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I’m Looking for Help with Spirit Guides

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, PeaceLoveSirius, who says, I’ve been seeing things outside our conscious realm. I can hear vibrations at this point. When someone’s angry I can hear not only the words, but I can sense the vibration change. As far as seeing is concerned I used to see shadows, but I’m beginning to sense presences, especially at night.

The Council says all of your senses are expanding. You’re becoming more open and enlightened. When you can hear things that others can’t, when you can see things that others can’t, when you can feel things that others can’t, you’re on the right track. You are expanding yourself to learn more from this.

PeaceLoveSirius says, Also I sometimes see light figurines. For the first time in my life I saw a light shape that looked like an animal. The Council says this is part of the expansion. You’re beginning to see into the spirit world. Many times you’d see shadows, you’d see bright lights, you’d see lights in the shape of a human or animal form, and this is your third eye opening more. It’s a wonderful journey that you’re on.

PeaceLoveSirius says, Just so it’s clear, I don’t consume any alcohol and I don’t do any kind of drugs that are making me hallucinate. These are all genuine experiences I’m having. At this point I think I’m starting to open up and would like a guide that can help me on this journey. There are lots of unknowns here and I’d sincerely welcome a guide that can help me develop further in this area and help me progress and serve humanity better.

The Council says before you came into your current reality you spoke with guides that you’ve worked with before. There’s always one guide that will always be with you in your current life. There are other guides that will come in and out of your life to help you according to the help you need. You always have guides around you. It’s up to you to ask for help. It’s up to you to sit and meditate and connect with these guides so you can see them, hear them, and know what they’re trying to teach you. This is where you are right now. You’re never alone.

In a meditation you can tell your guides you’d like to see them and know they’re around. Ask a question. Show me an answer. Give me signs. Talk to these guides, these angels, these teachers, these masters that are there to help you. It’s up to you to ask. Find the time to meditate so you can connect with them. Once you’re connected you’ll know for sure you’re never alone.

The Council says besides PeaceLoveSirius’s primary guide there have been many other guides who’ve been in and out of their life. All you have to do is ask your guides to help you. Sometimes you feel you need the name of your guides and you can ask them for it. In time you may hear a word, you may get a feeling your guide’s name is Peter or Mary. Your guide will give you a name if that’s what you need to connect with them. Talk to your guides every day and night as if they were right in front of you, because they are. They’re right there next to you.

PeaceLoveSirius asks if their guide will be from the spirit world or will they be in my physical world as a friend or mentor? The Council says this is where you create. There will always be spirits from the spirit world around you and helping you. If you need a guide in your physical reality, then it’s up to you to create that with your thoughts. You can meet someone and they’re interested in what you’re interested in and they can teach you what they know. You can go back and forth where you teach each other. If you need a teacher or a guide in the physical world, then start imagining that person appears in your life. Imagine you meet someone and you learn a lot from them. If this is what you want, see it, believe it, feel it, and you’ll bring this person into your life. You are the creator.

The Council advises PeaceLoveSirius to meditate and speak to your guides before you go to sleep and in the morning as if they were in front of you and you can see them.

PeaceLoveSirius says, Because of past life situations I have fear that I’m trying to overcome which makes it more difficult to make progress. This is why I’d like to know if there’s a spiritual guide for me in this lifetime.

The Council closes by telling PeaceLoveSirius to have fun on this journey. You’re progressing very nicely.

Listen to the entire 8-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for PeaceLoveSirius and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it. Or you can ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear toward the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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Who’s the Man Who Gives Advice in My Shamanic Journeys?

This post answers questions for The Council from Malia, who says she keeps seeing a man in her shamanic journeys who provides great advice and comfort. She’s asked who he is, but she’s not sure she’s interpreting the answer correctly, or if she’s even supposed to know. She says maybe it’s not the same guy every time. Is it a spirit guide? A long distance soul mate? A part of my soul that didn’t incarnate? Malia says she’d like to know.

The Council says this is a spirit guide who’s able to come in different forms and will appear the way she needs him to appear. The Council sees a guide who’ll be with Malia throughout this entire lifetime and will guide her through different experiences that will teach her much more than she can learn from a book or a human teacher.

Spirit guides don’t have names in spirit, but they often they create a name so humans will feel more comfortable speaking with them. Malia’s guide wants her to know he’ll respond to the name, Jeremiah.

Everyone has guides that come in and out of their lives. If you’re learning about medicine there’ll be guides that have knowledge of medicine that pop in at a particular time. Or if you’re learning about gardening, a spirit will drop in to teach you about that. But Jeremiah will be with Malia for her entire lifetime.

The Council advises not focusing on what your spirit guide looks like or it’s name, but focus on what you feel while it’s there. That’s the answer of who your spirit guide truly is, which is love.

In their closing The Council advised us to keep up the good work, and Bob answered that we’ll try. The Council laughed and quoted a great spiritual teacher who said, “There is no try, there is only do.” – Yoda, from Star Wars (the movie).

Listen to our entire 4-minute session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Malia and the rest of us, and let us know how you feel about it.

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Spirit Guide Meditation, and Soul Mates

This post is inspired by questions from a reader who goes by the name, LearningSoulSite, who asks The Council about meditation and about soul mates. LearningSoulSite says a few times during her meditations she feels something special, but she’s unable to reach the answer she’s looking for by herself.

The Council says not to expect answers immediately because your mind and body has to adjust to this new energy and to the belief that something is really happening. They say there’s no rush. Meditation is a learning process. The answers will come if you keep meditating. Practice enjoying what this journey feels like.

The Council recommends the following meditation. Find yourself walking through a forest and you come to a clearing with a lake in the middle and green grass all around. As you look into the lake, ask your spirit guide to show itself to you. As you keep doing this and whatever form your spirit guide takes, you can then begin to ask for guidance.

On another subject LearningSoulSite says she’s been reading about soul mates and she doesn’t feel her romantic relationships up to this point have shared the deeper connection she associates with a soul mate. She asks The Council if she’ll meet her primary soul mate.

The Council says they’re sure LearningSoulSite, at one time or another, has met their soul mates. They say the words “soul mate” has many people confused. Many people feel the big love of their life has to be this soul mate. The Council says we are all soul mates and we’re here to help each other.

The Council says the person you choose to fall in love with is someone you’ve been with before in many lifetimes and someone in your soul group. They add some interesting information about soul groups that you can hear on the recording of the session (below).

The Council says there’s much to be understood about the words “soul mates” and they can’t stress how important it is to let go of these words. When you think of soul mates, they say to think every single one of us here is your soul mate. Just because we choose to have a romantic relationship with one or more soul mates doesn’t mean the others aren’t also our soul mates.

The Council says the big, ongoing, forever romantic relationship is what most people think of as their soul mate. LearningSoulSite hasn’t created this romantic relationship yet in this particular reality. She is asking for the universe to send her the romantic soul mate she’s looking for. With her thoughts and feelings she is able to create this, and The Council makes a suggestion on the recording for how to do this.

Listen to our entire 13-minutes session with The Council to hear all their guidance for LearningSoulSite and the rest of us, and let us know how you feel about it.

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Abortion and a Spiritual Crossroad

This post is inspired by questions from a reader named Guadalupe who had an abortion 3 months ago. First she asks if her abortion was pre-planned, and The Council says it was definitely pre-planned. They say she followed the path she had planned with this spirit and there is no reason for guilt.

Guadalupe asks if this soul is her spirit guide, and The Council says not in this lifetime. Maybe in other lifetimes this soul guided or will guide her, but in this particular lifetime this soul was not her spirit guide. When she asks if this spirit is close to her when she thinks of him, The Council says yes. And this soul is constantly sending her love so she can let go of any feelings of guilt about her decision to end this pregnancy.

Guadalupe asks if this soul loves her and The Council says without a doubt there is love. When she asks if this spirit plans to return to her, The Council says they don’t see that in this lifetime, but they will be together again eventually.

Guadalupe asks if there’s disappointment over her decision to terminate the pregnancy, and The Council asks why would there be disappointment when everything went exactly as planned. In response to Guadalupe’s question if this spirit is doing well now, The Council says with a chuckle that where they are this soul is doing very well. And this spirit is working very hard to send her love and hoping she will let this love in and feel it.

Guadalupe assumes she’ll never meet this spirit and asks how to contact it. The Council tells her, of course you’ll get to meet this spirit. And she can contact it through her prayers, meditation, and in her dreams. They advise her to speak to this soul either out loud or in her mind and feel this soul around her. The Council also says Guadalupe should know she gave this spirit the experience it wanted.

Guadalupe apologizes again for ending her pregnancy and The Council reminds her she gave this soul a gift of something it wanted to experience. And they say this soul stepped forward and gave Guadalupe something she wanted also.

Guadalupe asks what lessons she learned as a result of this abortion, and The Council says this situation brought her to a spiritual crossroads. Will she stay feeling guilty and sad, or will she eventually understand what a wonderful thing they both experienced? And does this open her to more spiritual experiences and feelings of love, because that is what she wants in her life?

In closing The Council suggests Guadalupe think of this soul as someone she loves who has moved to another neighborhood, and eventually she will get to that neighborhood and be reunited with this spirit.

Listen to the entire 10-minute session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Guadalupe.

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