addiction is going on, constantly ask yourself, How do I feel? What would I do if it was me? How can I understand this? What would I want? When you have these questions answered, you’ll know how to move forward in this situation. Above all, have patience and compassion.

PE asks, Is there a purpose for this drug addiction? The Council says: Yes, there is a purpose. Your brother chose to experience drug addiction to go through it, and to feel what it would be like. He chose it to feel how strong he’d be when he finds a way out of this addiction. He chose it to see how the spirits around him, including you and your family, would respond to him when he’s in his addiction and when he gets better.

There is a purpose. Your brother wants to go through this addiction to learn. Everyone concerned agreed to go through this experience to learn. Search your feelings to see how you’ll respond to him.

When you come into this reality your purpose is to take every situation and change it with love. That’s your answer to your question about the purpose of your brother’s addiction.

The Councils says they send everyone blessings, love, and happiness. And we ask you all to search for joy and find it any way you can, every day.

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