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Can I Have A Long-term Romantic Relationship?

This post is inspired by questions from a reader named Gabriela, who is nearly 30 years old and has never experienced a long-term romantic relationship, but wants to badly.

Gabriela says she made a spiritual agreement with someone to be her partner in this lifetime, but they didn’t come through. And The Council responds it’s not definite that this person would show up or stay in Gabriela’s life. They say what Gabriela and this person create with their thoughts will turn their relationship one way or another during this lifetime.

The Council says it’s important to understand that you create every situation that happens in your life and that no one can push you in a direction that you, as a spiritual being, don’t want to go in. The purpose of this life is to learn who you are, that you have choices, and that you are a powerful creator.

Gabriela says she’s alone, bitter, and not interested in living anymore. And The Council asks why she’d want to throw away what she’s created because of what she’s experienced at this time. They remind her she’s able to change her circumstances because she’s the creator of her experience, and they advise her to create what she wants.

The Council says if you aren’t in the vibration of love and appreciation for yourself, you aren’t in the vibration of attracting the type of person you’d like to be with. Gabriela set up in spirit that she’d go through many relationships that are not what she desires so she’d have to learn to love herself.

The Council says she has a strong spirit to choose this challenging path. If Gabriela begins to think about her good qualities, begins to love herself, and knows what a loving partner she’s capable of being, they say she will raise her vibration and bring this in.

The Council says we usually have a desire to create things in our lives where we feel we could have done better in our past lives. That’s the purpose of each reality we create. And they add that there’s nothing we create that is wrong. We create it in order to have the experience of it and then improve it.

Ask yourself what loving feelings you can bring to your current experience. When you shift your thoughts to love, your vibration changes and it’s felt by everyone around you. And this is how to get what you want.

Listen to our entire 16-minute session with The Council on Gabriela’s questions (below) to receive their full guidance for her and the rest of us.

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  1. Hi, Nina. We doubt that your spiritual guides want to keep you alone. When we have time we’ll ask The Council your question about relationships and post the recording of our session on our website. Love and light, Bob Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | December 30, 2017

  2. This could have been me!!!!! Same issue here. I wonder if I could ask the council about my situation. I am also 30 and never had a relationship. I go to multiple first dates that don’t turn into second ones, have several crushes that are never reciprocated, nobody really approaches me and the very few that did in the past were people I would never date. It is not about finding a partner per se, but it is almost as if I repel people. I am utterly isolated. I used to appreciate myself because I built my life from scratch, and I am proud of where I got to, but I don’t want to be alone and I am at a point I feel so ashamed for never having had a short or long term relationship that I just want to give up on everything. People tell me they don’t understand why I don’t have a partner and I don’t understand it too. Sometimes I also feel very strongly attracted to some people, but it turns out to be major life lessons instead of anything related to a relationship. I don’t understand why my spiritual guides want to keep me alone. Any response would be greatly appreciated. Greetings from Brazil.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Nina | December 28, 2017

  3. Hi, Gabriela. We’re glad you appreciate the guidance you received from The Council.

    In terms of your relationships being bad most of the time in ways that are out of your control, we’d like to remind you that The Council says we create every bit of the reality we experience. So while it may seem out of your control, we think The Council would say you have the ability to change this.

    Of course you can ask another question, and we’ll ask The Council your question about Lara, as well as the question you appear to have about feeling self-love. We’ll post a response as soon as it’s ready.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | October 9, 2016

  4. Cynthia, Bob and The Council, I appreciate a lot the guidance you gave me. I used to think I already loved myself (or at least, I do know I would make an awesome partner) but I guess I must be kinda too far from that yet, considering my current situation. In fact, if I were to be specific, I also have never had a short-term romantic relationship, which is why the situation is even more unbearable. The Council is also right about other relationships in my life… although it wasn’t specified in the question, all my relationships (family, friends, romantic, etc) are NOT what I wanted, and most times, they are plain bad in ways that are out of my control. I think my spirit overestimated me and my ability of turning this around… if what I feel for myself is not self-love, I don’t know what that is. I will have to meditate a lot on that.

    I am not sure if I am allowed to ask another question, but I was wondering if I could get a guidance about what to do with the feelings I have for Lara. This is someone I mentioned in the previous question that I know comes from a past life. I have very strong, romantic and sexual feelings towards her, but despite plenty of synchronicities, nothing ever happened. I was told that the reason it didn’t happen was because I didn’t deserve the pain she would inflict on me, which is also hard to believe because she seems like a very equilibrated/nice woman. In fact, the more I get to know her, the more I like her. I am not sure what purpose she serves in my life, why we met (if we had an agreement to that), and how I can move on from this. I feel like I don’t have much of a choice other than to let her go. Intellectually it seems like it is the right path, but my heart is totally broken over this and I can’t get over it.

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    Comment by Gabriela | October 9, 2016

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