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Getting Along Better With My Husband and In-laws?

This post is a follow up that was inspired by some additional questions from a reader named Vacha, whose question about guilt over terminating a pregnancy we recently answered. Now Vacha is asking about moving back to India where her parents live, and how to get along better with her husband and in-laws.

The Council understands that Vacha has issues with her in-laws in India and they recommend putting the move on hold for now. Vacha has issues with her husband, things to discover within this relationship, and things to teach her son while she’s with her husband. If she’s able to work out her issues with her husband before this move back to India, she’ll be able to work out the issues with her in-laws when this move eventually takes place.

Watch what’s going on in the relationship with her husband and see each problem in the light of what it’s trying to teach both of them.

The Council reminds Vacha it’s not her place to have her family get along. Her purpose is to see what’s happening, change the way she handles each situation, see things the way she wants it to be from a place of love, and everything will change. Her parents, her in-laws, and her husband will all change because they’re around her and she’s creating a new reality with her mind, her words, and her feelings.

Vacha asks The Council what spiritual lesson she’s learning with regard to her husband, mother-in-law, and other family members? And The Council says her purpose is to take difficult situations and bring love into them.

Vacha has a powerful mind if she chooses to use it. She can use her thoughts and feelings to create what she desires. The Council recommends spending a lot of time seeing herself with her son and husband in happy and successful situations.

Vacha wants to understand other people’s feelings and fears, and help these people move through them. She should watch the people around her and she’ll begin to see what they need and what causes the difficulty in her relationships with them.

Listen to our entire session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Vacha and the rest of us.

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  1. Hello Bob and Cynthia,
    I have been repetitively hearing council’s guidance to many of my answered questions. I have also been listening to counsel’s guidance on various subjects, it gives me immense strength and makes me understand spirituality better. I am deeply grateful to you guys and the council for blessing us this way.

    Since I was listening to this guidance regarding move to India in October – I have a question that the council suggested me to focus on the good things and create a better reality having by husband in there because I have things to teach to my son while I am in the relationship.

    Now that my husband and I are not talking from last like month, I am not sure which way it will go. Would my husband change his abusive behaviors? Council suggested me to focus on my part and see the problems in light of love. I can interpret this two ways.
    – One is that I should love myself enough to not tolerate abuses
    – The other is to not react and sort of agree with my husband for all the decisions so that he doesn’t become abusive often

    I have tried the second thing to going along with whatever he does for 5 years and it seems nothing is changing. BUT once I separate what would happen to the lessons that my son needs to learn. OR is it that I am quitting too early and there is a scope for improvement.

    I have listened to council’s in depth response to Jolanda’s questions and it looks like it was quite clear that her husband wont change and he is playing his part in making her realize her lessons. Is it something similar with me as well.

    I have again and again listened council’s guidance and still do it every day and I gain more insight on to this. They have asked me to
    – Look for signs and told me that there were signs but since we got married quickly after meeting each other through arranged marriage. I really don’t know much about those signs if there were any. Can a council please guide me how to spot the signs and raise awareness about people.

    Thanks for loving and showing light to me,


    Comment by learningsoulsite | April 5, 2017

  2. Thanks bob and Cynthia..and the counsel..
    Although we never met, I feel we must have some connection in the past that you have helped me so much in my decision and showing me so much light.

    Thanks counsel for the wonderful insights. I will work on the thoughts and will try to create the reality as suggested.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by learningsoulsite | October 10, 2016

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