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How Can We Feel More Connected to Our Spirit?

This post is based on a session with The Council on Saturday, July 17, 2010 that addresses the following subjects:

  • Our connection to spirit is not broken when we’re born in a physical body.
  • Feeling our connection with spirit.
  • Using love and other good-feeling emotions to create what we desire.
  • The power of a smile.

True or False: Birth Causes a Separation from Spirit

Many who are interested in enlightenment and connecting with spirit think that when we leave our true home in spirit to be born into physical bodies that a separation from spirit occurs. The Council says when we think of spirit as being “up there,” “on the other side,” “in heaven,” “in another dimension,” or somewhere other than within us, we basically believe there is a separation from spirit.

With Us Every Step of Our Journey

The Council is emphatic that this separation does not exist. In their own words:

“And we are here to tell you there is no separation. You are never separated from us. You have chosen to go on a journey to experience the physical body, to create, to expand. And yet we are together with you in every step of this journey.”
—The Council

In a recent post titled We in the Non-Physical are Always With You, The Council elaborates a little on this subject.

Improving Your Connection with Spirit

The Council observes that many people are asking how to feel connected with spirit, and The Council offers an alternative if we have difficulty using traditional methods like prayer and meditation. They suggest paying attention to good-feeling emotions like love, appreciation, and happiness, and that these good feelings and others like them are an indication of our connection to spirit.

We are Here to Create Whatever We Desire

“Look for happiness around you and in things you do. Can you begin to look at the world through your heart? We are all here to create and manifest whatever our desire is. And we tell you the way to creation is through the power of love. As you connect more to this vibration, this happiness, by going perhaps into memories that make you smile, that make you laugh… If you do this on a regular basis to get into that state of the emotional feeling of joy, as you do this, all vibration will rise.”
—The Council

The Council isn’t the only non-physical consciousness teaching that we are here to create whatever we desire, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy concept to accept or understand. In fact, to many it appears rather selfish and in contrast to teachings considered to be at the foundation of Western civilization.

We mention this idea here because of it’s relevance to our recent session with The Council; because it’s a
—The Counciln important part of the information we’ve received from them over the past year; and to leave it out because some might find it unsettling seems a disservice to others interested in this information. In order to keep the length of this post reasonable, we’ll elaborate on this concept in future posts, particularly if readers indicate in comments that this is their desire.

In the context of improving our connection with spirit, the council suggests we feel more connected as our vibration rises from focusing on the happiness around us and our happy memories.

More Will Begin to Hear the Voice of Spirit

The Council says that as more people focus on their connection with spirit, more people will connect with spirit guides and be able to hear their voices. Again they emphasize the importance of focusing on pleasurable feelings and thoughts.

“So as you meditate in groups or alone, always try to reach within the heart for that good feeling, or in the mind to the memory or a hope that brings you to this divine feeling of wellness that all is there for you, and we can promise that all will begin to hear us.”
—The Council

Bring the Feeling of Love to What You Desire

“And as physical connects with spirit, the feeling of love will increase and there will be less violence and less wars. And we here in the non-physical will be with you and will experience the growth that you will bring to us both. And while you are in this good state of reaching for the feeling of love, whether it is in your heart or your head, or as some would think, the imagination, again, go to your desires and what you wish to manifest and you will see creation that you have not experienced before.”
—The Council

Here The Council advises that when we’ve achieved a good feeling emotional state, if we practice letting this good feeling expand to include what we desire, we will experience new levels of creativity.

Allowing Love

“And perhaps soon you will all see each other as brothers and sisters. And as we look into each others’ eyes we will feel the connection. And again, through this, the feeling of love will grow. Love is here in the moment. You have experienced it in the past and it is in the future. All that is needed is the reaching for this. And perhaps rather than a reaching, an allowing. It is there all around you.”
—The Council

The Council frequently reminds us in our sessions that spirit continually offers unconditional love to all that choose to be born into a physical body. What we choose to focus our attention on as physical beings determines whether we allow ourselves to feel this love.


“And perhaps we can leave you with a tip this morning. Even when you are in your worst moments, if you can begin to put a smile on your face you will begin to change the feeling within you. For a smile also is very powerful. Just in using these muscles stimulates the brain, and the body understands it as a feeling of happiness. And so for those who have trouble reaching this state, we suggest this can be practiced.”
—The Council

It seems like a good idea here to point out the difference between putting a smile on your face with the intention of convincing someone else you feel better than you might, and what we think The Council is suggesting here. Their suggestion isn’t about influencing someone else’s perception of ourselves, it’s about influencing our perception of ourselves. With this in mind, it seems useful, when experimenting with this exercise, to keep bringing attention back to our feelings about ourselves if we notice our attention wandering in the direction of what others may think or feel about us.

In practicing this exercise, when putting a smile on my face feels artificial, I imagine what I might feel like and look like if I were smiling. This tends to produce a feeling like I’m smiling on the inside even if I don’t have a smile on my face. Once I’m in touch with even just a little feeling I’m smiling on the inside, it doesn’t feel so artificial to let myself ‘smile on the outside.’ At first I thought this was a superficial exercise, but I’m impressed with the results I’ve experienced. Good luck with this.

Now is the Time

“Now is the time to learn about this energy and how your awareness and your thoughts bring you to the state you wish to be in. And as you are the creators of your experience, perhaps you will enjoy trying these little bits of information that we feel will help you.

“And so as always, we send you love.”
—The Council

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  1. Hi Dawn,
    Recently we realized we didn’t answer this question from you and so we did a session with The Council and received some guidance for you. We hope it’s better late than never. than never. Here are some highlights from the session:

    1. The overwhelming fear you experience out of the blue about anything is an old pattern your spirit is helping you change.
    2. Although it may seem like you can’t help the way you think when you feel this fear, spirit is helping you remember all the times in the past that spirit helped you through similar fears.
    3. Who you are as a spiritual being is continually offering unconditional love and support to the human part of you. You don’t have to start over and you don’t need a buffer of time if you feel out of harmony with this love and support. The experience of who you are as spirit is as close as your next thought of spirit’s unconditional love for who you are in your human reality.

    We’ll email you a link so you can listen to the session if you like. At some point maybe we’ll publish a post on this session. We hope this helps. Our apologies again for the delay. Love, Bob & Cynthia.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | May 12, 2014

  2. Thanks for your new question, Dawn. As before, until we get a chance to ask The Council and publish an answer in a blog post, here’s what we think.

    It’s wonderful to hear that you “have beautiful ties with everyone in [your] life.” You may want to consider that your bills are written requests from people also in your life who are presumably providing you with something you desire, like water, electricity, an internet connection, etc. The more you can find ways to feel about people sending you bills the way you feel about your husband, children, and others you love, the less likely it seems you’ll have these “out of the blue” overwhelming experiences.

    Fear of not being able to pay one or more bills is something we (Cynthia and Bob) experience from time to time and it’s something many readers have probably experienced at one time or another. We take comfort in the belief that our fear inspires our spirit to immediately create vibrational realities to help us pay our bills, and by focusing our attention on these vibrational realities, we receive guidance on how to manifest these realities in our physical experience, and pay our bills.

    The Council might say that feeling fear can be a way we remind ourselves we’re currently resisting better-feeling feelings that our spirit is continually offering us in our physical reality. The question is: Once we start to notice we’re resisting the well-being that spirit and All That Is offers, do we focus our attention in ways that maintain or increase our feeling of resistance, or do we find ways to focus our attention that relieve resistance and allow the well-being of our spirit?

    We also take comfort in the belief that no matter how difficult it may seem to stop focusing on something that doesn’t feel good, the not-so-good feelings continue to inspire spirit to create better and better feeling vibrational realities, and spirit is always offering guidance on how to manifest these better-feeling realities in our physical experience. Merely considering the possibility that some day we’ll be able to focus a little less on what we don’t want and a little more on the better-feeling realities created by spirit, will begin to turn our experience in a better-feeling direction.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | October 30, 2010

  3. Hi Bob and Cynthia,

    In response to this post, I have a question for the Council on connecting to our spirit, source, eternal love.

    It is my intention every day to always reach for feelings of love and gratitude for what I have in my life and constantly being aware of where I wish to go. I have a fabulous relationship with my husband and I am in love with my two children. As far as relationships go, I have beautiful ties with everyone in my life.

    With that said, out of the blue, I’ll remember that I have a utility bill to pay or something of that nature and the fear of how I’m going to pay for it overwhelms me. I feel the gut wrenching inside and I know it’s my source telling me not to think that way but I can’t help it.

    Then the feelings of now misalignment with my source comes over me and I feel like I have to start at square one again. Is there a buffer of time where my higher self gives me these moments to realign so that I have an opportunity to overcome them or am I just proving to myself that I’m not ready for the abundance that I have been asking for?

    Could really use your help on this one!


    Comment by Dawn | October 27, 2010

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