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You Are Pure Spirit in a Physical Body – Part 1

Robyn’s Request

This post is the first part of a response to a comment by Robyn (click to view comment) who asks The Council for support and guidance to:

  • Get past feeling it’s not safe to be herself
  • Stop believing she will be rejected if she expresses her true feelings
  • Start speaking and living her truth

Robyn adds that she:

  • Seems to have spent most of her life running away from herself
  • Has tried being almost anyone but who she really is
  • Has tried to make herself more like people she’s admired
  • Never got to know who she genuinely is, and suspects the reason is that she won’t be able to love and accept herself
  • Is tired of pretending

Thank you, Robyn, for your comment. If it hasn’t occurred to you already that your questions are evidence you’ve started speaking your truth, you may want to give this some thought.

About the Session on Robyn’s Question

It’s been a week since Cynthia and I (Bob) sat with The Council to ask Robyn’s questions, but it’s been difficult finding words to describe our experience. After reading a comment from Raymond expressing interest in a post on Robyn’s question we renewed our efforts to get this post written. Then we read a new comment from Robyn describing how she experienced a shift in her energy that felt like a healing, and it turns out it happened on the same day The Council answered her questions. This got us even more determined to share what we experienced.

The session took place on Saturday, March 27 around 10:30 am – 11:30 am ET. The first 18 minutes were very unusual. We reviewed Robyn’s original questions and comments just before beginning and when The Council began speaking through Cynthia, they appeared to be addressing Robyn as if she was sitting with us in our living room right in front of Cynthia.

For 18 minutes The Council spoke without interruption as if they were speaking directly to Robyn. After the session Cynthia and I agreed we felt like witnesses to something taking place between The Council and Robyn. We also agreed there was a feeling of being transported, along with Robyn (and possibly many others) to another place. We appeared to be sitting in our living during the entire session, but the feeling was like we were some place else. It was like being awake in a dream where things feel very different from how they appear.

After The Council finished addressing Robyn, the remaining 30 minutes of the session was devoted to clarifying the meaning of what they said. This clarification shed light on the previous material and added new material on the following subjects.

  • Step-by-step directions for a meditation to improve the energy of the Heart and First chakras. This meditation is described in the post: Meditation for Heart Chakra and First Chakra.
  • Additional information on Robyn and her questions.
  • Information on how we create our reality with our thoughts.
  • Information that, as spirit helps us succeed and grow and as we acknowledge the light within us and others, spirit experiences their own joyous expansion as our companions.
  • Information on how we have the power to choose what we believe.
  • Additional information how we, as souls, joyfully choose to experience difficult challenges in our physical lives, and how we can learn to experience more of the joy and less of the difficulties while still living our physical life.
  • Information on how we as souls, when we leave our physical life and return to pure spirit, return to a much more enlightened spirit as a result of our physical life, whether we experienced the physical life as successful, or we spend our entire life repeatedly experiencing a challenge.

The material from the last 30 minutes of the session with The Council will be the subject of the next two posts. The rest of this post focuses on The Council’s message to Robyn during the first 18 minutes, which can be summed up by the title of this post: You are pure spirit in a physical body. Although this message may seem personal to Robyn, Cynthia and I are experiencing considerable benefit from the guidance that follows and we hope you will also.

In The Council’s Own Words

We feel the following slightly edited transcript of The Council’s own words is the best introduction to their answers to Robyn’s questions. Headings have been added to organize the content and break it up into more manageable segments. We also made small edits when the word-for-word transcript seemed to confuse the message rather than clarify it.

Thank you again, Robyn, for your questions. Thank you Raymond for reminding us this material has the potential to benefit many in addition to Robyn. Thanks to The Council for your willingness to let us partner with you in this collaborative and co-creative adventure. And thanks to readers who are willing to post comments that help others benefit from your experience and perspective.

Who You Truly Are: Pure Spirit in a Physical Body

“So we see the problem here… and the basic problem is not knowing who you truly are.

“As it is being taught in many of the books, in many gatherings of people, the question asked is: Do you know you are pure spirit in a physical body, and that you have had many physical bodies, many lifetimes, many changes?

“But you are still pure spirit. What a wonderful thought that is.”

You Have Been Admired

“And the people you try to imitate because you admire them; it would be good for you to focus on the many lifetimes you have been admired, [and the many lifetimes that] you have been able to express yourself.”

An Affirmation

“In this lifetime we see your challenge of trying to become who you really are.

“When you connect with this feeling that you are spirit, your vibration immediately changes. And the longer you can hold onto this thought, the stronger this vibration becomes. And so perhaps as an affirmation you can repeat to yourself: I am spirit. I am spirit in a physical body.”

“When your vibration changes, people that are aligned with this energy will be drawn to you. They will be interested in what you have to say. Your thoughts, your person, will not be rejected. And more comfort will come to you as you begin to see this unfold.”

The Two Most Important Things

“Now you are in a place where you are questioning who you really are. So #1, identification of spirit as yourself is most important. And then #2, the knowledge that you create everything you experience in your life.

“And as you created the fear of being accepted, you can now change that with your thoughts. We believe working on your Heart chakra and your First chakra will help this, will give you strength. As you bring spirit down into every cell to accept this, there will be a change.”

You Will Have More Love for Yourself

“As you grow there will be a falling away from companions and family that no longer serves the new thought you will align with. But there will be a peace within yourself, a slight remembering of why you have chosen this, and as we have said before, the new people that enter your life will recognize who you are. You will feel much love from others, but more important, you will have more love for yourself.”

Souls that Volunteer to Help

“What a challenge you have selected. The people that surround you, that perhaps do not take you seriously or do not have much appreciation for what you believe and what you express – they are companions from other lifetimes. They are souls that have volunteered to be with you in this life to help you through this learning lesson. And as you learn it, what a wonderful thought for you to know that as you grow, these souls that volunteer to help you, grow also.”

We Suggest Meditation

“People will see the change in you and wonder how this has happened. And perhaps at that time you will begin to express your new beliefs. There are many wonderful books that will help you on this path.

“And of course as we always suggest: meditation. That 10-20 minutes a day will connect you. Concentrate on your heart. See a point of light and watch it grow, and project it out as far as you want. We promise you will see the change.”

You are a Being of Light

“You can never run away from yourself… and why would you? Look at who you are. You are a being of light. You are the essence of love. Know that. There is such beauty in your soul.

“We suggest perhaps being in nature. Focus on the beautiful trees as you walk along… how each leaf is different and yet they all together form a tree. To focus on the clouds and feel how absolutely beautiful they are. Or [focus on] a baby… a new soul in this physical life. To be around animals, to just sit and watch. And as you begin to see the beauty in all that is around, acknowledge you are part of this beauty.”

You Are Ready to Go Beyond What You Know

“People do not have to accept who you are. Of course we would all love that to be what we experience in our life. The key once again is acceptance of yourself and how you have come into this life and met many challenges. And because you ask at this time, you are ready to go beyond what you know. And we wish you many blessings on your path.”

You Are Always Surrounded by Your Angels and Guides

“Let the old fall away. Open your hands and your heart to the new experiences that will come to you.

“You are always surrounded by your angels and guides. Speak to them in your mind and your vibration will grow. As you speak, the many masters and the many souls that are here to help you, send you energy. You begin to twinkle as a star in the sky. Knowing that you are never alone is important for you.”

We See You Blooming

“In this season of Spring when many trees and flowers bloom, we see you blooming also. So connect to who you truly are, and as you receive guidance and help from spirits around you, know that at one time you chose to be one of these spirits – not in a physical body – who helped others who incarnated. What a lovely thought.”

Know That We Support You

“We are all here to help one another. And we in the spirit world who watch as you go through your challenges – as you prepare to go through your doubts and your fears – know that we support you and see you as very courageous to take on these challenges. To know that as you face them and you grow, and your light begins to shine, there are so many others you take with you.”

It is Okay to be Afraid. It is Okay to Doubt

“So yes, it is okay to be afraid, it is okay to doubt. And when you acknowledge that, you have the choice to think, ‘Ah yes. I am fearing. I am doubting.

“But this is who I really am: I am a beam of light, I am the essence of love, I am perfect and I am here to learn.”

In Closing

As we mentioned earlier in this post, much of this guidance for Robyn feels like it is also applies to everyone.

In the next post, Meditation for Heart Chakra and First Chakra, we provide The Council’s step-by-step instructions for a meditation they recommend to help feel more connected to who you are as a spiritual being, and for feeling safer and more secure in your experience in a physical reality.

In the post, You are Pure Spirit in a Physical Body – Part 2, we continue to describe the guidance offered by The Council in this session. Part 2 focuses on coping with several challenges of being authentic to who you truly are as a spiritual being in a physical body.

 Let Us Know What You Think

Thank you for taking time to read this post. We hope you feel your time with it has been well spent. We’d love to know what you think of this material. Please consider leaving a comment in the Leave a Reply section below. If you have any questions for The Council about ideas mentioned in this post or other posts, the Leave a Reply section is a good place to submit your questions. For questions not related to a specific post we suggest you write them in the Leave a Reply section at the very bottom of the Welcome page. We will be notified by email and reply as soon as we can.

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  1. Robyn,
    We asked The Council your question about whether you are able to hear The Council. Their reply is in a post titled: Are You Able to Communicate with The Council? We hope you like it. Cynthia and I found the answer very illuminating.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | April 8, 2010

  2. Robyn,
    You are most welcome. We’ll let you know if we receive specific information from The Council regarding your ability to hear them.

    Regarding your request for help releasing your fear, perhaps the posts we’re working on based on the last half hour of our session with The Council on your questions will provide some of the help you’re looking for.

    Glad to hear you experienced another significant “healing”.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | April 3, 2010

  3. Cynthia and Bob, I can not thank you enough. This explains a lot. Ironically, yesterday I wrote Bob the following email because I was too shy to post:

    Wow, so that surprises me, but it doesn’t. I could be wrong, but I don’t think that is the first time I have been visited by The Council. I believe they appeared to me three years ago when I was on a retreat in India. Maybe it was them, maybe it wasn’t. It didn’t make any sense to me at the time, but it was the first thing that came to mind when you shared that it was as if they were addressing me directly. I think they know that I can hear them too if I weren’t so darn afraid to listen. Would you and Cynthia mind asking them if that is the case? I am ready to release my fear and step into my role as healer/Shaman, whatever, but I need assistance in order to do so. Any help from you, Cynthia and The Council would be tremendously appreciated. My growth is stunted by my fear, and my fear is so irrational to me that I believe it must have karmic roots and stem from past lifetimes.

    However, everything in that email had already been addressed by The Council as seen in the post above. Thank you. I am grateful for all of your support and that of The Council. Last night all the way through this morning I experienced another significant “healing.” I am much more serene and await in anticipation instead of anxiety, for the adventure that lies ahead.

    Gratitude, love and blessings,



    Comment by Robyn | April 3, 2010

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