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Jan & Will’s Telepathic Communication

This post is inspired by a question from Jan about an important friendship with a former student named Will who became like a son to her when his mother passed away. Jan describes feeling a spiritual connection with Will and believes that as spirits before they were born into this lifetime they planned to be in each other’s human lives.

But as Will developed from a child with autism into a young adult he proceeded to withdraw from friends, family, and finally Jan, to the point where she hasn’t heard from him in over a year and hasn’t seen him in three years. After reading one of our blog posts describing The Council’s advice to a reader experiencing a similar separation from her biological twin brother of 70+ years, Jan asked The Council for their view of her friendship with Will.

At the beginning of our session on Jan’s question, The Council confirmed that she and Will did spiritually plan (before they were born) to be in each other’s lives in this lifetime.

Do You Pay Attention to Thought Messages from Will?

In response to Jan’s statement that Will hasn’t communicated with her in over a year and  met with her in three years, The Council commented:

“And we ask here… this is an important question… although you feel there is no communication and you say you have sent him light and thought messages, we ask: Have you paid attention to receiving the thought messages that he is sending you?

“We ask this because in a time during Atlantis you were again together as teacher and student and in that life you were developing a program where thought communication was available… and so you had both worked [on] communicating with the mind.

“In Atlantis this was a regular form of communication… it was very common. And so you and he began to teach the very young and infants this communication.

“While you feel cut off from him, we ask you to sit quietly as often as you can and speak to him in thought… but then stay in this quiet atmosphere and receive. And do not judge what you receive or how it comes in at first. But you will see that on many levels you both remember how to do this and have chosen to use it in this particular lifetime.”

—The Council
(The formatting above throughout this post represents The Council’s comments during our session. Text [in brackets] in these quotations has been added by the authors to improve readability and clarity when this seems useful.)

Early in the session The Council established the importance of Jan remembering her ability to communicate telepathically with Will and they continued to emphasize this theme throughout the rest of the session. When I (Bob) asked who was the teacher in the Atlantis lifetime they replied:

“She was again the teacher and he was the student. This is a familiar role, which is why we believe you both [Jan & Will] set it up again this way [in their 2013 lifetimes]. And so there was on some spiritual level a recognition and a bonding almost immediately.

Practicing Telepathic Communication with Will Brings Him Back into Your Life

“And so this, what you call separation with your student, is a time to use this [telepathic] communication again. He will again come into your life on what you would consider a more normal basis where you will see him.

“But at this particular time it is very good for you to communicate through thought and listen for his communication… and do not step out of his life completely… and [do] keep contact with him.”

This answered Jan’s central question: whether she should let go of her friendship with Will as lovingly as she can or continue to text him from time to time to remind him of her interest in his well-being.

More on Atlantis

When I asked for clarification on Jan and Will’s Atlantis lifetime together The Council replied:

“He was a young child who learned very quickly this [telepathic] communication and was a bridge, in the beginning, of her communicating with…the infants. And so they worked together to reach these children and then begin to… surrounded by clear quartz crystals… to magnify their vibration [and] receive the communications with these children. And because they [the children] were so recently departed from what we would consider the spiritual realm, they were very aware of this [communication].”

“By raising the vibrations in these particular places where they worked with the children… they used crystals, sound, and music to reach the infants… and again we say, because these children were so recently leaving the spirit world, they were very aware of vibration, and spirit contact, and mind communication. And so this is how [Jan & Will’s] program was developing.

Pre-Birth Plans

“And so they [Jan & Will] are used to this kind of communication. And wanting to re-live that and work with it again he chose to come in as a child with autism, and she again [chose to] be the one to communicate with him. So we do suggest she keep speaking with him through her thoughts.”

Here The Council provides some additional details about Jan and Will’s spiritual pre-birth plan to carry on in their current lifetime [2013] the experience of thought communication they shared in an Atlantis lifetime.

A Renewed Friendship

“And he is not alone. We know she feels this [that Will is alone], but he is in constant communication on many other realms and many other… working during his dream state… in other realities.”

“He has just separated himself and as we said before, [this is] for the time being; but if she continues her communication with him, he will again enter her life in what she considers her normal reality.”

“We also say that meditation was part of their practice [in Atlantis] and so for her [Jan] to continue that practice in this lifetime [2013] would be very beneficial.”

Practice Changing Your Thoughts

When I didn’t have questions of my own I would go back to reading Jan’s original comment and question to The Council. When I came to Jan’s central question (summarized above) The Council added the following to their earlier recommendations:

“And so we suggest that she work on changing her thoughts that he [Will]  is isolated and [their friendship] is abandoned”.

“And as she focuses on him as being well and not alone, and being again in her life in the way she would prefer it, she will bring that into her reality. But the mind-to-mind connection is still very powerful and very important in what they wanted to experience in this particular lifetime [2013].

The Council seems to suggest Will’s autism and his separation from Jan are aspects of a spiritual pre-birth plan to create circumstances that inspire a re-experience of their telepathic ability and its development.

A Native American Lifetime

When I asked if there were other lifetimes in addition to Atlantis that relate to Jan and Will’s friendship in their current lifetime The Council replied:

“The only other one that is important to know about at this time is they were together as American Indians. And once again they were into working with what they considered shamans and medicine men.

“There was a great connection between them and all of life… trees, mountains, the wind. They did many prayers to the elements.

“And so they have been together in another lifetime working on a higher vibration than just being aware of the physical.”

Why We Are Here

Jan’s question reminded me of other questions for The Council involving challenging relationships and The Council’s answer that these relationships were pre-birth planned in spirit, and that these relationship difficulties were also part of spiritual pre-birth planning. This idea that spiritual beings actually plan to experience human difficulties can be difficult to appreciate and I asked The Council if this was common.

“It is very common and it is usually because you choose to work at finding that love [in spirit] and bringing it into [a] particular [human] situation. And we find most people go through that period in their life.

“We are all here to take the love from spirit and bring it into the physical where you are aware of it, if not all [of the time]… most of the time.

This is one of The Council’s primary teachings: every human being is part of a larger spiritual being who chooses to experience reality in a human body for the joy of expanding the love we are as spirit into a less loving reality. From a spiritual point of view, human difficulties are opportunities to experience this joyous expansion of love, and opening to the awareness we are spirit in a physical body allows this transformation takes place.

Helping Younger Children Advance

When it seemed like we had covered each of the points in Jan’s question I asked The Council if there was anything else they can add that might be helpful to Jan at this time, and they replied:

“We feel if she surrounds herself with helping younger children… teaching them about reaching for the feeling of understanding they are more than this physical body… that many children will understand this… so she will be helping them get ahead of the game.

“Many of the children that have been coming in the past two decades are still very connected to knowing they are spirit and knowing more than perhaps adults — their parents or family members or friends — are aware of.

“And so the more she can bring these beliefs and practices… just by speaking about it to other children… she will help them advance.”

Jan’s Blog and Book

As a result of Jan’s question I became aware of her own spiritually related blog and a book that she’s published. I asked The Council if they had any comments on Jan’s book and they answered with a cheerful chuckle:

“Job well done.”

Jan’s Feedback on The Council’s Guidance

This concluded our session with The Council on Jan’s question. Ordinarily we transcribe these sessions word for word before writing about it on this blog, but transcription takes time and writing a post describing our session with The Council takes more time. In Jan’s (and Will’s) case we felt it was important to let her know The Council’s guidance quickly and so we replied to her original blog comment (click here for Jan’s original comment) with a comment containing highlights of the session (click here for the highlights we provided).

We feel very fortunate to have available Jan’s feedback (click here for Jan’s feedback) on the session highlights at the time this post is being published. Her feedback is very gratifying, and it’s nice that readers interested in this feedback can check it out right away.

Thank you, Jan, for your thought-provoking question. And thank you, Will, for your special friendship with Jan in multiple lifetimes. The two of you have been instrumental in helping The Council share some inspiring insights on human telepathic communication. When we think of what they are saying about the two of you we feel inspired and motivated to work more on our own telepathic abilities. We look forward to updates of your progress on your blog whenever you feel the inspiration to share them.

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