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Every Question is Important

This is the first of several posts describing a 1-hour session with The Council on Saturday, March 30, 2013 to answer recent questions from Jose, Michelle, and D.

Jose’s Question #4

We began the session with Michelle’s question about whether to move to Barnstaple, Devon or Glastonbury (both in England), and when I (Bob) was about to ask The Council D’s question about what she describes as a broken soul contract, The Council interrupted:

“There is a number 4 that we keep seeing; what is that, Bob?”

—The Council
(This formatting throughout the post represents The Council’s comments during our session. Text [in brackets] in these quotations has been added to improve readability and clarity when this seems useful.)

I explained that we have four very interesting questions from Jose and that we answered his first 3 questions based on our understanding of The Council’s teachings because they seemed related to guidance we’ve written about in other posts. It was our intention to ask The Council about Jose’s fourth question in this session and when they asked about a number 4, I assumed they were referring to the Jose’s fourth question. I asked if they’d like me to read Jose’s fourth question to them and they said, “Yes.”

Jose’s Question #4: “If we come to this incarnation to have fun and remember who we really are, why do most people, if not all, fail at this attempt?”

We think this is a pretty interesting question and we love The Council’s answer, but this post is about something The Council talked about at the end of answering this question from Jose.

“So as we move forward, have we helped with that [Jose’s fourth question]?

Every Question is Important Because a Soul Brings it Forth

I mentioned that I personally appreciated the guidance they offered and I hoped Jose will appreciate it also. When I added that I thought the guidance will make a nice post, the following conversation took place:

“We feel this one is very important, Bob.”

Bob: “I agree.”

And so we are glad you decided to ask it.”

Bob: “Me too.”

“We have opinions on every question [laughing].
[Cheerfully] We are glad to answer a one sentence question.

Bob: “I like that.”

“And so, as you know, it is not so much what we say, but the love we send with it.”

Bob: “I agree. That’s one of the reasons I so much like doing these.”

“And we will answer each question in the way that the asker will receive it [best]. And as that person receives it, there is an understanding on so many levels, that every spirit will also receive it.

Bob: “I like that.”

“And so every question is important to us.”

Bob: That’s a good thing to remember. That’s a good thing to remember [repeated].

“Every question is important, because [a] soul is bringing that question forth.”

By this point I was feeling a mixture of excitement about what I was pretty sure was important new guidance from The Council, and some insecurity about keeping up with the expansion this guidance feels like it represents. It seemed like a good time to move on to D’s question, but as I started to, The Council said:

“Are we finished with this one?”

At first I thought they were asking about Jose’s fourth question, but it quickly occurred to me, in light of what they just said about every question being important, that they were asking about Jose’s other three questions. It also occurred to me that when they asked earlier about the number 4 they kept seeing, my assumption they were asking about Jose’s fourth question was probably incorrect. It now felt like they were initially asking about all four of Jose’s questions.

I asked if they would like me to read the rest of Jose’s questions and they responded with an enthusiastic, “Yes.”

Perhaps a little defensively I re-mentioned that I didn’t ask all of Jose’s questions at the beginning of the session because most of them seemed related to guidance we wrote about in earlier posts, and based on our understanding of The Council’s guidance we already responded in Comment posts to three of Jose’s questions. For good measure I added that it felt like a better idea to try and answer what seemed like D’s new question.

The Council replied reassuringly and a little humorously:

“Are you going somewhere? Are we going somewhere? We can always answer these questions.”

Bob: “Okay, so I will quickly, or maybe not so quickly, go through questions 1, 2, and 3, and see where we go.”

More Love Than I Ever Felt Before

Prior to this session we would have agreed every question is important, but we believed some questions are more important than others. Questions of a highly personal nature (e.g., which job should I take), while important to the questioner, seemed less important than questions of a broad spiritual or philosophical nature because we imagined more readers would benefit from The Council’s answers to ‘bigger’ questions.

The guidance described above feels like it’s changing this previously held belief. In the same way that the feeling of love we experience in a session is more important than The Council’s advice, what really seems to determine the importance of a question is how much love it allows spirit to expand into our human realities, rather than the understanding of spiritual principles that a question inspires.

When The Council said, “Every question is important because a soul is bringing that question forth,” we powerfully felt how every question, no matter what its nature, represents a soul’s desire for expansion, and we felt spirit’s tremendous enthusiasm for being part of this expansion by helping each soul in whatever way it can. Cynthia describes it as, “More love than I ever felt and at the same time it was a familiar feeling.”

Our biggest challenge in writing these posts is finding words that help you feel the love we feel during these sessions with The Council. We like to believe this love is continuously available to every human being when we allow ourselves to open to it. Thank you Jose and Michelle, and D, and everyone else who has asked The Council a question. Your expressed desires feel like wonderful opportunities for all of us to experience increased expansion of who we are as spiritual beings in human bodies and we appreciate the opportunity to share in this.

As soon as we can we will publish posts describing the parts of this session with The Council on Jose’s four questions, Michelle’s question, and D’s question. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.

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