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Meditation for Spiritual and Emotional Inspiration

This post is inspired by a question for The Council from Gayle. Gayle asks how she can have a deeper understanding and a better sense of the information she often experiences from her ancestors.

Who are Our Ancestors?

When Cynthia and I asked The Council Gayle’s question, they were careful to point out that it’s limiting to think of our ancestors as only people in our family bloodline. From The Council’s point of view, all human beings are eternal ever-lasting soul energies that experience many lifetimes, in many bodies, in many families.

From this reincarnational point of view, The Council encourages us to think of our ancestors as all the souls we’ve come to know and love through experiences we’ve shared in all our lifetimes (as well as between lifetimes). The Council believes this is a less limiting way of thinking about ancestors – a way of thinking that can make it easier to access spiritual and emotional inspiration and guidance.

Meditation to Improve Spiritual and Emotional Inspiration

The Council advises that prayer and meditation will help us develop the intuitive abilities Gayle desires. The Council particularly recommends working with the Crown chakra at the top of the head for spiritual intuition and the Heart chakra in the center of the chest for emotional intuition. They emphasize that working with these two energy centers together is a particularly powerful way to improve our perception of the ever-present inspiration and guidance available from spirit.

When we asked The Council if they could suggest a meditation that works with the Crown chakra and the Heart chakra, they offered the following instructions. These instructions are intended to be easy to follow even if you aren’t an experienced meditator. The Council emphasizes that our soul energy is always with us, and the more we allow it to be a focus of our attention, the easier it is to experience.

Meditation Steps

  1. Set aside some quiet time in a place where you feel comfortable and you are unlikely to be interrupted or disturbed.
  2. Imagine/visualize the number seven; imagine this number seven on the top of your head; imagine this number seven turning purple in color, letting this purple number seven rest comfortably at the top of your head at first.
  3. For about 30-60 seconds, with slow, deep in-breaths, imagine drawing the purple color in the number seven down into the entire top of your head and down the back of your head. As you exhale, imagine feeling increasingly relaxed, and let your focus return to the top of your head.
  4. When you feel a comfortable increase in the purple energy in the top of your head, imagine this purple radiance rising upward or being drawn upward above your head as far as you can and as it rises, imagine it gradually becomes lighter and lighter shades of purple until it eventually becomes a beautiful, uplifting white radiant light energy. This may take some practice.
  5. When the radiant energy from the top of your head has turned white you can ask your higher spiritual self for information or guidance and this information and guidance will begin to make its way to your conscious awareness. Sit in the radiance of the white light.
  6. Let your awareness move down into the center of your chest near your heart, often referred to as your heart chakra or heart energy center.
  7. Imagine a tiny light or spark of light energy in your heart center, almost like a match being lit.
  8. Imagine this tiny spark of light energy in your heart center expanding outward in all directions; as it expands, imagine it turns a beautiful radiant green color, and imagine feeling increased calm and peace that comes with a stronger connection to who you are as a spiritual being.
  9. Bask in the feeling of calm and peace of the radiant green energy in your heart center and the uplifting radiance and wisdom of the purple energy at the top of your head expanding upward and becoming pure white light energy.

This meditation can be as short or as long as feels comfortable. The Council is continually reminding us that we are the creators of our experience and that we always have the freedom to choose what we desire.

If you have a question about this meditation, please leave a comment in the ‘Leave a comment’ section below the post. (If you’re reading this post on the blog’s Home page, please click the post heading link to get to the page with the comment section below the post.)

In The Council’s Own Words

During our session on Gayle’s question, The Council made some additional observations that we thought might interest Gayle and other readers. They are included here in The Council’s own words.

“Most of Gayle’s trips…to the Earth have been in the lives filled with connection and great reverence for the Earth itself – for the elements. Many of her practices were with knowledge of working with trees and plants and herbs. We see she repeated that many, many lifetimes, and of course this gift is always there.”

“We see now, as well as before, her interest and understanding working with what they called Night Sky – with your planets and the moon. There is a great draw within her to these interests. And we say again, because she has done this many times, she is very intuitive if she will allow this to come in more clearly. There seems to be sometimes, a concern of clarity in information that is received.”

“Always it is the practice of what we consider prayer and meditation that will connect her more. We see here work for her on the Crown chakra as well as the Heart will allow more of this intuitive ability to come to consciousness with her.”

“The connection to ancestors that she says she feels – that is always there. There are always souls that you have shared lives with that come through to help. Also, to connect with that, we suggest reading on different time periods such as Greece, such as medieval times, to feel a stronger connection. Or perhaps reading would create the ‘Ah ha’ moment of recognition.”

“We feel [Gayle’s] connection to what she perceives as ancestors. There are these souls trying to guide her; not only in what she feels is her path, but also again with her children, with her relationships. So there is much support around her.”

“She needs to allow herself more time to develop her interests. We see this is not always possible, and so we do advise that she have a practice of meditation twice a day. This will be very calming as well as very informative. And as part of this, to learn to bring more light, more energy, into the Crown and Heart chakra. We see work needed here.”

“We also suggest that when it is possible, for her (Gayle) to do this (meditation) outside, there is great connection with her and nature.”

“Blessed be the Sun and the Moon and all the stars that are.
Bring me strength. Bring me healing.
To touch the hearts of all.”

– an affirmation used by Gayle and a soul she practiced with in another lifetime

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  1. Thank you Cynthia and Bob, makes perfect sense.


    Comment by Anonymous | January 29, 2013

  2. Hi Chris,
    Going with the flow and not worrying about the future sounds very much in harmony with our understanding of what The Council has been teaching. Planning may not seem like going with the flow sometimes, but you may want to consider the possibility that planning can also be very much a part of a going with the flow process.

    We very much appreciate what the spirit guide, Abraham, teaches about ‘segment intending’, which is a planning process. There are many YouTube videos on the Abraham segment intending process. You might enjoy them.

    We like to practice getting into the flow of energy from spirit and then doing our planning. This seems to provide more desirable results than planning when we don’t feel so connected to who we are as spiritual beings.

    We hope this helps. When we get a chance we will ask The Council for their point of view and we’ll write about their answer when we can.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | January 16, 2013

  3. Dear Cynthia and Bob,
    Thank you for continuing your wonderful Council Sessions!
    I have a question about life…don’t we all?

    I have been a planner all of my life, most of the time my life did not come out as I had planned. Mind you, I am not obsessive, but usually have a number of ideas I like to explore and zero in on one. I find after most of my life, it is better NOT to plan. Through numerous readings, counselings, meditations, and even a few career changes, I have always been given glimpses of newness and followed up. But found out that what my visions were never took shape. I find that it is far easier and maybe better to have the ideas, but go with the flow and not worry or plan as much about the future as it will take care of itself. The so-called people I was to meet, never came and opportunities offered, were quickly taken back before I had a chance to accept or reject them. Anyway, I am not saying this out of anger or frustration, rather one of more wisdom, we will never know the future and it really isn’t important. So just wanted to see what the Council’s reponse is to this way of “being”…

    Thanks again!


    Comment by Chris | January 15, 2013

  4. We’re thrilled you like The Council’s response to your question. And we share your appreciation for The Council’s broader perspective on who our ancestors are. During the session The Council emphasized that from this perspective we are all connected with each other spiritually.

    I feel as though I’m already experiencing benefits from practicing the meditation suggested by The Council. Throughout the day when I’m looking for some inspiration, I briefly think of the purple/white ray above my head and the green energy in my chest, and I feel more connected to spiritual guidance.

    Thank you so much, Gayle, for your willingness to ask The Council your question – the first question from a reader on our new blog.Thank you to The Council for sharing your broader perspective. And thank you, Cynthia, for your ability to let The Council speak through you and your willingness to help others benefit from The Council’s perspective.


    Comment by bob@askthecouncil | March 26, 2010

  5. Bob, Cynthia & The Council,
    What a rich and resonant message. I loved how The Council offers us an expanded view of the definition of our ancestors. Also the beautiful meditation and suggestion to try it outdoors.
    ‘In The Council’s Own Words’ feels clear and practical to me~ And I’m honored to be connected back to a soul with our shared affirmation.
    Thank you!
    On a practical note, I like the way the information is presented and easy to read.


    Comment by gayle stacher | March 26, 2010

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