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This post is the last in a series of 4 posts published to answer 4 interesting questions for The Council from a reader named Jose, who wants to know:

“Why would I, as the one consciousness, seek expansion in incarnating as millions of people living in shanty towns in Brazil, and all countries around the world, through multiple decades?”

At this point, The Council interjected, seemingly rhetorically:

“Yes, why would you?”

Jose’s question continues:

“Isn’t one generation good enough? Isn’t it time to move on, as all the lessons in that kind of environment have been learned?”

And The Council replied:

“Apparently if you create this over and over, all the lessons you want to learn are not done. No one is making you go through this again and again.

“Perhaps you went through it to experience the poverty. Perhaps you go in at another time as someone who can help the ones that are experiencing poverty. Perhaps you bring aid to these people, you build houses for these people, you educate these people.

“So each time you go in there, even if you experience the poverty yourself, maybe you are helping the people around you by the way you handle it.

“But if you are creating this over and over – and no one else but you [is] creating this – then there is something more that you feel you need to experience, to change, to help, and bring that love in.”

—The Council
(The formatting above throughout this post represents The Council’s comments during our session. Text [in brackets] in these quotations has been added to improve readability and clarity when this seems useful.)

The Council doesn’t agree with Jose’s assumption that all lessons from the experience of poverty have been learned. And they say the existence of poverty on our planet is evidence this type of experience continues to offer opportunities for spirit to expand love into physical reality, which The Council says is one of spirit’s favorite things to do.

From our human point of view it’s easy to conclude poverty is undesirable and unwanted, but The Council seems to say that from the point of view of who you are as a spiritual being in a human body, you see that same experience as an exciting opportunity for expansion rather than as something unwanted.

I (Bob) asked if they had anything to add that might help us understand why spirit (i.e., the one consciousness) would  incarnate as millions of people into Earthly poverty for generation after generation, and The Council replied:

“The variety of it.”

This response is consistent with guidance we’ve received previously from The Council, but if you’re not acquainted with their point of view, we can see how it might seem implausible to suggest spirit would choose what many of us think of as the hardships of poverty for the variety of the experience.

For clarification I asked if who we are as spiritual beings views human poverty in a very different way than who we are as human beings, and if spirit considers poverty just as much an opportunity for the expansion of love into physical reality as an experience of material abundance:

“Yes, and we would like to say one thing here: it is very important to understand that the human mind and body, while it works together [with spirit], it has no idea what the spirit is up to.

“And so perhaps in trust, perhaps by saying, ‘Well somewhere part of me knows what I’m doing;’ if I flow with it, I will feel better.

As you try to make sense of the idea you are an eternal spiritual being choosing to experience physical reality in a human body, when you experience something painfully challenging like poverty or some other loss, it’s tempting to conclude spirit has no idea what it’s doing. It can also be tempting to conclude the idea you are a powerful spiritual being is a big load of crap and The Council is full of it. And if these beliefs help ease the unpleasantness of difficult situations, they serve a purpose.

But The Council suggests you consider as an alternative the possibility there is a larger, broader, spiritual perspective on your human situation that you may hardly be aware of. And there’s a larger part of you with constant access to this broader spiritual perspective. And this larger part of you is continually flowing unconditional love and guidance to the part of you in your human experience. And the more open you are to these possibilities, the easier it becomes to go with the flow of this love and guidance, and the more likely you are to uplift painful or uncomfortable physical reality experiences.

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  1. Hi Jose,
    Yesterday we did a session with The Council to learn their opinion on your recent comments and questions about how it’s possible for human beings to have any free will or choice in our physical reality if our human desire is for good-feeling experiences (like health, abundance, security, etc.) and our spirit wants us (as humans) to go through something that doesn’t feel good (like pain, loneliness, fear, lack, desperation, etc.), and we (as humans) seem to have “no choice but to follow blindly and painfully without knowing what the lesson or purpose was, is, or will be,” as you put it in your questions.

    Since it may take a while for us to publish a post on this session, we want to share with you here our general understanding of The Council’s response to your questions, in the hope you and others might benefit from their guidance right away.

    The Council would like to remind you (and others with similar suspicions) that all humans have the free will to choose how we focus our attention in our physical reality. They want you to know that in every single moment you have the free will to choose whether you look at your physical reality in a way you experience as negative and unwanted, and you have the free will to choose ways of looking at your reality that feel better to you.

    And The Council promises you that the more willing you are to imagine better-feeling ways of looking at whatever is going on in your physical reality, no matter how challenging or painful that reality may initially seem, the more you will manifest the better-feeling experiences in your physical reality that you desire.

    The Council says this process they are recommending is simple, but they also say they realize it isn’t necessarily an easy process, particularly if it’s your habit to notice what you don’t want rather than imagining ways to feel appreciation for your human experience.

    The following Taoist story reminds us of what The Council is saying in this session about finding better-feeling ways of looking at human experience that initially feel unwanted:

    There once was a farmer whose only horse ran away one day.
    “Such bad luck,” the farmer’s neighbors said sympathetically.
    “We’ll see,” the farmer replied.

    The next morning the horse returned, bringing with it three other wild horses.
    “How wonderful,” the neighbors exclaimed.
    “We’ll see,” replied the farmer.

    The following day, his son tried to ride one of the untamed horses, was thrown, and broke his leg. The neighbors again came to offer their sympathy on his misfortune.
    “We’ll see,” answered the farmer.

    The day after, military officials came to the village to draft young men into the army. Seeing that the son’s leg was broken, they passed him by. The neighbors congratulated the farmer on how well things had turned out.

    “We’ll see” said the farmer.

    We realize it’s easier to imagine something better-feeling about a child with a broken leg than it is to imagine something better-feeling about a child with no legs (like in your first question), but The Council doesn’t promise this process will be easy – only that is simple. In our experience, the more we practice this process, the easier it gets.

    Thanks again, Jose, for these wonderful new thought-provoking questions. We hope you and others find something helpful in this guidance from The Council until we are able to publish a more detailed description of this session. We know that we have. We look forward to any future questions The Council’s guidance inspires you to ask. We believe there are many readers of this blog besides us that appreciate your questions and the guidance from The Council your questions are inspiring.

    Love, Bob & Cynthia (and we think it’s very safe to say, love from The Council also)


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | June 22, 2013

  2. Dear Cynthia and Bob,

    By no means are you doing a bad job in communicating the Council’s point of view. Quite to the contrary, your messages inspire the questions that I bring forth.

    Thank you once again,



    Comment by Jose | June 18, 2013

  3. Hi Jose,
    Glad you appreciated the posts responding to your 4 earlier questions and you feel like you learned something.

    We understand your feelings about spirit being a master and the mind/body/ego being a slave or pet, and your impression that spirit wants to have negative experiences. Based on what we’re learning from The Council, it sounds a little like you may be missing the point and you’ve inspired us to do a better job communicating what we experience as The Council’s point of view.

    We apologize if we’ve given you the impression that spirit wants to experience the “negativity” (pain, loneliness, fear, lack, desperation, etc.) you mention in your comment. It’s our understanding from The Council that what spirit desires most is the experience of expanding the unconditional love that spirit is. And one of the ways spirit does this is by choosing to extend part of itself into physical realities that are less than loving, and then look for ways to bring love into these realities.

    We also apologize if our posts have given you the impression The Council believes that human beings have no choice or free will except “to follow blindly and painfully without knowing what the lesson or purpose was, is, or will be.”

    One of The Council’s foundational teachings is that choice and free will are our greatest power as human beings. The following link ( will display our posts in the category of Choice. Perhaps reading (or re-reading) them will help you see things from a perspective you appreciate more.

    Thank you for your 3 new questions. They are thought-provoking and challenging. We’re not going to try and answer them here. We’ll save that for posts on the session with The Council to answer them. What we will suggest is that you consider the possibility the larger spiritual part of you would like nothing better than for you to understand your purpose is to expand unconditional love into your human experience, and the more attention you give to the love coming coming from this larger spiritual part of you, the more your human experience will be uplifted by this.

    We hope this helps until we’re able to provide The Council’s responses to your new questions. Thanks again.

    Cynthia & Bob


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | June 17, 2013

  4. Dear Council, Cynthia and Bob,

    Very grateful for responding to my questions during the past weeks. Enjoyed and learned from the responses and of course, opened my mind to new questions. I may go out on a limb here but I have a feeling that the spirit is like a master and the mind/body/ego (me) the slave or pet. It seems to me that in the physical world the spirit wants to have negative experiences, be it pain, loneliness, fear, lack, desperation, etc. that it cannot “feel” (have) on the other side, while in the meantime the mind/body has no choice but to follow blindly and painfully without knowing what the lesson or purpose was, is or will be.

    (1) Why does a kid born with no limbs have to suffer not being able to be like others and play with them as an equal even though his heart and mind desire it fully and even dream about it (applying the rules of manifestation)? If it was the spirit’s choice, wouldn’t it prove that the mind/body/ego has no choice and thus is powerless to manifest (limbs) against the spirit’s desire for the experience? I’m sure the kid visualizes, has the feeling, etc. but his desires do not manifest and the lesson may never be learned.

    (2) Why does there have to be a time lag in the physical to get what one desires? Is it because spirit wants to have it’s “negative” experience in between and once fulfilled it grants the body/mind/ego what it wants, if at all? Is it like a game where spirit always wins but the body/mind/ego may or may not win at the end?

    (3) Is “free will” of the spirit or of the ego/mind/body? Both cannot have it at the same time because spirit may want to experience poverty and fear while the mind/body/ego chooses abundance and security, regardless of how badly it wants to manifest it.

    These are the questions that make me think that we humans are like pets/slaves to the spirit. Like the Matador (spirit) that wants to go into a bullfighting ring to have the adrenaline rush (experience) but in the meantime, it (spirit) physically hurts, humiliates, and ultimately kills the bull (ego/mind/body). Sorry if this sounds too harsh, but would love to know the Council’s opinion on the matter.

    Thank you,



    Comment by Jose | June 17, 2013

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