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What is the Meaning of Religion?

This post is a response to Oxana’s questions about:

  • The meaning of religion
  • —Why she has never been able to embrace religion, particularly Christianity, which she considers her religion
  • —Feeling like an outsider because of difficulties becoming part of a group

The Council’s Perspective on Religion

During our session on Oxana’s questions and comments, The Council made several points about religion, including these:

  • Religion is about people’s desire to: experience God, experience a connection with God, experience a connection with the source of all that is.
  • —The desire for a religious experience of unity and oneness with God is a powerful attractive force that draws people of similar religious beliefs together into communities of worship and faith.
  • —There are many religions because there are many lights along many paths home to God, home to the unity and oneness of all.
  • —Religion means different things to different people.
  • —In our desire to experience oneness with God, people who don’t share our religious beliefs, or skin color, or ethnic background, can seem like a threatening obstacle to our experience of oneness. If we feel threatened enough, we justify killing these people – usually in the name of God – in the mistaken belief this will enable us to experience the oneness we desire. When we feel threatened by beliefs that are different from ours, we often convince ourselves – and try to convince others – that our beliefs are the only true beliefs.

“When we understand who we truly are, and that we are all one, and all connected…when that is truly understood…this need for violence…this belief in separateness…will not be necessary.”

–The Council

  • —Many of our religious beliefs are part of childhood training, and as we get older we may let go of these beliefs and choose other religious beliefs, or choose not to have religious beliefs at all.
  • —Many people need religion and many people do not.
  • —As understanding of humanity’s true spiritual nature evolves, people will experience a more continuous and direct connection with God and we won’t need to affiliate with a traditional religion to have this experience.
  • —When we understand that each of us is pure spirit in a physical body, we also understand that each of us is part of God, part of the source of all that is. We understand part of us always remains with God and that we never left home.

Why can’t Oxana embrace her religion?

The Council suggests that perhaps Oxana’s difficulty embracing Christianity or any other religion…

“…is her soul’s longing to find it’s connection to God…to its source…without all this other belief around it…without the rules. How wonderful that she is starting to open up to this.”

–The Council

The Council adds that throughout history it’s been common for people to believe they can only experience a connection to God with the help of a priest, holy man, or some authority figure.

“Now, for many, this third person, this middleman (and woman, so we offend no one) is not needed. The connection is being made. We happily see that more and more. And so there is no shame or nothing wrong in not believing in her [Oxana’s] religion or any religion. We suggest she meditate daily and ask for the feeling to know the essence of who she really is. And when that is felt, when that is known, this question of religion will not be so important.”

–The Council

On Feeling Like an Outsider

The Council suggests that when Oxana, or any of us, feels like an outsider it’s because we’re focusing our attention on something outside our connection with who we are as pure spirit in our physical body. The Council advises Oxana that any of the meditations they’ve suggested in other posts on this site (Crown/Heart chakra meditation and Heart/First chakra meditation) will help relieve feelings of separation and not belonging in many areas of life, not just religion.

Fitting In

The more we are able to experience our connection to spirit, the less we feel a need to pretend to be like others in  order to fit in. (This is also the subject of a recent post subtitled The Challenge of Being Our True Selves.) The Council sees Oxana, and each of us, as the perfect pure spirit we are, and the more we are able to connect with this aspect of ourselves, the more well-being we’ll experience. Rather than making fitting in about being different from who we really are in order to feel more accepted by others, think of fitting in as the process of allowing our pure spirit to fit comfortably into our physical body and express itself through our personality.

Appreciate Our Life

The Council advises all of us to focus on things we can appreciate in our lives: to feel love for ourselves and what we have gone through; for our wishes and dreams; for changes we’ve made and are about to make.

In Oxana’s case, she can appreciate her courage in moving from the country of her birth, and more recently making another big move with the intention of expanding her career. She can also appreciate her ability to recognize unhealthy patterns in her relationships and her ability choose more satisfying relationships.

The Council wants Oxana to know she has courage beyond what she believes and she has learned though much experience – some of it difficult – that she is a survivor, not a victim. They encourage her to appreciate how far she has come – how much she’s been able to change her life.

“With appreciation for what you have already accomplished in your life, you will do much more.”

–The Council

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  1. Hi, Wendy. We are also fans of Abraham and we are acquainted with Bashar. And we’re happy you’re loving our website. Your question about the bible is a very interesting one. As soon as we get a chance we’ll ask The Council how reliable the different stories in the bible are and see what they say. And we’ll post their answer on our site. We hope you keep enjoying our many posts.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | March 30, 2016

  2. Hello Council,

    I am a fan of Abraham-Hicks and Bashar, (and now a fan of you!), and I also feel a deep connection to Jesus. Recently I have begun to read the bible with the goal of reading it in its entirety. As an avid reader of all things spiritual, I feel an understanding and knowledge of the bible is important and it was time to take on the “task”, as it is definitely not an easy read! But I can’t help but be curious, especially since I believe so deeply in the teachers mentioned above and the messages often greatly differ, just how true and real are the writings/stories of the bible? I recall in “An American Prophet” the source even suggested to Edgar Cayce (a huge fan of the bible) that it was not the best resource…an admittance that both shocked and disappointed him. I know this is a huge question. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! (And I’m so loving your site and information! I have been helped and healed immensely by one of the subjects you often touch on.)

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Wendy | March 29, 2016

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