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How Does Love Fit In with Animals Killing Each Other?

This post answers follow-up questions for The Council from a reader named, Ashley, who asks how the vibration of love fits in with animals killing other animals in order to survive?

The Council says when animals kill other animals, they don’t kill for the purpose of torture; they kill to eat, or to protect themselves and their loved ones. This is the vibration of love and is different from people who torture an animal for fun. The Council says it’s very sad when a human tortures a helpless animal and if we observe this and it touches us, it’s our place to try and change the situation and bring love to it.

The Council says the more we can bring in the vibration of love and this vibration grows, there will be less and less violence and sickness. They go on to say the whole vibration of this reality will begin to change.

Ashley says she saw a program where male snow leopards killed the young of female leopards they mate with if the young aren’t their own offspring. The Council says if the male feels these offspring aren’t their own, they may see them as eventually being a threat and out of love for their family they kill the babies that aren’t theirs.

As humans grow spiritually, the animals also grow spiritually. Many animals would kill other species if they perceived these species as a threat. This is beginning to change. A wolf will find the cub of a dog that’s been abandoned and raise the dog as their own. A fox has taken baby ducks and raised them. As the human vibration of love grows, it touches everything in this reality. And so the animals are beginning to grow.

Many years ago, perhaps in your childhood, you’d never put a bird in a house with a cat because everyone knew the cat would eat the bird. Now there are birds that live with cats and play together. A while back a dog and a cat could never be together. Everything is growing. That is our purpose for being here. As every entity shows love, this loving vibration fills this reality and eventually everything will be in this vibration of love. The Council says we’ve all come into our current reality to bring love from the spirit world, and this includes the animals.

Listen to the entire 9-minute recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Ashley and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it.

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  1. Thanks for your insight! I was a bit off when I said breatharians claim to live on sunlight, as it’s actually something they call prana, or life force energy! Interesting indeed!
    Have a wonderful week 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Ashley | July 15, 2018

  2. Hi, Ashley. You raise some interesting points here. For our part, we just try and act in ways that are better feeling and seem to us more in accordance with the vibration of love.

    We haven’t heard of Breatharians. Interesting concept.

    Love and light, Bob & Cynthia

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    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | July 15, 2018

  3. On a side note though, I’m having trouble trying to link together how killing because of a perceived threat is still a concept of love. I mean, yes, ultimately, but I think war is wrong and we as humans are certainly killing with that same idea in mind. Despite that, I still think the loss of innocent lives is a sad thing, and not coming from a place of love. It wouldn’t be ok for us to kill the offspring of another human, because it might interfere with the new love/family that was trying to be created.

    This is a good place to add that I feel like my pondering gets a little lost in translation when it is read. When I ask these questions I’m not saying that I agree, or disagree, but, my mind tries to link together a seamless trajectory, and I’m just having trouble! This idea also brings up questions of vegetarianism, which is usually highly regarded in the spiritual world. But if I keep this logic in mind, then there is nothing at all wrong with us killing for food either, or because of threat to our mates.

    I’d say even when considering the mistreatment of animals in the food industry, which is a sad thing in my eyes and should certainly be addressed, I would think that being eaten alive is also a most unpleasant way to go. When do we draw the line? Are we teaching the animals or are they teaching us?

    Also, if things are changing then I would think that ultimately when awareness has presented itself then they would stop causing other animals to suffer, even if it is to survive. (ex: people choosing to be vegan or vegetarian based on their level of consciousness. I’d also put that in the same category of the other species caring about the others where that used to not be happening; the shift you speak of).

    I am not requesting you ask this to the council, just wondering about your interpretation of this, or maybe another reader on the site can chime in there ideas. I love to contemplate these things.

    Have you ever heard of Breatharians? They are people who claim to live on sunlight alone and not eat or drink to survive. That is a pretty far out there concept, but maybe that is where things would be headed if all is becoming more aware and coming together in love? Or maybe it’s just ok for contradictions to exist!

    Sorry for such a loaded comment, but as always I thank you for providing the space for these topics to be discussed!

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    Comment by Ashley | July 13, 2018

  4. Very interesting and great food for thought! I like the idea of everything evolving in love, together. Thank you for asking!

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Ashley | July 12, 2018

  5. Glad we can help.

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    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | July 11, 2018

  6. Thanks, Kristi.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | July 11, 2018

  7. You always provide me with such comfort.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by importantornotblog | July 11, 2018

  8. Great question and great answer!

    Liked by 3 people

    Comment by Kristi E. | July 11, 2018

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