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You are Pure Spirit in a Physical Body – Part 2

The Challenge of Being Our True Selves

This post is part of a series that’s based on a session with The Council in response to Robyn’s request for support and guidance to:

  • Get past feeling it’s not safe to be herself
  • Stop believing she will be rejected if she expresses her true feelings
  • Start speaking and living her truth

Part 1

Part 1 includes a transcript of an 18 minute message to Robyn from The Council. The primary theme of this message is that we are all pure spirit in a physical body and the more we are able to keep this thought in mind, the less troubled we will be by the issues that Robyn describes and the more successful we will be at speaking and living our truth. This post addresses some of the challenges of being true to who we really are.

Conforming to Expectations of Others

Lots of us – maybe even most of us – can relate to Robyn’s issues at some point in our lives. Who hasn’t felt the impulse to conform to the expectations of others rather than risk disapproval? Going along to get along seems like a popular (and often successful) strategy for managing relationships of all kinds. But what about when going along doesn’t seem to be a solution? What do we do when we feel like who we are inside is at odds with the expectations of the people we perceive as significant in our lives?

Role Models

Some of us have had the good fortune to learn from one or more role models how to be ourselves in the face of disapproval from others. Some of us learn from another type of role model (often without realizing it) how to ignore our feelings in the hope this will make it easier to get along. And some of us reach a point where it’s difficult to continue ignoring our feelings even though we might wish we could. When this happens it’s not unusual to experience something like what Robyn describes.

The Best Role Model

The Council wants Robyn and the rest of us to know that each of us comes with our own built-in best role model we could ever hope for in the form of pure spirit that is who we truly are, and it is always available to give us guidance if we learn to pay attention.

The Challenge

It’s easy for most of us to forget that our true nature is pure spirit because there’s so much encouragement to believe that reality is limited to what we experience with our physical senses. It’s also easy for most of us to doubt that we are pure spirit in a physical body if we aren’t experiencing frequent evidence that this is the case. We may want to take The Council’s word on faith, but what happens to our faith if our daily experience seems less than spirit-like?

Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

When it comes to relying on what our physical senses tell us about the world around us to determine what’s real, I find it helpful to remember that until the beginning of the 16th century almost everyone believed the Sun, the planets, and the entire universe revolved around Earth because that’s the way it seems according to our physical senses.

Interestingly, Nicholas Copernicus, the first person to form a comprehensive theory that the Sun is the center of our solar system, is said to have resisted openly publishing his views for almost three decades despite the urging of his closest friends. He reportedly confessed not wanting to risk facing scorn because of the novelty and incomprehensibility of his theory.

Novel and Incomprehensible

The idea that each of us is pure spirit in a physical body probably seems as novel and incomprehensible to people today as the idea must have seemed to people centuries ago that the Earth isn’t the center of the universe. Yet centuries later most of us don’t give a second thought to the idea that the Sun is the center of our solar system.

Remembering Makes it Real

When our daily experience doesn’t seem so spirit-like, it can be difficult to remember we are all pure spirit in a physical body. But it’s not  remembering that makes it true, in the same way that  remembering the Earth revolves around the Sun isn’t what makes that true.

Remembering we are spirit is what makes it real – not in the sense of an ultimate unchanging reality – but in an intimately personal sense of reality that makes the difference between feeling it’s not safe to be ourself and feeling that speaking and living our truth is as natural as the Earth revolving around the Sun.

Books to Help with Remembering

In our session with The Council on Robyn’s questions, they recommend reading and meditation as two ways to help remember that who we truly are is spirit in a physical body. Some books we’ve read that help us remember include:

Meditations to Help with Remembering

At the time this post was originally published, The Council has provided step-by-step directions for two separate meditations.

We encourage you to try these meditations and check out these books if you haven’t already. We’d love to hear your comments about this post and other posts. Feel free to use the ‘Recommend This?’ tool with the thumbs up/thumbs down icons to let other readers know if you recommend a post. And feel free to ask The Council a question.

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