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Are You Able to Communicate with The Council?

This post is a response to a question from Robyn and a question from William who want to know whether their perception that they can communicate with The Council is accurate. William writes that while meditating recently, a group of beings who identified themselves as “The Council” started talking to him and he’d like to know if this is the same Council that speaks through Cynthia or if he’s just imagining things. Robyn wants to know if The Council agrees she can hear them even though she’s often afraid to listen.

We Are All Part of Collective Consciousness

The Council wants us to understand that we are all part of a collective consciousness. In William’s meditation he experienced The Council telling him that he is one with all, and all is one with him. The Council advises that spirit names are a convenient way to refer to themselves when communicating with those of us in physical bodies, but it’s not particularly helpful to think of The Council or other manifestations of spirit as separate from all that is and its collective consciousness.

Anyone Can Communicate with The Council

The Council says that anyone who’s developed a sensitivity to spirit is able to communicate with them, but we shouldn’t expect the communication to be identical to The Council’s communication with Cynthia. The communication will always be a blending of The Council’s consciousness and the consciousness of who is communicating with them. (It seems to me this is true for all manifestations of spirit, not just The Council.)

All Points of View are Equally Valid

The Council says it’s possible for someone on the opposite side of our planet to tune into something The Council is saying through Cynthia, but this person will experience this communication differently than I would as I listen to Cynthia speak The Council’s words. This is similar to when a group of people share an experience, but each from their own personal perspective. Another example of this is that I can listen to a recording of a session with The Council and I will experience the same recording differently at different times depending on my particular point of view when listening. The Council isn’t saying something different each time I listen, but it’s quite common for me to hear a recording I’ve listened to many times over many months as if I’m hearing the words for the very first time.

Spirit is Continually Evolving

It’s tempting to think of spirit as being some sort of objective, absolute, perfect, unchanging truth that should be the same regardless of who is perceiving it or where it’s being perceived from. This is what I used to think. But The Council advises us that spirit is continually evolving from one instant to the next and that each of us as human beings is an intimate part of this evolution. The Council says this is because each of us is truly spirit in a physical body and our moment to moment physical experience continually inspires spirit’s expansion.

Is This Real or am I Just Imagining?

At the beginning of this post I noted that William wondered if he was imagining that he was communicating with The Council. Strange as it may seem to many of us, The Council and other spirit guides don’t make the distinction between imagination and reality that most of us in physical bodies tend to make. One of The Council’s most consistently emphasized points is that each of us creates our reality with our thoughts, which includes our imagination. They teach us that our imagination has powerful creative potential and that “reality” is just something that a group of people have imagined and agree on.

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  1. Thank you very much for this. I really appreciate it.

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    Comment by William | April 10, 2010

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