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Trusting You are Spirit in a Physical Body

Jaqueline’s Question

This is the first of two posts answering questions from Jaqueline, who asks The Council how to follow her inner guidance and find inner peace “even when things seem to be so messed up” in her life.

Jaqueline writes that she understands and sincerely believes in teachings like The Council’s and other teachers she’s familiar with who say, “We shouldn’t worry about anything ever because everything is gonna be just fine,” and, “We should enjoy life and think about whatever we want in our future in a positive vibration.” “But sometimes [it] is really hard to put this in practice.”

We like Jaqueline’s question because it frankly addresses a dilemma faced by many of us who are trying to follow teachings like The Council’s. In our saner moments these teaching make a lot of sense to us; they inspire us and lift our spirits. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, life can feel like an insurmountable challenge. When this happens it can feel equally challenging to remember and put in to practice these teachings about who we are as spiritual beings.

At the time Jaqueline wrote her questions for The Council she commented that, “All the time my head seems to be full of stressful thoughts about my future…about my present…if I’m going in the right direction…if I should do something…or nothing at all. Sometimes I get trapped in some drama and get very emotional about everything. Resuming, I have a hard time going with the flow.”

Stressful thoughts, feeling trapped, and feeling other unwanted emotions can be a challenge. When we feel this way and we also believe we’re not supposed to ever worry about anything and we should always be enjoying life, these expectations can sometimes add to the challenge of turning the situation around so we can ‘go with the flow’.

On July 24, 2012 we had a conversation with The Council (non-physical spiritual guides speaking through Cynthia) to get their advice on how to feel more in touch with well-being on a day-to-day basis when life seems to make this difficult.

This session contains many helpful insights, but for us the highlight is the reminder to meditate regularly on the idea that each of us is a spiritual being in a physical body. The Council advises that this type of regular meditation will help us feel more trusting that we really are spiritual beings, and this trust will help us through difficult times.

Interestingly, The Council says that as spiritual beings we actually look forward to these challenging human experiences because we view them as desirable opportunities to expand who we are as spirit into a physical reality.

This post relates the details of this session with The Council, and also includes some information on two meditation techniques they recommend. We plan to publish separate posts describing these meditations in more detail and eventually we plan to include audio recordings of these meditations as guided meditations.

This session also included The Council’s answer to Jaqueline’s question about whether she is going in the ‘right direction’ career-wise, and how career choices relate to experiences we have in other lifetimes. We feel this information is better suited to a separate post and we plan to publish that post in the near future also.

How Many Times Have You Been Here?

In response to Jaqueline’s comment, “I’m 23 years old and just beginning my ‘search’, if you’d call it that way,” The Council briefly replied:

Ah, 23 years old. And how many times has she been there? But let’s move forward.
–The Council
(Similarly formatted text throughout the rest of this post represents The Council’s comments during the session. Text in [brackets] was not actually spoken by The Council; it has been added to make it easier follow the conversation.)

The Council’s question seems intended to get us thinking about Jaqueline more as an eternal spiritual being with numerous lifetimes of earthly experience that The Council knows her to be, rather than as someone who is limited to what she’s experienced in her 23 years of this particular lifetime.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy 🙂

Jaqueline comments her reading and research on spiritual teachings leads her to the conclusion: “We shouldn’t worry about anything ever because everything is going to be just fine. We should enjoy life and think about whatever we want in our future in a positive vibration.” The Council’s response was:

And as simple and as easy as that sounds, that is true.

You Came Here to Make It Easy

I (Bob) commented to The Council that while this guidance may sound simple, it doesn’t necessarily seem so easy, particularly if someone is going through a time “when things seem so messed up,” as Jaqueline puts it in her question. The Council’s response was:

“But she came here to make it easy.”

From The Council’s point of view, every human being is primarily an eternal non-physical spiritual being, and a small part of who you are as spirit enthusiastically chooses to experience life in a human body. We do this for the joy we experience when we allow the ease of who we are as spirit to come into our physical reality and transform these challenges in into better-feeling experiences.

Admittedly this point of view can be difficult to appreciate if our human experience feels more like an unwanted burden than an opportunity for a joyous transformation, as Jaqueline’s question suggests. Physical reality has a way of distracting us from the memory of who we are as spiritual beings, but The Council says this is part of the challenge that attracts us here in the first place.

There is Nothing You Have to Do

Jaqueline continues, “I surely and sincerely believe that [we shouldn’t worry], but sometimes it’s really hard to put this into practice. At my age it seems to be the time in your life when you have to take some big decisions…for example which career to choose. I still didn’t decide that yet.” The Council replied:

We love her wording of, ‘At my age we have to make some big decisions’.

And of course as you follow the teachings, there is nothing you have to do. And any decision you make in your life…it is never a wrong decision…because if you make a decision and go in that direction…and for any reason whatsoever it is not what you want…you simply make another decision. That’s as simple as it gets.

Of course being in the physical body with the human brain and everything we have learned as we’ve grown up, we always feel like the decisions we make…we would like them to be perfect…we would like to always be going in the right direction.

And in every part of your life you are always going in the right direction. You can zig and you can zag, but you are always going in the right directions.

There [is] no have-to, there are no should-haves. There is just choices that you make. And you are always in control of your choices. And when you experience the choice – we say again – if it’s not what you want, you simply make another choice.

And so to put such a demand on yourself – ‘Am I going in the right direction? Am I choosing the right paths for my future?’ – you are always choosing the right. Whether it is easy or not is what you choose to work through, but you are always choosing the right path.

The Council appreciates that most of us believe it’s possible to make wrong decisions, and sometimes (maybe often) we feel like we’re definitely going in a wrong direction. But The Council reminds us that from our spiritual perspective there is nothing we have to do, there are no wrong decisions, there’s nothing inherently wrong with whatever direction our life is currently headed, and there is no have-to, should-have, supposed-to, etc.

This is great when we feel in touch with our spiritual perspective, but sometimes physical reality can be so distracting that it feels practically impossible to remember there’s a spiritual perspective we have access to. In the following sections The Council discusses how meditation can help with this.


In response to Jaqueline’s request for advice on how to follow her inner guidance and find inner peace when her life seems “so messed up,” The Council says:

We have [a] one word answer for that, and this is a big one for Jaqueline. It is trust.

And when there are trust issues, it is always hard to believe in your intuition…to follow that guidance. And so that is why we continuously go back to the teaching of:

Begin to experience…begin to know…begin to feel and understand that you are so much more than who you think you are…that you have had so many more lifetimes that you have led…and that there are so many more that you will lead.

Knowing the words ‘all is well’ is very good, but most people do not get to that place of understanding or trust until they begin to learn…or remember…that you are a spirit in this physical body…that you chose to come here for many, many reasons and experience this life that you will create in physical form.

And as we have said in the past, meditation is a good way to begin to learn…to ask for the remembrance…to ask for the feeling of what it is to be this spirit…to feel the wholeness of who you are.

And so we feel that if Jaqueline can meditate more, and begin to think of herself as this spirit in a vehicle…in this little vehicle…driving around in this physical body…her belief that all is well will begin to replace the doubts that she has – and we see there are many [doubts].

And so the answer is always, to most questions here that we have seen: Know that you are spirit in a physical body.

When you know you are this great, powerful spirit that is only in this body for as long as you choose [and] that you are so much more…[then] when you have [a] feeling of intuition, you will recognize it and it will be easier to trust it…to go with it.

The Council’s advice to trust that we are a spirit in a physical body was something of a revelation, although in hindsight it seems rather obvious. Trusting feels like it adds a deeper level of emotional involvement to the idea we are spirit than The Council’s more frequent previous suggestions to: consider the possibility, imagine, think, believe, know, or remember…that we are spirit in a physical body.

For Jaqueline (and the rest of us) to have more success following inner guidance and finding inner peace, The Council recommends meditating on the memory and the feeling of who we are as a spiritual being in a physical body. They say this will help us recognize and trust our intuition from spirit, and it will help us trust the feeling that all is well, which will ease doubts we may have about our life.

You Knew There Would Be Doubts

When I commented to The Council that trust seems like an important issue for everyone interested in feeling more connected to who they are as spiritual beings, The Council replied:

Well as you planned your incarnation and what you would do when you come in here – along with bringing love into every situation – it was to discover while you are in the physical body that you are so much more than the physical body that you are running around in.

And it is also to experience the doubts that come along. And this is fine, because you knew there would be doubts. And you thought in your spiritual being: ‘Oh I can handle that. Yes, I will have these doubts, but then I will trust, I will remember who I am, and I will change every situation.’ And that’s as simple as it is.

We have all known before incarnating that there would be points in our life…there would be things we would doubt…that we would not know how to do, and from the spiritual perspective we all said with great love and laughing and joy, ‘Oh I can handle that,’ because you can.

Coming in we have all planned to have great experiences – one after another, and after another.

And when we’ve seen situations where we’ve created sicknesses, or pain, or lack of abundance, or hardships of any kind…when we looked at this when we were in spirit, our reply was a giggle, was a smile, was like: ‘So what. I can handle this,’ and, ‘Oh yeah, when I get crazy in these situations I will remember who I am. I will bring love into this situation. I will know this was of my choosing.’

And the most powerful thought [is]: ‘I can change it. It is [within] my power. It is within me to change it…to accept what I have created…that I have allowed this to happen…and if this is not what I wish to experience at this moment or anymore in the rest of this lifetime, I can change it.’

If you’ve ever wondered why you’re here in this physical reality, The Council suggests the following three reasons from a spiritual point of view. The list is probably not complete, but it seems like a good summary of what they have taught us so far on this subject.

  1. You planned to bring the love you are as a spiritual being in every physical reality situation you experience.
  2. You planned to discover while in your physical body that who you truly are is much more than your physical body.
  3. You planned to experience (from your human perspective) doubts that you are an eternal spiritual being, and then you would have the pleasure of remembering you are spirit and you can choose to change every situation for the better.


In response to Jaqueline’s request for guidance about her relationship with herself rather than with other people, The Council replied:

Well at this point, like Jaqueline has said, it’s not so much about other relationships, but she is at a point in her life where she wants to find out who she is…her relationship with her…which is wonderful.

And as we’ve suggested to Bob and to Cynthia…to put the meditations on this blog…to help people who need these meditations to get to the point of realizing who they are…to have a more peaceful experience, and to change the doubts.

These two meditations that we have given you will help just about every situation that people can come across. And so we again remind you that it will be of benefit to many besides Jaqueline to have these.

And we believe specially the second meditation will help Jaqueline in her search for finding herself, because that’s all this is about. It is not about the right relationship with someone. It is not about the right career. It is not about what to do with the rest of my life.

What it is about is: What am I doing here? Who am I?…and that purpose?

And in these meditations you will discover you are spirit. You will feel the love that we all planned to bring in…to beam in with us when we are in this physical creation. And that is why again we say this is very important.

Crown-Heart Meditation for Wisdom and Love

The first of the two meditations that The Council mentioned was recommended in a session for our first blog post, which was published March 2010. The purpose of this meditation is to:

  1. Feel more connected to the expansive wisdom of who you are as spirit.
  2. Feel more connected to the expansive love of who you are as spirit.
  3. Feel more connected to your creative ability to ask spirit for something you desire and allow it to manifest in your physical experience.

The Council often refers to this as the Crown-Heart meditation because of its focus on the area of the body around the crown of the head and the heart. This meditation has been recommended to several readers who have asked The Council for guidance. The original version of this meditation can be found in our first blog post, Meditation for Spiritual and Emotional Inspiration. More recently The Council has suggested some refinements to the crown-heart meditation and in the near future we plan to publish a new post on this meditation that describes these refinements.

Grounding Meditation

The second meditation mentioned during our session on Jaqueline’s questions was originally recommended during a session in April 2012. The Council often refers to this meditation as the grounding meditation because its purpose is to help us ground in our physical body and in the physical body of the Earth the expansive spiritual energy that the crown-heart meditation makes available.

The grounding meditation focuses on grounding this spiritual energy in the seven familiar energy centers in our body along our spine, from the base of the spine near our groin, to the top of the head. These energy centers are frequently referred to by their Sanskrit name, chakra, which can be interpreted as ‘spinning wheel of energy’. Details of the grounding meditation have not been published on our blog yet, but we plan to do this as soon as we can.

Career Counseling

In addition to Jaqueline’s question about how to follow her inner guidance and finding inner peace, she also writes, “I know I worry too much and think way too much, but I could really use some clue about what I’m supposed to do in this special lifetime…if I’m going in ‘the right direction’.

The Council responded with several minutes of interesting advice on choosing the ‘right’ career path, including how our experiences in other lives influences our choices in this lifetime. They also made some general career suggestions for Jaqueline. Rather than including all the information from our session on Jaqueline’s questions in one lengthy post, we decided to publish this career guidance in a separate post.

Jaqueline’s Question Will Help Many Others

Well we feel that when this blog reaches [Jaqueline] it will help her immensely.

And so this has been, we feel, of great help to many. And we would like to congratulate Jaqueline for having the courage to ask this sort of question…to reveal how she feels about herself and what she feels may be a negative pattern about worrying…to put that out there so that we can come and give an answer not only to her but to many. So we send her love and we thank her.

In Conclusion

This ends our first of two posts to answer Jaqueline’s questions for The Council. Their guidance on the subject of trust was personally very meaningful to us, and their recommendation to meditate regularly on the memory of who we are as spiritual beings feels like good advice. We also appreciate their reminders why we choose to come into physical reality, including that we came to find ways to make physical reality an easier place to be. We also appreciate their reminder there are no right or wrong directions in life, just opportunities to choose, and choose again and again, if that’s our desire.

Let Us Know What You Think

Thank you for taking time to read this post. We hope you’ve benefited from it. We’d love to know what you think of this material. Please consider leaving a comment in the Leave a Reply section below. If you have any questions for The Council about ideas mentioned in this post or other posts, the Leave a Reply section at the bottom of any post is a good place to submit your questions. We will be notified by email and reply as soon as we can.

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  1. Great Content !! Meditation is really a good practice in where we can train our mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or as an end in itself.


    Comment by Linda | September 30, 2013

  2. Oh! My name didn’t appear! It’s me… Jaqueline! 🙂


    Comment by Jaqueline Vitor | October 1, 2012

  3. Ooh! Thank you so much for this! I’m so glad I could receive this gift. It comes, indeed, in a very convenient moment in my life. This is so beautiful! I took their words into my heart and I will put in practice all the advice I got from this post. I can’t express how grateful I am to you, Bob and Cynthia, for making this possible. Looking forward for the next post! Love! ❤


    Comment by Anonymous | October 1, 2012

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