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Why Do I Feel So Drawn to This Man?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Angie, who asks: Why do I feel so drawn to this man? I’ve been married for almost 24 years. For the last 10 years I’ve experienced a lot of personal growth educationally, careerwise, and how I take care of myself, but I’ve always been focused on my husband. One of my goals was to go back and finish my college degree. When I finally decided to do this, I knew it was the right time. Several years before I graduated I learned that this company opened an innovation center near where I live. The moment I saw the office building I knew I was going to work there.

Council: So you’re very in tune with your feelings, and following them always keeps you on the right path.

Angie: In my last year in college I applied for a job only at this company and they hired me. I started in June 2016. In August 2017 my company sent me to Michigan where I was introduced to our Development Team. There was this one individual on the team I became curious about and I wanted to know more about him. He wasn’t on my project and I didn’t talk to him. His name is, Brent, and he had my attention. I went back home and didn’t think much about him. Later I’d hear co-workers talking about Brent and I was all ears and wanted to know what they had to say about him. Why would I want to know about someone who’s 1,400 miles away and that I didn’t have a conversation with?

Council: Because you’re very in tune with your feelings, but at the time you didn’t understand why you felt that way. Your strong feelings are just your higher self telling you that you know Brent. Why would you be so interested in this person? You never met him before. It’s the familiar feeling you have and all the joy you had together with Brent in other lifetimes.

Angie: I did contact Brent for work-related questions, but that was the extent of our conversations. In 2018 I was assigned to a project that Brent was also assigned to. I only worked with him temporarily, and when we spoke it was only about the project. After a while I was moved to another project, so I didn’t speak with Brent too much after that. By 2019 I decided to focus more on myself. My husband has this pattern of saying things to me that don’t feel good. Some of his actions weren’t so good either. I felt it was time to redirect my focus towards what I need to do for myself and not worry about my husband as much. I decided to plan more time with my friends and do things I enjoy.

Later that year I got to work with Brent again. We were able to work together more than last time, which let us talk more. We started to get to know each other and we clicked. We realized how much we had in common. I started to feel like Brent was special to me. I wanted to know more about him, and I just wanted to continue talking with him. Was it meant for us to be put in each other’s paths?

Council: This was pre-planned.

Angie: I definitely looked forward to talking to him every time I was at work. He had me laughing, and the feeling was something I hadn’t had in a long time. All I wanted was to be with him and I couldn’t understand why. I was so drawn to him. I’ve never felt this way with anyone before. As we were getting to know each other I noticed there were many parallels with our lives. We were just on different timelines, and then we eventually caught up to each other.

Now it’s 2022 and I’ve been trying to understand my connection with Brent and all the emotions that come with this. I try not to talk to him, try not to want to be near him, and I feel I’m being torn apart. I definitely felt it in the middle of my chest. It’s become a regular feeling, even when I’m trying to complete tasks for work.

Council: So feeling uncomfortable here only tells you that you had pre-planned together to come into each other’s life to support each other and make life happy, especially if one or both of you were having problems in your personal life. It was a feeling of: Let’s get together. We’ll enjoy the time we spend together and we’d bring joy into each other’s lives. That’s what you’re feeling. That’s what you wanted. Yet now you’re trying not to speak with Brent. It would give you disturbing feelings because you’re not following what you wanted.

Angie: How can someone have such an effect on another person when all they’ve done is talk through work or on the phone?

Council: In other lifetimes you and Brent were married quite a few times. You were cousins in one lifetime. In one lifetime Brent was your teacher. You and Brent have a lot of time together. Because you had a lot of fun and happiness in other lifetimes, you thought you’d pop into each other’s life this time.

Angie: I want to try and understand the purpose of our relationship and what it means to have Brent in my life.

Council: You brought Brent into your life just to experience joy and just to have a good time when you’re together. That’s all that’s really necessary if that’s what you pre-planned. It would be good for you to appreciate that. Appreciate all the times you get together. Just flow with this and see what you create from that.

Angie: I truly feel that Brent and I were meant to meet since I’ve now taken on a more spiritual path and I’m learning to be more present. If this is true, I just want to make sure I approach the situation appropriately and in the best way possible.

Council: It’s true that you did plan to meet. You planned to have a supportive relationship, to learn about each other, to help each other at work, and then personally. Just let this grow. That’s the way the two of you planned it, to come into each other’s life to see where you were at that time in your lives, and to take it from there. We say just enjoy this.

Bob: Angie doesn’t specifically ask about her relationship with her husband, but I’m wondering if you have any comments on that relationship.

Council: Not unless Angie asks. We’d say here for you, Bob, we answered the questions that Angie wrote, and even though you may be curious, or think Angie may want to know more, we’ll follow what she asks.

Listen to the entire 9-minute audio recording of our session with The Council to hear all their gidance for Angie and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it. You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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Is My Family Trauma More Spiritual Than Psychological?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Gloribet, that were prompted by her reading of our post, What is the Purpose of My Life?  Gloribet says she experienced much pain as a child because of emotional abuse and hard discipline from my father. This seems to be a theme in my father’s family where there’s a lot of trauma that’s passed down through generations.

The Council says the reason your family is experiencing this trauma is that each person wanted to work with this trauma and learn from it. You came together as a family to experience this trauma so that each person can realize it’s in the family and ask why this is going on? Just having this thought will provide each of you with support.

Gloribet says this trauma had a great effect on me. I put my life and health at risk constantly, but I’ve always been very protected. Now I’m healing and growing spiritually from what I lived. Is there a spiritual component to the pain in my father’s side of my family? Is the cause of this generational trauma more spiritual than psychological?

The Council says it’s always spiritual. It comes into your human life as a psychological problem or challenge, but your spirit chooses this challenge in order to work its way through it. Every member of your family has a different reason for going through this trauma, but you all came together to offer support you can feel on an energy level.

Gloribet asks: How can I help my family break from this trauma and give my aunt’s children a chance at a life filled with love and light rather than anger and pain? The Council says you can’t change anyone else. Your cousins will go through what they need to go through until they come to a place of understanding and learning. How you can help others in your family not have to go through this trauma is by treating everyone with kindness, empathy, understanding, and love. Don’t always focus on this problem in your family and talk about it. You’ll teach the younger generations through your actions and let these people know there’s someone there for them to speak about this trauma if they choose.

Gloribet asks if her helping with this family trauma is part of her chosen spiritual path and will help her with her personal growth. The Council says if your path has been difficult, it was chosen by you in spirit. Of course you’re on the right path. Will you get to where you want to go? Yes, when you show kindness and love and accept people for the way they are.

Listen to the entire audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Gloribet and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it, or ask The Council your own question.

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Am I On the Right Track with My New Relationship?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Sarah, who says she’d like to understand where she’s at with her spiritual development and current events in her life. Sarah says she’s done a lot of work on herself and feels very connected to herself and spirit. But she’s always concerned she’s coming from her ego, fooling herself, and making choices for the wrong reasons.

The Council asks Sarah if her concern is coming from her head or her heart. If you truly believe you’ve done a lot of work on yourself and you’re growing, your doubting would be an old pattern you’re here to learn about and let go of. When you need to make a decision get out of your head and into your heart, ask the question, then go into your solar plexus and see how you feel. Your higher self will communicate to you through the way your feel in your solar plexus. Was your doubting and the idea of being in your ego taught to you by someone? Why aren’t you relaxed enough to think, I’ve made a change and learned different things. It’s time for you to come to a place of trust and being at peace within yourself.

Sarah says a large change may be coming into her life due to a recent serendipitous meeting. She had feelings of home and recognition when she met this person although they’re very different. Creating a relationship will have many obstacles and she’s curious what’s happening here. Does she feel so sure about this person because the relationship is pre-planned?

The Council says the situation involves two spirits recognizing each other. That’s the familiar feeling. It was pre-planned to meet each other, to come into each other’s life and be helpful, but it wasn’t pre-planned to be a romantic relationship. A romance is still possible if you both wish to take your relationship in this direction. But The Council repeats what was pre-planned was to come into each other’s lives and be helpful to one another. You will recognize each other by a familiar deja-vu feeling. Sarah says she can’t see a way she’s fooling herself, but is she. The Council replies, not at all.

Sarah says she feels confident she wants to create a relationship with this person, but it’s going to be a little daunting due to the distance involved. She asks if they’re on the right track and if these obstacles will resolve themselves? The Council says you’re on the right track by meeting and recognizing a familiar feeling. In your friendship see where this takes you. What do you bring to each other? What are you learning? Then see if both of you want more than the friendship, or is it just a coming together to learn about life.

Your relationship will be what you want it to be, but it’s necessary for both of you to do the inner work. And it’s necessary, as you create whatever kind of friendship or relationship you desire, to come from the vibration of joy, of happiness, of positively knowing you can have whatever you desire by visualizing it. Go slowly with this relationship and enjoy what you have together.

You are on your path and will find your way by being excited you’re in this reality. And no matter what you created, whether it’s something to be grateful for or if it’s challenging, it’s all wanted and you’ll find your way through it and grow. Help will be there. You’ll love yourself and you’ll go on.

Listen to the entire 6-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Sarah and the rest of us. And let us know what you feel about the session, or feel free to ask an unrelated question.

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What’s the Purpose of Chronic Pain?

The post answers a question for The Council about the purpose of chronic pain from a reader who goes by the name, InDespair. InDespair says they’ve suffered from cervical stenosis and fibromyalgia for about 10 years. They’ve been on the same medication for years, which they’ve now built up a tolerance to, and they’re in terrible pain every day. InDespair says they’re reluctant to speak to their doctor about the pain because they’re afraid the doctor will think they’re abusing their medication.

The Council asks why InDespair refuses to help them self by talking to their doctor. The pain is here as a lesson, but InDespair needs relief from medication before they can learn the lesson the pain is trying to teach. Fear is the reason they aren’t asking for this help. Reach out to your physician and explain your situation. When you receive medication that eases the pain, then you’ll be able to ask what lessons the pain has to teach you.

The reason for pain is that you aren’t allowing your life force to flow through you. When your life force isn’t allowed to flow freely through your body, pain is caused wherever you resist the life force. Focus on the areas of pain, acknowledge the pain, and know that it’s part of your current circumstances. You’ve brought this pain in to change your beliefs.

You create this pain to stop you from your every day living so you give this pain the time it needs to be experienced and to learn from it.

Find somewhere in your body where you aren’t experiencing pain, where there’s a feeling of wellness. Imagine this feeling of wellness spreading to the area where there’s pain and watch as this feeling of wellness grows throughout the body. As you believe you don’t need to experience pain, punishment, and guilt, your life force will flow throughout your body.

You bring pain into your life to change your beliefs and you grow spiritually as you begin to recognize you’re light, love, and joy. The Council asks you to take time every day and find parts of your body that feel well.

InDespair says they’ve never abused their medication, but for some reason they worry their doctor will assume the worst. The Council says to tune in to who you truly are as a spiritual being. You deserve your doctor’s help and you should ask for it. Don’t assume you’ll be labeled unkindly.

InDespair asks, “Why in the world would we choose chronic pain as a lesson, and how can I get past my fears?” The Council says we choose chronic pain to heal beliefs from past lives that we bring into this lifetime. We choose chronic pain for the purpose of changing these beliefs so we can grow from them. The pain will subside as you focus on the areas of well-being to help yourself.

One of the areas of pain is your neck, which is the back of your throat. Is there something you’re avoiding talking about? Do you keep opinions to yourself? Are you afraid to speak your truth? This will affect the throat chakra, which includes the back of the neck. Or have you said unkind things to people? This also will affect the neck area. Work on the neck chakra and all your chakras to get the energy flowing and allow your life force to move through you. If you do this you’ll begin to see a lessening of the pain.

The Council closes by stressing the importance of speaking with your physician about new medication. They also emphasize learning about the chakras and finding places in your body that feel well and doing visualizations that bring this well-being to the parts that hurt. Know you are an eternal spiritual being in your physical body. When you can do these things you’ll begin to experience relief.

Listen to our entire 10-minute session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for InDespair and the rest of us, and let us know how you feel about it.

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Why You Are Here

You are constantly given the opportunity to expand.

When you extend yourself
to help or comfort another,
you grow.

It is why you came.

You came
to extend the vibration of love
from spirit to physical.

When someone is in pain
and you can help them find relief,
you grow.

When someone has tears
And you help them find joy,
You grow.

When someone is depressed
and you help them find hope,
you grow.

When someone is lost
and you help them find their way,
you grow.

It is in extending your hands and hearts
that you grow.

There is no question
that whatever you offer
will always be returned.

—The Council

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What is Karma and How Does it Work?

This post is inspired by a question from Oksana who was confused about the subject of karma and wanted to know what The Council has to say about it.

Council Comments on the Meaning of Karma

“We like this question very much – the subject of karma… how one’s thinking creates their own reality. For many centuries this idea of karma has been elusive. In the beginning it was thought that the deeds you do in this life, you would pay for in the afterlife, such as heaven if you did many good deeds, and hell if you did many bad, hurtful, horrible things – you would pay for it in the afterlife.

“And then it evolved that if you were truly bad enough in many of your lifetimes, you not only had to wait until you went back to non-physical, but you would begin to pay for it in the physical body.

“So again, you would experience many challenging situations in your life. And many people who, not understanding where this came from, would begin to think: This is my karma. I know I’m not a bad person now. I must be paying for it from another lifetime.

“And we can only tell you that you create your own reality. And by believing there is a judgmental God that will cast these horrible situations onto you – we are here to tell you this is not how it works.”

—The Council

This is an introduction to this post. Click here to read the full post→

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