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Why Do People Appear Unable to Fulfill a Spiritual Intention to Have Fun and Remember Who We Are?

This post is the second in a series of posts describing a session with The Council on March 30, 2013 to answer questions from Jose, Michelle, and Deborah. Our first post in this series, Every Question is Important, described The Council’s point of view that every question a human being has for spirit is an important question because every human being is part of spirit and every question is worthy of spirit’s attention.

In this current post we describe the portion of the session that focuses on The Council’s answer to this fourth of Jose’s four questions:

“If we come to this incarnation to have fun and ‘remember’ who we really are, why do most people, if not all, fail at this attempt?

“If we are that powerful as spirits, why don’t we leave ourselves iron clad clues of who we are so we can retake our power during this incarnation, instead of being collective sheep following false idols while being subjected to the powerful few?”


We’ve wondered about variations of this question from time to time and it’s easy to imagine others interested in spirituality have had similar questions. The Council’s initial response to Jose’s question was:

“Because it is almost like a scavenger hunt. If you came in knowing everything you wanted to do and who you were, it would be quite boring.

“And so when you jump in, the experiences that you create for yourself are there to remind you who you are [and] to show you [that] you have the power of choice, you have the power of creation, [and] you have the power to bring love into every situation.”

—The Council
(The formatting above throughout this post represents The Council’s comments during our session. Text [in brackets] in these quotations has been added to improve readability and clarity when this seems useful.)

Life Experience is the Clue to Your Spiritual Power

The Council says life experiences are the clues Jose is looking for, but it’s easy to imagine from his question that these clues aren’t as ironclad as Jose desires. As we continue our description of The Council’s additional guidance on this question, we hope it will give you some new insights into how your life experience is leading you to the kinds of power The Council and Jose are talking about.

Did You Feel the Love We Were Sending You?

I wondered to The Council if there was much point having human experiences without challenges because if that’s what we want to experience it seems to make more sense to just stay in spirit.

“You want to experience these (as we call them) challenges, these things that are not so much fun to go through, because it’s like solving a puzzle. You want to experience it and you want to find the best, best loving answer to bring love into whatever the challenge is.

“And so some come in and perhaps say, ‘Oh, I’m going to take it easy this time and just let me handle a few little things.’

“[Enthusiastically] And others create tremendous challenges, but in spirit you are thrilled, you are havin’ a ball, you think this is the greatest thing. [You think,] ‘I’m gonna tackle this. I’m gonna turn this around.’

“And yet the human mind and body is draggin’ along [The Council drags out their pronunciation for emphasis]. ‘Oh my god, another challenge, another horrible situation.’ And that is why it feels so horrible.

“That is why we say, ‘Connect, meditate; connect with who you are.’ If you cannot meditate, then go out in nature, go by the ocean, go to the mountains, go among the trees and just sit. That is a meditation. You will ask the question to yourself: ‘Show me who I really am.’ And the better question is: ‘Let me feel it.’ And you will know. And you will tackle each situation better.

“And that is why you are here. It’s almost like a game to you. There is no, ‘This is horrible,’ in spirit.

“And when you return from your journey [in human reality], we go, ‘Holy smokes! This was wonderful.” And when you went through this [challenge] we were all here rooting for you and sending you energy. Did you feel us? Did you feel the love we were sending you as you went through that challenge? We knew you could do it. You knew you could do it.

“And so that’s what it’s all about.”

Expanding Love into Your Physical Reality

Although the scavenger hunt, puzzle, and game analogies to life aren’t quite working for us yet, we feel The Council is making a more convincing case here for their point of view. The more we make an effort to connect with who we are as spirit in a physical body, the less likely we are to feel our life experience is some sort of punishment, and the more likely we are to feel that our challenging life experiences are enjoyable opportunities to expand the love we are in spirit into a physical reality.

You Are Always Successful

I wanted more clarity on what The Council meant by “going through a challenge” and I asked if they mean what people generally think of as being successful in regard to a challenge.

“The challenging experience that you brought to yourself – and mind you, we say brought to yourself, created yourself – you will go through it more quickly when you constantly reach for the feeling of love. It’s there.

“When you constantly say, ‘I am more than this [miserable feeling]; I need to feel that to get through it [the challenge]. You will…you will…quickly.

This didn’t really give me the clarity I was looking for so I gave it another try.

Bob:   “I get the feeling…you’re saying even if we go through an entire human lifetime, when it comes time to leave our body for the last time and the physical life comes to an end, if we feel like we weren’t successful at the challenges…”[Council interrupts]

“You are always successful just being in it, jumping into the situation that you create for yourself. That is expansion because you are in it and you are feeling it.

“And we [tell] you whatever pain and hardship that you as a human create for yourself with your thoughts, you have the power to change it.

“So even if you feel you can’t [change it], when you return to spirit you will see it much more differently. You will see the expansion that you made, that you do not understand in your human mind and body.”

Choice is One of Your Most Powerful Tools

The Council says as a spirit in a physical reality we experience spiritual expansion no matter how awful our physical reality experience seems and no matter how unsuccessfully we feel we are dealing with our physical reality challenges. The question is, do we choose to focus on what we don’t like about our physical reality experience and feel the consequences of that, or do we choose to focus our attention on how these challenges inspire us to find our connection to the love we are as spirit, and inspire us to bring this love into our physical reality.

“So as we move forward have we helped with that [Jose’s question about why people fail to have fun and remember who they are]?”

As we come to the end of the portion of the session with The Council to answer Jose’s Question #4,  this brings us to the portion described in our post, Every Question is Important. Our next post in this series describes the part of this session where The Council answers a very interesting question from Jose about free will and predetermination.

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  1. Hi, Tracy. You’ve inspired us to publish the audio content for this entire session with The Council. It includes their response to all 4 of Jose’s questions. We hope to have it published by this weekend. Perhaps you will find something in this session that gives you a reason to feel more hopeful. We still plan to ask The Council your questions when we have a chance and will post their reply as soon as it’s ready.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | February 26, 2016

  2. What if we don’t succeed on any level? What if we [are] already sad, selfish spirit, and hurting so bad? Then we are given every opportunity to turn it around, and we still don’t.

    We can see love, but have never taken the offers. Then we have a life review before we die physically.

    We see the mistakes, but have no power left to sort it out, and already feel dead.


    Comment by Tracy | February 23, 2016

  3. Dear K,

    Thank you for letting us know how helpful and timely this post is for you. Generally The Council doesn’t seem to mind how long it takes us to publish a post on a session, but yesterday morning we did a session to answer a question from Dawn and The Council uncharacteristically suggested that we finish and publish this post as quickly as possible. When I read Cynthia your comment she said she heard The Council giggling.

    Glad you seem to appreciate our other recent post on how every question/desire is important to spirit, including getting computers fixed :-).


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | April 8, 2013

  4. Dear Council, Bob and Cynthia,
    Thank You so much for this post. The question posted was not mine but the answer was so so so for me and right on a day and time exactly when I was doing just what the council mentioned- trying to go beyond the pain of a situation to deliberately and constantly trying to remind myself of the growth from and love beyond the pain I am feeling and literally and audibly asking for help for being able to do that… fast.

    The timing of this post IS the rooting and the love they talked about!! The council has answered a question for me before and guided me to a path to experience creation and my own spirit more than I would have ever fathomed.

    I have been thinking about asking them a few questions and have also been hesitating so they took care of that by the every question is important 🙂 !! So if they will kindly root on to get my laptop fixed (nothing is unimportant – right?), I’ll be back with an update about my physicial and spiritual journey since they guided me directly.

    I do feel the love and hear the cheering!!
    Much Love and Gratitude.


    Comment by K | April 8, 2013

  5. Very grateful for the The Council’s answer to my fourth question! Can’t wait to read what they had to add to what you already kindly replied with regards to the other three.




    Comment by Jose A. Chavez | April 7, 2013

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