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Connecting With Conscious Energies, Egyptian Past Lives, And Jesus

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Sarah.

Sarah: I’ve been called back to your wonderful blog because I’m deeply curious, and I’m feeling called to explore some of the more paranormal parts of my life. Over the last few years or so I’ve developed a new relationship with what used to scare me as a child: bumps in the night, disembodied voices, lucid dreams, and lights moving around the room that are barely visible in the daytime.

Council: Lucid dreaming will give you memories of where you’ve traveled at night while you sleep. When you return, what you’ve experienced stays with you and feels very real, because it is.

As far as voices and bumps in the night are concerned, as a child this would of course be very frightening, and you would be wondering what’s going on. Now you’ve called these experiences back to you so you can experience them differently.

You can let go of the fear and know there’s consciousness in things we can’t see around us such as spirits that have lived before, or haven’t had an Earthly life. You’re more open to learning about this now, as are many other people. Its purpose is to enlighten you and give you more understanding of how much more there is to learn, how much more there is that we don’t know about yet, but you’re opening to bringing this in and understand it.

When you hear these bumps you can speak to them in your mind or out loud. If you stay very calm, ask a question, and you’re willing to connect, in the calmness you can allow yourself and your other senses to understand what’s coming in and what the message may be. Eventually you can feel comfortable that there’s so much more than the physical body. This is a lesson you’re ready for and that you’re bringing in.

Sarah: I think that these things I’m developing a new relationship with are conscious energies trying to communicate with me. What are they trying to communicate?

Council: These spirits are trying to communicate that they’re here, and they have a desire to be recognized. They want to finally be recognized in this reality. You’ve allowed this to happen.

Sarah: Who or what are these conscious energies?

Council: They are many different spirits, or as you would say, consciousness. They’re here to help us all develop and know that life in this reality, life in the physical body, isn’t all there is. It’s learning for us. It’s learning for these spirits that they can be recognized, and eventually we’ll work together.

Sarah: How can I connect with these conscious energies and allow clearer communication?

Council: Meditation is always the key. Before you go to bed at night you can also ask to remember what you’ve experienced in your travels. Allow this connection to happen. Consciously know you’re ready to connect and then let it go.

Sarah: I’m also feeling deeply called to past life experiences. Since early childhood, Egypt has had a strong hold on my mind. It always felt emotionally familiar and on some level I always felt like I know so much about it before I was ever taught. Is this an actual past life experience?

Council: Yes. You had several past lives in Egypt, but the one you’ve connected with is the 18th Dynasty, one of the greatest dynasties. The pharaoh at that time was Akhenaten. This is very interesting because Akhenaten believed in only one God and it was the Sun that he worshiped. He had many of the idols and statues of the other gods taken down. He worshiped this one God with morning prayers, evening prayers, and incense. You were part of this and also worshiped the one God.

Enjoying this, later when you’ve come in, you’ve experienced lives with great teachers like the Buddha. But most importantly what you enjoyed was life while the great master, Jesus, walked the Earth. You were a follower of Jesus, you were in his inner circle, and you learned much of what he taught.

There was a great love in that lifetime, which you’ve continuously looked for in other lives. In your current life you identify with those teachings of love, compassion for yourself and others, and kindness. You’ve taken this life with Akhenaten and this life with Jesus, which were very similar in their teachings, and have brought it forward with you into your current life.

You would experience different religions, you wanted to read about them, hear about them, learn about them, and see if you remembered the feelings you had about them in these other lives. There was the happiness of knowing there were rituals you participated in. There were beliefs that brought you a lot of joy. Continue to search and find what brings you joy in your current life. The things you feel or have felt are familiar, indeed they are.

Sarah: I’ve also felt like I knew Jesus since I was about 5 years old.

Council: Yes.

Sarah: Like I understood him, and the adults around me in my current life were so far off base within the Southern Baptist religion I was raised in. Does this all tie together?

Council: Yes, it all ties together. What is it in that Southern Baptist religion that you can identify with, or find something you can learn from? Remember that Jesus taught it’s not the ritual and it’s not following certain examples that were put forth. The most important thing was to show love. Are you doing that in your current lifetime? Can you accept the other religions you wished to learn about?

Read, learn, and see if there’s a thin thread that connects all of these religions that will give you clarity. That’s what you wanted to experience in your current life.

We send you all blessings, and all the wonderful thoughts that would help you, the positive thoughts and the feelings that come with them, and the love that’s within you that you can experience at any time when you focus on your heart and ask for signs of who you truly are. And when you do this you’ll experience more joy and more love in your life.

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