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February 22, 2011 Daily Thought

We understand there are many of you
Who cannot grasp the idea
Of who you really are.

That is exactly why you are here.

You wanted to experience
The fun, the surprise, and the joy
Of remembering.

We are guiding you every step of the way,
Helping you to release doubt
And experience truth.

—The Council

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Want miracles in your life?

In spirit, you know you have the power to create all you desire.

In your physical experience it’s easy to forget this.

Now is the time for remembering — remembering who you really are.

You are the miracle in your life.”

—The Council

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You are Pure Spirit in a Physical Body – Part 2

The Challenge of Being Our True Selves

This post is part of a series that’s based on a session with The Council in response to Robyn’s request for support and guidance to:

  • Get past feeling it’s not safe to be herself
  • Stop believing she will be rejected if she expresses her true feelings
  • Start speaking and living her truth

Part 1

Part 1 includes a transcript of an 18 minute message to Robyn from The Council. The primary theme of this message is that we are all pure spirit in a physical body and the more we are able to keep this thought in mind, the less troubled we will be by the issues that Robyn describes and the more successful we will be at speaking and living our truth. This post addresses some of the challenges of being true to who we really are.

This is an introduction to this post. Click here to read the full post→

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