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How Does Love Fit In with Animals Killing Each Other?

This post answers follow-up questions for The Council from a reader named, Ashley, who asks how the vibration of love fits in with animals killing other animals in order to survive?

The Council says when animals kill other animals, they don’t kill for the purpose of torture; they kill to eat, or to protect themselves and their loved ones. This is the vibration of love and is different from people who torture an animal for fun. The Council says it’s very sad when a human tortures a helpless animal and if we observe this and it touches us, it’s our place to try and change the situation and bring love to it.

The Council says the more we can bring in the vibration of love and this vibration grows, there will be less and less violence and sickness. They go on to say the whole vibration of this reality will begin to change.

Ashley says she saw a program where male snow leopards killed the young of female leopards they mate with if the young aren’t their own offspring. The Council says if the male feels these offspring aren’t their own, they may see them as eventually being a threat and out of love for their family they kill the babies that aren’t theirs.

As humans grow spiritually, the animals also grow spiritually. Many animals would kill other species if they perceived these species as a threat. This is beginning to change. A wolf will find the cub of a dog that’s been abandoned and raise the dog as their own. A fox has taken baby ducks and raised them. As the human vibration of love grows, it touches everything in this reality. And so the animals are beginning to grow.

Many years ago, perhaps in your childhood, you’d never put a bird in a house with a cat because everyone knew the cat would eat the bird. Now there are birds that live with cats and play together. A while back a dog and a cat could never be together. Everything is growing. That is our purpose for being here. As every entity shows love, this loving vibration fills this reality and eventually everything will be in this vibration of love. The Council says we’ve all come into our current reality to bring love from the spirit world, and this includes the animals.

Listen to the entire 9-minute recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Ashley and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it.

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Why Do Animals Have to Suffer and How Can We Stop Their Pain?

This post answers questions for The Council from a woman named, Violet, who asks why animals have to suffer so much at the hands of humans, and how can we globally stop animal pain?

The Council says it was never planned that animals would come into our reality and suffer. Animals carry the energy of love and are here to teach love, particularly at this time where many people have taken a negative path. The animal was created to come into this reality and help all these people by teaching them loyalty and trust.

On a worldly scale in places that have war and destruction, the animals are there to carry the energy of love, to give people something to care about, and to teach compassion, if not for other people then for the animals.

The Council says animals don’t have to suffer, but they come in contact with people who are abusive and most of these animals are here to teach abusive people to change, or to help other people stop this abuse by their compassion and love for these animals.

Violet asks how we can globally stop the pain these animals experience, and The Council says, not with protests and fighting. The way to stop animal suffering is by doing more of what you can for them. Examples include supporting groups that try to save animals, perhaps have an animal or two to take care of, and support zoos, rescues, and places that give animals homes and new beginnings. As you take these steps, the vibration of animal caring and loving expands and will reach worldwide.

Just by caring enough and taking an action, no matter how small, you’re helping these animals create the environment they’re here to experience. When an abandoned animal is given a new home and shown love, their vibration and love grows. And it grows for the people that are caring for these animals, and this touches all people in this reality.

The first step is to acknowledge the suffering of the animals, but not to focus on the suffering. Focus instead on the steps you can take to change the suffering. In your mind send the vibration of love to all animals. This little bit can begin the change toward stopping hunting of endangered species, and keeping our environment as close to nature as possible.

Listen to our 6-minute session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Violet and the rest of us, and let us know how you feel about it.

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Do Animals Have Souls?

This post is inspired by questions about the spiritual life of animals and their caretakers from someone who goes by the name, Trying To Learn. Trying begins by asking if animals have souls? And The Council replies, of course, and so does a blade of grass, or a tree, or a flower.

Next Trying asks if animals review their life the way humans do when they pass on to spirit. And The Council says human beings are the only souls that review their lives. An animal only knows what it has experienced and learns from feeling, not from thought. When animals return to spirit they can choose to play with the other souls there or return to a loved one who’s still in human form. And the purpose of each animal is to experience love.

Trying To Learn asks if there are spirits to care for the animals as they pass over to spirit. And The Council says as animals pass over, while the situation may look horrible from a human point of view, the animals know how to make this transition and always feel spirit’s love for them and love for the people around them.

The Council says animals are here to bring love into this incarnation and they try to teach the humans around them about compassion and love.

Trying asks if animals reincarnate as the same animal or a different animal. And The Council answers that it’s with their feelings they choose whether to come back as the same animal, a different animal, or maybe to evolve into a human.

The Council points out how animals have evolved over the years. They say you would never put a dog and a cat together or a cat and a bird. But we see pictures of a dog hugging a cat or a cat loving a bird, and each time an animal enters our reality they bring more love with them.

The Council says there are brave human souls that agree to play the part of an animal abuser to show other humans the way not to be. They are here to wake everyone else up to finding better ways to do everything in the vibration of love.

Trying brings up the point that vegetarians are often pro-choice when it comes to abortion. They don’t understand how someone can choose not eat meat, but be willing to end the life of a soul. They ask if there’s a relationship here or if these examples are different categories. And The Council replies this is two different categories: one involving a choice what to eat and on involving a choice whether to have a child or to abort it.

In their closing The Council advises all of us to go in the direction of love we’ll quickly see the changes we desire and the answers will come to us.

Listen to our entire 14-minute session with The Council (below) on Trying To Learns questions about the spiritual life of animals to receive their full guidance, and let us know what you think.

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June 21, 2011 Thought for the Day

We are asked, “Do animals become human?”
The answer is yes, if they choose to.
It is part of their expansion.

—The Council

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