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Did I Plan in Spirit to Fail My Initiation in a Lifetime in Egypt?

A Past Life Initiation

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Looking For Guidance, who has a follow-up question about guidance she received in one of our previous posts. It’s about her past life in Egypt where she went through an initiation that she feels went wrong and she feels this has created a lot of fear in her soul.

The Council asks Looking For Guidance what she feels went wrong in her Egyptian life. The fear is only here to awaken you to itself so you understand it’s just an experience you went through and all is well for you? Once you realize it’s a past fear and you’re not currently going through the initiation, you can feel it and know that was then and this is now. 

You chose to go through this initiation in your past life. You didn’t choose whether you’d fail or you’d proceed on to the next step. When you failed the initiation and the fear overtook you, that doesn’t mean you have to let fear overtake you in your current life. It was an experience and it’s here again in your life so you can look at it.

Since you were unable to master the fear in your life in Egypt, you’re facing it again in your current life. Do you understand it better? Do you realize no matter what the fear is, your goal is to work your way through it, whether it’s in the life in Egypt, your current life, or a future life? It’s just learning about fear. It’s a memory and it doesn’t have to control your life this time around. There’s nothing that holds you to this fear. There’s only the wish to recognize it and move on.

Was the Initiation Part of My Pre-Life Plan?

Looking For Guidance asks The Council if it was part of her pre-life plan in Egypt to fail this initiation? The Council says you pre-planned to go through the initiation, but you didn’t pre-plan to pass it or to fail it. You chose to see if you could learn enough and know how to use what you learned under the condition of fear. It was your choice to see what you learned and proceed to the next step after the initiation, but not having enough faith in what you learned and in yourself, your initiation wasn’t successful. Coming into your current lifetime you created fear again. You chose to experience fear in a less dangerous situation to see if you could make it through the life you chose this time around. It’s just an experience to see how you handle fear.

Looking For Guidance says she’s learning that nothing happens by accident and whatever happens is always planned by spirit. The Council responds that spirit plans to have an experience, but spirit doesn’t always know how the experience will turn out. You grow by seeing how you handle the challenge. In your past life you chose to learn by going through the initiation and seeing if you could make it through.

You Have the Choice to Face Fear Again

Looking For Guidance asks why I planned the initiation for my life in Egypt? If I wasn’t ready to work with that amount of energy, why did I plan to go through the initiation process knowing it can cause damage to my soul that will be very difficult to repair? The Council says in that lifetime you didn’t know whether you’d make it through the initiation. The choice was yours. You had enough knowledge, you knew what to do with your mind and your energy, and yet during the initiation you weren’t able to hold on to everything you learned. You will never cause damage to your soul. It was an experience to be learned from. If you believe you’ll have difficulty repairing your soul, this belief will create a situation in your life where you have this difficulty.

You need to connect your current life with your life in Egypt and see that you didn’t live through your initiation and yet you’re still okay. You’re here creating another life where you have the choice to face fear again. You have a choice of how you want to go through this fear and heal it. If you choose to focus on failing, and why you went through the initiation and didn’t make it, and you brought it into your current life to frighten you again, you’ll stay stuck.

Don’t Focus on the Fear

Have gratitude for the fear that came into your current life because you chose it and it’s giving you another way to work through it with more understanding. You have a choice to let this fear go.

Looking For Guidance asks if The Council thinks she’ll be able to let go of the fear in her current life and move forward with the energy work she planned to do in her previous life in Egypt? The Council says they see Looking For Guidance is able to do this, but the choice is hers.

Looking For Guidance says she feels stuck at times and even though I understand the fears are from a past life, it seems difficult to get rid of these behavior patterns. The Council says you can get rid of anything. It’s your choice. Change your thinking about the patterns you want to get rid of, be grateful for it, and focus on the way you want your life to be.

Say Good-bye to the Fear

Looking For Guidance says she thinks her energy is rising and I see glimpses, hear audio sensations, and have dreams that are difficult to understand at times. I believe once I get rid of my fear I can move my spiritual progress and my ascension forward. The Council says wanting spiritual progress and ascension is wonderful. Say good-bye to the fear. It’s that simple. It’s only in your human form that you hang on to this fear and you feel stuck in it. When you understand where it’s from and why it’s here again, thank it and let it go. It can’t hold you. You’re the only one that keeps you in the jail cell of fear.

You Chose to Bring Fear into Your Current Life

Looking For Guidance asks The Council for guidance when she’ll be able to let go of the fear, and for help with her ascension. The Council says meditation, thankfulness, understanding, and perhaps reading about lives in ancient Egypt. Most of all you need to realize you’re here again. You chose to bring this fear into your current life at a lesser level than what you went through in Egypt. You planned to bring in the fear and see if you could let it go. We see you can let go of the fear, but it’s the way you think and focus on it that makes this possible. You are a spirit who was brave enough to challenge yourself to learn about fear and get through it.

Understanding Karma and Your Fear

Looking For Guidance asks The Council how she can help her soul ascend and move forward by erasing past karma. The Council says the karma you speak of doesn’t need to be erased. It needs to be understood. Everything you planned in your current life to heighten your energy and become closer to your higher self has to do with you being willing to understand this fear, say it’s okay, and then letting it go. Don’t stay focused on how the fear is coming from another lifetime. Don’t focus on how you brought this fear into your life and it’s going to ruin it. Change the way you think.

No Outside Negative Forces

Looking For Guidance closes by asking if there are any negative forces she needs to protect herself from? The Council says only your own mind and what you choose to think of. The negative thought of being stuck and having something to be afraid of will keep you stuck. Work on letting go of your negative thoughts. There’s no negative outside force around you.

Listen to the entire 13-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Looking For Guidance and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it, or ask your own question.

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Struggling with Financial Prosperity, and Son’s Fear of Darkness

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Sarah, who’s been struggling a long time trying to achieve financial prosperity, but without success. Most of my adult life it seems I’ve had difficulty getting to a place where I’m not struggling to pay my bills on time. This may be from a mindset I adopted as a child where thriftiness was valued. Both my parents, particularly my Mom, grew up in poor families and I think I learned life would be financially difficult.

I’ve enjoyed being creative and making things with my hands in the past. I thought maybe I could supplement my income by selling some type of handmade item, but lately my creativity seems blocked. And I don’t want to be so busy trying to make things to sell that I’m unable to spend time with my children.

The Council suggests it’s good to get creative and use more of your time to make things with your hands to sell. What gets in your way is a deep belief that things will be difficult and money will be scarce.

Find an hour or two each day to create things with your hands. As you create, think the thought that you are making something with love. Prosperity is love. What I create will bring joy to others. As you work it’s very important to have positive thoughts like these.

In the beginning you can give away some of what you’re creating, but do you go around to different retailers and show what you’ve done and see if there’s an interest? These steps must be taken.

There’s a lot of worry about lack of finances that get in your way. Meditate or pray that things will turn around. Focus on the good you’ve created. When you concentrate on love and positive thoughts you’ll allow more of what you want to come into your reality. Everything is currently coming from your belief that finances are difficult right now and this belief is holding up your prosperity.

Learning to meditate is a good idea. The easiest way would be for you to sit for 5-10 minutes a day and focus on your heart chakra. Just see the color green in the center of your chest and that green becoming larger and larger, spreading across and beyond your body several inches. This will change your energy and vibration and open up more doors to increasing your finances.

Picture in great detail what your life would be like if you had all the money you desired. Feel what it will be like to be creative and have the things you create bring in financial abundance. Imagine things the way you’d like them to be every day.

On a different subject Sarah says her teenage son doesn’t like being separated from our family when he goes to bed at night. Since he was young he doesn’t like his bedroom door closed and he prefers to have someone in his room as he goes to sleep. Sarah asks if there’s a reason for this and how can she help him deal with this situation?

The Council sees a past life back in the Fourth Dynasty in Egypt where your son was a young man training to be a high priest. There were several initiations that he needed to go through. One of these initiations was to be enclosed in a sarcophagus overnight. Unfortunately your son wasn’t able to handle the energy he experienced when he was in this sarcophagus and he died inside it.

That fear of the dark has come with him in his current lifetime. By having someone in the room with him he realizes he’s not alone and he believes he’s able to be rescued if something goes wrong like it did in that life in ancient Egypt. When you feel he’s able to understand you can tell your son a story about high priest training in Ancient Egypt and ask him to imagine what it would be like to spend the night in a sarcophagus, but there is someone to let him out if necessary. This feeling of safety will help him heal this fear in his current lifetime.

The Council also suggests asking your son about you leaving his room for around two minutes when he’s going to sleep and then coming back in. After a couple days you can begin to increase the time to three minutes and so on until the feeling of safety comes back to him and he can go to sleep on his own.

Listen to the entire audio recording of our 9-minute session with The Council to hear all their guidance for Sarah and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it, or ask your own question.

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