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Is Spirit Trying to Send Me a Message?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Kristi, who says she feels like spirit is trying to send her a message, but she’s not sure what that message is. A few weeks ago Kristi spotted a rare, white hawk. She says Native Americans believe hawks come to us when something important is about to be revealed, and the hawk being an albino indicates the message is sacred.

The Council says Kristi has learned about this Native American belief to prepare her for this particular time in her life. Look at the synchronicities that have happened in her life lately. The reason she’s seeing these synchronicities is that she’s awakening to who she truly is as a spiritual being. She’s becoming aware of things on a different level. Seeing the hawk is a message that she’s on the right path, she is growing, and she’s now ready to perceive things from a more spiritual point of view.

The Council says Kristi will open more and more to new experiences and that she should be aware of all the things that are happening. They say there isn’t a specific message her spirit is trying to give her. Her spirit is trying to bring her attention to this type of message, in general.

The purpose of these messages is to make Kristi feel very happy. When she’s in this vibration of happiness, she’s the closest she can be to who she truly is as a spiritual being. Just enjoy these feelings; don’t question them. It is you becoming closer to the spirits that are guiding you in your life and it’s the beginning of what is about to unfold.

Listen to the entire 8-minute session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Kristi and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it.

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  1. Thank you Bob, Cynthia & The Council! I appreciate you asking those questions for me and I greatly appreciate the answers. Its always nice to have confirmation that you’re on the right path ūüėä I look forward to seeing what unfolds next.



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    Comment by Kristi E. | July 15, 2018

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