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The Human-Spirit Relationship and Free Will


This post is inspired by a question from a reader named Jose, who has read in some of our blog posts (links at the end of this post) that humans are spiritual beings in a physical body, and that spirit sometimes chooses to have human experiences that we (as humans) find undesirable. Jose wants to know how it’s possible for humans to have free will to choose our human desires, if who we are as spirit is choosing human experiences that feel unwanted from our human point of view.

Lots of people have become interested in the spiritual teaching that you are the creator of what you experience, which has been around a while and has become more popular through the teachings of Abraham and other spiritual teachers. Jose’s question suggests he’s aware of lots of things in his human experience he doesn’t want, and after reading in our posts that who you are as spirit sometimes creates human experiences that feel unwanted from your human point of view, he came to the troubling conclusion that spirit is preventing him from having more of the human experiences he desires.

Topics Covered in this Post

Even if you don’t believe spirit is keeping you from manifesting more of what you desire in your life, and you’re not particularly interested in the subject of free will, if you’re interested in ideas to help you feel an increased level of well-being in your human experience, we’re finding the information and guidance from The Council in response to Jose’s question has been a big step for us in that direction. Topics covered in our sessions on Jose’s question and in this post include:

  1. The relationship between who you are as a spiritual being and who you are as a human being.
  2. Why the spiritual part of you might desire to have human experiences in a physical reality.
  3. Why the spiritual part of you might desire to have human experiences that feel undesirable to you as a human being.
  4. The validity of your human free will to choose your human desires, even if who you are as spirit is choosing to have different human experiences.
  5. Why you may be having difficulty manifesting your human desires in your physical experience.

Nothing Going On That Spirit Hasn’t Planned For

The Council began our first session on Jose’s questions by emphasizing there isn’t any separation between spirit and human.

“The spirit works through the body it [spirit] has created.

“So there is nothing that is going on that the body wants, that the spirit hasn’t planned for.

“Is that understood? It is all one – the mind, the body, and the spirit – it is all one.”

–The Council
(The formatting above throughout this post represents The Council’s comments during our session. Text [in brackets] in these quotations has been added to improve readability and clarity when this seems useful.)

During the session these comments sounded like ideas we’d already heard from The Council in other sessions, and they didn’t make much of an impression. But listening to the recording of the session we became increasingly intrigued by The Council’s comment that “there is nothing going on that the body wants, that the spirit hasn’t planned for.” We weren’t quite sure what this meant, but the more we listened to the recording, the more significant this comment felt. Eventually we did another session with The Council to see if we could get more clarity on this ideas and one or two others.

What Spirit is Creating in Its Own Body

At the beginning of our second session I (Bob) explained that we didn’t understand these comments from the previous session as well as wanted to, and The Council began with the following:

“Again… because there is no separation [between spirit and human], there is always the desire and the ideas of what the spirit is creating… in its own [human] body. Is that understood?… in its own body.

“And so when you [as human] pay attention and you allow these feelings… these desires… to come through… you [as human] are experiencing exactly what you [as spirit] want.”

This was followed by a lot of back and forth with The Council in an attempt to get more clarity on what they are saying. After repeated listening to both sessions and a lot of contemplating their comments and guidance, the following is our current understanding of what The Council is saying about the 5 topics mentioned earlier in this post. Since some of these ideas may be a challenge to initially appreciate so there are overlaps that present similar ideas from related points of view in the hope this will be helpful.

Session Highlights of The Council’s Teachings

  1. Who you are as a human being and who you are as a spiritual being are both parts of a single unified being and you are simultaneously experiencing spiritual and physical reality.
  2. Your greatest desire as a spiritual being is to experience the expansion of who you are as spirit – particularly expansion of the energy and vibration of love you are as spirit.
  3. Spirit creates physical reality for the abundant opportunities it offers you as spirit to experience the expansion of love into this reality.
  4. Who you are as spirit joyously chooses to incarnate into a human body to facilitate the expansion of spirit and love into physical reality.
  5. Every aspect of your human experience is created by who you are as a spiritual being for the purpose of expanding love into physical reality.
  6. Whatever you experience in your human reality, without exception, if you are experiencing it, it is the desire of who you are as spirit to have that experience in order to bring the feeling of love into that experience.
  7. The more attention you give to the feeling of who you are as a spiritual being and spirit’s desires for human experience, the more you will feel the expansion of love into your human experience.
  8. As a human being you always have complete free will to choose desires that ignore what you as spirit desire to experience in physical reality.
  9. When your human experience feels less than loving, it is because the human part of you chooses to focus on less than loving aspects of physical reality rather than focusing on the spiritual part of you that created those less than loving aspects so you can experience expansion of love into these realities.
  10. The more unloving your human experience feels, the greater the opportunity it offers you as spirit and human to experience expansion of love when you allow this into your human experience.
  11. Sometimes you choose as a spiritual being to experience what feels uncomfortable to you in your human experience, because you agree to help another spiritual being have a challenging human experience that they desire.
  12. Human experiences that feel undesirable and even hateful from our human point of view are always perceived from your spiritual perspective as joyous opportunities to expand love into physical reality.
  13. “You will always be shown in one way or another…your path that your spirit is planning to take you on. And in many situations, if you are truthful and not demanding that something go a particular way, you will see that even if you… [as] body/mind/ego [are] disappointed, there is a benefit from not having [what you’re demanding] or not going in that particular direction that you think [you want].”–The Council
  14. Your human experience is capable of influencing who you are as spirit, to alter the human reality spirit is creating, if this change offers an increased opportunity for the expansion of love into physical reality.

Reasons Why People Have Difficulty Manifesting Desires

On the subject of free will (related to #8 & #9 above), when I asked The Council why so many people seem unable to manifest their human desires in their physical reality if we have the free will to do this, they gave the following 2 explanations.

  1. If you (as spirit) creates you (as human) to have certain physical reality experiences, and you as human use your free will to choose experiences that differ considerably from spirit’s desires, you can expect spirit to be less supportive of those human desires and more supportive of spirit’s desires. But spirit will never prevent the human part of you from using your human free will to choose those desires.
  2. The experiences that manifest in your physical reality are created by your thoughts and your feelings. For example, if you desire a loving partner, but you feel lonely because you don’t have a loving partner in your physical reality yet, your focus of attention on your feeling of loneliness is more likely to manifest more loneliness rather than the loving partner you desire. By focusing your attention on things you love, and feeling love for as many things in your day-to-day experience as you can, your focus of attention on love will be much more helpful in attracting and manifesting the loving partner you desire.

Have an Open Mind

It’s taken us many months of contemplating The Council’s guidance to reach our current understanding at the time this post was published. While we are confident these ideas accurately reflect what The Council is currently teaching, we feel like we’re only just beginning to put these ideas into practice, and we understand if any or all of these ideas initially feel difficult for you to appreciate. Our advice is to try and have an open mind about these ideas. The Council promises that by merely contemplating from time to time what they are teaching, you can begin to notice increased well-being coming into your human experience as a result.

Try This

Here’s a good way to begin considering these ideas that’s working for us. When you’re aware of an undesirable feeling, try to imagine there’s a loving spiritual part of you that joyously created it so the human part of you can allow love from spirit to transform what feels undesirable into something that feels more desirable, more loving. It takes practice, but if you’re interested in ways to minimize undesirable feelings in your human experience, what do you have to lose by trying this, except maybe an undesirable feeling.

The Council’s Advice for Dealing with Problems

“In any situation that [you] are experiencing, whether…not succeeding is the problem or not feeling well is the problem, the way [you] can begin to change what [you] experience is by always going to a memory of something that brought in the feeling of happiness and joy, or a fantasy of something that has not yet happened.

“And from this place of joy and happiness, you will then connect with spirit, and spirit will show you the way to handle the situation with more love. Because the vibration of love and joy and happiness is where you will find the correct answer to [improving] whatever it is you are experiencing… especially if it is something difficult. You will not find the answer in the vibration of sadness [or] in depression. Is that understood?

“And so the exercise here would be… no matter what it is, somehow if you cannot find a way to appreciate what you are going through, or trying to find another way to handle it… go into these vibrations, memories, fantasies. Get to a place of joy and the answers you are looking for will come. And so that is how you handle whatever it is you are faced with.”

Wrap Up

We want to thank Jose again for his challenging questions. The guidance these questions elicited from The Council is helping us feel an increased connection to who we are as spiritual beings, and it’s helping us deal more effectively with challenges and difficulties we experience in our daily lives.

We know it’s been a long time since our last post and we apologize for the delay. Part of the reason was the challenge of understanding the material in the sessions this post is based on. And part of the reason was the time and concentration it took for us to move from one home to another. Now that we’re feeling more settled in, we hope to publish more frequent posts to answer reader questions. Thank you for your patience.

We’re particularly interest in your feedback on the material presented in this post, whether you agree or disagree with our presentation of The Council’s teachings. And we’re also very interested to hear if you’re attempting to integrate any of these ideas into your life, and whether you’re experiencing satisfying or less than satisfying results. We look forward to your comments.

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  1. Hi Jan. Thanks for your appreciation of this material. To be honest, we’ve been tip-toeing around the issues in the session on Jose’s challenging questions for close to 4 months. Finally we realized the only way to get to the better feeling thoughts in this session was to get into these challenging ideas as much as we can and then bring as much love to them as we can, which is pretty much one of The Council’s main points in these sessions.

    Glad to hear you’re finding the love and help you want when you need it. It’s our intention to pay as much attention as we can to who we are as spirit (#7) and when we do, it feels worth it. We’ll imagine you thinking better-feeling thoughts and feeling more of the love you are as spirit easing the challenge part of your health challenge until all you notice is the health part :-). Love Bob & Cynthia.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | October 21, 2013

  2. Thank you, Bob and Cynthia, for this detailed, complex and wonderful answer to a very relevant and sensible question. I love the way you and The Council have tackled it head-on, rather than tiptoeing around the issues!

    I’m trying very hard to live my life according to these principles, and am certainly finding no shortage of love and help when I need it. I think item 7 in your list sums up the way I’m trying to feel.

    I haven’t had many health challenges recently, but do have one at the moment, so will try to apply The Council’s guidance to that and see where it takes me. – Jan


    Comment by janonlife | October 21, 2013

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